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The sixth self built factory of Yuanqi forest landed in Taicang, Weigang promoted high-end grass fed fresh milk, and Huaxi black zero listed meal substitute bar… | hot news in a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information of the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.
1. Layout of high-end series, Weigang launched Zhichun grass feed fresh milk
2. Wangwang promotes new plum wine, which is related to Longjing plum wine. The blending of tea and wine presents a unique flavor experience
3. Zhong Xuegao puts on the new milk and qintizi ice cream, and the milk meets the Tizi, which is sweet but not greasy
4. Shicui launched Italian breakfast coffee, with a unique milk box shape to carry the imagination of breakfast coffee
5. Nestle Japan launched label free bottled coffee, which is divided into two types: sugar containing and sugar free
6. Focusing on the troubles of urban people, new lutein ester sandwich soft candy and taurine caffeine chewable tablets on wonderlab
7. Huaxi black zero push new Gugu substitute food stick, 5 kinds of high fiber cereals + soybean protein, ultra-low calorie, crisp taste
8. Give full play to the nourishing and health preserving power of Chinese food materials, and say that donkey hide gelatin nutritional milkshake is newly launched
9. Greeko releases Limited gift box of cherry blossoms. Five delicacies bring gorgeous spring flavor
10. The new Henan mutton stewed noodles DIY bag in Jinmian hall restores the authentic good taste
11. The sixth self built factory of Yuanqi forest will be located in Taicang, Jiangsu, focusing on the Yangtze River Delta
12. Jane Eyre’s parent company Pucheng dairy incubated a new brand op3n and launched its first product yogurt mousse
13. Cargill China’s first functional food nutrition brand, proliv beijiaying, has launched a variety of products
14. Nestle Health Sciences completed the acquisition of collagen brand vital proteins
15. Mead Johnson China acquired mecco Gaote and officially squeezed into the sheep milk powder track
16. Kafheinz has established a joint venture with notco, a Chilean food technology startup, to develop plant-based products using artificial intelligence
17. Dongfang Honghu completed tens of millions of dollars of round a financing, which was exclusively invested by source capital
18. Chinese tea brands have successively completed Angel round and pre-A round of financing in Yinian grass and trees, focusing on the tea drinking market for young people
19. Auspicious wonton has obtained nearly 100 million yuan of strategic financing from tomato capital, and the number of stores has exceeded 2000
20. Xinjiang milk tea brand Xilin girl won an angel round investment of 6 million yuan in Loulan secret baking, and the two will create a joint brand business
21. Moodles, a food technology company, successively completed Angel round and pre-A round of financing, and redesigned healthy staple food with 3D printing technology
1. The layout of high-end series, Weigang launched to Chuncao feed fresh milk

Foodaily found that Weigang flagship store launched a Zhichun grass fed fresh milk, focusing on family breakfast scenes and high-end quality. The fresh milk source is selected from the self owned milk source pasture certified by the gap of the Ministry of agriculture. The dairy cows are mainly raised by alfalfa grass, which condenses the original nutrition and is natural and healthy. On the packaging, the products are packaged in environmentally friendly logs. The natural color roof box can be recycled after cleaning the milk residue, and two specifications of 490ml and 950ml are provided for consumers to buy on demand. The current price is 490ml / box / 49.9 yuan.
Photo source: Weigang tmall flagship store


Never mind official account of wangzi club in February 24th, it announced that the new product is not related to Longjing plum wine. The best season is to add high-quality plum to the market. The steeping process is used for more than 300 days, collocation with Wangwang’s homemade wine base without adding wine, and the sour tea and sweet wine blended with Longjing tea flavor. The alcohol content of 8.5% vol of the product is slightly drunk, easy to enter the throat and can’t choke. It costs 500ml / bottle / 78 yuan at Wangwang food tmall flagship store.
Source: Wangwang food flagship store


Recently, Zhong Xuegao launched the first new milk qintizi ice cream after the year, which will open a new year for migrant workers with sweetness. The new product is made of sweet and dense milk and dried raisins soaked with honey. It is honey but not greasy and has a thick milk fragrance. It is actually a sweet taste in spring. It is reported that the new products are only sold exclusively in the family convenience store.
Source: Zhong Xuegao


