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If you don’t eat from time to time, spring is limited. Let’s see how brands wake up spring

The annual spring limit and spring marketing of
are good opportunities for many food brand products to refresh and shape the differentiated tone of brands.

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After a drum of light thunder startles the insects, the fine screen drizzles and falls on the plum sky.


When the sting is coming, everything recovers, and the steps of spring are more and more firm and calm.


Spring is the season for people to depict hope, and it is also a good opportunity for brands to show their skills. If brand marketing is like a battlefield, season limitation is the most intense highlight moment in this war. A good season limit can not only bring traffic, but also become a hot spot pursued by 10000 people. Major brands are competing to launch products with their own characteristics and want to occupy a place in the hearts of consumers and make a good impression in the new year.


When flowers bloom in spring and birds fly and grass grow, all kinds of new products focusing on “spring” elements spring up like mushrooms. The charming spring flowers and vibrant spring green make the spring market particularly beautiful. What are the playing methods in spring? Whose products are the most innovative? What is the seasonal marketing of East Japan worth learning from domestic brands? How can we jump out of the traditional routine of “Cherry Blossom Youth League” and let the food be permeated with strong national style?


chaotic “flowers” are becoming attractive. How to play in spring in China

According to the data published in the Yearbook of China’s food industry, the market scale of China’s leisure snacks will be close to 3 trillion yuan in 2020, while the market scale of China’s leisure snacks industry will exceed 4 trillion yuan in 2025. Based on the huge crowd and high repurchase rate, snack brands always perceive opportunities before others and use spring to limit the market competition in the new year.
As early as January 6, Leshi announced the release of the signal of spring on the microblog, and joined hands with bubble mart to launch the spring Limited Hibiscus cherry shrimp flavor, mellow black pine dew flavor, butter fried matsutake flavor potato chips to cater to a variety of outdoor activities such as picnic, camping and outing in spring, and enjoy the beautiful spring with people.
Photo source: Leshi official microblog
Oreo followed suit and launched the new flower and fruit flavor limited by the annual spring day on January 20. The colors such as pink, purple and yellow are selected to highlight the vitality of spring. The flavors of cherry grapefruit and rose grape are also more in line with the setting of girlish people.
Source: Oreo’s official microblog
In fact, according to the content of WARC’s group visit to Yuan Dongqing, vice president of marketing department of Yizi Greater China and Tao Li, brand director of Oreo in 2020, Oreo has faced completely different challenges since 2020. Although Oreo’s penetration rate in China has exceeded 50%, it is necessary to grasp the core group for marketing. In addition to focusing on parent-child families and generation Z, Oreo has also opened up new boundaries in product innovation.
Today, when face value is in power, consumers in Asian markets such as China and Japan have higher requirements for product packaging design and aesthetic feeling than other markets. In terms of seasonal limited product strategy, pink Oreo is more prominent on the shelf with its high face value. The red Oreo launched for the first time in the Spring Festival of 2020 subverts the classic black and white color of Oreo, Cater to the Chinese people that everything corresponding to the Spring Festival should be red and festive, which is also a great breakthrough and innovation of the brand. In fact, Oreo has broken through many restrictions in China, which is more in line with the aesthetics of Oriental people and Chinese consumers.
Image source: WARC
When overseas brands enter China, they must do as the Romans do. The Italian style Costa coffee is different from the “global chain standardization” advocated by coffee chain brands such as Starbucks. Its style in different countries and regions will be determined according to local tastes and aesthetics. The year before Costa entered China, it conducted consumer surveys in 10 key cities in China in order to quickly adapt to the needs and taste of Chinese people for coffee culture.
In the limited series of spring flowers launched this year, Costa focuses on the combination of coffee and flowers, tea and fresh fruits. The three American coffee drinks launched include Camellia peach flavor latte, Luoshen flower orange peel flavor latte and gardenia white pear flavor, which capture people’s hearts from vision and smell, and the integration of Oriental herbs such as orange peel also opens the door to Costa innovation.
Source: Costa coffee
Peach Oolong and litchi meaty light milk teas also add hot duck excrement fragrance, oat milk and other elements. The light milk cover with top cheese flavor not only meets the taste needs of the public, but also is healthier. In addition, there are peach yogurt roll and Matcha flavor Baiqiao chessboard cake. The color combination of white, powder and green releases the flavor of spring, with both appearance and taste, which has attracted all kinds of food bloggers to punch in one after another.
Source: Costa coffee
Source: Costa coffee
It is also the coffee series. The elements used by seesaw are more Oriental. In addition to apricot blossom and peach blossom, honey has become the biggest highlight of the two drinks in this series. After being mixed with oat milk as a milk cover, it will not affect the sweetness of the drink itself, but also distinguish it from thousands of identical oat milk covers on the market. A little “careful machine” shows the intention of the brand.
Source: seesaw
In addition to ready-made tea drinks, bottled drinks are no less popular. At the beginning of the year, Yuanqi forest, which was honored as the “top stream” with the endorsement of the Winter Olympics of “three in three”, announced that it limited the return of Cherry Blossom White Grape Flavor bubble water in spring. Different from previous years, this year also has a unique innovation in packaging. On the basis of the conventional model, the special model of temperature change is launched. When the refrigeration temperature drops below 8 ° C, the bottle body will bloom cherry blossoms. By taking this opportunity, it will be better in the old spring marketing strategies such as taste and color, in order to win more young people’s love.
picture source: Yuanqi forest
Weiquan, Starbucks and benazon, which mainly focus on convenience stores, are also rejuvenated one after another. Weiquan with the smell of “neon country” uses Japanese Jiubao honey peach and mei13 strawberry every day to create a limited berry peach fruit and vegetable juice in spring, implying that “berry” is smiling and “peach” you like. The homophonic stem is very interesting. Starbucks’s cherry strawberry latte and benazon’s cherry white peach latte are the most commonly used elements in spring. They also adhere to a high standard in materials as before, trying to be better on the highly competitive shelves.
Source: Jianfu convenience store
From ingredients to flavor and color, spring elements have been almost exhausted by domestic brands. Cherry blossoms always occupy the C position of the theme of spring. So, how does Japan, which also attaches importance to seasonal restrictions, interpret the vitality and romance of spring?

