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500 + brands are the first new food consumption innovation testing ground in China! To the innovation show of all food brands| Foodaily Expo 2022

On February 17, we officially released the agenda of foodaily Expo 2022, which has attracted the attention and enthusiastic registration of many new and old friends. Today, we continue to introduce the 2022 exhibition of foodaily Expo, which is composed of “Industrial Innovation Exhibition” and “new consumption experience Exhibition”.


In line with the original intention of providing the whole value chain and one-stop industrial innovation services for the industry, foodaily innovation Expo 2022 (2022.05.31-06.02, Shanghai) is further upgraded. In addition to the upstream and downstream of the food industry, it also covers and gathers multiple resources such as e-commerce, social media, traffic, channels and capital, aiming to bring you an annual innovation feast. Of course, this is a global innovation stage and shining show that food brands can’t miss. All aspects related to food & brand innovation, such as products, content, technology and marketing, will be presented in the form of “professional exhibition + innovative content + interactive experience”, breaking through and differentiating in the consistent form of industry exhibition.


This year, in addition to displaying the most innovative products of 6000 + SKU at home and abroad and inviting 500 + most innovative brands, 4000 + middle and senior industry decision makers and 20000 + professional visitors, we also customized the global food innovation award, Isee night award ceremony, channel selection show, innovation town, new Xiu brand TV show The first-line media observation group will carry out heavy links such as innovation tour and trendy carnival, and connect online and offline for the whole network communication, so that your brand & products can be seen by more people!


Next, we will show you one by one the innovation show of foodaily Expo 2022 and how you can participate in it?

What specification, type and style is this exhibition? What are the highlights of the Expo?
What kind of innovation show have we created for the brand this year? What can a brand get?
Since its establishment more than ten years ago, foodaily daily food has always focused on the original intention of “making food innovation within reach” and continuously cultivated and expanded its boundaries, from discovering innovation to recognizing innovation, linking innovation and disseminating innovation. At this year’s foodaily innovation Expo, we presented this “closed loop of food innovation” for the first time. We hope to save a bureau for all people who love food and innovation, help each innovation force speak, and gather more friends and resources to truly make food innovation within reach through this feast.
01 discovery and innovation
1 Global Food Innovation Award
At the foodaily innovation Expo 2022, Isee innovation award will join hands with the shortlisted brands to appear in the “Global Food Innovation Award”, stand on the same stage with the world food innovation award, next innovation award, Japanese snack award and other global professional and authoritative food awards, dance with 700 + the world’s most innovative products, and show and spread innovation to industries and consumers.
On February 21, the fourth Isee global food innovation award announced the shortlist of product category / brand category. 300 innovative brands covering 60 + sub categories stood out from 458 brands and 1388 groups of works.
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2 global innovation inspiration library
Bring together 3000 + SKU innovative food and beverage products around the world, display them in an all-round way according to the trend, category, theme, brand and solution, “product + content + tasting” three-dimensional integrated immersive experience, deeply analyze and present the top ten business hotspots, match the interpretation of the strategy of new Xiu brand cases at home and abroad, and help people in the food and beverage industry get the cutting-edge innovation inspiration in one stop, First, grasp the business opportunities of food innovation in the future.

02 recognition of innovation
3isee night and award ceremony
On the evening of May 31, Isee night and award ceremony will be held ceremoniously. After six months, after three rounds of screening by 60 + professional judges, 1388 groups of products participated in the award and 458 brands reported for the award. We will wait and see which brands will pass the customs and win the award!
03 link innovation
4 channel selection show
Wide net selection is a headache? It will gather domestic and foreign brands shortlisted in the fourth Isee Innovation Award, link distribution & channel resources, people with goods and global buyers, and display 500 + strictly selected innovative products at home and abroad, so that you can choose enough at one time.