Recently, Shicui launched an Italian breakfast coffee for the breakfast scene, claiming that “less acid, no burden for breakfast”. The new product is traditional southern Italian flavor, with independent small package, nitrogen filling and fresh locking, and residual oxygen ≤ 3%, which helps to better retain the original flavor of coffee, while the ear design can restore a cup of freshly ground coffee in 60 seconds.
It is worth mentioning that the new product breaks through the previous conventional coffee packaging style and adopts roof box packaging to highlight its breakfast consumption scene. Just “uncover the roof” at the dotted line of the box body at the food front to take out the small package, showing its vitality and loveliness. The new products are now priced at 20 packs / box / 79 yuan in tmall flagship store.
Source: Shicui flagship store


Recently, Japan’s Nestle coffee company announced the launch of unlabeled coffee. The new product adopts the design of unlabeled PET bottle, which is sold as a whole in the form of 12 bottles per box. The identification such as component name is printed on the box, the recycling logo is embossed on the bottle body, and the label on the bottle cap indicates the two product types of sugar or sugar free. It is reported that the new product will be sold in Japan’s offline channels on March 1. The specification is 900ml / bottle, and the recommended retail price is 1956 yen (equivalent to about 108 yuan) / box.
Source: Netease


Recently, wonderlab launched two new products: lutein ester sandwich soft candy and taurine caffeine chewable tablets, focusing on the health of migrant workers. Lutein ester sandwich soft candy adopts the golden ratio of 10mg lutein + 2mg zeaxanthin, especially astaxanthin, and adopts embedded molecular technology to help better absorption; Taurine caffeine chewable tablets contain 100mg high-purity caffeine, 600mg taurine and 0 sucrose, and add 6 kinds of vitamin B to supplement the energy required by the body and accelerate metabolism. Tmall flagship store sells 6 lutein ester sandwiched soft candy / bag / 29 yuan, 6 taurine caffeine chewable tablets / bag / 39 yuan.
Source: wonderlab flagship store


On February 19, Huaxi black, a brand of Huaxi biology, launched a new Gugu meal stick, focusing on female consumers. The new product uses five kinds of high fiber cereals such as red bean job’s tears, oatmeal and quinoa ball to replace the high calorie chocolate and nut components of the traditional meal substitute bar. It tastes crisp with soybean protein, and one calorie is only 91kcal. The new product now offers three innovative flavors: salted egg yolk, coconut yogurt and cranberry, which aims to break the impression that the meal substitute stick has always been single and light. The price of the product is 3 boxes / 167 yuan after the official wechat applet coupon.
Source: Huaxi black zero


Chinese tonic track is now crowded into a new brand “Yuanqi theory”, which has been launched on tmall. Its main product donkey hide gelatin nutritional meal milkshake integrates the concept of food supplement and health preservation into the scientific meal, selects natural ingredients such as Qiya seed and konjac powder, and adds Dong’e donkey hide gelatin powder, four prebiotics including oligofructose, inulin, polydextrose and resistant dextrin and 10 vitamins, aiming to help consumers regulate their health and maintain metabolism. At the same time, each 100g milkshake protein content is as high as 24g, equivalent to 8 times of milk protein, and 0 flavors, 0 sucrose, full of energy and low burdens. The new product has two flavors: freeze-dried strawberry and fresh coconut. Tmall flagship store sells for 50g / bottle / 29.9 yuan.
Source: Yuanqi said flagship store


In the new season in spring, greeco launched a new limited gift box of cherry blossoms, bringing a romantic taste of spring. The gift box contains five different flavors: Cherry almond kernel tastes crisp and delicious, baicol Hefeng series red bean Matcha flavor restores the classic CP of the dessert store, cherry Matcha flavor is full of pink and beauty, peach Matcha flavor is full of peach fragrance, cherry strawberry flavor is double-layer, and bailiz meets the dual quiet taste of cherry and strawberry. Whether it’s afternoon tea break, chasing drama partners, traveling and sightseeing, it’s a perfect match. Tmall flagship store sells for 79.9 yuan.

