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Zhang Yong stepped down as CEO of Haidilao, Nestle introduced “Guanneng colostrum” into the Chinese market, Cargill built a new pet food factory, KFC jointly launched new products on Sunday, and meituan pointed out that the Commission of small and medium-sized merchants in difficulty was capped at 5%

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Zhang Yong stepped down as CEO of Haidilao

This evening, Haidilao, which is listed in Hong Kong, announced that Yang Lijuan, deputy CEO and chief operating officer of the company, had been transferred to CEO. Zhang Yong, chairman of the board of directors and former CEO, will continue to serve as chairman of the board of directors and executive director. Li Yu was appointed chief operating officer of Chinese mainland. Wang Jinping was appointed chief operating officer of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. All appointments will take effect from March 1, 2022.

The board of directors of Haidilao said that Yang Lijuan was responsible for supervising the management and strategic development of the company and continued to be responsible for the implementation and promotion of the “woodpecker plan”. Since the implementation of the plan, the company’s internal management and operation have improved significantly. The board of directors also recognized its concept of “customer first and employee first” and the management method of screening and eliminating stores and managers in strict accordance with the financial assessment results. This appointment is also an important measure to strengthen the corporate governance structure. Zhang Yong will continue to serve as chairman and executive director of the board of directors, lead the board of directors and senior management team of the company to jointly lead and supervise the operation of the company and formulate long-term strategy. (company announcement)

Haidilao customer service responded to the price increase


Recently, some netizens reported on the social platform that the price of Haidilao has increased again. On March 1, Haidilao customer service said that the price of a few dishes was adjusted during the Chinese new year, with an increase of about 1 yuan. A Haidilao clerk in Shanghai said that recently, the prices of some dishes have been adjusted back to the prices in July and August last year, some have been adjusted by 1-2 yuan, and some have been adjusted by 2-5 yuan. (Wind)


Yili project will accelerate its landing in Cangzhou


This year, Cangzhou City has made unremitting efforts to consolidate the foundation of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, continue to consolidate, improve and effectively connect, and vigorously promote the all-round revitalization of rural areas. Cangzhou will focus on the construction of the park and speed up the signing and implementation of Yili Group dairy project with a total investment of 15.2 billion yuan. (Hebei Daily)

Nestle’s “Guanneng colostrum” was introduced into the Chinese market

Nestle’s pet nutrition brand Purina Guanneng plans to introduce its black technology product “Guanneng colostrum food” into the Chinese market. The colostrum food launched by Guanneng in the Chinese market this time not only enhances the immunity of young pets as a whole, but also specially designs different colostrum food nutrition solutions according to three types of puppies of different sizes, large, medium and small. (Beijing Youth Daily)

Cargill’s new pet food factory


Today, Cargill announced that it will build a new pet food factory in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. The new plant will supply dog and cat food to Peggy’s high-end pet food brand pemaster, which is scheduled to be completed in 2023. (issued by the company)

Baiguoyuan was accused of IPO in the first half of the year


Since the end of 2020, the news that Baiguoyuan will be listed on the gem of Shenzhen Stock Exchange has been reported many times. According to the company’s franchisees, Baiguoyuan’s listing plan is under preparation, and it is expected to land on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as soon as the first half of the year. (Interface)

Guangzhou restaurant’s net profit increased by nearly 20% last year

Today, Guangzhou Restaurant announced that in 2021, the company achieved an operating revenue of 3.884 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 18.14%, and a net profit of 549 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 18.46%. During the reporting period, the company continued to promote the high-quality coordinated development of the dual main business of “catering + food”. (company announcement)


Liangpin store established a new company, and its business scope includes catering and distribution services


Tianyancha app shows that on February 28, Hebei liangpin Shop Food Co., Ltd. was established, with the legal representative Zhang Guoqiang and a registered capital of RMB 10.01 million. Its business scope includes food production and sales; Sales of daily necessities; Catering and distribution services. Shareholder information shows that the company is wholly owned by liangpin shop Co., Ltd. (financial sector)


Cheng Liping resigned as director of Jinjian rice industry

Jin Jian Rice announced yesterday that it had received a written resignation report from director Cheng Liping. Cheng Liping applied for resignation from the company’s directors and relevant special committees of the board of directors because he has reached the legal retirement age. After his resignation, Cheng Liping will not hold any position in the company. (company announcement)


The net profit of Yanjin shop decreased by nearly 38% last year


Recently, Yanjin shop announced that the company achieved an operating revenue of 2.282 billion yuan in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 16.47%; The net profit was 150 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 37.89%. Yanjin shop said that 2021 is the year of transformation and upgrading of the company. In the second quarter, the short-term performance was affected by the superposition of many factors such as transformation cost investment and raw material price rise, but the company responded in a timely and reasonable manner. After reassessment and optimization and adjustment in July 8, the company controlled and maintained a more reasonable cost investment in the third and fourth quarters. (Changjiang business daily)

Starbucks China promotes new coffee beans


Today, Galapagos coffee beans, the world’s first popular coffee beans of Starbucks, will be launched in the national Starbucks popular coffee stores and Shanghai baking workshops for the first time. In addition, Starbucks’ national selection store and Shanghai baking workshop will also simultaneously list a variety of Starbucks selection coffee beans from Africa, America and Asia. (issued by the company)


KFC breakfast launches new products on weekdays


On March 1, KFC breakfast jointly launched two new meals on Sunday: vegetable meat pastry rice ball and Jinsha salted egg yolk vegetable meat pastry rice ball. This is also the first joint cooperation between KFC breakfast and domestic vegetable protein food brands. At present, it has cooperated with more than 100 brands and settled in more than 30000 stores nationwide on Sunday. (issued by the company)


