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Master Kang officially announced the launch of environmentally friendly drinks and launched a “no label first shot”!

Yesterday, Master Kang held the Forum on carbon reduction, environmental protection and sustainable development and the release conference of Master Kang’s unlabeled products in Shanghai, and officially announced its two unlabeled PET bottle packaged drinks, including sugar free iced black tea and lemon flavored iced black tea.

Chen yingrang, chief executive of Master Kong Holdings, said at the press conference that Master Kong launched the industry’s first bottle free low-carbon environmental protection packaging product in order to meet the low-carbon living needs of consumers. The company hopes to make low-carbon environmental protection products a part of consumers’ green consumption and green life. He also revealed that in 2020, the greenhouse gas per 10000 boxes of products of Master Kang decreased by 22% compared with 2017.

Han Bin, Secretary General of the China network of the United Nations Global Compact organization, also participated in the activity by video. He said that he looked forward to Master Kang, as a member of the United Nations Global Compact, taking the lead in releasing bottle free environmental protection packaging products, which could drive and promote the innovation of green development of more enterprises, and promote green consumption to become a new fashion trend.

Stand up to the tide

As the first label free product in the domestic beverage industry, Master Kang “tested the water” with its core 10 billion level product, Master Kang iced black tea, which also shows its determination and confidence in reducing carbon.

Chen yingrang said that Master Kang upgraded the group’s concept of sustainable development to “evergreen home, health is a blessing”, continued to strive to find new opportunities and driving forces from green development, and established a sustainable development committee at the group level to continuously promote energy conservation and emission reduction in the whole industrial chain through the implementation of special projects for energy conservation and emission reduction.

Chen yingrang, chief executive officer of Master Kong Holdings

“I hope today’s small attempt can lead more business partners to explore the path of green, low-carbon and sustainable development, give birth to more low-carbon and environmental protection products, and promote the formation of a new green consumption fashion with the participation of hundreds of millions of consumers.” He said.

It is understood that under the current trend of countries around the world actively exploring the sustainable development path of plastics and plastic products, Master Kang also accelerated the promotion of full link plastic management in multiple links, including beverage bottle body, label and outer packaging. At the same time, drawing on the advanced experience of global partners, he expanded the scope of carbon inventory to the upstream raw materials and downstream channel partners, Lay a solid foundation for comprehensive carbon reduction.

In this regard, Zhang Jinze, President of China Beverage Industry Association, said that the recovery rate of PET beverage bottles in China has been at the international leading level and has a good basis for pet recovery, but there are still many things to be done on the road of realizing green, low-carbon, environmental protection and sustainable development. He also pointed out that Master Kang’s bold attempt to promote label free products in China’s beverage industry has made a good start for enterprises in China’s beverage industry to practice green, low-carbon and environmental protection development, which is of positive demonstration significance.

Chen Junshi, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, also believes that this is a meaningful measure of Master Kang in response to the United Nations proposal to change the food system in 2021. “A sustainable food system involves not only a safe, nutritious and healthy food supply, but also reducing carbon emissions and protecting the earth”.

Follow the trend

Although Master Kang only launched the “water test” of unlabeled drinks on a small scale, environmentally friendly packaged drinks have become one of the new trends that can not be ignored in the global market.

Xiaoshidai noted that innova’s market insight mentioned in the “one earth” report released last month that “one earth” is the primary trend of innova’s market insight into the “Top Ten Trends of global food and beverage in 2022”, and environmental protection certification is the product information that consumers first want to know.

According to innova’s global new product database, the release speed of new food and beverage products with environmental protection claims is three times that of the whole industry. “From the specific environmental issue of ‘plastic waste’, the compound annual growth rate of new products packaged with recycled plastic in recent five years is as high as + 59%.” The report said.

After gaining insight into consumers’ demands for environmental protection, food and beverages are taking positive action. For example, globally, the compound annual growth rate of new products with water-saving or carbon emission claims in recent five years is close to + 50%. Many manufacturers have added specific data to the product claims.

Innova market insight also pointed out that “upcycling” is also becoming one of the most concerned concepts in the field of sustainable development. The average annual compound growth rate of new products containing upgrading raw materials in the past five years has reached three digits.

It is understood that in addition to the launch of the first unlabeled beverage, Master Kang beverage division and PepsiCo beverage division also launched an r-PET (recyclable PET) project to recycle the waste PET bottles and waste bottle embryos produced in the production process. It is estimated that about 6000 tons of waste PET can be recycled every year.

With the further popularization and promotion of unlabeled drinks in the market and the subsequent participation of more food and beverage enterprises in environmental protection and carbon reduction actions, more new food and beverage products with environmentally friendly packaging are expected to appear in the domestic market in the future.

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