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Heavyweight Yizi International announced 10 start-ups shortlisted in 2022colab course, and the innovation behind the products deserves attention

colab course aims to look at the significance of innovation from an objective perspective and promote the creation of a snack world that is beneficial to mankind, friendly to the earth and full of fun.

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On March 1, 2022 Chicago time, Yizi international Mondel ē Snackfutures, Z International’s innovation and venture capital center, announced that it was selected into the ten brands of the colab course in 2022. It is reported that after careful planning, the colab course can provide emerging brands with the resources and technical experience usually needed in the early growth stage – including consumer data and innovation insight, as well as guidance and support in the operation fields of raw material procurement, manufacturing, packaging and marketing.
Snackfutures was officially established by Yizi international in November 2018. It aims to create a snack world beneficial to mankind and society and full of fun by insight into consumption trends, integrating talents, professional knowledge, science and technology, and tapping the great potential of small industries. Previously, foodaily also tracked and reported on relevant projects for many times. The colab project has been launched since 2021. This is the second session. This is a 12 week course. Each course recruits 10 start-ups. In addition to providing the above courses that can help them learn, grow and succeed, the start-ups participating in the project will also receive US $20000 in learning funds.
Next, foodaily will show you the elegant demeanor of the ten brands selected in the colab course in 2022.
Bunny James Boxes,
Personalized snack box
Founder Lonny James started his business in 2016. At first, he just wanted to provide convenient ways for office employees to get healthy snacks, so he invented a special vending machine and distributed it in major corporate buildings. Later, in order to transfer a large amount of inventory, he decided to put the goods into customized boxes for online sales, including high protein food boxes for fitness lovers and non GM health food boxes for workers… With the growth of business, they developed special food boxes for allergic patients, vegetarians and ketogenic dieters, and even developed special food boxes for relatives Advanced custom gift boxes for employees and customers.
Source: bunnyjamesboxes Facebook
Lonny James named this kind of box “rabbit James”, which was inspired by the story he saw when he was 25. A rabbit named Harvey was suddenly besieged by sheep after being brought back to the farm by a farmer, but Harvey did not fear or shrink back, but fought back bravely, and even drove the sheep like a leader.
Lonny James felt that the rabbit was like their team. No matter who the team members were or where they came from, everyone was the master of fate and broke the shackles of society, “you are you!”
Every Body Eat,
Eliminate 14 allergic ingredients and break dietary restrictions
When two souls with the same experience and the same ideal fit together, every body eat was born.
After giving birth to her first child, Trish Thomas, the founder, developed obesity, hair loss and fatigue. Eating shrimp and red wine even took her to an ambulance. Since then, she began to pay attention to her diet and found that when she did not eat corn, dairy products and gluten, her sleep, face and health improved. Therefore, it became her goal to make food without dietary restrictions.
Another founder, Nichole Wilson, found that his children suffered from severe lactose intolerance, his husband was allergic to eggs and shellfish, and he was also allergic to dairy products and gluten. In order to protect the food safety of the family, Nichole began to make special foods, such as snacks without dairy products, to protect the family from pain and discomfort.
When the two founders met, they hit it off and quickly developed a cooperative relationship. They established every body eat, excluding 14 ingredients that lead to allergy and intolerance, such as wheat gluten, dairy products and sulfite. They chose gluten free protein, non GM ingredients, spice mixtures and other materials, aiming to make delicious snacks that everyone can enjoy and break the dietary restrictions, Meet diversified dietary needs.
Source: everybody eating pinterest
Make traditional banana bread more natural and healthy
The start-up brand was inspired by two female students at the University of Michigan, Morgan Lerner and Annie slabotsky. They found that there was a lack of delicious and healthy food on campus, especially baked goods. Therefore, focusing on their favorite banana bread, the two carried out a three-year recipe improvement test on the basis of traditional recipes, and finally developed a delicious dish gonanas made of natural and simple raw materials.
Gonanas is characterized by being pure, gluten free and nut free. Instead of traditional and exquisite ingredients, gonanas can enable consumers to eat healthy bread without burden and restraint and enjoy a “light” life.
In addition, as a company founded by women, they are committed to cooperating with enterprises founded by other women to establish relationships, develop communities, jointly complete the mission of women’s empowerment, and provide everyone with healthy food that can meet both dietary and physical needs.
Source: vegnews
Using the power of food to deal with the earth’s climate change
When the founder Julia Collins learned that she wanted to be a mother, she had a lingering idea: “how to create a better world for the little life in my stomach?”
According to the survey, at least 25% of the greenhouse gases on earth come from our food. Therefore, Julia focuses on daily food and hopes to create climate friendly snacks, use the power of food to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the protection of the earth.
The moonshot brand she founded is based on renewable agricultural technology, shortens the product supply chain, uses 100% recyclable materials to make packaging, breaks through all links of food production and minimizes carbon emissions.
Source: fast company
The magic of renewable agriculture is that it can absorb carbon dioxide in the air into the soil, convert it into organic matter and store it in the soil with the help of microorganisms, so as to fix carbon and restore and regenerate the ecosystem. According to the survey, it is estimated that from 2020 to 2050, renewable agriculture can store about 18 billion tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to reducing 118 million cars per year!
Shortening factories and their distance from farms can also help reduce carbon emissions. Moonshot’s flour processing plant is located two miles from the farm, and the sales store is only 85 miles from the processing plant. As the time on the road is reduced, the food can be fresher.
Meanwhile, moonshot brand also adopts 100% recyclable packaging materials. It is reported that the next step will be to develop household compostable inner bags. This is a very difficult technical challenge – compostable packaging not only protects food for several months, but also decomposes itself at the right time. Moonshot promises that once it has the ability, it will use home compostable packaging!