spring day is limited to which one is better. Take a look at
in Japan next door

To talk about playing with limits, we have to mention neighboring Japan. In 2021, in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its opening in the local area, Starbucks in Japan launched 47 regional limited series, but it became popular on major network platforms. Whether it is taste, color or shape, it is integrated into the local soul for product development. At the same time, through the sharing on the social network, it can enhance the interaction between the brand and consumers and ignite the topic. This wave of operation is really amazing.
Source: livedoor news
Spring restriction is a great marketing opportunity. From the simple inventory made by foodaily, it covers baking, sugar, beverages, wine, catering, frozen products, condiments, and even skin care products. Spring can be seen everywhere in life. Here are a few representative cases to see how Japan’s spring limit can play so many tricks~
From takeout to cooking bags, you can enjoy the taste of spring without hands
Curry is one of the most common dishes in Japan. The spring curry (bamboo shoots and shrimp, coconut and lemon curry) launched by nishikiya kitchen, the private brand of cooking food manufacturer Nishiki Foods Co., Ltd., is not only integrated with bamboo shoots, which are unique ingredients in spring, but also uses a variety of spices such as coriander and turmeric on the sauce. The taste of shrimp is combined with coconut milk powder, Create a mild curry suitable for the taste of spring.
Source: prtimes
From the stock out notice on the official website, it is not difficult to see how popular this spring curry is. In addition to spring curry, the brand also sells limited flavors in summer, autumn and winter, and four kinds of original curry are accurately handled with limited seasons. Even in the upcoming 3.14 White Valentine’s day, a recommended suit has been launched, limited to wave after wave. Consumers can enjoy a perfect meal simply by heating up after purchasing the food package on the official website.
Source: prtimes
COVID-19 blocked the pace of people going out to enjoy the local characteristics, but not to the place did not mean that they could not eat the local delicious food. The takeout product “party box Deluxe” of Nagoya Dongji Hotel puts the dishes centered on local ingredients into the original three-layer box of the hotel, providing seasonal menu supply, from appetizers to main dishes and desserts, and even dishes cooked with local precious ingredients such as Ishiki eel, Sanhe pork and domestic beef in Aichi county, Each dish maintains the standard of the hotel chef. A comforting meal can be provided not only at home, at department gatherings, but also in the office after the meeting.
Source: Nagoya Tokyu Hotel
We can’t keep spring, but we can keep spring workers
In Japan, alcohol is the cure for every migrant worker. The leisure and laissez faire atmosphere of drinking sweeps away people’s troubles and tiredness of the day. Busy workers have no time to take into account the infinite spring, but the infinite spring shines brightly on everyone, and bartenders integrate the spring into the wine in a different way.
The strings hotel offers three kinds of cherry cocktails in tavern by the green on the second floor and Cafe & dining Zelkova on the first floor. Sakura spritzer layers cherry liqueur and cherry syrup with cranberry juice and mixes cinnamon to create the aroma of cherry blossoms; Cherry mojito uses cherry liqueur to create a beautiful pink gradient, mint flavor is fresh and refreshing, and it is an easy drink to match meals; Sakura Royale combines champagne with peach liqueur to create an elegant sweet taste, which is more suitable for women. Enjoy a beautiful cocktail, just like a glass of cherry blossoms.
Source: Strings Hotel
While Haruka – (left) and Sakura citrus sparkle (right), a non-alcoholic cocktail prepared by the exclusive bartender of InterContinental Hotel in Tokyo Bay, use Qingmei orange to feel the arrival of spring. Haruka adds the flavor of sake and cherry blossom to create a refreshing sour and sweet taste. Cherry Blossom ice cream floats on it with great visual beauty; Sakura citrus sparkle mixes a lot of fruit juice and adds the acidity of passion fruit and cranberry to create an irresistible citrus flavor. We hope people can enjoy the fresh taste of seasonal fresh orange and have a relaxing time.
Source: interconti Tokyo
Outside the bustling city, spring marketing is closer to people’s life. The way of exhibition shortens the distance between brands and consumers and moves consumers with sincerity in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. In Saitama Prefecture, the Volks dessert store operated by arcreal Co., Ltd. held a spring strawberry exhibition from February 18 to April 15. However, this is not just a strawberry exhibition in a separate sense, but takes strawberries as the protagonist of spring dessert and designs products according to different scenes. For example, for people who love strawberries, the strawberry crown Buffy is filled with 8 strawberries and rich chocolate ice cream, just like the crown; Strawberry bouquet Buffy is more suitable for graduation ceremony and Hinamatsuri and other activities as a gift to family and friends; Strawberry chocolate ice waffle ball is the perfect choice for dessert time. Such limited activities not only hide the marketing deeply and will not give people an abrupt feeling, but also win the hearts of consumers in a more gentle way. They can be called a model of spring marketing.
Source: prtimes
Compared with China, Japan’s spring marketing is more soothing and gentle. Most of them are from the perspective of consumers, from the eating habits of daily life to the common festival customs in spring, which are integrated in a silent way to moisten things, and implant the brand image into the hearts of consumers like spring wind and rain.
However, in terms of the elements of spring marketing, the use of cherry blossoms, strawberries and other flowers and fruits is the same to some extent. How to turn old elements into new patterns or add new elements to them are all problems faced by the brand. China has vast territory and abundant resources, numerous traditional festivals and the current momentum of national tide, which may open new ideas for spring marketing of domestic brands.

