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Imbibe2022 9 major trends in beverage industry: alcohol free, plant energy, molecular technology| Trend insight

when young consumers become the mainstream, what new development trends will the beverage industry usher in?

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The younger generation of consumers continue to evaluate a product through more dimensions than ever before: compared with the past, eye-catching packaging and unique taste may be difficult to maintain the interest of young consumers. On the contrary, they pay more attention to product experience, brand spirit and values, as well as the food innovation and development promoted by them as early “pioneer” or loyal followers.
According to appannie, the population of generation Z (people born in 1995-2009) now accounts for one third of the global population. As far as the Chinese market is concerned, more than 5 trillion consumption space was leveraged in 2021, showing huge consumption capacity.
When these two background factors are superimposed, it will undoubtedly affect the pace of innovation in the food and beverage industry, especially when the health of individuals and the earth is the top priority at present.
These values are reflected in the global lifestyle and consumption attitude survey report of innova market insight in 2021. The report shows that young consumers pay more attention to dietary health, 43% of consumers are actively trying to reduce waste (earth Health), and 32% of consumers are taking action to control diet (personal health). Although these two concerns are not new, it is true that the epidemic has brought the topic of health and health care to the forefront of public life and attention. Of course, it may also change consumer behavior forever.
Under the background of the change of consumption concept caused by the change of consumer groups, imbibe, an American beverage development company, summarized nine beverage development trends. Let’s have a look!
Sustainability: the common goal of villagers on earth
Sustainable development has become the inevitable trend of the times, and the development of the epidemic has promoted the villagers on the earth to have a deeper understanding of the “community of shared future for mankind”. Healthy, nutritious and sustainable food and beverage are increasingly becoming the core characteristics of young consumers.
Plant based drinks have successfully stirred the global market in the past year with their two advantages of cleanliness and health.
Case 1: flowsome drinks saves the remaining fruit
Due to the inefficiency of the supply chain and other problems, one third of the world’s food is wasted. After discovering this phenomenon, flowome drinks launched a series of sustainable fruit juice drinks to make fruit juice from the remaining fruit of fruit farmers every year by cold pressing technology. Cold pressing technology refers to low-temperature cold pressing technology, which first breaks fruits and vegetables, and then slowly extrudes them in a low-temperature environment to obtain fruit and vegetable juice, so as to perfectly retain the nutrients in the fruit.
Source: Facebook
In addition, flowsome drinks will spend one million of its revenue every year to carry out public welfare activities in the UK. So far, more than 39000 drinks have been donated to help children and families facing hunger. At the same time, the brand also cooperates with project in the paint in the UK to turn the abandoned basketball court into art.
Flowsomedrinks practices the sustainable brand management concept and constantly gives “waste” new meaning.
Source: flowsomedrinks official website
Alcohol free: a Carnival without guilt
In 2021, RTD alcohol-free cocktails and alcohol-free liquor substitutes became more and more popular in the food and beverage industry. More and more young people chose to reduce drinking for health reasons, but they were still eager for the taste brought by alcohol. Therefore, alcohol free drinks with the same taste but no health hazards are becoming more and more attractive to young consumers.
In the future, we may be able to see a new type of bar: sober bar – with the atmosphere of traditional bar, but the products are healthier.
Case 2: stryyk, which is wine but not completely wine
“All the Spirit, None of the Alcohol”
As slogon said, this is a 100% natural, sugar free, artificial flavor free and alcohol free drink. Through special food processing technology, it has the same taste as liquor. Stryyk series products not only hope to create alternatives to spirits, but also strive to build the brand into the first choice for healthy adults.
Source: elegantly spirit Ltd
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Source: Essentials magazine Australia
Plant energy: draw pure natural power
Last year, the U.S. energy beverage market increased by more than 11%. The fierce competitive environment promotes the continuous promotion of industry innovation. The two major head brands of Red Bull and monster are also facing pressure, but at the same time, we can also see the development opportunities of emerging brands from this growth trend.
In 2022, new products based on plant extracts may inject new vitality into the food and beverage industry. Madai tea, Moringa oleifera, Holly instead of tea, coffee pulp (the substance after taking coffee beans out of coffee fruit), L-theanine and raw coffee extract provide the necessary energy for human body on the one hand, and cater to the concept of healthy and sustainable green consumption on the other hand. In 2022, plant energy drinks are expected to become a new tipping point.
Case 3: yachak replaces caffeine with madein
Yachak is a 100% plant energy drink made of pure natural organic ingredients, mainly extracted from Madai tea. Madai tea is a holly plant growing in central and southern South America. It does not contain caffeine, but it contains Madai, a caffeine like ingredient that has been consumed as a brewing beverage for centuries.