Source: moonshotsnacks official website
A biscuit reduces hunger
In the United States, one in six children doesn’t know where their next meal will come from. Hunger is everywhere, and fighting hunger has become a very important thing.
Nunbelievable biscuits were inspired by a group of nuns dedicated to providing food for the hungry. On the bright colored packaging, there are dancing nuns, aiming to remember their selfless dedication.
This biscuit reduces calories. At the same time, it selects gluten free, grain free and non GM raw materials to help reduce inflammation, help lose weight and improve digestion. The brand also develops unsweetened biscuits for consumers of ketogenic diet to meet their individual needs.
In addition, for every packet of biscuits sold, the company donated a meal to areas across the country fighting hunger. Since October 2019, the brand has donated more than 1000000 meals.
source: Deli market news
Oat Haus,
The world’s first oatmeal based spread
Founder Ali Bonar has been obsessed with nutrition since childhood. She was surprised that food can change people’s feelings and regulate sleep and mood. On the long way of studying nutrition, she unexpectedly suffered from “eating disorder”.
In the process of healing her, Ali not only trains herself and enjoys the fun of food, but also works to help others with the same difficulties reduce loneliness. She looked everywhere for healthy and delicious jam that could adapt to her stomach, but it never worked. So Ali decided to create it himself, and oat Haus was born.
This is an oat based spread, which is gluten free, nut free and allergen free. It is suitable for vegetarians. There are many flavors, such as strawberry crackers, vanilla, cookies, chocolate, blueberries, etc. it can be applied to toast, salads, sandwiches, bananas and other foods to double the taste.
Source: purewow
Vegetarians can also enjoy the “meat” flavor
The inspiration of this brand comes from Pan’s trip to Malaysia.
From Malaysia to the Pacific Northwest, pan traced the history and traditions of his family and found that most of the family members are vegetarian Buddhists, who yearn for and pursue food with good taste and quality. By chance, they found that mushrooms are an excellent raw material, with both satisfactory flavor and taste, and a natural source of vitamins, cellulose and antioxidants. Knowing this, pan began to use innovative ingredients and cooking techniques to process mushrooms to create alternatives to meat food.
In 2018, pan officially launched different flavors of dried meat with mushrooms, including original flavor, pepper and salt, light burning and barbecue… This pure natural vegetarian “dried meat” based on mushrooms, which is gluten free, soy free and preservative free. It is friendly to Jews, and its taste and texture can also be comparable to that of meat. Once it was published, it has been widely praised.
Source: Green queen
Popcorn for the People,
Fight 80% unemployment in autistic communities
This is a non-profit organization that aims to create meaningful jobs for people with autism and disabilities.
The inspiration began with Samuel bier, the autistic son of Steven and Barbie bier. Samuel wanted to travel, have fun and work like others. His parents kept looking for opportunities to realize his son’s wishes, and finally found hope in a popcorn shop in East Brunswick.
The two founders decided to use popcorn, the most popular snack in the United States, to find pride and life value for their son. They recruit autistic children like their sons to participate in all links of popcorn production, cooking, packaging, transportation and sales, and use 100% of the profits to distribute wages, so that they can find satisfaction and self-worth at work.
In addition to butter, caramel and other classic flavors, popcorn also has special flavors such as cream, dark chocolate and cheese. In addition to bagged and barreled packaging, popcorn is suitable for different places. At the same time, the brand also provides customized stickers to meet the personal style of buyers.
Source: Amazon
Wonder Monday,
Make Monday special
Founders Candace and Jonathan will consider the diet plan for the next week every Sunday night. They will carefully read the ingredient list and nutrient composition list and have a little “harsh” on food. Therefore, they hope to find innovative ways to make their favorite food healthy enough.
Traditional cheesecake is rich in sugar, grains and additives, and they have to flinch. In order to eat healthy desserts, they spent more than a year developing recipes with less sugar, additives and carbon water. Wonder Monday is their crystallization. This product contains only 1g carbohydrate, 0 grain and 0 gluten. At present, the flavors on the market include classic New York flavor, salty caramel flavor, chocolate flavor and strawberry flavor.
Source: wondermonday official website
In addition to product innovation, the name of the brand also has deep meaning. Everyone doesn’t like Monday, which means the beginning of the week is full of unknown and fear. Wonder Monday represents another possibility. It is healthy and delicious. It makes us full of vitality and vitality to face and deal with the challenges in life.
Minority grain production to restore the bold flavor of West Africa
Funiomi is an ancient West African grain. Studies have shown that this grain has been cultivated for more than 5000 years. It has strong climate adaptability, exquisite taste and easy to be made into food; It is gluten free, low GI, rich in amino acids and iron, and has high nutritional value. However, due to the poor environment and market conditions in Africa, it cannot be fully developed.
Founder Pierre Thiam uses this grain to make his desired potato chips, adding cassava, sunflower seed oil, spinach, garlic, Moringa, sea salt and other raw materials to perfectly restore the bold and unique flavor characteristics of West African food.
Source: Deli market news
Bridgette wolf, director of snackfutures, said: “we are very happy to launch the second colab course. It can help us see the significance of innovation from an objective perspective. It can help create a snack world that is beneficial to mankind, friendly to the earth and full of fun.”
According to the plan, the course will officially start in April 2022. A 12 week growth storm is about to begin. With the support of bole, Qianlima’s future depends on its own insight into the market, control over product quality and adherence to the original intention of brand creation. The future can be expected!
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