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Disassemble the three new financing cases of Xiaobai xinruan, A1 cloud cake and panda don’t go cake to see how the hundreds of billions of baking market can dig gold?

predicts seven new consumption trends of baking!
Fujian mulanka Food Co., Ltd. (brand name “xiaobaixin soft bread”), a new generation national bakery brand company, has completed round a financing, which is exclusively invested by Everbright holding new economy. It is reported that this round of funds will be invested in the establishment of food R & D center, the expansion of offline channels and the supplement of core teams.
This is not the only financing for the new baking track recently. Recently, Xiaobai’s heart is soft, panda doesn’t walk the cake and A1 cloud cake have been financed successively. As a track that is very optimistic about new consumption, we have focused on discussing and dismantling these three innovation cases. The following are the three new cases we disassembled and the trend research of the baking industry.
How does Xiaobai’s soft heart grow?

Fujian mulanka Food Co., Ltd. (brand name “xiaobaixin soft bread”), a new generation national bakery brand company, has completed round a financing, which is exclusively invested by Everbright holding new economy. It is reported that this round of funds will be invested in the establishment of food R & D center, the expansion of offline channels and the supplement of core teams.
According to the introduction of public information, muranka company, the parent company of Xiaobai xinruan, was established in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province in 2016. It processes flour, eggs, sugar and other raw materials into baked foods such as sandwich bread through its own factories and OEM factories, and sells them through the distribution system or e-commerce channels.
In terms of sales data, Xiaobai psychological software introduced to the new consumer internal reference that it achieved sales of more than 300 million yuan in 2018. Different from the previous new brand’s focus on online development, Xiaobai psychological software is the key offline channel. Since 2018, it has focused on developing 66 million level dealers, supermarkets such as Yonghui supermarket, Wal Mart, 711 and the whole family Convenience stores and even fruit fresh chain stores and other offline channels have become their main sales channels So far, it has covered more than 60000 retail outlets and has rapidly grown into a brand company with great explosive potential for a new generation of baked goods in three years.
Gao Yang, head of the consumption sector of Everbright Holdings new economy fund, is also the actual operator of this investment, sharing three investment logic:
First, everyone is saying that investment should remain unchanged in a changing market and environment. In my opinion, more and more Chinese people are beginning to like bread and baked goods. This trend remains the same.
Second, the traditional baking industry is a brand that has been proved to exist as a “century old store”, which is a good business that can be done for more than 100 years. Compared with Japan’s “Yamazaki bread” and the development of its baking industry, our Chinese baking brand still has a lot of room to improve and improve. When new channels, new media and high-quality supply chains gradually mature after rapid changes and iterations, it is often the time for new brand companies in traditional industries to come out.
Third, President Cai is very young. He is a post-80s generation. In him, I see many valuable characteristics of China’s young entrepreneurs: honesty, simplicity, good at learning and breakthrough, and like to make better products to customers with the help of new technologies. We like to invest money in such an entrepreneur and become a business partner with him. In the future, I will also serve as the resident director of our fund to help the company continuously improve the organization and capital structure of the company and embrace change with the company. “
The rapid growth of Xiaobai bread is attributed to three aspects: strong channel ability, product innovation and brand connotation. In terms of channels, it adopts the focus strategy of “point to area” to expand channels. First, it finds the decisive Ka channels in the region, analyzes the channel structure and focuses on the most suitable stores. In the hypermarket, it focuses on single products for activities on weekends. Based on the single point demonstration effect, it contacts new dealers and Ka procurement to expand the distribution circle;
Product innovation and brand rejuvenation are mainly reflected in the differences between products and brands. The popular “yogurt pocket” has a unique shape to meet the health needs;
Insight into the preferences and playing methods of young groups, create a cute and warm IP “Xiaobai”, make comics, expression packs and surrounding derivatives, extend the IP chain and value, and take “Xiaobai has a soft heart and doesn’t like to add randomly” as slogan, emphasize the health of products, and convey the values of soft heart and yearning for beauty.
To sum up, the unique product IP value + correct distribution path is the comfortable playing method found by Xiaobai xinruan. It is very important to innovate products and have a deep understanding of offline channels. Many brand companies do not pay enough attention to these aspects, especially think that offline channels are dirty and tiring, but after finding offline paths, it is very important to form a good synergy of online brand communication.
How to sell happy cakes when pandas don’t go?
If Xiaobai’s psychological soft path is his own IP path, while panda’s successful path is to apply IP plus service to the sweet food business of cake.
Also recently, Huizhou panda do not walk baking Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “panda do not walk cake”) announced that the company has completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, and the investor is a sound investment fund.