Yachak absorbs a variety of Amazon tropical rainforest flavors into organic Madai tea, and uses pure natural Madai to provide energy and improve concentration to create an original natural drink taste. It has also passed the certification of organic food by the U.S. Department of agriculture.
Source: yachak official website
Case 4: pure natural birch water Nordic KOIVU birch water
This is a 100% pure natural birch water with extremely low sugar content. On average, it contains only 1g sugar per 100ml, which is 80% less than coconut water; It is rich in electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, which can stimulate metabolism and help replenish water and restore energy. At the same time, this product is also packaged in environmentally friendly cartons and implements the natural concept.
Image source: bevnet
CBD continues to heat up: gradually seen value
Since the outbreak, the cannabis industry seems to have turned the crisis into an opportunity to show maturity, eliminate prejudice and consolidate its role in the economy and people’s lives.
In recent years, people’s enthusiasm for health products has only increased, and cannabinoid CBD is like a single spark, which has rapidly ignited a prairie fire in the food and beverage market. Studies have shown that CBD has a series of therapeutic benefits, including antioxidant and neuroprotective effects. It is one of more than 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis and cannabis plants.
With the continuous relaxation of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) policy in the United States, CBD related products have also been supported by many consumers, who say they prefer CBD to alcohol. In the future, more THC, CBD and other cannabis products may appear in the food, beverage and catering industry.
Case 5: Rockstar unplugged “stimulant” containing cannabis seed oil
In early February, PepsiCo launched a new product Rockstar unplugged for female consumers, which mixes hemp seed oil, B vitamins, spearmint and lemon balm with 80mg caffeine, 0 sugar and 0 calories. There are three flavors: blueberry, passion fruit, raspberry and cucumber, so as to bring physical and mental pleasure to consumers. This drink uses psychedelic taste and bold rock color matching to stir the restless nerve pleasure of young people.
Source: Foodbev media
Case 6: CBD flavor Kombucha hip pop helps calm and gastrointestinal health
Hip pop, a British brand of CommScope tea, recently launched a series of new CBD flavor CommScope tea drinks, including passion fruit and guava, cherry and blackberry, blood orange and grapefruit. Each bottle contains 20mg 100% plant-based CBD and 1 billion active probiotics.
Investigation and research show that the epidemic makes the public gradually aware of the sedative effect of CBD, and also affirms the positive role of CBD in promoting gastrointestinal health. Therefore, this component is gaining the attention of more industry brands.
Source: business Mondays
Energy drinks: another way to solve emotional problems
The impact of the epidemic has dealt a serious blow to the global economy. Stress, anxiety and insomnia have become a common problem for people all over the world. The World Health Organization once listed stress as a global health epidemic in the 21st century. Now it has become the sixth leading cause of death in the world.
In food and beverage consumption, American consumers turn their attention to functional drinks that can relieve stress and promote sleep. Similarly, in 2022, how to meet consumers’ sensory stimulation and physiological pleasure will become the focus of products.
Case 7: Odyssey mushroom elixir Coffee & Tea
Odyssey mushroom elixir Coffee & tea is a series of functional drinks with mushrooms as the main ingredient. It focuses on healthy life and contains 6 taste functions, including endurance (espresso), energy (cold soaked oatmeal latte) and focus (French baked oatmeal latte). These three drinks take coffee as the matrix and add birch Cordyceps sinensis Cordyceps sinensis and bristles fungus adaptogens; Immune (berry white tea), mood improvement (Louis Bols tea) and sleep (chamomile honey) are based on tea and also added with fungus extract.
At the same time, the immune model, mood improvement model and sleep model contain 35 calories and 8-9 grams of sugar, the endurance model and focus model contain 45 calories and 11 grams of sugar, and the energy model contains 100 calories and 13 grams of sugar.
Source: Amazon
Case 8: Kirin imuse, a plasma lactobacillus beverage with immune function
Japan’s Kirin Beverage Company has insight into consumers’ demand for improving immunity under the epidemic, and recently launched a lactic acid bacteria beverage called Kirin imuse morning immune care, which is expected to be limited to sales in convenience stores across the country in March. This is the first functional food publicly claimed to have immune function in Japan.
The product contains 100 billion plasma lactic acid bacteria. Unlike the absorption site of ordinary lactic acid bacteria is the large intestine, plasma lactic acid bacteria further activate the whole immune cells by activating plasma cell like dendritic cells in the small intestine, so as to promote the human body’s defense system to play a role in defending against foreign enemies.
