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Blue bottle coffee will open the second store in the mainland, more than 200 new stores of manner coffee will open together, McDonald’s China and Shanghai Disney strategic alliance, Nestle and lantris Ukrainian factories will resume production

Hot company information and announcement


The second mainland store of blue bottle coffee will also open in Shanghai


Xiaoshidai confirmed from blue bottle coffee that its second store in mainland China will be opened in Shanghai Jing’an Kerry Center. On February 25, blue bottle coffee officially opened its first store in mainland China – Shanghai Yutong store, which is also its 102nd store in the world. Hu Jun, general manager of blue bottle coffee Greater China, said that blue bottle has plans to open further stores in Shanghai. (snack generation)

Yili and Aoyou made a successful tender offer


Yesterday, Aoyou and Jingang, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yili, issued a joint announcement announcing the successful tender offer of all the issued shares of Aoyou by Jingang, the offeror. According to the announcement, Jingang holds or controls 953 million shares of Aoyou, accounting for about 52.70% of the total issued shares of Aoyou. (issued by the company)


Honey snow ice city is new to Singapore and Malaysia


It is reported that Michelle ice city has officially entered two Southeast Asian countries, Singapore and Malaysia. On February 26, Michelle ice city opened its first local store in Singapore and Xinshan City, Johor, Malaysia. In these two countries, Michelle ice city still focuses on the strategy of “affordable and affordable”. Most products sell for less than 15 yuan. (latepost later)

Manner coffee plans to open more than 200 stores in 10 cities


Recently, the Manner, the top quality coffee chain, announced in its official WeChat official account that Manner will open more than 200 new stores in 10 cities including Shanghai City, Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Nanning, Haikou, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Chongqing between March 8th and March 10th. (Interface)


Anji food has invested 1 billion yuan in the prefabricated vegetable project

Today, the 23rd Meeting of the Fourth Board of directors of Anji food deliberated and approved the proposal on foreign investment, which agreed that the company would invest about 1 billion yuan in the production project of Anji prefabricated dishes. On the same day, the company signed the investment agreement with the people’s Government of Honghu City, Hubei Province. (company announcement)

China Red Bull was accused of being “discredited”, and some experts said it was suspected of commercial slander


According to, recently, a large number of water forces have wantonly played up the first instance judgment of the trademark case between Thailand Tiansi and China Red Bull, which has not yet taken effect, under the headings of “Hua Bin was fined 100 million yuan”. A lawyer said that Article 11 of the anti unfair competition law stipulates: “business operators shall not fabricate or disseminate false or misleading information to damage the business reputation and commodity reputation of competitors.” (China Network)


Mengniu and modern animal husbandry established Hainan cloud cattle raising technology company


Yesterday, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd. added foreign investment, and the new investment enterprise was Hainan yunniu Technology Co., Ltd., with an investment proportion of 20%. Hainan yunniu Technology Co., Ltd. was established on March 3, 2022. Its legal representative is Wu Rina and its registered capital is 30 million yuan. The business scope of the company includes class I value-added telecommunications services; The second category of value-added telecommunications services; Professional intermediary activities, etc. (Leju Finance)


JUNLEBAO banner milk powder passed the new national standard of infant powder in the first batch


After the promulgation of the new national standard for infant formula in 2021, the domestic milk powder industry has entered a new stage of high-quality development with quality improvement as the core. Recently, the first batch of JUNLEBAO banner infant formula milk powder passed the product formula registration. (China Economic Net)


Carrefour China and JUNLEBAO held a high-level meeting to discuss cooperation


Yesterday, Li Xuecheng, vice president of Carrefour (China) commodities, and other senior teams had in-depth communication with Yang Hongbin, vice president of JUNLEBAO dairy group and general manager of fresh milk division, and launched a new round of strategic cooperation with the senior management team. This year, the two sides also plan to provide more benefits to consumers in the form of customized joint shopping cards, and launch new products such as cheese planet and daily clearing lactic acid bacteria drinks to create a healthy and high-quality dairy consumption experience for consumers. (issued by the company)


Shanghai Disneyland Resort and McDonald’s China have reached a strategic alliance for several years


Today, Shanghai Disneyland Resort and McDonald’s China announced that they have reached a strategic alliance agreement. The two sides will cooperate for several years around happy paradise meal. The brand-new McDonald’s Happy Meal toys inspired by the iconic scenic spots of the resort and classic Disney friends were also launched recently. They will be delivered with meals in designated McDonald’s restaurants in mainland China from now on to March 29, 2022. (issued by the company)