Panda do not walk cake is an Internet cake brand established at the end of 2017. In less than two years, it has settled in 10 cities such as Huizhou, Foshan, Panyu, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Chengdu, Xiamen, Changsha and Chongqing, with nearly 5 million users, a monthly revenue of more than 30 million, an increase of more than 25% per month, and the number of purchases per capita has reached 4.1 times / person.
Unlike its competitors, pandas do not go through the self built distribution system to provide end-user performance services while delivering. Turn the sense of surprise into a supporting service for the cake. The delivery staff in Panda clothes will deliver the cake to the door, and there will be a 2-minute dance performance, magic show and interactive game on site. The founder of panda don’t go told the new consumer internal reference that under the condition that the performance cost is controllable, panda don’t go through the playing method of “product + service”, quickly occupy the user’s brand mind, and the secondary communication rate is close to 100%.
After this round of financing, the panda will continue to expand at the rate of 3-4 cities per month. It is expected to settle in more than 50 cities by the end of next year, with a monthly revenue of more than 200 million.
In earlier public reports, the panda does not take the cake and disassembled its playing method in more detail. The founder Yang Zhenhua was born in the grass-roots, worked to support his family after graduating from junior high school, and continued to start a business in recent years. Before establishing the panda does not take the cake, he opened an o2o convenience store.
In December 2017, Yang Zhenhua officially planned to cut into the field of cake. In the business model designed at the beginning, the panda did not go. The positioning of cake was that five-star cakes were only given to the most important people, so he invited a group of chefs from five-star hotels to make cakes.
However, in the middle of the originally designed business model, there are obvious defects in the business model and heavy service, while the actual customer perception differentiation is not particularly obvious. Therefore, under the suggestion of marketing consultant Xiao Ma song, he turned to focus on being a Happy Cake brand, found his own important breakthrough point and quickly became a market online red cake brand.
In my opinion, pandas can walk a differentiated path of success without taking the cake because they have done several key things right:
First of all, Xiaobai is similar to Xiaobai. They all use IP symbols, especially super symbols such as panda in their names. In the eyes of Chinese people, panda is a super symbol and a national treasure. You naturally have the natural IP of panda in the name system. It is easy to bring your own success aura, which will attract a lot of valuable traffic.
The second reason is to find the emotional differentiation route of products. The food has been crowded with players in the differentiation route of taste. In fact, if you want to get out of the differentiation, you can either find a more subdivided customer group or take the emotional path, while the panda doesn’t go the second way.
The third reason is that a new type of cake, called happy cake, has been completely differentiated from the cake. This can separate the cake industry from the price war and find a new category opportunity.
How does the net red brand A1 cloud cake break through the brand?
I believe many people have seen the advertisement of A1 cloud cake. Meng Fei’s latest blind date reality show “let’s fall in love” on Jiangsu Satellite TV has deeply implanted A1 cloud cake.
Recently, A1 Retail Research Institute completed round B financing of RMB 100 million. The leading investor and follow-up investor are well-known investment institutions focusing on the field of consumption upgrading, and the old shareholders Deyi capital and today capital continue to pursue investment.
In the process of studying the brand, its founder also focused on summarizing the underlying success logic of the brand in an interview:
1. Making big explosive products, but it does not completely rely on data decision-making, but anti common sense decision-making.
In an interview, Zhou Weiping, founder of A1 snack Research Institute, believed that in order to make a large-scale market, there must be a large-scale product. Therefore, based on this logic, popular models such as cloud cake, egg yolk pastry and chuxue cookies have been created around baking products.
In addition, Zhou, for example, said that he did not completely rely on data. He had a small share in the snack market in the egg yolk pastry category, but today it has become the second largest category of Chinese pastries after moon cakes in e-commerce.
2. Adhere to the long tail strategy, so that consumers do not have excessive choices.
In the past, a cake often set five or six flavors and seven to eight specifications, while A1 often had only one specification and one taste for a single product. The underlying logic behind it comes from two aspects. One is to reduce the cost of users’ thinking and selection, make users think less, and reduce the cost of communication between users and products. On the other hand, the biggest advantage of this is that simple large-scale repetitive production is the best way to achieve high efficiency and low cost. The demand for high cost performance on commodity channels will become lower, so that it can be widely distributed and improve the level of scale.
3. Reduce sales channel levels and control channel costs.
The core idea is to ensure that products reach consumers more efficiently through cooperation with retailers and some self built stores, and consumers enjoy the same price as channel providers.
