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Instant noodles will win again. Can Ramen fan promote the “degreasing” of the industry?

After the “Carnival” in recent years, many people predict that new consumption has reached a key fork in the road this year. These brands need to face the “sniper” of giants while thinking about how to achieve sustainable growth. At present, jinmailang, a traditional channel giant in the convenience and fast food industry, also shows new consumption ambition and is gearing up to brew high-end pop models.


Xiaoshidai noticed that the new brand “Ramen fan” officially announced by Mailang at the beginning of this year has recently opened tmall flagship store and launched a variety of flavors. However, from the perspective of product appearance and publicity painting style, it is difficult to find the shadow of jinmailang on Ramen fan. The positioning of “0 fried” track, “Japanese cute pet” and other elements also make it look more like a new consumer’s pen.



“0 frying + new consumption”, which also reflects jinmailang’s determination to cultivate a healthy, young and high-end strategic layout. Xiaoshidai learned from people familiar with jinmailang that Ramen fan is regarded as a product of strategic significance within the company, which aims to become a “vitality forest” in the convenient fast food industry.


“On the one hand, jinmailang needs to acquire the increment of 0 fried track through the new brand layout and capture the opportunities of health and high-end. On the other hand, it also wants to increase the high-frequency media and consumption channels of generation Z. in the early stage of new product listing, it will focus on developing e-commerce, convenience stores and other channels, seize the accurate crowd, and achieve the effect of explosion by relying on its own traditional channel advantages.” These people said.


With the multiple factors of consumption upgrading bonus and cost pressure in parallel, the time for convenient fast food to decide the victory or defeat again may be coming. In the face of the battle that has begun, what new ways do jinmailang, who has many large items, have to play?



Convenient fast food has warmed up since 2018 and ushered in another round of outbreak after the epidemic. At the same time, self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, self heating rice and other categories also rely on the diversification of ingredients, more eating scenes, diversified tastes and other innovation and upgrading to quickly start.


According to the Chinese convenience food data released last year from yingminte, self heating food accounted for only 4.4% of the convenience food sales in 2018, which is expected to accelerate to 10.7% by 2020.


According to the report, under the market of convenience food, self heating food is more or less squeezing into the living space of instant noodles. Facing this trend, some traditional manufacturers also try to launch self heating food and continue to innovate for instant noodles.


It has to be said that self heating food has caught the consumers who are unwilling to make do with their diet to a certain extent, but at the same time, it has gradually exposed the “inconvenient” side. For example, compared with traditional instant noodles that only take a few minutes to brew and eat, many emerging products take more than ten minutes or even longer to wait for heating or self cooking. In addition, the price of many self heated foods or instant noodles is equivalent to that of a takeout meal.


This makes jinmailang smell new business opportunities. It is reported that its new brand “Ramen fan” is launched based on the dual advantages of high quality and convenience. It provides a “boiled Ramen free” while providing a variety of side dishes and fresh taste. It truly realizes that “good Ramen does not need to be boiled” and strives to let consumers eat a bowl of noodles with higher cost performance in three minutes.

From the perspective of product information, ramen fan focuses on the positioning of “high-end noodle Ramen fan”, and has launched six classic flavors, such as roast pork bones and hell spicy dolphin bones. In addition to the standard ingredients such as bamboo shoots and radish noodles, there are also rich ingredients for Japanese noodles, such as bamboo shoots and noodles.


In order to restore the appearance and freshly cooked taste of Japanese ramen, the Ramen fan adopts self-developed straight wire cutting and special cooking technology, and the rehydration rate is as high as 152%. The above-mentioned people familiar with jinmailang described that this set of cooking process has jinmailang’s stupid Kung Fu of “grinding a sword in ten years”. After 10 years of technical research and accumulation, it has solved the problems of traditional non fried instant noodles with higher requirements on the length of instant noodles, water temperature and poor taste due to the difficulty of rehydration.


In addition, under the background of the sharp rise in the price of important raw materials of traditional fried instant noodles, 0 frying is also expected to bring some profit space. Data show that palm oil prices continued to rise, soaring from 7200 yuan / ton at the beginning of 2021 to 12000 yuan / ton at the end of last year, an increase of 66%.