jump out of the single cycle, how can spring marketing play

In Chinese traditional culture, spring is not only the starting point to start farming and prepare for the hope of the year, but also the best opportunity to get rid of the old “burden” and outline a positive life with a new attitude and new energy. Therefore, many activities in spring folk customs contain the moral of “eliminating the old and welcoming the new”. For example: beating spring cattle and biting spring. When beating spring cattle, people will make “spring cattle” with paper or mud, then put grain in the belly of “spring cattle”, and then break the belly of spring cattle to eat the grain flowing out, hoping to usher in a bumper harvest year. There are rich forms of biting spring. You can eat spring cakes, spring rolls, radishes, etc. to remind people to wake up from the chaos of “cat winter” and be full of hope for the new year.
Not only spring cakes, many seasonal wild vegetables have also become a rare delicacy between the tables. Wang Zengqi once wrote that “when you enter a tree, you won’t forget the three spring seasons”. Toona sinensis is a real fresh vegetable on the tree that “you’ll have to wait another year if you miss it”. When the tree has tender buds, you can hook down a few clusters with iron hooks. Shepherd’s purse is more common. Fresh shepherd’s purse is picked and washed and used to mix meat stuffing to make wonton / dumplings, spring rolls or salted meat and vegetable rice. Each one is chewed into the mouth with the breath of spring.
Source: Sohu
In the south, green dumplings are a must eat in spring. Mash wormwood / bromegrass as juice, and glutinous rice flour as a ball, and then fill it with a full filling. It looks like Jasper. It’s soft, waxy and sweet. It’s a rare good taste. In the filling, in addition to the traditional bean paste filling, there are innovative flavors such as meat floss, salted egg yolk and black sesame, which make the traditional pastries glow with new ideas.
Source: mdeditor
In addition to the special elements of spring marketing and culture, it can also be inspired by all kinds of spring marketing activities in China, which can be held in spring. Even with some common spring activities, it can deduce some memorable marketing activities.
The epidemic has limited people’s pace of travel in spring, but it can not stop the desire to enjoy cherry blossoms in spring. In order to cater to consumers, Senyong dairy x flowers by naked cooperated for the first time to release the spring special packaging of its products. Just put the smartphone on it and the AR mechanism of flowers by naked cherry blossoms will be displayed. “Flowers by naked” is a hands-on art work that can be enjoyed with five senses. It is a hot topic in January every year with “Japan’s earliest cherry blossom viewing”. This time, the cooperation between the two creates a new cherry blossom viewing experience that you can enjoy at home.
Source: value press
Although spring limitation is an old topic, it is also a knowledge, a knowledge of how to spread traditional culture, which is far more than adding several spring flowers and a touch of pink. The vitality and hope represented by spring, the pursuit of “harmonious nature” and positive life concept contained in spring folk culture, and how to make spring limited products and brands become cultural carriers and trigger the “national tide resonance” of the public are all factors that need to be considered in spring marketing.

A6026 summary

The Chinese civilization lasting for thousands of years condenses the colorful folk customs of the four seasons. Food is the stage for people’s livelihood and national games. The annual spring limit and spring marketing give many food brands a good opportunity to refresh their products and shape the differentiated tone of brands. How to stand out in this competition without gunpowder smoke and only brilliant spring, the test is the understanding of culture and the insight into public opinion.
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