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Starbucks plans to open 60 “Green stores” this year, and the construction of China Resources snowflake beer headquarters base will be started. The output value of heluxue new factory is expected to reach 2 billion yuan this year. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine will further push up food prices

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Starbucks unveiled its first green store in North China in Beijing

Recently, Starbucks, the first green store in North China, officially opened its Beijing CITIC Prudential store. Starbucks will successively open 60 certified “Green stores” in mainland China in the next year, and gradually promote them to all new and upgraded stores in mainland China. (Beijing Youth Daily)

Shenzhen China Resources snowflake beer headquarters base starts construction

Recently, it is reported that Shenzhen Bao’an Xingdong China Resources snowflake beer headquarters base is laying a foundation. The project is the headquarters base of China Resources snowflake beer. The design scheme takes beer as the theme, with a total construction area of about 870000 square meters, supporting apartments, commercial and new industrial houses, and no residence. It is expected to be completed in 2024. (, Shenzhen)

Shuanghui investment and construction of Modern Food Industrial Park

Today, Shuanghui development announced that it plans to invest in the construction of a modern food industrial park in Luohe City, Henan Province. The project will be constructed by stages. The first phase of the project is expected to invest 3.5 billion yuan in fixed assets. (company announcement)

Vicino appoints new CFO

Today, vicino announced that the board of directors agreed to appoint Zhou Renzhong as the company’s chief financial officer, and Ms. Yan ruoyuan, the company’s director and deputy general manager, will no longer perform the duties of chief financial officer. (company announcement)

Sanquan food joint venture completes industrial and commercial registration

Today, Sanquan food announced that the first phase of capital contribution of Tianjin Shanhe Meihao has been raised. At the same time, Tianjin Shanhe Meihao has completed industrial and commercial registration. Tianjin Shanhe Meihao mainly invests in food industry, large consumption industry and other related fields. Chengdu Quanyi Food Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sanquan food, as a limited partner, jointly invested with Hainan Shanhe Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd. with its own capital of RMB 257.4 million to establish Tianjin Shanhe Meihao private equity investment fund partnership. (company announcement)

The output value of Unilever Taicang new plant is expected to reach 2 billion yuan

Recently, Cao lubaolai, Secretary of Suzhou municipal Party committee, went to the new factory of Unilever (heluxue) Taicang intelligent factory to investigate the enterprise’s epidemic prevention and control, production and operation. The ice cream factory covers an area of 9.4 billion mu and is expected to be the first in the world to build the “Lighthouse” with an output value of 2 billion yuan this year. (Suzhou daily)

Nongfu Shanquan Xinfeng factory plans to increase production and expand capacity

Recently, Yuan Yan, Secretary of Jiangxi Xinfeng County Party committee, led a team to the headquarters of Zhejiang Hangzhou nongnongshanquan Co., Ltd. to have a discussion and negotiation with the chairman of the company, Zhong Fuxin, and others. Zhong said he would continue to strengthen cooperation with Xinfeng. The two sides reached an agreement on further deepening cooperation, building a 50000 Mu navel orange standard demonstration park and increasing production and capacity of nongnongshanquan Xinfeng factory. (Jiangxi Xinfeng County People’s Government)

HEMA will be stationed in Nanning soon

Recently, HEMA has signed a contract with relevant units in Nanning, Guangxi. This year, two HEMA stores will be located in Nanning. So far, the new retail service brought by HEMA will be extended to more provinces in the West and south of China. (issued by the company)

Naixue’s tea launches the first biscuit milk tea

On February 25, Naixue’s tea launched the first biscuit milk tea “Caramel biscuit treasure tea”. On the same day, Naixue’s tea released new bottled tea products, including “Peach Oolong tea” and “Jasmine chuxue”, which were put on shelves in more than 850 stores across the country, along with e-commerce platforms, convenience stores and supermarkets, with a price of 7-8 yuan / bottle. (new consumption internal reference, consumption daily)

Wal Mart launches new delivery service in the United States

Wal Mart is focusing on new ways to increase door-to-door delivery for customers in the United States and effectively move online inventory, including testing automatic trucks and adding delivery centers in 100 stores. (Wall Street Journal)

Tim Hortons launches new ice cream

Recently, Tim Hortons, a Canadian coffee chain, cooperated with Shaw’s, a Canadian ice cream manufacturer, to launch a series of ice cream with different flavors, inspired by the brand’s most popular snacks and drinks. (FoodBev)

Binburg group suspended the operation of Dnipro plant

Grupo Bimbo, a Mexican bread maker, recently said that the company had suspended the operation of Dnipro factory in Ukraine to ensure the safety of 150 Ukrainian workers. (Reuters)

Quick reading of food industry information


China’s vegetable supply is sufficient, and the price will fall seasonally

On February 26, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas said that at present, with the temperature rising, the winter vegetables in the South began to withdraw from the market, the market volume of facility vegetables in the north and seasonal fresh vegetables in the South increased, and the total amount of vegetables in the country was sufficient. The latest monitoring by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas shows that at present, the peak season of vegetable consumption in the Spring Festival has passed, and the supply of vegetables is still increasing. Vegetable prices began to fall gradually and are expected to fall comprehensively in March. (Securities Times)

The state will immediately start the collection and storage of the central frozen pork reserve

According to the monitoring of the national development and Reform Commission, in the week from February 21 to 25, the national average pig grain price ratio was 4.98:1, entering the level-1 early warning range of excessive decline determined in the working plan for improving the regulation mechanism of government pork reserves and ensuring supply and stable price in the pork market. The national development and Reform Commission, together with relevant departments, will immediately start the collection and storage of the central frozen pork reserve and guide all localities to actively collect and store. (CNR network)

Russia Ukraine conflict will further push up food prices

Russia Ukraine conflict affects wheat and other grain exports, and international grain prices may rise further. The analysis shows that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine may destroy the agricultural production zones of the two countries in the short term, affect the transportation routes of global grain in the Black Sea ports, and change the international import and export pattern of relevant agricultural products. So as to drive up global food inflation and raise the import cost of some grain varieties in China. (First Finance)

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