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We have reviewed the latest global marketing of Mars Wrigley and found these new findings

Leisure food giant Mars Wrigley is out of the circle again. This is the latest global marketing case.

The Spring Festival every year is the peak sales season of leisure food categories, and the marketing activities of various brands are a hundred schools of thought. Now the Spring Festival holiday has long come to an end, and the sales achievements of each family have been released one after another. Xiaoshidai noted that the Mars Wrigley business unit of Mars China has made outstanding achievements.



Although the Spring Festival has always been the home of leisure food brands, with more and more choices of consumers, Mars Wrigley, one of the leisure food giants, needs to find a new breakthrough if it wants to stand out in the marketing of the Spring Festival.

At the same time, in the post epidemic era, with the increasing number of “local New Year celebrations”, the “less and less annual flavor” has become a pain point for consumers. People’s expectations for the “Chinese New Year” seem to gradually become simple: “what kind of new year goods should be purchased during the Spring Festival to make the festival more festive?” Faced with such questions, Mars Wrigley gave its own answer.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, Mars Wrigley specially created three generations of “sugar” and “hejiahuan” gift boxes in the shape of retro TV sets. The festive big red gift box was made into the shape of TV sets in the 1980s. It was filled with all kinds of classic sugar tricks, covering the iconic products of Mars Wrigley, such as dove milk chocolate, Swiss sugar, Snickers and so on, There are also new health products of dove’s “0 sugar black Qiao” series. Rich products can well meet the annual sugar preferences of people of different ages in a family.

In addition, the New Year greeting card included in the “sugar” gift box of the three generations also had surprises. The mobile phone scans the QR code on the greeting card to generate a personal small video. Through the PVC screen on the TV gift box, you can turn on the TV screening function and spend a good time with the whole family.

Mars Wrigley has entered the Chinese market for more than 30 years and spent more than 30 spring festivals with Chinese people. Its different Tangqiao brands may have become delicious food loved by different generations. The deeper meaning is that these brands connect the reunion memories of several generations of Chinese consumers about “year” and “home”, which is also the super brand power exclusive to Mars Wrigley.

In addition to the “hejiahuan” gift box, Mars Wrigley also collaborated with Liu Siwei, the contestant of the annual Comedy Competition, to customize and perform the new year’s short play “three generations with” sugar “. A small new year candy, let the family find the happy memory of the new year. The short film also combines warmth and laughter through the plot of “crossing”, which better interprets and deepens the communication theme of “three generations together with ‘sugar’ and ‘year’.

It is said that the significance of commercial brand is to find social significance. As one of the leading enterprises in the leisure food industry, Mars arrow has aroused consumers’ expectation of “Nian” and desire for “home” in the helpless sound of “lack of Nian flavor”.

The retro gift box with the “crossing” short film seems to remind people of the candy given by grandparents during the Chinese new year when they were young, the chocolate they were reluctant to eat in their hands, and the new year’s Eve when the whole family got together and didn’t have a mobile phone.



Of course, only a sincere and bright theme is not enough. It also needs to be combined with novel and effective marketing in order to truly hit the hearts of the people. Fortunately, Mars Wrigley knows the secret of global marketing.

The first is the cross cutting theme. In this era of information explosion, many brands want to convey too much information to consumers, but the final retention rate is very little. Mars Wrigley “makes a hole”, transmits the same voice in different channels, seizes various opportunities, strongly outputs the marketing theme of the Spring Festival, and constantly stimulates consumers’ memory and cognition.

The second is differentiated marketing in all channels.

As one of the most important sales positions of the brand, tmall flagship store carries the important task of “influence + transformation”. On tmall super brand day, the five tmall flagship stores under Mars arrow gathered eight brands: dove, Snickers, crispy rice, rainbow sugar, Swiss sugar, M & M’s, green arrow and Yida. At the same time, they launched three generations of “sugar” gift boxes to jointly create a sales matrix and promote the popularity of new year goods.

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On the super product day, tmall dove’s official flagship store also launched the NFT virtual digital collection of “dove 1989 silk slide collection”. By reproducing the first generation Dove chocolate, the collection takes you back to 1989, opens the memory of dove’s classic silk slide, combines the brand story with the current hot trend, and talks to young consumer groups in the way of young people.

Tiktok arrow also seized micro-blog, jolt and Xiao Hong, and the whole network layout, strong diversion, and many UP main initiative, which led to more UGC content.

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At the same time, all brands of the group, in combination with their own characteristics, deeply integrate into the new year gathering scene, cooperate with brands, IP and stars, and expose tmall super product day activities frequently, creating phenomenal communication. Finally, the total exposure of all platform topics outside the station exceeded 45 million and the total interaction exceeded 1 million.