Source: Shin shouhin com
Black technology blessing: artificial intelligence helps industry innovation
In recent years, artificial intelligence technology has also penetrated into the food and beverage industry, providing a new method for food and beverage innovation. Big data and algorithms are the underlying logic of artificial intelligence technology. At present, many companies have applied them in flavor prediction, logistics and food processing to support the supply chain.
FoodPairing is one of the largest online food and ingredient databases in the world. It uses machine learning algorithm to recommend new food and beverage flavor combinations to chefs and bartenders, and helps food and beverage companies complete flavor prediction through artificial intelligence and consumer preference data, so as to help brand innovation and greatly save time, energy and resources.
In addition, aromyx, a company that digitizes human taste and smell, has developed a biosensor to “create a digital representation of odor sensing data”, which can be used in consumer goods, agriculture and other fields.
There is no doubt that artificial intelligence technology will have a disruptive impact on the food and beverage industry in the future. Active contact, rapid learning and trying new science and technology will become the common consciousness that the industry needs to have.
Sodium reduction War: cardiovascular health defense war
The trend of reducing sugar will continue, and reducing sodium is becoming a general trend, especially in beverages. According to the FDA dietary guidelines, Americans consume more than 1100 mg of sodium every day, and high sodium intake is easy to cause diseases such as heart disease and stroke. Therefore, reducing sodium has become a common demand of consumers all over the world.
Case 9: Live Zero sugar functional powder without sodium and sucrose
Lifeaid’s founders noted that health conscious consumers will begin to demand more personalized drinks. Lifeaid Zero sugar functional powder is a functional drink without sodium and sucrose. Each contains 5 mg melatonin, chamomile and valerian, which can improve sleep quality, reduce stress and relieve mood while ensuring taste. In addition, it is non genetically modified, gluten free, ketone friendly and meets the requirements of Jewish clean food.
Source: lifeaidbevco official website
Molecular biotechnology: responding to global supply chain shortages
The global supply chain shortage caused by the epidemic and the rapid popularization of plant-based products have promoted the search for substitutes for daily dietary products and ingredients.
Case 11: melibio has no honey from bees
From milk without cows to eggs without chickens, the development of biotechnology promotes the food industry to move towards a more healthy and sustainable direction. California based melibio biotechnology launched the world’s first honey without bees in 2021.
Melibio has not disclosed specific technical details to the outside world, but it is not difficult to guess that its technology may be similar to the way that the artificial dairy company perfect day produces milk protein. Its founder has also revealed that the main process is to convert pollen into components of honey. As their original intention: this disruptive innovation is to shape our present and future in a way that is better for bees and humans.
Source: melibio official website
Nostalgia for the old days: irresistible childhood Charm
According to the 2021 global trend survey report of inminster, with the brand bringing new vitality to the classic flavor, 71% of American consumers prefer nostalgic food and beverages, such as marshmallow, ice cream, oatmeal biscuits and even fried dough sticks, which may also lead to new development opportunities in the new year.
Case 12: hot chocolate marshmallow flavored coke
If a cup of steaming cocoa is the standard configuration in winter, this year is a different year for Pepsi Cola.
Pepsi Cola reconstitutes chocolate and marshmallow to create a unique winter delicacy. Chocolate has always been the top stream in snacks and drinks, while the soft and sweet cotton candy that melts in the mouth has the aura of childhood dreams. The wonderful collision between the two seems to immediately pull people back to their childhood, vaguely filled with bubbles of memory, poking the nostalgic feelings of young migrant workers.
This is not the first product full of nostalgia launched by Pepsi Cola. Pepsi apple pie was launched on Thanksgiving.
Source: Pepsi Cola twitter
Case 13: ugly cane sugar flavored bubble water
Ugly launched a limited edition cane sugar flavor seasonal flavor bubble water. The packaging of cane candy and red and blue colors reminds people of the western traditional festival Christmas. It is difficult not to pay attention to the unique and interesting taste of children. It is reported that in addition to cane sugar flavor, the series also has 11 flavors, such as pumpkin spice, marshmallow and fruit Bingzhi. It can be seen that the continuous innovation of brands in taste also shows their preference for nostalgic elements.
Source: uglydrinks official website
When the Internet connects the world into a global village, the new generation of consumers under the impact of complex and multicultural are also facing some roughly the same demands. Healthy and sustainable, instant pleasure, personalized experience Over the past year, diversified demands have spawned a variety of products. We have seen that many products have a variety of characteristics mentioned in the article, and the transformation of ideas has also become the underlying logic of product innovation.
In the future, products with single characteristics may be difficult to be based on the consumption turbulence. The integration of multiple demand characteristics can withstand the fierce competition in the food and beverage industry and the escalating consumption requirements of consumers.
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