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Heshengyuan sheep milk powder ranks third! The latest global heavyweight scientific research achievements were announced

In China, the world’s largest infant milk powder market, sheep milk powder has become a star category driving growth. Jianhe group, which holds the high-end brand heshengyuan, is also accelerating its competition.

Yesterday, heshengyuan held a press conference on the latest scientific research achievements of sheep’s milk bridge protein LPN, showing the breakthrough and innovative achievements of its sheep’s milk powder in the key immunoactive components of breast milk. “For Jianhe, sheep milk powder is an important layout that pays more attention to market segments, and it is also an important part of the group’s business long-term doctrine.” Ye Ping, business director of BNC milk powder innovation category of Jianhe group, said.

Xiaoshidai learned that in the above activities, Jianhe also revealed the measures of adding sheep milk powder from channels, scientific research and other aspects. Next, let’s have a look.

Extended formula advantages

According to Jianhe, in order to transform the breakthrough and innovative scientific research achievements into Chinese baby scientific nutrition solutions, the group previously cooperated with the China Nutrition Society to carry out the world’s first comparative study of milk bridge protein in cow’s milk and goat’s milk, and released the first phase of research results yesterday.

Professor Yu Huimin, vice president of newborn pediatrician branch of China Medical Association and professor of Medical College of Zhejiang University

Yu Huimin, a professor at the school of medicine of Zhejiang University, said that the above study found that sheep’s milk bridge protein LPN has high similarity with cow’s milk and breast milk bridge egg LPN, “so the promoting effect on the early healthy development of infants should be highly consistent”.

In short, lactopontin LPN is a key immunoactive protein in breast milk. According to Yu Huimin, the clinical results show that the high-level lactopontin LPN formula feeding group can effectively reduce inflammatory cytokines by 60%.

In fact, these contents are also the latest achievements in the key R & D direction of heshengyuan. Data show that the brand has accumulated for many years in the clinical research of milk bridge protein LPN infants. At present, the whole series of synbiotic milk powder naturally contains lactopontin LPN, including synbiotic sheep milk powder. Lactopontin LPN helps support the development of the immune system early in life. While releasing the above results, Jianhe also demonstrated the innovative achievements of its synbiotics in the key immunoactive components of breast milk.

The company said that based on the better feeding needs of consumers, heshengyuan sheep milk powder provides “maternal protection” for the baby. The product contains lactopontin LPN and sn-2 Plus + double prebiotics. In addition, heshengyuan sheep milk powder is a pure sheep milk protein product, allergen protein( α S1 casein) content is lower.

Liu Wei, director of scientific communication and product training of Jianhe group

“Next, Jianhe group will join hands with many universities and scientific research institutions to carry out the second stage research and experiment of goat milk composition. It will give full play to the strength of enterprises to promote the integration of production, learning and research of a number of research and experiments, so as to bring consumers with more scientific certification, higher quality and better meet their needs.” Liu Wei, director of scientific exchange and product training of Jianhe group, said at the scene.

Fight for 20 billion tracks

With the selling points of easier absorption and high nutritional value, sheep milk powder is regarded as the next baby matching “potential stock”.

Yesterday, Zhang pianhong, director of the Chinese Nutrition Society and director of the Clinical Nutrition Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of the Medical College of Zhejiang University, introduced at the meeting that the clinical results showed that goat milk feeding can effectively reduce the incidence of allergic symptoms such as infant skin pruritus, diarrhea and vomiting, and the longer the feeding time, the more obvious the effect. Goat milk feeding for 6 months can significantly reduce the occurrence of sensitivity.

Zhang pianhong, director of China Nutrition Society and director of Clinical Nutrition Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Medical College of Zhejiang University

In addition, he also pointed out that goat milk also has the characteristics that the structure of goat casein is closer to that of breast milk, fat globule molecules are smaller and easier to digest, and HMOs in goat milk are closer to the composition of oligosaccharides in breast milk.

In fact, goat milk powder has become the “growth responsibility” of baby matching in recent years. According to the research report data released by Northeast Securities last year, the growth rate of sheep milk powder was higher than that of infant formula from 2014 to 2020. In 2020, goat milk powder increased by about 25% year-on-year, far exceeding the growth rate of about 5% of infant formula.

Xiaoshidai learned today that according to Nielsen retail monitoring data, as of November 2021, the omni-channel sales of sheep milk powder had been close to 20 billion.

In Jianhe milk powder market, sheep milk powder is also a powerful engine. What is more noteworthy is that since entering sheep milk powder in 2019, Jianhe has been among the top camp in less than three years.

According to the Nielsen retail monitoring data obtained by snack generation, as of December 2021, the omni-channel share of heshengyuan sheep milk powder rose to third, with an increase of 34%.

Turning to the reasons behind this achievement, Ye Ping attributed it to the good implementation of Jianhe PPAE (Premium: high-end and high-quality; proven: scientific verification; aspirational: yearning and pursuing excellence; engaging: participating in interaction).

Ye Ping, business director of milk powder innovation category of Jianhe group

“Among them, for heshengyuan sheep milk powder, aspirational means attracting the younger generation, having outstanding brand concept and in-depth channel brand marketing. Engaging is to strengthen the collaborative interaction between end B and end C, take consumers as the center, take root in the terminal channel market, and create a strong channel for realizing ‘out of the circle’.” He said.

Ye Ping also pointed out that at present, the growth curve of the maternal and infant industry has come to the second stage of winning the market with store services. Heshengyuan sheep milk powder focuses on opening up the last kilometer of stores, providing a closed-loop value system for channels to connect brands, media, stores and consumers, forming a multi cycle situation of win-win between brands and channels, and forming a benign incentive system.

Looking forward to the future, Ye Ping said that heshengyuan will continue to give full play to its channel advantages based on quality strength, build a strong channel network for sheep milk powder through the integration and reorganization of online, offline, professional lines and business supermarket lines, reach target consumers at multiple levels and help break through product differentiation.

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