Ajisen China expects to turn losses into profits in 2021


Ajisen China announced on the date that the group is expected to record a profit of about 5 million yuan to 40 million yuan for the year ended December 31, 2021. The board of Directors believes that the better financial performance of Ajisen China compared with the same period in 2020 is mainly due to the increase in revenue compared with last year; Close loss making stores to improve overall profitability. (company announcement)


Lele tea launches affordable products


Recently, official account of Lele tea announced that Lele tea will produce less than 20 yuan, and the lowest price product will be as low as 8 yuan. Lele tea said that the price of Dakou series products is due to the sharp reduction in the cost of raw materials due to the non use of cheese. (


“Spring changes the vitality of the forest”


Recently, the “spring Limited Cherry Blossom White Grape bubble water” of Yuanqi forest returned. In this return, Yuanqi forest also launched a new packaging “warm change surprise bottle”. Under the low temperature state, the original white cherry blossom mark on the bottle will slowly turn into a romantic light pink, and small cherry blossoms will “bloom” on the bottle, giving consumers the enjoyment of beauty. (Moketing)


Fonterra high-end cheese brand introduced into the Chinese market


Tiktok group, the New Zealand dairy company, will officially introduce China’s high-end cheese brand KAPITI into the Chinese market for the first time in the fourth import fair. It has been listed in Jingdong, jitter and some boutique Super channels, and further meets the growing demand for high-end cheese products in China. (issued by the company)


Dali food group actively promotes the development of soybean milk industry


Recently, “two cups of milk per day · healthy double protein 2022 China soybean milk industry nutrition and health development forum” opened in Beijing. Tian Zong, vice president of Dali group, said: it is Dali’s mission to provide people with natural and high nutritional quality soy milk without additives. It is also a Dali program for national protein science food in China. So far, douben bean has grown into a leading brand of soybean milk in China. It adheres to natural without adding, and has formed a diversified product matrix. (issued by the company)

Feihe Leng Youbin said he would do standard construction


Recently, Leng Youbin, chairman of Feihe, said in an exclusive interview that Feihe will mainly do three things in the future: first, strengthen scientific and technological innovation and more accurately develop milk powder more suitable for the physique of Chinese consumers; Second, on the basis of research and development, increase investment in the whole population and products in the whole life cycle, and develop more and better products; Third, do standard construction, form enterprise standards and group standards, and promote the development of the whole industry. (surging)


New hope Liu Yonghao proposed “special action for grain saving”


Recently, Liu Yonghao, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of new hope group, put forward the “special action for grain saving”, that is, to achieve the goal of saving 1% of grain consumption every year by improving the comprehensive efficiency of feed use, and suggested that breeding enterprises across the country take action together. (Interface)

Xu Fuji donated candy products to help Dongguan fight epidemic

Today, after understanding the needs of the front-line epidemic prevention work, Xu Fuji took positive action, delivered 1029 boxes of sugar dot products worth more than 400000 yuan to Dongguan Red Cross Society, and donated them to the staff of the front-line epidemic prevention work, so as to contribute to the epidemic prevention work and practice social responsibility with practical actions. (issued by the company)


Sales volume for equity milk powder company bubs is deeply bound with China’s purchasing channels


Bubs Australia Ltd disclosed to the market yesterday that in order to expand China’s consumer base, it signed an equity investment agreement with Hong Kong Willis trading company, a related entity of alpha enterprise, the company’s primary enterprise purchasing partner, in order to form a “strategic alliance”. According to the announcement, bubs and Willis have signed a conditional share subscription agreement and will issue up to 29.54 million additional shares to each other, accounting for about 4.82% of the current total share capital. The premise is that alpha group will purchase at least a $50 million worth of bubs products in fiscal year 2022 and a $80 million to $120 million in fiscal year 2023. (Aohua Finance Online)


McDonald’s raises the price of Japanese hamburgers


Today, McDonald’s Japan announced that from March 14, the price of hamburger in the Japanese market will rise by 20 yen to 130 yen, and the price of Chicken Nuggets will also rise by 10 yen to 590 yen. McDonald’s said about 80% of its products, including Big Macs, French fries and happy meal, would not change their prices. The company also pointed out that the prices of other raw materials, including beef, and labor costs are rising. (Bloomberg)