Taile deepens green logistics action


Nestle reported yesterday that Taitaile and reshape technology cooperation officially introduced the first hydrogen energy vehicle on February 24. As the first seasoning enterprise to pilot the use of hydrogen energy truck distribution, Taitaile will continue to layout medium and long-distance heavy hydrogen energy trucks in the future, and actively respond to and advocate green logistics. (issued by the company)

Abbott added a recall of a batch of products to Chinese mainland market

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Monday that Abbott has recalled some Similac PM60 / 40 special formula powder products produced at Sturgis factory in Michigan, which have been distributed to the United States and Israel. Abbott China responded today that it had never imported the product for sale in the mainland market, and Abbott’s official cross-border purchase channel had never sold the product. (released by Reuters and the company)

Danone suspended the operation of a Ukrainian factory


Recently, Danone, which has two factories in Ukraine, revealed that one of them had been temporarily closed. Danone spokesman said that the company mainly sells dairy products and plant-based products in Russia and Ukraine. Russia accounts for about 5% of Danone’s revenue in 2021 and Ukraine accounts for less than 1%. (Just Food)


Fonterra suspended the transportation of products to Russia


Simon Tucker, director of global stakeholder affairs of Fonterra, said that the export volume of Russian products accounted for about 1% of the company’s annual export volume, mainly butter. “Although food products, including dairy products, are usually not subject to international sanctions and can be traded, we have suspended the delivery of products to Russia and continue to monitor developments.” (RNZ)


Yizi is worried that tensions will lead to rising inflation


Recently, Dirk Van de put, CEO of Yizi, said that global tensions could lead to rising inflation, and the final impact will depend on the direction of events. “Russia and Ukraine play an important role in many commodities. Oil is clearly one of them. Ukraine supplies about 30% of the world’s grain.” He said that if the supply chain is seriously interrupted, the expected costs will rise accordingly. (economic times)

Starbucks executives enter the connielag board of directors


Recently, George dowdie, executive vice president of Starbucks global supply chain, was appointed as a member of the board of directors of ConAgra brands. (Food Business News)

Fislan increases the guaranteed price of organic raw milk

Fislan announced yesterday that the guaranteed price of organic raw milk in March was 52.00 euros, 2.25 euros higher than last month. Feishilan said that the price of organic raw milk of reference company is expected to rise. (company announcement)


Feishilan invested in building a new sustainable packaging production line


Fislan recently reported that it is investing in a new PET production line for sustainable packaging at its plant in ALTE. (issued by the company)

Quick reading of food industry information


Macao Municipal Administration: Approval


Today, the Macao Municipal Administration said that New Coronavirus nucleic acid was detected positive on New Coronavirus’s nucleic acid samples on the outer packaging plastic film of refrigerated milk imported from China. The Urban Services Department initiated follow-up measures in accordance with the emergency plan and has temporarily enclosed the frozen warehouse and cold chain goods involved; Arrange disinfection environment and send personnel to recheck; Communicate and coordinate with the industry to destroy the goods involved, so as to reduce the risk of contaminated food entering the market. At the same time, provide contact information to the health department for investigation and follow-up. (Macao Municipal Administration)


Ministry of Commerce: will do everything possible to promote the continuous recovery and upgrading of consumption


Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao said at the press conference that the downward pressure on consumption has increased since the fourth quarter of last year, and the pressure on stable consumption this year is not small. We will firmly implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand, coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and consumption promotion, do everything possible to promote the sustained recovery and upgrading of consumption, and enhance the fundamental role of consumption in economic development. (China Network)

Meituan takeout: the Commission of difficult small and medium-sized merchants was capped at 5% during the year

Recently, meituan takeout has released a number of support measures for small and medium-sized merchants to reduce costs. From March to December this year, meituan takeout has halved the technical service fee (Commission) for small and medium-sized merchants with operating difficulties in areas with medium and high risk of the epidemic, and capped at 1 yuan per order after halving; For other merchants with difficulties in completing the rate transparency, they will evaluate the operation situation and difficulty degree, and cap the technical service fee by 5%; We will also provide targeted assistance to merchants who are mainly engaged in takeout business and have special difficulties. (36 krypton)


China’s absorption of foreign capital hit a new high in 2021


In 2021, China’s absorption of foreign capital reached a new record high, breaking one trillion yuan for the first time, reaching 1.15 trillion yuan. For the first time in nearly 10 years, China achieved double-digit growth, and the proportion of high-tech industries exceeded 30% for the first time. In January this year, the actual use of foreign capital in China still maintained double-digit growth, with a growth rate of 11.6%. (surging)


Baidu’s revenue in 2021 is 124.5 billion yuan

Today, Baidu, a Chinese search engine giant, announced that in the fourth quarter of 2021, it achieved a net profit of 4.1 billion yuan under non GAAP, higher than expected, but a year-on-year decrease of 41%; The revenue reached 33.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9%, of which the Intelligent Cloud business grew rapidly. In fiscal year 2021, baidu achieved a total revenue of 124.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16%. (Reuters)

Tiktok and other companies responded to the rumor of Debon shares


Recently, there were rumors that the debbond shares would be bought, including rumors of Jingdong, rhyme and tiktok. Tiktok responded by saying that no plans were made to acquire Debang express. Jingdong did not respond; Debang shares said that everything was subject to the announcement. (China Securities Network)


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