5 ten consumption scenarios · ten lifestyles proposal
Taking consumers as the starting point, foodaily Expo 2022 has planned ten new generation consumption scenes with the most potential and commercial value, and opened seats to invite “like-minded” brands to settle in. Through immersive scene experience, the ultimate integration of people and goods yards, and in-depth interpretation of brand concept, foodaily Expo 2022 has created ten proposals for a better way of life.
With 4000 + middle and high-level industry decision-makers, 20000 + professional audiences, 500 super KOL and food lovers, the settled brands can get multi-dimensional exposure from B to C, break the circle through online and offline linkage, and help the brand complete the track blocking and consumer mental occupation in one stop.
6 theme innovation town
As an important functional module of foodaily Expo, innovation town carries the core function of linking brands and high-quality and strictly selected industrial resources. At the moment of the rapid outbreak of new brands, in order to match the rapid new demand of brands, the innovation town strictly selects high-quality supply chain and service provider resources, and provides one-stop industrial resource link appeal for brands at the site of the innovation Expo in the form of “theme exhibition area”.
Foodaily has joined hands with lion media group to jointly build a “packaging materials innovation town” at the foodaily innovation Expo to provide packaging innovation solutions for brands. Next, foodaily will join hands with heavy partners to launch “digital service innovation town”, “Design & experience innovation town” and “baking experience innovation town”
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04 communication innovation
7 new Xiu brand TV show
Starting from the “new Xiu brand” column of foodaily media port, we have created an exclusive stage for excellent new brands / technologies – New Xiu. In the form of TV show, online and offline activities are carried out simultaneously at the Expo site. Through the linkage of different roles such as brands, solution suppliers and experts, the in-depth interpretation of new brands / technologies is presented to industry people and consumers in a more dimensional way.
8 damp Carnival
2022 trendy Carnival fully upgraded! From the top ten experience scenes to the three activity themes, we are committed to creating a unique Carnival feast for Chinese food lovers! Through the six interactive content modules of new food youth, Guochao new baking, future diet, ten scenes, Chaowei paradise and the new press conference, we can bring fun food and beverage experience, create an industry explosive feast and empower food brands!

9 front line professional media observation group
In this year’s Expo, we will invite 200 + industries / Commerce / Finance / mass media, five social media platforms and other media to carry the golden matrix of the whole network, so as to realize the communication of new food consumption in all fields; Together with 30 + front-line media and industry chain senior journalists such as first finance and economics, 36 krypton, interface, billion Europe network and Chinese business strategy, they formed a media observation team for foodaily Expo, set up media meetings for brands at the event site and arranged 50 + professional in-depth interviews; In addition, we also organized a media observation group to carry out innovation tour on site, conduct high-frequency professional interaction with the whole brand, and create super exposure in the form of graphics, short video, live broadcast and other forms to help you show the brand’s innovation declaration!
Look at the schedule of foodaily Expo 2022!

100 + the hottest topic brain storm, and 120 + speakers enter the future of new food first

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The above is the introduction of the 2022 exhibition module of foodaily Expo. Take product innovation as the fulcrum, leverage the resources of all parties in the new consumption link, and earnestly practice the original intention of “making food innovation within reach”. Each module is carefully crafted, and each activity is tireless day and night. In order to make 10% better, we pay 100% efforts to present a new form of exhibition that can be called “food innovation benchmark”. On May 31, 2022, we are looking forward to your arrival in Shanghai. As long as you come and stroll around, you will be able to realize how much effort and heart you have spent.
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Foodaily Expo 2022]
With the theme of “new food era · brand ecology”, foodaily Expo 2022 invited 500 + the world’s most innovative brands and 4000 + middle and high-level industry decision makers… In the conference (foodaily fbic 2022) module, we set up a Global Innovation Summit, three theme conferences and six category forums, and set 100 + focus topic brainstorming around ten hard core topics, And invite 120 + industry business leaders to share ~ 2022.05.31-06.02, Shanghai, we’ll see you soon!
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