Costco’s second quarter revenue increased 16% year-on-year to $519


Wholesale retailer Costco’s second quarter revenue and profit exceeded Wall Street’s expectations as consumers returned to offline stores and made large purchases of high margin goods such as jewelry and household goods. In the second quarter, Costco’s total revenue increased by 16% year-on-year to $51.9 billion. For the quarter ended February 13, net income increased to $1.3 billion from $951 million in the same period last year. (Reuters)


Diageo suspends exports to Russia and Ukraine


Today, Diageo, a British wine company, said it had suspended exports to Ukraine and Russia. A spokesman for the company said its primary task was to ensure the safety of its employees in Ukraine and the pan region. (Reuters)


Resumption of production of lantris Ukrainian factory


Recently, dairy giant Lactalis has resumed production at a factory in southern Ukraine. The spokesman said the plant “can operate again, but at a slower speed”. The company has three factories in Ukraine, and two other factories in northern and eastern Ukraine are still open, but production is limited. The sales volume of Randles business in the country is about 100 million euros. (Just Food)


Nestle reopens Ukrainian factories and warehouses


Recently, Nestle said it had reopened its factories and warehouses in central and western Ukraine, hoping to ensure the basic food and beverage supply in Ukraine. “We are trying to reopen some supply channels and distribute products to retailers under the condition of safety. The latest information is that this should be possible,” a Nestle spokesman said (Reuters)


Kirin has invested nearly $900 million in health products and drugs


Recently, the president of kylin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will invest nearly US $6.5 billion in kylin health in 2024. According to the three-year plan released in February, this will be slightly higher than half of the 180 billion yen for projects such as development and plant upgrading. (Nikkei Asia)


Merlin entertainment obtained the brand operation license of Cadbury chocolate theme park


Recently, Merlin entertainment has obtained the operation right and brand license of its chocolate theme park Cadbury world in Birmingham, UK, authorized by Yizi international. Merlin entertainment will take over Cadbury world’s website, its employees and all operational decisions, and hold the right to use Cadbury world’s brand in the UK. (leisure opportunities)


The retail business of impossible foods continues to expand


Recently, plant meat company imposible Foods announced the launch of two new products in the United States: wild nuggies plant-based chicken nuggets and Breakfast “sausage” pie. The launch of new products continues to promote the rapid expansion of the brand’s retail business, and the brand has raised a total investment of US $2 billion. At the end of 2021, impossible foods reported an 85% increase in quarterly retail revenue and added plant-based meatballs, sausages and chicken nuggets to its product portfolio. (vegconomist)


PepsiCo provides free skill improvement courses for employees


Recently, PepsiCo announced to establish a partnership with guild education to provide more than 100 debt free education and skill improvement projects for employees. PepsiCo will pay tuition, book fees and various expenses, provided that employees need to stay in the company for one year after completing the course. (HR BREW)


Quick reading of food industry information


The three business departments of meituan set up a central office with unified functions


Last week, the Chinese food group and the American food group established three unified functions, including human affairs and financial affairs. In terms of human resources, meituan selects the person in charge of human resources Liu Dongwei for overall management; In terms of finance, the three business departments have established a class committee for joint management; In terms of public affairs, Ren Kui, vice president of meituan, is in charge. (latepost later)


The expansion of HEMA neighborhood slows down, which will optimize the cost from many aspects


Many people close to hemalin Li said that next, hemalin Li will reduce costs and refine operations from many aspects. At present, more than 1500 self pick-up stores have been opened in HEMA linli. Recently, stores with dense flow of people and poor business conditions, such as those not located at the entrance and exit of the community, have been relocated. (latepost later)

The number of permanent residents in Guangdong continued to grow


At the end of 2021, the permanent resident population of Guangdong Province was 126.84 million, an increase of 600000 over the end of the previous year; The annual birth population was 1183100, with a birth rate of 9.35 ‰ – the birth population accounted for more than 10% of the country, and the birth rate was nearly 2 percentage points higher than the national average. (Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Statistics)



BiliBili’s fourth quarter net turnover increased by 51% to 5.781 billion yuan


BiliBili announced its fourth quarter results yesterday. The total net turnover during the period was 5.781 billion yuan, an increase of 51% year-on-year, slightly better than the market expected 5.742 billion yuan; The net loss is about 2.088 billion yuan, narrowing by 22% year-on-year; Average monthly active users (MAU) and average daily active users (dau) reached 272 million and 72.2 million respectively, with an annual increase of 35% and 34% respectively, while the market is expected to be 271 million and 72.9 million. (Economic Daily)

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