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Aoyou aiyisen finished the product upgrade! The first batch of instant Lactobacillus powder was born

As one of the fastest growing segments of nutrition and health care in recent years, probiotics has become the outlet of the next 100 billion level health market. Xiaoshidai noted that aiyisen, a subsidiary of Aoyou, recently completed the product upgrading from probiotic solid beverage to instant lactic acid bacteria powder, and became the first batch of infant probiotics independently developed in China that adopt the standard of instant lactic acid bacteria.

Strategic upgrading

Xiaoshidai learned that in December 2021, aiyisen small orange box took the lead in upgrading from solid beverage to ready to eat lactic acid bacteria powder, and successfully achieved “a breakthrough in the standard of higher requirements for the number of live bacteria, stricter quality inspection indicators and higher frequency of type testing”.

In the specific standard, compared with the requirement that the total number of live bacteria in solid beverage is only 1×10 ⁶ CFU / g and lead (calculated by Pb) ≤ 1mg / kg in physical, chemical and quality inspection standards, the total number of live bacteria in instant lactic acid bacteria powder is required to be as high as 1×10 ⁸ CFU / g, while lead (calculated by Pb) ≤ 0.8mg/kg; The quality inspection time is shortened from once a year to once every half a year; Microbiological indicators and quality inspection criteria are more stringent in terms of re inspection probability and the number of qualified items.

Before that, the small orange box had completed the packaging upgrade in August last year.

In addition, aiyisen small orange box is also commendable in terms of composition and formula. Small orange box exclusively adopts the independently developed strain of Lactobacillus rhamnosus mp108 isolated from the intestines of healthy infants in China, which can “Bi directionally regulate constipation and diarrhea, enhance immunity and be more suitable for the intestines of Chinese infants”. In addition, each bag of small orange box contains 12 billion highly active bacteria, without adding sucrose, essence, malt paste, “long-term care for the baby’s intestines and stomach at the same time let parents feel at ease.”

It is understood that at the end of December 2021, the State Administration of market administration and Supervision issued an announcement on strengthening the quality and safety supervision of solid drinks. The announcement clearly states that the official solid beverage products cannot replace special foods such as formula food for special medical purposes, infant formula food and health food. The specific implementation time is June 2022.

In this context, aiyisen completed the forward-looking layout with the upgrade of small orange box, which not only responded positively to the implementation of the national promotion of the standardization process of food standards, but also seized the industry track. As the first batch of infant probiotics adopting the standard of ready to eat lactic acid bacteria in the industry, aiyisen provided consumers with a clearer and reassuring identification.


China’s first strain

It is worth mentioning that this product upgrade not only benefits from the brand’s forward-looking strategic planning, but also relies on the core competitiveness of the brand’s hard core.

Probiotics have strong intellectual property barriers, technical barriers, access barriers and capital barriers, all of which hinder the research and development of probiotics. At present, most of the domestic probiotic terminal nutrition and health care products use foreign strains, and the raw materials are mostly provided by DuPont of the United States and kohansen of Denmark.

Although the domestic probiotic industry started late, breakthroughs have been made in the patent application and development of strains. In April 25, 2021, the National Defense Health Commission announced that the fifth document was released in 2021. It approved the Lactobacillus Rhamnus MP108, which is declared by Ausnutria dairy’s Probiotic business brand, and is a new food material. The food safety index of the strain is in line with the relevant standards in China, and it can be used as a strain for food in infants and young children. It is reported that Aoyou has thus become the first enterprise to independently develop “Chinese bacteria”, which has also broken the 11 year monopoly of “foreign strains” for infants and young children.

Each efficacy of Lactobacillus rhamnosus mp108 has been certified by Jiangnan University, a key university in the field of special food, and recommended by Cui Yutao, a parenting expert, which gives xiaoorange box the hard core product power of “the first probiotic product independently developed in China for infants”. According to reports, after the launch, the market feedback of the small orange box was good, and through the word-of-mouth communication between mothers, it promoted the repurchase rate.

Group resource blessing

Aiyisen can adopt the “first strain in China” thanks to the acquisition of Jinqi Biology (formerly Fenghua Biotechnology Co., Ltd.) by its parent group Aoyou. In July 2019, Aoyou indirectly acquired 26.1% of the equity of “Fenghua biotechnology” through convertible bonds and acquired all the equity of aunulife Pty Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fenghua biotechnology, further strengthening the R & D and supply foundation of Aoyou in the field of probiotics.

This product upgrade also means that Aoyou’s “golden decade” strategy has taken another key step forward. For Aoyou, its development goal from 2022 to 2025 is to “become a leading enterprise in infant formula, nutritional food and nutritional services”, and probiotics is the key business in this goal planning.

In order to help the development of aiyisen probiotics, Aoyou has conducted a comprehensive resource matching: build a complete industrial chain layout; Founded the first Chinese symbiotic microorganism research center; Five core technology platforms such as rsfp strain screening platform are adopted; Build a complete functional strain screening platform, make continuous investment in scientific research, and publish 40 articles on the international platform; Jinqi biology, known as the “Chinese probiotic chip manufacturer”, has also been providing all-round scientific research support for aiyisen probiotics.

In addition, in May 2021, academician Chen Wei’s expert workstation of Jiangnan University was officially settled in Aoyou. The two sides will continue to strengthen cooperation in the direction of breast milk and probiotics, and combine the advantages of Aoyou infant powder and probiotic supply chain layout, high-density bacteria mass production technology, Jiangnan University’s global top probiotic strain bank and scientific research personnel, Jointly carry out the scientific research and development of breast milk and functional probiotics, and help aiyisen lead the development of the nutrition industry with the world’s top scientific research force.

With the blessing of Aoyou, aiyisen takes the small orange box as the starting point and makes multi-dimensional efforts. At the product level, while maintaining product quality, we should bear more brand responsibilities, such as aesthetic education for users, outputting nutrition and health knowledge to the society, and using new consumer goods thinking to help the brand occupy a place in the nutrition field.

According to the analysis and industry research results of probiotic innovative products from 2019 to 2021 conducted by China Society of food science and technology, it is found that “specific products meet personalized needs” is one of the development trends of probiotic products in the future. Probiotic products will be more and more subdivided according to the population, and children will still be one of the main needs driving the development of the industry.

In the continuously expanding probiotic market, enterprises with advantages of R & D, products and brands will have broader growth space. There is no doubt that aiyisen is one of them. The brand said: “the company will continue to focus on new nutritional products for the Chinese people, adhere to high-quality products and services, strengthen the layout of product lines, deeply cultivate the nutrition and health industry circle, and help the national nutrition and health upgrade.”

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