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Jane Eyre’s parent company cut into the new dairy track and will hold on to generation Z this time

With “Jane Eyre”, “father’s love formula” and other brands, we took the lead in entering Pucheng dairy on the low-temperature yogurt track without additives, and intend to open up a new dairy track for young Z generation.

Xiaoshidai noticed that recently, Pucheng dairy launched a yogurt mousse product called op3n to the market. The company said that this is a new brand incubated within the enterprise. Puyou United dairy Chengde Co., Ltd. is specifically responsible for production and manufacturing, brand operation and channel promotion.

Xia Haitong, founder and CEO of Pucheng dairy, said that innovation is the source power for an enterprise to maintain its vitality. Pucheng dairy has always encouraged and supported the incubation of innovation projects within the team.

Let’s take a look at the details.

Open up a new track

It is understood that the first product of “op3n” yogurt mousse was listed on February 14 this year. At present, it has been listed in first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It has three flavors: original flavor, strawberry and banana. The price of a single cup is between 10 yuan and 13 yuan. It is mainly stationed in boutique supermarkets, convenience stores and new retail channels.

In fact, Pucheng dairy has been brewing this new brand for a long time. It is understood that the product design and production process of op3n are followed up by Puyou United dairy Chengde Co., Ltd. which was jointly established by Pucheng dairy and Fuyou United Food (China) Co., Ltd. in September last year, of which Pucheng dairy holds 63% and Fuyou United holds 37%.

Xiaoshidai noticed that different from Jane Eyre and other brands’ main simple style packaging style, the new brand op3n packaging highlights cute, small and fresh, cartoon and other styles.

“As an independent brand, op3n takes generation Z as the main target group and focuses on the brand slogan of ‘open something new’, hoping to explore the unlimited possibilities of dairy eating methods.” Park Cheng dairy said in reply to the snack agent’s query.

It is not difficult to find that Pucheng dairy hopes to leverage generation Z’s interest in dairy consumption with the help of the above new brands from the aspects of product form, taste and packaging, so as to cut into a broader market space.

According to the “2020 Z generation consumption attitude insight report” released by cbndata, the expenditure of China’s Z generation has reached RMB 4 trillion, accounting for about 13% of the country’s total household expenditure. Moreover, the population base of generation Z in China is huge. Statistics show that the total number of “generation Z” in China is about 260 million.

But the money of generation Z is not so easy to earn. Nielsen IQ released the insight report on food and beverage consumption of generation 2021z, which pointed out that generation Z showed the characteristics of paying equal attention to novelty and experience in the consumption process, and 69% of respondents were keen to explore and buy new products as a pleasure of life.

Expand product matrix

Despite the launch of a new brand operating independently, Pucheng dairy is still very optimistic about the “additive free” track.

“We are still very optimistic about the market prospect of ‘no additives’. Jane Eyre brand will continue to adhere to the brand concept of’ raw milk, sugar, lactic acid bacteria, nothing else ‘, so as to bring more pure and safe milk without additives to consumers. While’ op3n ‘is to provide consumers with more dairy choices and empower the all-round development of enterprises.” The company said.

Statistics show that Pucheng dairy currently has major brands such as Jane Eyre, which focuses on “extreme purity”, the “father’s love formula” of children’s first dairy product and “body know” of probiotic yogurt. In recent years, the company has continuously expanded its product matrix and launched new categories such as low-temperature fresh milk and low-temperature dessert in addition to low-temperature yogurt.

The company told xiaoshidai that after the first product is launched, op3n will also launch different SKUs, and the company will continue to further develop and launch more new products according to the different needs of different consumer groups for high-quality dairy products in the future.

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