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In the future, product packaging design is not as simple as “beauty economy”

What is the future product design of

Consumers are increasingly picky about the design of new products. Countless new products are listed every year, but only a few products are favored by people. In the past, what we needed was a necessity of life, but now what we desire is something that represents the concept of a better future life.
What is the future product design? Who is responsible for forecasting? Who is responsible for landing? designer. In the chain of consumption, the designer is not only the diviner who points out the future trend, but also the executor who promotes the implementation of the trend.
So, what kind of product design is in line with the future market trend? What are the factors affecting the trend? What trends are suitable for consumers in the Chinese market? These are topics of concern to the global design community and the research purpose of China design trend report by Yang design.
So far, Yang design has released the “China design trend report” for the eighth time, and summarized the Chinese design trends over the years into a historical development timeline. Through such research, we can see that in the Chinese market, the design trend is mainly driven by several main factors, which is also the most common design appeal in the Chinese market.
Yang design puts forward four design trends for the future Chinese market, which are also four questions about the future lifestyle:
Sense of imbalance: what is a really healthy lifestyle?
Digital post human: how do we exist?
Our family orientation: in the uncertain era of benchmark transfer, who should we take as our orientation?
Appearance anxiety: when social media makes the standard of beauty become single, how can women tear off the label that has flooded themselves?
Sense of imbalance: a sense of identity that people should develop in balance with nature, health and the world
What is a really healthy lifestyle?
The inner urban life has almost crushed our physical and mental health. The sudden epidemic has put every one of us on earth in the vortex of great impact. People under the wave of consumerism have brought great discomfort to the world. People’s demand for the value of healthy life has become more and more urgent. We need a sense of identity of balanced development with nature, health and the world.
Plant protein
Plant protein drinks are in the limelight. The growth rate of China’s plant protein beverage market is as high as 800%, the number of buyers has increased by 900%, and the growth contribution in the market has reached 15.5%, becoming the high-speed growth engine of the beverage market.
In recent years, the “dark horse” in the beverage market is oat milk. The sales growth of vegetable protein beverage market, including oat milk, far exceeded that of other beverage categories, with a sales growth rate of more than 900%. In four months, the sales volume of Swedish vegetable milk company oatly on Taobao increased by 2305.7%. In less than two years after entering the Chinese market, oatly covered more than 9500 catering services and retail outlets, with a growth rate of more than 450%.
Food design allows people to re-examine the relationship between food and people, environment and society, and mix food according to nutritional needs. In addition, we should also consider the reuse of food materials, sustainability of food materials, zero waste of food and so on.
According to statistics, the supply of protein will be lower than the demand from 2030, and the world population will reach 10 billion in 2050. The world will face a food crisis. Therefore, Muji and Tokushima University in Japan have developed “Cricket Xianbei”. Crickets not only have rich protein, but also are easy to feed, greatly reducing the load on the earth.
Return to physical and mental health
COVID-19 has further brought about the return of “healthy” value. Tan Shanshan, editor in chief of new weekly, said: “the epidemic has made more and more people realize the importance of physical and mental health. What is a healthy, rational, simple and sustainable lifestyle? The key words may be green, low desire and return to common sense.”
Hi tea has launched new bottled health drinks this year. First, it is soaked in water with sugar free gas of 0 sugar, 0 calorie and 0 fat, and the flavor of sea salt, litchi and pineapple passion fruit lactic acid bacteria. Later, it joined the fruit juice tea category, focusing on “half a bottle of real fruit juice”. It extracts vitamin C from imported coniferous cherry, with the characteristics of real low sugar and zero fat, so that the product returns to the essence of “healthy tea”, which is in line with the current young people’s pursuit of low calorie healthy drinks.

