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The complexity of
COVID-19 prompted consumers to reexamine the health of every aspect of their lifestyles and focus on health topics again. In this context, more than 60% of consumers worldwide say they plan to improve their overall health level in the next 12 months [1].
as people pay more and more attention to the basic factors affecting health, today’s consumers are more eager than ever to make positive changes to their lifestyle and cultivate new health habits. At the same time, consumers are also actively looking for functional solutions to support their overall physical and mental health goals, including adding nutritional supplements to their daily regimen. In 2021, the total revenue of the global dietary supplement market was $76 billion. It is expected that the annual compound growth rate will reach 2.4% from 2021 to 2026 [2].
so how can we attract and retain future dietary supplement consumers? In this article, ADM shares some important motivations of consumers and analyzes key business opportunities in the field of dietary supplements, which is intended to help partners develop new products and retain consumers. L ^ 79% of U.S. consumers believe that taking nutritional supplements is important to their overall health [3] l ^ 67% of global nutritional supplement users say they will continue to use nutritional supplements in the next 12 months [1] l ^ 49% of nutritional supplement users say they are willing to increase their spending on nutritional supplements [1]
personalized solution
consumers are actively seeking solutions that meet their specific health needs. Due to the different health basis and life experience of each consumer, their definition of health is also different. But what they have in common is that they all pay more attention to the concept of overall health. Among the dietary supplement segments, the most rapidly growing include stress, mood and sleep support products, which are key factors of emotional health and related to overall health.
in fact, 76% of consumers around the world said they had understood the link between cognitive health and overall health [4]. In addition, 51% of global consumers plan to improve their cognitive or mental health status in the next 12 months [5]. Therefore, dietary supplements that help restore sleep, stabilize mood, regulate immune function, weight management and skin health will be more and more favored by consumers.
L) 55% of consumers around the world are looking for health products suitable for their personal needs [1] l) up to 75% of dietary supplement users in the United States are looking for personalized products that directly meet their needs [3] l) 59% of consumers around the world think the proposal of nutritional gene testing is very attractive; 64% of them are willing to try nutritional gene testing [6] l , 73% of consumers worldwide (up from 54% in 2018) say they feel stressed, 72% (up from 50% in 2018) say they have difficulty sleeping [7] l , 53% of consumers worldwide who are suffering from high pressure or extreme stress say they still feel tired when they wake up [8]
the top health problems that global nutritional supplement users hope to solve through supplements [1] l # 66% immunity L # 57% energy L # 54% cognitive & mental health L # 50% heart health L # 49% digestive health
flexible and convenient dosage form
consumption experience is a key factor affecting consumers’ purchase behavior and brand loyalty. The target consumers of health products hope to have a variety of dosage forms that are suitable for their lifestyle, convenient, easy to take and delicious. To this end, manufacturers are actively launching a variety of product forms to attract consumer groups of different ages, from children to the elderly.
for example, 43% of consumers of non dietary supplements find it very difficult to swallow tablets and capsules [1].
in addition, 33% of global dietary supplement consumers think it is very inconvenient to take supplements on time [1]. Innovative and convenient dosage forms can help them overcome these challenges, such as healthy fortified drinks, bubble water, soft candy, chewing gum, powder, drop strips, bags, etc. 1 in every 4 dietary supplement users in the world want to see different dosage forms of nutritional supplements [1] l 54% of global nutritional supplement users prefer supplements that can provide multiple benefits in the same product [1] l 39% of global consumers say that it is important that nutritional supplements are easy to eat [1] l 66% of global nutritional supplement users use capsules and tablets, Followed by jelly and soft candy (27%) [1] the compound annual growth rate of the number of new dietary supplements on the market. From 2016 to 2020, l ^ 20.2% chewable tablets / soft candy L ^ 10.9% tablets L ^ 8.6% powder L ^ 6.7% liquid L ^ 6.7% lozenges
Source: Mintel gnpd, 2016-2020
cleaning label and sustainability
today’s consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment and sustainability. They also seek brands with similar values and practices when buying products. Adhering to the concept of “good for me and good for the earth”, many consumers prefer products with clear and transparent ingredients and sustainable certification. Although there is no unified definition of cleaning label, the study found that 76% of global dietary supplement consumers give priority to products that are 100% natural or contain no artificial ingredients [1]. Therefore, raw material suppliers focusing on sustainable procurement can help product developers take the lead in this wave. In addition, 70% of the world’s consumers said that after COVID-19, they paid more attention to natural ingredients claiming [5]. Therefore, health products based on plants or functional plant extracts that are closer to natural ingredients will usher in broad market opportunities.  
