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What is the next game of chess at the beginning of entering the forage market and recruiting business partners?

In recent years, with the gradual reduction of the newborn demographic dividend and the increasing competition in the infant powder market, both large and small brands have begun to focus on the subdivided track, and sheep milk powder, organic milk powder, grass fed milk powder, children’s milk powder and other categories have blossomed at many points. In this context, grass fed milk powder, which focuses on the selling points of “nature, safety, health and environmental protection”, has attracted more and more attention from consumers.

Recently, in order to bring the advantages of grass fed milk to Chinese babies, the infant milk powder at the beginning of human life was newly upgraded, and its jingjiabeibi grass fed milk powder was newly listed. With high-quality milk source, nutritional formula and taste, it brought consumers a “greener, more natural and healthier” feeding experience, further demonstrating the company’s confidence and determination to enter the “grass fed milk powder” market.

Compete for “forage” market


What is the difference between grass fed milk powder and ordinary milk powder? It is understood that “grass feeding” is a way of raising dairy cows 0 in captivity, while “grass feeding milk powder” refers to milk powder made from milk produced by dairy cows that can walk naturally in natural pastures and mainly feed on fresh grass. In contrast, grass fed milk powder is essentially different from ordinary milk powder in milk source.

The research data show that [1] compared with the milk source of ordinary pasture, the raw milk of grass fed dairy cows contains richer nutrients, conjugated linoleic acid α- The content of linolenic acid is about 3 times and 2.5 times that of ordinary milk, and contains higher protein, ARA β- Carotene, vitamin D, etc. In addition, in the natural living environment, the prevalence of dairy cows is reduced, so there are less concerns about antibiotics and hormones.

It is understood that the whole series of infant formula milk powder at the beginning of human life adopts New Zealand grass fed milk source, and has in-depth cooperation with New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra, which has a considerable leading advantage in dairy quality and food safety.

The upgraded jingjiabeibi grass fed milk powder not only has a healthy combination of “Shuangyi formula (Bb-12 probiotics, compound prebiotics) + 5 nucleotides”, but also contains casein phosphopeptide (also known as CPP), which can effectively improve the absorption and utilization of divalent minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc. At the same time, Bifidobacterium Bb-12 contained in the product can help maintain the structural balance of intestinal flora and help defense.

In terms of appearance, xiaoshidai also noticed that at the beginning of human life, jingjiabei is more fresh and natural than the previous design. The main picture uses cartoon cow head to decorate the whole tank as the finishing touch of the whole picture. With green grass decoration, the product is younger and more interesting.

After 20 years of intensive research on nutritional food, in the face of increasingly fierce industry competition, people always adhere to the high requirements for quality, establish enterprises with “love” and put the care for consumers first. This comprehensive renewal of grass fed milk powder is the embodiment of people’s determination to provide better products for their babies at the beginning.

This year, people will continue to promote Forage Nutrition Education at the beginning of the year. At the same time, with the help of the deep link promotion of the mother vertical media platform, it will inject vitality into the development of forage categories and the dynamic marketing of forage products.


Integrate resources to create a win-win situation

With the increasing competition in the maternal and infant industry, most regional chain and infant and child employees are still in the stage of groping forward. Due to the lack of openness and transparency in communication, the current maternal and infant practitioners are familiar with the infant and child market, but lack of display platform, have store resources, but can not give full play to the value and other barriers.

In the face of transformation and change, it is undoubtedly the best way to stay together and win-win. In this market situation, people start the business partner mechanism at the beginning of the year, provide a series of security systems with enterprise partnership characteristics with a “subversive” cooperation mode, and recruit business partners to create a new market pattern.

Early adult milk powder

At the beginning of his life, he went deep into the mother and baby industry for 21 years, and has always adhered to the quality, “using good global resources to make good Chinese milk powder”. It has been producing infant nutritional milk powder and supplementary food with scientific and accurate formula, comprehensive and balanced nutrition, excellent quality and safety, and easy digestion and absorption. After decades of market baptism, the brand image of “safety and quality” at the beginning of people has won the love and trust of thousands of parents.

At the beginning of human life, products include four matrices: Baby matching, children, supplementary food and adults. The whole family is healthy and healthy. We are committed to building an excellent group of nutritious and healthy food for the whole family at the beginning of people.

The business partner mechanism established at the beginning of human life will attract key customers and Regional Advantageous customers through the enabling strategy, adhere to the long-term development idea of “consensus, CO creation and sharing”, and create more possibilities for manufacturers to accumulate strength and win-win development.

Renzhichu group said: “it will provide support and assistance to business partners from product R & D, brand promotion, channel empowerment, human resources and other aspects, and fully empower every imaginative and enterprising innovator. Relying on the company’s mature ‘new model and big platform’, market resources are aggregated, product operation system is guaranteed, and all-round service support is provided.”

In terms of channel empowerment, people will strictly control fleeing goods at the beginning, maintain market order and fully protect the interests of business partners. In terms of product research and development, the Institute of nutrition at the beginning of human life and the State Key Laboratory of food science and technology of Nanchang University are strongly combined to help product development with science and technology, create the ultimate product power and have unique core competitiveness.

“The novel customer extension model, professional endorsement, differentiated consumer activities and advanced member marketing system will help people realize the strong stickiness and interaction between online community communication, marketing fission products and consumers at the beginning.” At the beginning, the relevant person in charge said to the snack generation.

It is understood that after the launch of the business partner mechanism, people received a positive response from intended customers at the beginning. Up to now, nearly 100 strategic partners have been recruited at the beginning of the company, with the contribution rate of performance volume exceeding 50%, and the compound growth rate is expected to exceed 10% in the next few years.

At the beginning of 2022, the company recruited business partners again at the beginning of human life, which shows the determination of the company to transform in the market economy environment with increasing competition. It also reflects the sharing spirit of human life in the era of the prevalence of sharing economy. It plays an important role in promoting the development of the company and is also an important step in the transformation at the beginning of human life.

The business partner mechanism at the beginning of a person will create an excellent team with strong cohesion, high professional quality and deeply loved and respected by customers. Welcome the employees of regional small and medium-sized chains and infants and children who have the spirit of partnership to join us at the beginning of the year, explode the new pattern of the market, expand the platform and achieve win-win results! Please click “read the original text” at the end of the text for details.

Data source:

[1] China Economic Net “grass feed certified milk powder will become another popular health product after” organic “

(enterprise information)

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