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Jingdong increased its stake in dada to 52%, and Yuanqi forest strives for the project to settle in Huangshan. The Li Jinji family is listed as the fourth richest person in Hong Kong. Ali expects to reduce losses in taote and taocai, and Burger King Chicken Nuggets will be reduced in the United States

Hot company information and announcement


5100 the parent company proposes to elect two directors, one from Ali


On February 25, the parent company of high-end mineral water brand 5100, Tibet water resources, announced that it was recommended to elect Wei Zheming and Zheng Juncheng as non-executive directors and executive directors of the company at the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders. Among them, Zheng Juncheng, if appointed, will be responsible for supervising the company’s business development and M & A, as well as law and compliance. He is a senior legal adviser to Alibaba and is responsible for the legal and compliance work of Alibaba’s international e-commerce platform express. (company announcement)

JD announced to increase its stake in dada group to 52%


On the evening of February 25, JD group and dada group announced that JD group would complete the transaction of subscribing for the common shares issued by dada group in the near future. After the completion of the transaction, including its current shares, JD group will hold about 52% of the shares of dada group. The announcement said that the completion of the shareholding increase will help comprehensively deepen the omni-channel cooperation between the two sides. Dada will further strategically undertake JD’s real-time retail and real-time distribution business and obtain the support of JD’s strategic resources. (Sina Finance)


Yuanqi forest: strive for the early settlement of the project in Huangshan


On February 24, sun Yong, deputy secretary of Huangshan Municipal Party committee and mayor, went to Yuanqi forest (Beijing) Food Technology Group Co., Ltd. for investment investigation, visited the R & D base, and held working talks with Wang Xuegang, President of Yuanqi Forest Research Institute, Wang Zi, party secretary and vice president of Yuanqi forest. Relevant responsible comrades of Yuanqi forest said that they would organize professionals to investigate and connect in Huangshan as soon as possible, strengthen the promotion of work, and strive for the early settlement of the project in Huangshan. (issued by Huangshan)


Hong Kong’s fourth richest family


On February 24, Forbes released the latest rich list in Hong Kong. Li Wenda, the former chairman of Hong Kong sauce brand Lee Kum Kee, who died in July last year, ranked fourth with five children worth $18.9 billion. Li Ka Shing, the founder of Changhe, was the richest man with a net worth of US $36 billion. (Ming Pao)

FDA and Abbott cooperate to restore

Recently, after Abbott took the initiative to recall some milk powder products in the United States, consumers in the country reported that the shortage of milk powder had intensified. In this regard, the US FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) said that it is cooperating with Abbott to better evaluate the impact of the recall, understand the production capacity of other Abbott factories, and resume the production of the factories involved under the condition of ensuring safety. As the recall unfolded, the FDA strengthened contacts with other infant formula manufacturers in the U.S. market to inquire about their capacity and potential impact. (FDA official website)




Recently, Hindustan Unilever, an Indian subsidiary of Unilever, announced plans to separate the roles of chairman and CEO due to the need to improve governance standards. According to the arrangement, Nitin paranjpe, the former chief operating officer, will serve as the non-executive chairman of the Indian subsidiary, while Sanjiv Mehta will continue to serve as the chief executive officer and managing director. The change will take effect on March 31. (Bloomberg)

Piye coffee’s parent company expects double-digit sales growth this year


Recently, JDE Peet’s, the parent company of Peet’s coffee, announced its performance in 2021. During the period, the company’s pre tax organic profit increased by 1.5% to 1.304 billion euros,


The largest franchisee in the United States: Burger King


Tower said it would soon reduce the number of chicken nuggets in the local market from 10 to 8 per serving. The group, which operates 14% of Burger King’s approximately 7000 stores in the United States, told investors that the change would “partially offset inflation” without scaring customers away because prices would remain unchanged. (CNBC)

New progress in “unionization” of Starbucks stores in the United States

Recently, workers at a Starbucks store in Arizona voted for the establishment of a union. This is the third Starbucks store in the United States that supports the establishment of trade unions, and it is also the first time outside Buffalo, New York. Within six months, more than 100 Starbucks stores in the United States have submitted similar voting applications. Wall Street analysts pointed out that unionization does not seem to be a major financial risk for Starbucks in terms of the requirements for a substantial increase in hourly wages or benefits, but it may also affect its reputation if handled improperly. (CNBC)

Quick reading of food industry information


Last year, the operating revenue of beverage manufacturing industry increased by 13.53% year-on-year

According to the data of China light industry information network, from January to December 2021, the output of soft drinks in China increased by 11.98% year-on-year. Among them, the output of carbonated beverages (soft drinks) increased by 18.22% year-on-year, the output of packaged drinking water increased by 9.13% year-on-year, and the output of fruit juice and vegetable juice beverages increased by 11.16% year-on-year. (consumption daily)

A businessman in Hangzhou was fined 100000 for adding gold foil to his meals


Recently, the market supervision department of Shangcheng District, Hangzhou received a report from the masses. During the meal, it was found that some meals had gold flakes. When asked, the merchants were told that this was gold foil and could be eaten with meals. The market supervision department inspected the merchants involved and found that the eight bottles of decorative gold foil they purchased had no information on the product label, such as product ingredient list, nutritional composition list, product production standard, producer, production time, production license number and so on. The merchants were also unable to provide the edible certificate of the decorative gold foil, which constituted an illegal act, The market supervision department made a penalty decision of 100000 yuan. (Sina Zhejiang News)

Alibaba executives expect taote and taocai to reduce losses in the future

On the evening of February 24, under the pressure of overall performance, Alibaba executives revealed in a teleconference that they expected the operating losses of taote and taocai to narrow in the subsequent quarters. At the same time, there are hungry and Gaode maps in the local life sector. The telephone conference revealed that the business loss of hungry home increased slightly and narrowed month on month. However, the annual active consumers in Alibaba’s life service sector increased to about 372 million, and the number of life service orders increased by 22% year-on-year in the quarter.

Keep plans to list in Hong Kong

On the evening of February 25, keep, a sports technology company, submitted the listing application documents and planned to go public in Hong Kong. Keep went online in 2015. In 2018, keep launched the consumer goods business. According to the prospectus, keep achieved a revenue of 1.107 billion yuan in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 66.9%. In the first three quarters of 2021, keep achieved a revenue of 1.159 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 41.3%, and the adjusted net loss expanded to 696 million yuan. In terms of user data, the average monthly active users of keep platform in 2021 were 34.4 million and the average monthly subscription members were 3.3 million. (interface News)

Many provinces in Canada have taken off the shelves vodka and other Russian drinks

路透2月25日称,加拿大多省下架伏特加等俄罗斯酒水。根据加拿大统计局的数据,加拿大在 2021 年从俄罗斯总计进口了价值 480 万加元(378 万美元)的酒精饮料。伏特加是最受加拿大消费者喜爱的第二大酒水类型,仅排在威士忌之后。(上游新闻)

The United States and Europe announced that some Russian banks would be excluded from the swift payment system

The leaders of the United States and the European Commission, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Canada decided to exclude some Russian banks from the swift payment system. (Xinhua News Agency)

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