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Heavyweight national tide transformation, great health food generation and new products shine brightly. The general shortlist of products / brands for the fourth Isee innovation award was announced

accommodates innovative brands & products from all over the world and condenses global innovative ideas and practices. Isee innovation award will uphold the original intention of professional authority, highlight the innovative spirit of food, and let good products be seen by more people!
At a time of great industrial transformation, the food industry needs an award and a multi-dimensional stage for innovation. With “innovation” as the core, and with the persistence of professional authority and the dissemination of innovation, Isee award Global Food Innovation Award (hereinafter referred to as Isee Innovation Award) has received enthusiastic response from food brands.
Covering products & brands, technologies, enterprises and characters, Isee Innovation Award discovers, commends and disseminates innovation from a multidimensional perspective. In the fourth Isee Innovation Award, due to the large number of cases submitted, we will conduct preliminary review and publish the shortlist according to different award categories.
Today, let’s enjoy the style of the works shortlisted in the category of “product & brand”. The application was closed on January 21, 2022, and the fourth Isee Innovation Award received a total of 458 brands and 1388sku products.
After three rounds of preliminary review by Isee innovation award product Committee (composed of foodaily Thinking Research Institute), let’s announce the shortlist of “products & brands” of the fourth Isee Innovation Award. We will work with them to show the annual innovation of Chinese food to the industry / business / consumers through a series of innovation activities. (Note: the shortlist of Technology / enterprise / character category will be published one after another, and will enter the review / final review according to the. Let’s look forward to the birth of the final award)
Announcement of the general shortlist of products / brands
In the case of the reported works, we found that all major categories are in full bloom, and probiotics, plant-based and functional foods are still popular. In addition, prefabricated dishes, snack baking and milk based desserts are booming this year. The transformation of national tide and the acceleration of healthy food generation Let’s see the innovative power of food, a traditional industry, under the game between industry supply and user demand.
The food category covers five categories: Catering and catering +, functional food, snacks, candy and chocolate, and baking.

Beverages & dairy products
Every good product should be seen!
Isee food innovation Expo 2022
From May 31 to June 2, Isee innovation award will join hands with shortlisted brands to appear in the “Global Food Innovation Award” of foodaily innovation Expo 2022. Meanwhile, “Isee night” and award ceremony will also be held at foodaily innovation Expo 2022. We look forward to a grand social party belonging to the food and beverage industry to witness the birth of the final award of Isee Innovation Award and the annual innovation achievements of the food industry!
Isee innovation award jury lineup
Source: Isee Global Food Innovation Award (ID: isee_award), reprint authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); Foodaily Expo 2022] foodaily Expo 2022 is the theme and invites 500 + the world’s most innovative brands and 4000 + middle and high-level industry decision makers… In the conference (foodaily fbic 2022) module, we set 2022.05.31-06.02. We’ll see you in Shanghai! related reading

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