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New year’s red envelope marketing is not just about traffic

red envelope war, there is a new way to play?

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As the largest traditional festival in China, the Spring Festival covers the important consumption scenes of hundreds of millions of people. It is an excellent opportunity for major enterprises to build brands, occupy the mind, seize the first opportunity and sprint for performance. The consumer goods industry, especially the food and beverage industry, has always regarded the Spring Festival as the main marketing position, just to seize the biggest consumption gift giving scene in the whole year and get a share in the competition of spring festival goods.

Source: Babao
Foodaily is concerned that in addition to insight into the emotional demands of the Chinese New Year and empathy, brands are also gradually turning their attention to marketing ideas closer to life, such as short videos, application interaction, New Year gift boxes, etc., to establish a connection with consumers from the small things of life during the spring Festival. Among them, digital red envelopes have become an essential social currency for the current spring festival. According to the report on the development trend of Chinese New Year customs issued by the China New Economy Research Institute, robbing red envelopes has become one of the four New Year customs in the 21st century.
In the just past New Year of 2022, Pepsi Cola, as a veteran player of spring festival marketing, has always opened the prelude to the new year of “bringing music home”. In addition to the familiar happiness and reunion atmosphere, PepsiCo also took the lead in taking the digital red envelope as the carrier and quickly seized the initiative in the social battlefield of the Spring Festival.
Is it still attractive to grab red envelopes?
Thinking about the Spring Festival in 2014, the launch of wechat Spring Festival red envelope function triggered a nationwide rush to grab red envelopes. Those young people who might have been too lazy to bend down to pick up the coins on the ground began to rush for red envelopes excitedly in the wechat group.
However, with the intensification of the red envelope war during the Spring Festival, now it is often “a meal is as fierce as a tiger, and the red envelope is two yuan and five yuan at a glance”. Many people complain that the rules are more and more boring. This year Kwai Tong also gradually felt that the red envelopes were not interesting, and there were Internet factories: Jingdong 1 billion 500 million, Alipay 500 million, jitter 2 billion, quick hand sink 2 billion 200 million, Baidu 2 billion 200 million, all the platforms that participated in the Spring Festival red envelopes play the same amount as last year, which is almost the first time since the tiktok war of the Internet.
Facing the current situation that consumers are increasingly numb to robbing red envelopes, platforms and enterprises are also exploring more new ways to play.
This year, Alipay set five good luck in the traditional five fuka, but also joined the new games of playing the year beast, the zodiac card, the blessing store and so on. The fast hand around the Winter Olympics, made tiger Kwai to pass customs clearance game, and jump to make money to play interactive. Gamification seems to be gradually becoming a new trend of red envelope marketing.
In addition to the Internet platform, foodaily observed that food and beverage brands have also explored new models that are more entertaining and interesting. Taking PepsiCo as an example, it has cooperated with wechat in 2021 to realize the first commercialization of red envelope “expression rain” and integrate the trend of Gamification and socialization into it. This year, we saw PepsiCo upgrade its playing method: upgrade the original point-to-point chat trigger to multi person interaction mode, and break through the “ceiling” of consumers’ red envelope experience again.
Pepsi expression rain, interaction within the group, fission outside the group
The people’s Network Research Institute, together with Tencent’s marketing insight and Tencent CDC, issued the Post-00 lifestyle insight report in 2021. It pointed out that for the Post-00, only the linkage of interest circles, high-quality products with high appearance value and personalized communication strategies of youth can pry their consumption power.
From January 30 to February 5 this year, in the “expression rain” interaction of the upgraded red envelope launched by Pepsi, users send brand blessings including “Pepsi Cola, 7 Xilinmen, meinian Tengda, smile fun bubble and take music home” in any wechat chat, and a lovely little lion will jump into the screen and lift up the blessing bag. Clicking on the blessing bag can also trigger a rich prize pool. The upgraded red envelope activity has received a warm response, with nearly 400 million participants. The number of per capita lucky draw has doubled compared with last year, and the user stickiness has increased significantly.
Recording source: xiaoshidai
The core upgrade point of this year’s Pepsi red envelope “expression rain” lies in the improvement of interactivity and playability. Multi person relay sending brand blessings can trigger the egg effect of multiple lions grabbing the blessing bag. Therefore, I feel more happy when I open the blessing bag, grab the red envelope and compare the size with my relatives and friends. Users are not only interested in the three or five yuan in the red envelope, but also the freshness and social satisfaction brought by the red envelope expression rain. For PepsiCo, the brand keywords are naturally integrated into the new year’s greeting, which is an essential social ceremony for the new year, so as to improve the user’s memory and favor of the brand to the greatest extent.
Source: PepsiCo
In addition to the novel playing methods, clicking on the blessing bag can also trigger a rich grand prize pool. In addition to the opportunity to receive gifts such as cash red envelopes, special-shaped red envelope covers and Pepsi stars family red envelope covers, jump to the landing page of small programs, and receive rich Pepsi partner coupons, covering the whole scene of eating, drinking and fun during the Spring Festival, meeting the needs of different circles of interest, and the surprise brought by the underlying blind box logic, It is easier to arouse the interest and expectation of the younger generation of consumers, create different memory points, and attract young people to call friends to punch in.
Photo source: PepsiCo China official wechat article review
After the red envelope, it is more important to retain and transform
The red envelope war of the Spring Festival is gradually changing from how to grab traffic to playing a good retention war and transformation war. A common challenge for both platforms and businesses is not only to attract consumers to participate, but also how to keep users.
Attracting participation is just the first step of PepsiCo’s red envelope marketing this year. Under the novel and interesting outer layer interaction and rich variety of prize settings, a complete user path of “click to open the blessing bag to receive surprise – enter the applet lottery – Guide offline consumption scene” is launched in turn. Compared with focusing only on the bright exposure results of marketing activities, PepsiCo looks forward to approaching consumers and understanding their consumption needs and habits through this path.
In order to achieve this goal, PepsiCo no longer takes the independent H5 as the landing platform as last year, but instead grafts the red envelope activities on its own membership applet. On the one hand, the activity of old users is improved through the mechanism of exchanging points for additional lucky draw times; On the other hand, it encourages sharing by sharing the chance to win the lottery, realizes fission communication and attracts new users.
At the same time, PepsiCo linked 20 major customers to realize traffic sharing: consumers can directly jump to the customer platform or go to offline consumption after interactive voucher collection on the online platform; Open the code scanning entrance in all channels and scenes offline, guide online interaction, minimize the threshold of activity participation, realize o2o closed loop and improve consumption transformation.
In the Spring Festival red envelope battle in 2022, the attraction of the red envelope game of dividing up the bonus is much less than before, but this year’s custom is still a typical representative of the sense of modern Spring Festival ceremony. The enthusiasm of major brands to compete for the red envelope battlefield and explore new ways of playing is still high. No red envelope form can always take the lead. Only by doing it often can they keep a place in this noisy battlefield.
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