In addition to its advantages in taste and production cost, 0 frying’s more key benefit lies in responding to the health trend. It is reported that because 0 frying is realized through the cooking process, ramen fan consumes about 1 / 3 less calories per cake than traditional fried instant noodles. In terms of e-commerce, many consumers also rated the Ramen fan as “very muscular” and “not greasy in taste”.


According to the consumer survey data of “Ramen fan” obtained by snack generation, nearly half of the respondents believe that “we must be healthier, preferably 0 fried” is the primary factor in choosing ramen. More than 40% of respondents believe that “noodles are upgraded and cooked directly with 0 fried” is the biggest feature of the brand. Thus, the added value of health attributes has become an important factor for consumers to buy convenient fast food.


In recent years, the healthy trend is becoming stronger and stronger in the instant noodle market, which also forces manufacturers to constantly polish the production process. IMT reported last year that compared with 2016, the average fat content, sodium content and calories in new instant noodles were significantly reduced. Product innovation and upgrading brought about by technological progress are gradually reversing the unhealthy image of instant noodles.


Xiaoshidai learned that with the growing demand for healthy diet and the proposal of the three reduction policy in the outline of the “healthy China 2030” plan, jinmailang, who is walking on the “0 fried” track, is committed to becoming a promoter of “degreasing” in the industry.


Fan Xianguo, its chairman, said publicly last year: “the state has set the direction for the innovation and development of healthy food. As a large enterprise, it should have the responsibility and responsibility to turn it into reality. The real innovation is actually creating a ‘heart’. If the enterprise does not pay attention, does not open the hearts of consumers, and the product has no value anchor, it will be blown away by the wind like a leaf without foundation.”


“The basis of ‘creativity’ of convenient fast food must be non fried. I very much hope that in five or ten years, the non fried products of domestic enterprises will account for more than 80% of the whole industry, and truly realize the demand of reducing oil, salt and sugar in our healthy China. This is also the bounden responsibility of our leading enterprises, and we should promote it.” Fan Xianguo said.



The Ramen fan, which is highly expected by today’s Mailang, also carries the important task of the younger generation of fans. Xiaoshidai learned that the target groups of ramen fan include urban white-collar workers in first and second tier cities, generation Z and small town youth pursuing novelty.


These groups are the main force of convenience food. According to the 2021 convenient fast food industry insight report released by cbndata, young generation Z and young people in small towns account for the highest proportion of convenient fast food consumption.


Therefore, in terms of products and main scenes, ramen style attaches great importance to fitting young people. For example, in terms of product content, ramen fan not only meets their pursuit of low calorie and low calorie through 0 fried dough, but also adds red dates, medlar and other side dishes to catch the “back waves” of punk health.


According to the “2021 fast food youth consumption trend report” released by cbndata and Taobao live on map, the “three low” fast food products with low fat, low sugar and low card are growing rapidly, especially among consumers in first and second tier cities.


In terms of appearance and appearance, ramen fan joined hands with the famous designer pan Hu and his team to create the packaging of Japanese cute pet style. In the center of the picture is a Fortune Cat “fan meow” with a golden bell tied around its neck and holding the ramen bowl for a quick meal. Interestingly, different flavors of products have also inserted cat avatars with different expressions on the face cover, trying to attract the young army addicted to smoking cats.



In the main scene, as “eating alone” has become the daily life of many young people, ramen fan also takes “fan Miaomiao” as the protagonist to describe many common scenes such as dinner, overtime work meal, home meal and travel meal, integrate the IP image of Daimeng into the life scenes of young people, and create a sense of delicacy and atmosphere of eating noodles with pictures full of human fireworks and healing wind. The above consumer data also shows that more than 95% of respondents agree with the concept of enjoying solitude conveyed by the “Ramen fan”.



According to the Tencent Post-00 Research Report, the brand awareness of the post-90s and post-00s is no longer a simple quality assurance and social identity. They are a generation of “value inward” and pay more attention to self experience. This also means that how to endow good products with richer emotional value and arouse the resonance of the younger generation has become a topic that brands can’t miss.