Offline, Mars Wrigley launched the activities of Guangzhou tmall super brand daily flash store and Beijing HEMA flash store respectively, and set up four theme interactive areas such as “retro living room group photo area” and “annual trendy children punch in area”, attracting a total of more than 100000 consumers to punch in.

In the convenience store channel where young people gather, Mars Wrigley has tried to sell its product portfolio in the store through three generations of sugar gift boxes. In the large supermarket in the main battlefield of buying new year’s goods, it highlights the theme with gift boxes, products and other displays to attract people’s attention. The cooperation of o2o platforms such as meituan takeout and Jingdong home has also kept pace with each other, using the advantages of the platform to directly promote sales.

The channel in place brings the penetration of the accumulated information of consumers, which is also the third starting point for Mars Wrigley to play global marketing. Through strong theme, diversified content and playing methods, and superposition of all-channel touch, we have successfully achieved multi brand interactive drainage; At the same time, using H5 series link to enhance consumer interaction, continuously promote the transformation of public domain traffic and strengthen the construction of private domain traffic can not only increase the number of users through activities, but also better improve consumer loyalty.

Mars Wrigley aims to better serve and connect lovers of candy and chocolate and create their “candy planet”. Here you can gain the interesting knowledge of Tangqiao, limited exclusive gifts, surrounding stars and preferential benefits, and participate in becoming the experience officer of new products to grow together with the brand.

Through such careful dissemination and accumulation, the harvest of brilliant achievements will become natural and natural. According to statistics, the spring festival marketing activity of “three generations together with sugar” and “year” helped the sales of the five tmall flagship stores of Mars Wrigley increase by more than 150% year-on-year. During the super product day activity, the total UV exceeded 5 million, the number of new participants exceeded 120000, and the total number of new customers exceeded 3 million.

Trend new products also performed well. In the super product day activity, dove’s “0 sugar black Qiao” series products catered to health and fashion and sold more than 500000 boxes. Green arrow sugar free flower mint candy was hot and sold more than 20000 pieces.


In addition to the theme of sincere distraction and global marketing covering a wide range, it is worth noting that Mars Wrigley’s continuous exploration and Research on private traffic.

In the era of big data, customer data has become one of the assets that make brands flock to. However, for the FMCG industry, many brand sales and communication behaviors can only rely on third-party online platforms such as tmall and, and the offline volume is mainly large supermarkets or convenience stores.

The third-party online platform plays with the public domain traffic, and the initiative is in the hands of the platform, while the offline mode is to buy and go. The business is done, but the customer information can hardly be retained.

This is a difficult problem faced by many brands. In this regard, Mars Wrigley, relying on global marketing, aims at the construction of private traffic and takes the initiative to reserve capital for the brand.

The 618 mid year promotion in 2021 is the first attempt of Mars Wrigley and the first joint effort of the group to gather its seven brands of dove, Snickers, M & M’s, crispy rice, rainbow sugar, Yida and green arrow, penetrate tmall,, hungry, meituan takeout and Wal Mart, and open up the three ends of far field, near field and on-site, Sun out the first show of cross channel global marketing.

In terms of private domain construction, Mars Wrigley used the “pink beans” of the “m bean club” in the previous M & M’s activities to reach this group of consumers again in the 618 activities, and recommended m sugar bean playing machine products, which has achieved good performance. This is the first time that Mars Wrigley integrates consumer information across channels to realize data interaction.

During the following double eleven period, Mars Wrigley once again gathered its brands and made a strong voice, creating a double eleven interactive mechanism of “starting finger” and “treasure food”, unlocking the playing method with three trendy short videos, blessing the influence of stars, iteratively upgrading the coverage channels, constantly exploring the possibility of global marketing, and further deepening the penetration of marketing.

The construction of global marketing and private traffic can help enterprises open up online and offline, realize complete channels, upgrade a large number of offline physical store contacts to online traffic entrances, transform public traffic into private traffic, promote the transformation, and further integrate the information of new and old consumers recruited by the activity.

It is also through continuous attempts that the global marketing of Mars Wrigley has included offline and various mainstream platforms. At the same time, it has strengthened the stickiness of consumers through strong interactive playing methods and customized channel content.

This Spring Festival, starting from the deeper emotional pain points of consumers, Mars Wrigley combines brand stories with festival feelings, uses short videos as catalyst, calls on consumers to share and create their own new year memories, forms a communication matrix by linking multiple brands, and then cultivates private traffic through omni-channel drainage to continuously drive and broaden category groups, Finally complete the fission and growth, and make every investment sound.

this can’t help but make people look forward to what kind of surprise will be brought by the global marketing of Mars Wrigley in the next sugar Qiao sales node?

Pay attention to “snack generation” (wechat: foodinc) “and reply to” Mars “to see the wonderful news.

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