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Novozyme onehealth released the experimental data of Lactobacillus reuteri reducing Helicobacter pylori

When it comes to Helicobacter pylori, everyone is no stranger. Many stomach diseases are related to it. Recently, it has been on the hot search with “inducing gastric cancer”. Today, let’s answer some big questions about it!

1. How does Helicobacter pylori check?

At present, there are two simple and rapid examination methods: the first is C-13 and C-14 breath test. C-14 breath test has certain radioactivity, but it has no great impact on ordinary people. C-13 breath test is recommended for pregnant, pregnant and lactating women and children with poor health.

The other is serological testing. Blood sampling is also a common test method to check Helicobacter pylori antibody in the body. Key points: ≥ 40 years old with Helicobacter pylori infection, please do gastric cancer screening every year* one

2. What are the consequences of infection without treatment?

Helicobacter pylori infection has been found in nearly 100% of patients with chronic gastritis, about 95% of duodenal ulcers, nearly 70% of gastric ulcers and 63.4% of patients with gastric cancer. Some incurable halitosis is also related to Helicobacter pylori. Eradication of Helicobacter pylori can reduce the risk of gastric cancer and effectively prevent gastric cancer* two

3. What kind of people are more likely to be infected?

Studies have shown that most people’s Helicobacter pylori infection occurs before the age of 5. Children are more likely to be infected, including chewing and feeding, sharing tableware, mouth-to-mouth intimate contact and other forms.

4. The relationship between probiotics and Helicobacter pylori?

Probiotics can regulate the intestine, balance the intestinal flora and enhance immunity.


Novozymes onehealth R & D team from Denmark clinically confirmed that pylopass ® (Lactobacillus reuteri dsm17648) can help reduce the number of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach.



One is pylopass ® It can recognize the surface protein structure of Helicobacter pylori and combine with it to form polymers. Second, the copolymer is discharged from the body through the gastrointestinal tract, thereby reducing the number of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach.


Pylopass in gastric environment ® Combined with Helicobacter pylori, on the one hand, Helicobacter pylori loses its ability to exercise due to aggregation; On the other hand, the surface binding sites of Helicobacter pylori are covered and cannot adhere to the gastric mucosa; Then there is the accumulation of Helicobacter pylori discharged from the stomach, pylopass ® It is a mild supplement to existing therapies, without side effects and dependence.



Onehealth R & D team screened more than 700 different Lactobacillus strains. After preliminary screening, 96 Lactobacillus strains were tested for fluorescent labeling.



Depth analysis of polymer under microscope, pylopass ® Polymer with Helicobacter pylori in artificial gastric juice (pH 4).


Study pylopass ® (blue) and Helicobacter pylori (red) polymerization sites:

•Pylopass ® Single cells can combine with multiple Helicobacter pylori cells to form large flake polymers;

• polymerization activity at pylopass ® The cell surface expression in stable growth stage can be found in intact cells and cell fragments;

• protein surface molecules play an important role in polymerization.



Pylopass ® (dsm17648) has carried out 11 clinical studies in Germany, Ireland, Romania, Russia, China, India and other countries to verify the safety and efficacy of the strain, and the relevant literature has been published in many journals* 3.4.5


The experimental results are as follows:

1. The value of Helicobacter pylori decreased in all subjects;

2. The symptoms of stomach discomfort were improved;

3. The eradication rate of Helicobacter pylori is 10-50% (the results of different clinical trials are different);

4. After combined with triple antibiotics, the eradication rate of Helicobacter pylori was significantly improved, and the side effects and discomfort symptoms of taking antibiotics were significantly reduced.


Clinical trial data display:

1. Three clinical trial data confirmed that taking pylopass ® The absolute value of 13C urea breath test (13C UBT) decreased;

2. Take pylopass ® After 4 weeks, it is helpful to reduce the symptoms of mild dyspepsia;


2×100 mepylopass per day ®, The mean gastrointestinal symptom rating scale (GSRS) abdominal (a) and total GSRS score (8) decreased


3. Take pylopass in combination with triple therapy ® It can help to improve the eradication rate of Helicobacter pylori by 10%.



Novozymes is the world’s largest provider of enzyme and microbial technology and one of the global leaders in the field of biological solutions.

Novozymes reserves more than 30000 unique microorganisms and tens of thousands of enzymes. With industry-leading technology and leading experts, combined with a deep understanding of human physiological system and professional research, Novozymes is able to provide comprehensive probiotic and enzyme solutions.

In 2016, Novozymes Yikang onehealth team was established. Novozyme Yikang’s business covers probiotic raw material strain R & D, formula design, processing and production, strain sales and terminal brand promotion. At present, it has established a professional team of more than 550 people around the world.

Novozyme Yikang is committed to providing scientifically proven probiotic solutions to help consumers cope with the health challenges brought by modern lifestyles. For more details, click on the two-dimensional code below to focus on the OneHealth official account.


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