Post digital human: reincarnation in the digital art world

How do we exist?
The virtual world and human civilization have been deeply tied together, and the digital world has become a field for us to seek reincarnation.
NFT (non fungible token), namely “non homogenous token”, also known as “digital art”, as one of the hottest topics with the most obvious out of circle effect, NFT quickly became popular in a short time. It is a digital asset verified by blockchain technology. It is indivisible, irreplaceable and unique. It can be used to mark the ownership of original digital assets.
NFT brings the concept of scarcity in the digital field back into the public view. This scarcity attribute greatly increases the value of each NFT digital art collection.
NFT is increasingly used in e-sports, music, art, fashion, media, sports, entertainment and other industries. Contemporary artists designed the world’s first digital NFT virtual room and sold it in the NFT market at a price of 3.3 million yuan. Buyers need to wear AR or VR glasses to enjoy a colorful digital environment. They hope that people will pay attention to their mental health with the help of the virtual indoor environment under the shadow of the epidemic.
Coca Cola NFT booty box has been launched for opensea auction. At present, the auction is completed with 217.4eth. The NFT revives a pixelated 1956 Coca Cola Classic vending machine. The NFT “trophy box” includes a metal red wearable bubble jacket inspired by the company’s old delivery uniform. It also includes several digital versions of Coca Cola’s 1940s transaction cards and a “sound visualizer” that can play classic Coca Cola related sounds, such as opening bottles and pouring drinks on ice.
Virtual idol
Watson launched an X soda soda, which selects the first virtual idol imma in Japan as the spokesperson, which is in line with the concept of “breaking the rules and not being defined”. Inspired by the letter “X”, the front of the bottle combines and stacks three color bars to form a graphic echo similar to DNA gene symbols. “X” represents the unknown and imagination, a sense of future between virtual and reality, and the “unknown”, “mixed” and “cool” of design and products. The appearance of the soda cube holographic gift box adopts a more fashionable, cool and fashionable bright color matching, highlighting the three-dimensional sense and visual tension, reflecting the mystery and personality of the product.

Western desensitization:

National sentiment in the era of benchmarking
In the uncertain era of benchmarking, who should we take as the guide?
The universal values of democracy, freedom, human rights advocated by the western world have failed. Young people from worship foreign things to produce local oriented cultural identity.
According to the big data of station B, the number of fans of national style in the station reaches 83.47 million, 83% of whom are under the age of 24. Among them, the growth of video contributions with labels of “ancient style”, “traditional culture”, “folk music” and “Chinese Dance” is particularly prominent. The design inspired by Hanfu has been used in the packaging of snacks, tea and low alcohol wine, which is in line with the Oriental introverted and quiet temperament of the new generation.
Intangible cultural heritage activation
In 2020, more than 200 million users purchased intangible cultural heritage products on hand Amoy, of which consumers after 00 increased by 50%. Li Ziqi and the new media of the people’s daily created a joint fund, which combines traditional newspaper elements with Liuzhou intangible cultural heritage food, and is full of Chinese market cultural elements and fireworks.
Bonsai beer is a fine brewed beer brand founded by designers and artists who love drinking. It skillfully integrates 36 bonsai plants in four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter into the scenery of the four seasons, and appreciates the bonsai of the four seasons through transparent spatial zoning. It has both functional and formal beauty.
Appearance anxiety: her era of free spirit bursting out of tenderness
When social media makes the standard of beauty single, how can women tear off the label that has flooded them?
Release your nature, please yourself, and summon the feeling of immersion and freedom.
Her strength
Since 2017, women in the north and Guangzhou Shenzhen registered residence population have exceeded women. Chinese women rank first in the world in terms of “professional and technical practitioners” and “enrollment rate of higher education”. The work participation rate of Chinese women has reached 70%, also ranking first in the world. With the improvement of income level and education level, Chinese women have a higher voice in the consumer market, and “her power” is rising in the market. Chinese women’s awareness of consumption has awakened rapidly. They not only “can make money”, but also become more “able to spend money”. More and more women are changing from “pleasing others” to “pleasing themselves”, realizing a life with “high quality” and “doting on themselves” as the core.
The brand of substitute food holds high the banner of “delicious but not fat” and “taking into account the needs of satiety and weight loss”, and enters the vision of the public, especially female consumers. Super zero is the top 1 brand in the scale of slimming substitute meal in 2019. The packaging of the brand is mainly pink. It has launched large single products such as bulletproof coffee, protein bar and milkshake. In addition, it has also set foot in beauty and health drinks such as anti sugar collagen drink and sugar oil double blocking fiber enzyme.
According to the consumption trend report of Chinese online substitute meals released by cbndata and tmall, the sales of bottled milkshakes accounted for more than three quarters from July 2018 to June 2019. The post-90s are the main consumers of bottled milkshakes, accounting for more than a quarter of the consumption. Female consumers contribute five times as much to bottled milkshakes as men. Smeal, the representative brand of bottled milkshake, accounts for more than 95% of women in the consumer group. Therefore, its appearance design also adopts many elements favored by women. The bottle body is round, the color matching is small and fresh, and the brand words are simple and clean.
There are countless new products on the market every year, but only a few products in line with the trend are favored. Paying attention to the trend research of design field and lifestyle can enable enterprises to grasp the dominant power of the market and develop products in line with the popular trend.
Source: Yang design, reprint authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); Foodaily Expo 2022] foodaily Expo 2022 is the theme and invites 500 + the world’s most innovative brands and 4000 + middle and high-level industry decision makers… In the conference (foodaily fbic 2022) module, we set 2022.05.31-06.02. We’ll see you in Shanghai! related reading

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