Through the above analysis and thinking, we can clearly find the differentiated playing methods of A1 cloud cake and several other baking brands. If Xiaobai’s soft heart focuses on IP plus channel distribution, and panda doesn’t rely on IP and service system and experiential emotion, then A1 takes products first and quickly penetrates through the strategy of holding high and playing high through big advertising and big media, At the same time, we should establish our own moat system with efficiency as the core.
Forecast of 7 major trends of new baking consumption
Trend 1: bread and baking products are gradually changing from subsidiary non-staple food products, and low-frequency products are gradually evolving into new scene products with high frequency and high customer unit price.  
In contrast, the price of baking products is gradually changing from the price of 5-10 yuan of the first generation products to the price of 20-30 yuan after upgrading in the second stage. Now, with the addition of mixed formats, the unit price of baking stores in the new format is gradually increasing to more than 50 yuan, and has begun to gradually approach the consumption level of dinner.
Although the meal of bread can not be realized in the Chinese market in a short time, according to the research of Xiangsong brand participated in the new consumption, some of their users who have returned from overseas have become high-frequency monthly plan ordering users. The new generation of young people also increasingly accept the possibility of staple food of baking products in their concept, rather than just non-staple food.  
Trend 2: baking chain business is moving forward from single business to mixed business.
This is also a trend that needs great attention. Now the baking chain has a larger and larger area and space. It is no longer a pure delicious small store format. More and more baking stores begin to reserve seats on a large scale and provide more perfect experience services.
More and more users are willing to stay in the store for consumption. Users consume based on the afternoon tea scene. At the same time, bread or cake + tea and coffee began to become the mainstream standard. Almost the latest stores are expanding and deeply integrating the two formats.  
Trend 3: in the taste selection of baked goods, more and more people pursue the path of healthy taste and low sugar and less oil.
As the users of the new generation of baking products are basically typical young women, the pursuit of weight loss without increasing fat content has increasingly become an important and non negligible option for choosing food, and freshness has also become the mainstream of baking food.
At present, the new generation of baking brands basically make products stay overnight, food and consumption on the same day, which puts forward greater requirements for enterprise inventory management and supply chain management. How to find a balance between this and meet the high appearance and good taste of the product has become the Due Choice of a baking brand.  
Trend four: comparing the roasting brand concentration and brand chain of ROK brand in Japan and Korea, although the chain operation level of China’s baking brand has been improved, there is still a great Internet plus possibility in the internal information and user Member management, but the whole baking industry has been unstoppable in its pursuit of brand orientation.
The baking brand of the future community business will also continue to exist, but it is undeniable that young users are more inclined to buy products in the shopping center store in the city center, and the community store will gradually evolve into the trend of serving the original old customers. Therefore, how to realize the rejuvenation of the brand like weiduomei is almost necessary for these traditional cake and baking chains today, It is also a problem we have to face.  
Trend 5: the category popularity cycle and product life cycle are getting shorter and shorter.
In recent years, uncle chase, the rapid rise and decline of cheese cake has proved that young users have higher and higher requirements for new products, the life cycle of popular products is shorter and shorter, brand loyalty is lower and lower, and they are more and more likely to try new brands (mainly thanks to the dividends of new media and social media), Users are more and more difficult to figure out the taste and taste choice.
This requires baking enterprises to further speed up the development of new products. The promotion of new products by the new generation of baking brands has reached the rhythm of releasing new products by week and month. After the in-depth insight into young users, it is to grasp the popular trend of the whole product. The original traditional baking chain industry is becoming closer and closer to the fashion industry.  
Trend 6: higher and higher requirements for product aesthetics and non taste elements.
As baking products have been increasingly promoted to the mainstream snacks and become an important supplementary element for many women in addition to dinner, for female users, these products not only meet the basic needs, but also need to have social attributes, that is, the attribute of being exposed in the circle of friends.
This provides more and more requirements for the appearance, beauty and social communication of the product itself. Whether the store has the attribute of communicable media will also become an important indicator to consider whether users are willing to go to the store.  
Trend 7: the rise of experiential and participatory baking mode.
Because the baking industry has simple hands-on and DIY attributes, in addition to the original snack function, more and more young people begin to treat baked goods as a DIY attribute product and have fun through a sense of participation, which has also become the choice of a new generation of young users and provides higher requirements for the customized function of baked products.
Author: big fat sheep; Source: new consumer think tank (ID: Sichuan), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); Foodaily Expo 2022] foodaily Expo 2022 is the theme and invites 500 + the world’s most innovative brands and 4000 + middle and high-level industry decision makers… In the conference (foodaily fbic 2022) module, we set 2022.05.31-06.02. We’ll see you in Shanghai! related reading

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