Source: official flagship store of greeco


Recently, jinmiantang launched a new DIY bag of Henan mutton stewed noodles, which is suitable for food and instant tonic. The original soup bag of mutton is based on big bones, good meat and fresh vegetables, and stewed with the original soup to maintain the natural flavor; The ingredients of noodles are only high gluten flour, water and edible salt, which are thick and strong by hand; The meat is made of Inner Mongolia Lamb belly, which is flexible and delicate with full flavor. In addition, DIY bag also provides Haowei soaked garlic bag to make the food more authentic. Tmall flagship store sells for 2 packs / 60 yuan.
Source: jinmiantang flagship store


On February 25, Yuanqi forest company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Taicang Municipal People’s Government of Jiangsu Province, officially announcing that Yuanqi forest’s sixth self built intelligent sterile carbonic acid production line plant will be put into operation in Taicang, Jiangsu Province. This is also the latest layout of Yuanqi forest for the core market areas of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.
Yuanqi forest Jiangsu Taicang factory covers an area of 120 mu. It is expected to plan 6 production lines. After being put into operation, the annual output value is expected to reach 2.4 billion yuan. In addition to the increase of output value, Yuanqi forest also takes Taicang factory as an important project to build a green benchmark and explore innovative ways. It makes full use of clean energy such as wind energy and solar energy to minimize carbon emissions and explore new possibilities for achieving the goal of carbon neutralization.
Source: Yuanqi forest


It is reported that Jane Eyre yogurt brand fangpucheng dairy has launched a new internal incubation brand op3n, and its first product yogurt mousse has also been listed. The joint venture established by Pucheng dairy and Fuyou last year is responsible for the production and promotion of op3n.
Op3n was originally created by four young people in the company’s team, aiming at the new generation of consumer groups through product form, taste, packaging and other innovations. Xia Haitong, founder and CEO of Pucheng dairy, said that the first phase of op3n will be stationed in boutique supermarkets, convenience stores and new retail channels in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The price of a single cup is between 10-13 yuan, and the SKU will be gradually expanded.
Source: news time


On February 24, Cargill China officially announced the launch of its first functional food nutrition brand proliv beijiaying: Pro represents protection, professional and progress; Liv stands for people’s real life. Its name implies the brand’s care for consumers and its bright expectations for the future.
There are also six functional snacks launched simultaneously, including LOHAS soft candy (low sugar), carefree soft candy (sugar free), happy growth soft candy (sugar free) and tablet candy series, which cover a variety of functions such as helping sleep, defense and maintaining mental power. Among them, happy growth soft candy is specially made for children. The main functional raw material used is inactive edible yeast Epicor ®& Phosphatidylserine lecigran ™ PS50 comes from the parent brand Cargill. In addition, Cargill’s advantages in global supply and global R & D also further empower beijiaying to a great extent.
Source: Cargill China

14、雀巢健康科学完成收购胶原蛋白品牌Vital Proteins

On February 21, Nestle Health Sciences announced that it had completed the final acquisition of vital proteins, the leader of the US collagen market, and the financial details of the transaction had not been announced.
In fact, as early as 2020, Nestle Health Sciences has acquired a majority stake in vital proteins. As a well-known collagen brand in the United States and a leading lifestyle and health platform providing supplements, beverages and foods, vital proteins has achieved rapid growth in the past two years. It has multiple brands of vitamins, minerals, supplements and health products, and has its own expertise and key areas. The addition of vital proteins is an excellent complement to Nestle’s Health Sciences business.
Source: Nestle Health Science


Recently, Mead Johnson China acquired the first domestic brand of infant formula sheep milk powder, mecco Gaote, which was renamed Mead Johnson dairy (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. At present, the transaction has not been completed.
Meikegaote was founded in 1994. The company has three series of infant formula sheep milk powder and a variety of adult sheep milk powder, including classic red can, chunguan and meigaobeibei. However, in recent years, due to the decline in the birth rate and fierce market competition, the income scale has decreased and there are certain liabilities. This acquisition can make up for the blank of Mead Johnson’s sheep milk powder business in China, and mecco Gaote can also use this acquisition to get rid of its existing difficulties.
Source: hot goods warehouse


