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Panpan food: 26 years of persistence in building Winter Olympic quality

create Winter Olympic quality with strict standards.
On February 20, the 2022 Winter Olympic Games officially closed. As an unprecedented double Olympic City, it is destined that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will become the focus of attention all over the world from the opening to the closing, from the inside to the outside, from athletes to staff, from the event to the surrounding.
China China China delicacy, Bing dwen dwen, Chinese elements, ice pier since the opening of the Winter Olympics. It has been loved by athletes, media reporters and netizens from all over the world, setting off an upsurge and exploding all over the world. After entering the Winter Olympic Village, delegations from various countries also exclaimed: “the Winter Olympic village is so beautiful! The Chinese Olympic Games are so great! Chinese food is so delicious!”
conquering taste buds
snacks are also “out of the circle”
As the official sponsor and exclusive supplier of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Panpan food has specially developed 32 varieties of products for the Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games in the Olympic village where athletes live, in order to make global athletes, many heads of state, coaches, volunteers and staff of the Winter Olympic Games eat delicious food of international high level and high standard The rest rooms of the competition venues, the hotels where international officials stayed and the reception site of the state banquet were eaten in many places, which were highly praised by foreign players, media reporters and staff.
Athletes were excited by the first experience of the Winter Olympic Village and expressed their love for the Winter Olympic village with vlog. In the vlog for Czech athletes to shoot the first experience of the Winter Olympic Village, Panpan products left the country in C places. Small snack banks excite British athletes. Swiss athletes incarnated in the Winter Olympic experience vlog, praising the category and delicacy of Panpan food and saying that “they taste very sweet”
A wide range of Panpan food has become the focus of athletes’ “Sun tasting brochures” from all over the world, and praise words such as “considerate, grateful and delicious” are full of social circles. Panpan food conquers the taste buds of athletes with delicious food, and successfully goes out of the circle, which also shows the quality and strength of Chinese brands to the world.
strict standards create Winter Olympic quality
The wonderful performance of athletes in one minute on the field is the experience of ten years off the field. Panpan food can be recognized by consumers. The shining Winter Olympic Games also stems from its strict standard of 360 degree “no dead corner” and its adherence to high quality.
It is reported that, as the designated snack sponsor of the Winter Olympic Games, in order to ensure the food safety of the Winter Olympic Games, let everyone eat delicious food of international high level and high standard. At the request of the International Olympic Committee and the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games, during the Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games, Panpan food supplied 32 products to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games, involving bread (5), cake (7), nuts and dried fruit (4), convenience food (4), biscuits (2), puffing (7), sauce brine (2) Cooked aquatic products (paragraph 1) and other food categories. After nearly one year of research and development, the formula of instant oatmeal bar and frozen dried oatmeal bar have been specially developed and tested, among which the formula of instant oatmeal bar has been confirmed to be safe. Among them, the instant noodle adopts the freeze-drying technology, and the finished instant noodle takes into account the characteristics of nutritious original juice, no loss of original flavor and convenience to the greatest extent. Dried fruit, nuts, eggs, etc. are added to the oatmeal bar to balance nutrition and supplement physical fitness conveniently and quickly.
On October 21, 2020, after rigorous review at all levels, Panpan food relied on its excellent product quality, high sense of social responsibility, brand concept in line with the Olympic spirit, and its rich experience in serving the BRICs meeting, Boao Forum, Shanghai Cooperation summit and other international conferences, The Beijing Olympic Winter Games and the Paralympic Winter Games were officially sponsored by Panhe food, the official sponsor of the 2022 Olympic Winter Games.
In order to ensure the quality, safety and supply of products, Panpan food has independently implemented the supply capacity of products for Austria. In the middle and late December of 2021, the group sent a special management team to assist factory 2 in strictly implementing the “six special requirements”, and organized self inspection and self correction in production, security, safety and stability control, epidemic prevention measures and other aspects under the supervision of Anhui provincial, municipal and county (District) market supervision and management departments. The group sent a special management team to assist the factory in strictly implementing the responsibility for special raw materials and special personnel “Six special requirements” such as special line production, special warehouse storage, special vehicle transportation and special escort shall be strictly controlled to ensure food safety.  
With the strict standards of Panpan food and the high-quality efforts of the team, Panpan food finally succeeded in providing more than 20 million packages of Panpan nuts, bread, biscuits, instant noodles, marinated eggs and other 32 varieties to Beijing Winter Olympic Village, stadium and Winter Olympic Hotel. It made every effort to ensure the food supply during the Winter Olympic Games and was widely praised by the Olympic Village and netizens, Become the shining star of the Winter Olympics.
promotion of Winter Olympics activities
promotion of ice and snow sports
In addition to helping the site of the Winter Olympic Games, it has become the favorite of athletes. Panpan food also strives to promote the same frequency resonance between the whole people and the Winter Olympics, vigorously promote a series of Winter Olympics activities, and help “300 million people participate in ice and snow sports”.
It is understood that Panpan food promotes Winter Olympic ice and snow sports in the form of “North ice South Exhibition” by creating Winter Olympic ice and snow exhibitions in Fujian and other regions. At the same time, it also sponsors the super designated skiing open to provide sufficient product supplies for ice and snow lovers from all over the country. In order to carry out a variety of innovative events, hold the “Panpan Winter Olympics lecture hall” into colleges and universities, carry out the baking competition with the proposition of “interpreting the highlights of the Winter Olympics with shapes”, and bring rhythm to the Winter Olympics together with college students. In order to let more people know about the Winter Olympics and actively pay attention to the Winter Olympics, Panpan food and TVB sports channel jointly create the activity of “I hope you answer the Winter Olympics”. I hope you are happy, Invite the general public to participate in answering questions to help the Winter Olympics.

During the Spring Festival and Winter Olympics, Panpan food exclusively titled the large-scale Winter Olympics youth ice and snow variety show “ice and snow dream group” to meet the national audience on CCTV children’s channel and Olympic Channel.

brand confidence
comes from 26 years of adherence to
“With the continuous development and growth of the enterprise, thanks to the support of all sectors of society, the enterprise has shouldered more social responsibilities after becoming the official sponsor of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games.” Cai Jinlong, chairman of Panpan food, said that Panpan food will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of “our food is for our relatives” and “it is not a high-quality product, so as to help the majority of consumers’ health and quality of life continue to improve, and display the style of national brands on the international stage.
As a well-known national brand, Panpan food has grown from a small rural food factory in 1996 to the top 500 in Asia with 17 large modern production bases, from obscurity to the first drafting unit of the regulation on retrospective management of leisure food circulation, from Fujian Longtou enterprise to China’s well-known trademark to China’s top 100 brands in the food industry, from the BRICs meeting The service providers of Boao Forum and Shanghai Cooperation summit have become the official sponsors of the Winter Olympic Games, all of which show the adherence of national brands to quality.
Meng Suhe, President of China Society of food science and technology, said that the growth of Panpan food has clearly witnessed the rise of the leading talent matrix in China’s food industry from one side, and promoted the three important historical stages of China’s food industry from food and clothing to well-off and then to health and safety. The 40 years have gone through the 100 year course of developed countries.
From professional events to mass sports, Panpan food makes the Olympic spirit and healthy life complement each other and complement each other, and helps the national nutrition and health cause and the ice and snow cause to a new level. Finally, it reflects the rise and self-confidence of national brands.
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