In order to stir up more young people, ramen fan recently opened an offline flash shop and sent out “fan meow” dolls to attract Dabo road fans. Consumers who enter the store can not only enjoy Ramen products, but also win all kinds of cute favorites through interesting games.


Xiaoshidai learned that in addition to offline flash shops, ramen fan will reach young consumers of generation Z through social marketing campaigns, head talent and star cooperation, brand cross-border and IP co branding. Recently, ramen fan has also launched fan Miaomiao interesting wechat expression bag, which can block the social scene of young people and build brand mind.

At present, China has become the world’s largest instant noodle market, and the industry pattern is relatively centralized and stable. It is expected to maintain moderate growth in the future. This means that it is not easy to break into a broader world in this traditional industry, and products that can bring subversion will inevitably seize distinctive value points.


In the era of continuous “differentiation” of convenient fast food, a good product not only stops at providing functional value, but also the attached emotional value and health attributes have become one of the high-end standards. How to make an explosive product with high added value has become a topic that enterprises need to think about today. Referring to the case of Yuanqi forest reshaping the beverage Jianghu with “0 sugar”, the Ramen model that highlights “0 fried” and understands the needs of young people also seems to have the potential to become a new dark horse for convenient and fast food.


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If you want to cultivate an evergreen explosion, in addition to products, invisible strength such as supply chain and channels are also indispensable. When new consumers are distressed by these “neck sticking” problems, the Ramen model backed by jinmailang not only looks more congenital advantages, but also reproduces the classic single product experience of the parent company.


Statistics show that jinmailang group, established in 1994, is a large digital FMCG company engaged in the production of convenient food, noodles and drinks. Its products are sold all over the country and exported to more than 50 countries and regions.


After nearly 30 years of development, jinmailang has become a whole industry chain enterprise with a revenue of more than 20 billion yuan. It has a 300000 Mu high-quality wheat base, an annual production capacity of 14 billion instant noodles, 20 million tons of drinks and 3 million tons of wheat.


At present, jinmailang has a bag and a half / a barrel and a half series, ramen fan 0 fried healthy noodles, Japanese udon noodles and other products. Among them, the estimated cumulative sales volume of one bag and a half / one barrel and a half series has exceeded 6 billion in 2021.


Thanks to all-round solid accumulation, jinmailang has also succeeded in catching up and Surpassing in the post epidemic era. According to the data obtained by xiaoshidai from Euromonitor International, jinmailang surpassed uni president with a share of 11.7% in 2020 and jumped to the second place in the market. In 2020-2021 after the outbreak, jinmailang also has the most obvious growth among the top five enterprises, and its share will further expand to 12.5% in 2021.


Because it has not yet been listed, jinmailang rarely discloses and interprets its performance, but we can still find some growth “secrets” from its dynamics.


Xiaoshidai noted that when announcing the completion of RMB 600 million financing last month, jinmailang said that with the advent of the era of digital marketing, it is transforming from a traditional FMCG company to FMCG digital technology. From R & D, production to marketing, digital upgrading has become a new driving force for today’s Mailang growth engine.

In fact, today Mailang has begun to vigorously increase the pace of digitization. For example, at the launching ceremony of digital transformation held last year, the company announced that it had reached cooperation with Huawei cloud to jointly build digital infrastructure and guarantee system, promote digital transformation in various fields to achieve effective business collaboration, and use digital operation and decision-making to improve efficiency.


Under the idea of paying attention to digital efficiency improvement, jinmailang has also made some achievements.


The company said last month that on the production side, relying on high-tech production lines and automatic production processes, the company uses intelligent production to reduce costs, increase efficiency and strictly control quality. On the marketing side, jinmailang has completed the closed-loop layout of global traffic through the upgrading of brand marketing and e-commerce.


In addition, in terms of channels, relying on the intelligent marketing management platform, jinmailang realizes the organic unity of personnel, vehicles, terminals and regions and the fine management of channels. At the same time, relying on the terminal “one object and one code”, we can get through the integrated operation of BC.


It is conceivable that with the further implementation of digital transformation, jinmailang, which has a deep foundation in industrial chain, brand and channel, is expected to burst out with greater efficiency.


What is worth looking forward to next may be the day when Milo boarded the capital market stage today.

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