L # 49% of non dietary supplement users are concerned about the content of artificial ingredients [1] l # 43% of global nutritional supplement users believe that plant ingredients are important to their purchase decisions [1] l # 40% of global consumers believe that natural ingredients are important [1] one in three U.S. supplement users looks for the benefits of clean labels when purchasing dietary supplements [3] 33% of users prefer supplements from natural sources. 33% of users want supplements free of allergens. 32% of users look for health products without preservatives. 32% of users say it is very important to avoid the use of artificial colors and spices
according to product claims, the annual compound growth rate of the number of new dietary supplements on the market is 34.6% plant-based L ^ 10.0% organic L ^ 53.8% without / without artificial additives / artificial flavors / artificial colors / artificial preservatives, preservatives, etc. source: Mintel gnpd, 2016-2020
proactive health care methods
consumers are looking for more natural health products containing functional ingredients to support and deal with their health problems. When purchasing dietary supplements, 59% of consumers around the world want to see scientific evidence that can prove the effectiveness of products [1]. Only supplements with both safety and efficacy can attract consumers and win their trust. When purchasing dietary supplements, more and more consumers want to see and understand the safety claims of products and the relevant research behind them.  
in fact, 50% of global consumers believe that product safety claims are very important [1].
in addition, 73% of the global consumers of dietary supplements said that the efficacy with clinical proof is also of great significance [1]. Therefore, dietary supplement products endorsed by in vivo trials, preclinical and clinical studies and meeting regulatory requirements will stand out in the market.  
L 75%’s global consumers will make greater efforts because of COVID-19 to keep healthy. [5]l 61% of the global nutrition supplement users are taking nutritional supplements to improve their overall health. [1]l 55% of the world’s consumers are looking for their approved active ingredients. [1]l has 1 people in every 4 people worldwide, and 1 people are taking dietary supplements every day or almost every day.
both functional and fun
just like the daily consumption of food and beverage, people hope that dietary supplements can bring the same wonderful experience. In addition to the functional nutritional benefits, consumers want dietary supplements to be both convenient and delicious. In many cases, consumers will choose products with both delicious and nutritional functions, so as to obtain more “mindfulness” enjoyment. In fact, 64% of global consumers believe that mindfulness enjoyment can be part of a healthy diet [9].
The concept of “purposeful enjoyment” of
makes the nutritional supplement market promising, because 58% of global consumers say that nutritional supplements also need to be “delicious” [1]. In view of the dual needs of consumers for taste and nutritional function, dietary supplements and functional foods have also begun to be further integrated. Formula designers can attract new dietary supplement consumers by creating products that integrate function, taste and fun. In addition to the long-standing main product form of soft candy, many brands are also exploring other forms of candy, such as chocolate and chewing gum. The product is endowed with additional functional benefits by adding scientifically proven functional components such as prebiotics, probiotics, epigenetics, plants and plant extracts. In addition, adding attractive colors and tastes to these nutritional functional ingredients can improve consumers’ eating experience of dietary supplements. It is no longer a daily routine, but fun.
l# 63% of dietary supplement users believe that the taste of supplements can be improved [1] l# 41% of existing dietary supplement users are exploring new tastes of different types of supplements [1] make full use of the flavors and colors that consumers are easy to associate with certain functions [10] dietary supplement flavor supporting immune function: citrus, berry color: orange, yellow, Red , dietary supplements for relaxing and supporting sleep flavor: lavender, chamomile color: purple, blue , dietary supplements for brain / cognitive health flavor: tea, mint color: green, orange
[1] FMCG Gurus, Exploring the Impact of Nutritional Supplements, September 2020[2] Euromonitor International, World Category Dynamic 2021[3] Natural Marketing Institute, U.S. Supplements/OTC/Rx Database Report 2020 [4] FMCG Gurus, Assessing the Importance of Cognitive Health, 2021 [5] FMCG Gurus, How Has COVID-19 Changed Consumer Behavior, March 2021[6] FMCG Gurus, Personalized Nutrition: New Opportunities When Targeting Health-Conscious Consumers, February 2021[7] FMCG Gurus, Sleep and Stress Management Global Report, January 2021[8] Euromonitor International, Health and Nutrition Survey, fielded January to February 2020[9] FMCG Gurus, Top Ten Trends for 2021, January 2021 [10] ADM outside voice ℠, September 2021 ℠
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