On February 22 US Eastern time, kafheinz and the Chilean food technology start-up the not company, Inc. (notco.) Announced the establishment of a joint venture the Kraft Heinz not company, which will use artificial intelligence to develop new plant products. The joint venture will operate under the control of kafheinz.
The joint venture will integrate the inherent advantages of the two companies. Notco will bring its patented technology and proven artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, while Kraft Heinz will provide its iconic brand portfolio and scale to quickly develop high-grade, high-quality and large-scale plant-based products in order to realize the “Popularization” of plant-based food.
Source: Foodbev


On February 23, Dongfang Honghu, a digital consumer goods group, announced that it had completed a round of financing of tens of millions of dollars, which was invested exclusively by source capital and acted as the exclusive financial adviser by light source capital. This round of financing will be mainly used to accelerate product R & D, brand building, channel expansion and digital system building, and further explore the market.
Following the rapid popularity of the star single product Wang Laoji black herbal tea jointly developed with Wang Laoji, Dongfang Honghu launched a new brand Nezha gas soaking in water in September 2021 and achieved rapid growth. At present, the multi code integration technology developed by Dongfang Honghu realizes the full link digital visualization of the four levels of production, channel, brand and organizational efficiency through the code to code association between the box and bottle QR code of each product and the background, which helps to efficiently obtain the feedback of terminal sales data, accurately generate user portraits, and provide product R & D and upgrading, brand service Provide data support for the improvement of product satisfaction.
Source: cloud hunting


It is reported that the Chinese tea brand Yinian has completed the pre-A round of financing exclusively invested by IDG capital. Previously, Yinian vegetation also received an angel round of financing exclusively invested by Zesheng capital, with a total amount of tens of millions of yuan.
Founded in February 2021, Yinian grass and trees is positioned as a young Chinese tea brand, focusing on the daily tea drinking scene of young people. Its core users are mainly the post-85s and post-90s. Now it has launched products such as single cup tea combination package and bag tea making. The brand starts from the wechat channel and operates mainly through advertising and brand members in the wechat ecosystem.
Picture source: Zhan Ku


On February 23, auspicious wonton announced the completion of a new round of strategic financing of nearly 100 million yuan, with tomato capital as the investor.
Auspicious wonton has been established for 23 years. It opened its first store on Shanghai Renmin Road in 1999. Now it has developed into a scale of 2096 stores in 167 cities in China. Its products mainly focus on wonton with various flavors, and also expand to different categories such as steamed stuffed bun, noodles, potstickers and Shaomai. The product focus is adjusted according to the market share in different regions, and the per capita price is about 25 yuan.
Source: Sohu


Xinjiang tea brand Xilin girl completed an angel round of financing of RMB 6 million, and the investor was Loulan secret roast. Founder Li Fan said that she would integrate the drinks of Miss Xilin into the restaurant of Loulan secret roast to create a joint brand business.
Xilin girl was founded in 2019 and headquartered in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. Her products include Yili pimple yogurt, ice cream sour milk tea, milk leather old milk tea, etc. Loulan secret roast is a local wanghong restaurant in Urumqi, which is mainly engaged in barbecue, Xinjiang cuisine, desserts and so on.
Source: Little Red Book


Recently, moodles, a food technology company, has recently completed a round of pre-A financing of tens of millions of yuan. This round is led by GGV Jiyuan capital, and all the old shareholders of scenery capital and Renshan capital follow. Last October, moodles also received nearly 10 million yuan of angel round financing jointly invested by scenery capital and Renshan capital.
Moodles was founded in July 2021. From the perspective of scientific and technological innovation, it integrates 3D printing technology, molecular cuisine, modern nutrition and other multidisciplinary fields to redesign the product form of staple food. Its product appearance and taste are very similar to traditional staple food, but the food material system is more diversified, including animal protein meat products, plant protein, carbon water, dietary fiber, vitamins All nutrients involved in three meals a day, such as trace elements, are made into ingredients in the form of technology, and then 3D printed into cooked staple foods such as rice and noodles, so as to improve the nutritional efficiency.
Source: moodles

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