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The list of finalists of the 2022 World Food Innovation Award is announced!

even though the global situation is changing, the tide of food and beverage innovation is surging!

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The finalist of the world food innovation award held by beodmedia on February 2023! The shortlist is divided into 25 award categories, and a total of more than 110 product / brand cases from all over the world have been successfully shortlisted.
The food awards hosted by Foodbev media, an authoritative British media, have always attracted much attention. They not only represent the innovative development trend of the food and beverage industry, but also point out the direction for the food and beverage brands that are exploring the way forward.
Despite the global epidemic, we still saw passionate regional flavor, bold breakthroughs in packaging design, and active exploration for more functions and more eating scenes in many shortlisted cases.
Now, let’s enjoy the style of the works shortlisted in 25 award categories!
Best artisan product
Best handmade products
Cacao Barry – WholeFruit Chocolate Evocao
image source: cacao Barry
A full fruit chocolate made by 3D printing technology, which uses 100% pure cocoa fruit, reduces the sugar content by 40%, and can be used for ice cream, smoothie, etc.
Dina Foods – Handcrafted Artisan Baklawa
Source: Dina foods
A high-quality traditional nut honey cake surrounded by crushed selected nuts and syrup rich ground spices, free of artificial colors or palm oil. Each hand-made baklawa is made of several layers of paper thin cake skins and produced by custom equipment.
Simply Ice Cream – Peanut Brittle Ice Cream
Source: simply ice cream
A nut ice cream, will be covered with caramel peanut crumbs mixed into the ice cream material, melt into a delicious sweet nut ice cream.
Cheebab – Cheebab The Original
A high protein cheese kebab made of plant chymosin, which is made of high-quality Swiss milk and cooked on the grill. It tastes crisp and does not contain preservatives.
Best children’s product
Best children’s products
Eat the Change – Cosmic Carrot Chews
Source: eat the change
A new chewy snack for children, carrots are flavored with fruit juice, each containing 60 calories. The light flavor of orange and mango is perfect with the natural flavor of carrots.
Little Dish – Fresh Food For Kids
Source: little dish
A pasta package for children aged 12 to 36 months. Tomato paste made from a large number of tomatoes can enhance immunity and promote bone health. Provide fresh and nutritious meals for children and help parents reduce meal preparation time.
Sprout Organic – Plant Based Infant Formula
Source: sprout organic
An infant formula containing only plant and organic ingredients, which is based on rice starch and does not contain common allergen soybean.
Best convenience innovation
Best convenience food innovation
Yili muselibowl fancy milk oats
Source: Yili
High fiber oatmeal small blue bowl, add hot water / milk / coffee and brew for 3 minutes. It is rich in 7.6g high fiber and 9.5g protein, which makes it light as a substitute meal.
Liberation Cocktails – Pisco Sour
Source: Liberty cocktails
A cocktail carefully prepared by top bartenders. It is made of the best spirits, Brazilian lime and a little sucrose. It is pure natural, no artificial and no additives.
BettaF! sh – TU-NAH
A sandwich convenience food brought by Europe’s leading seafood substitute brand, which is 100% plant-based, more delicious, healthier and has the taste of childhood.
Best drink concept
Best beverage concept
Good Rootz – SAPINCA
image source: sapinca
A beverage with rhizome as raw material, which is handmade from rhizome plants in South America. It provides consumers with rich and exquisite flavor through unique flavor stratification of raw materials. Rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, 100% natural, no additives.
Liberation Cocktails – On-Tap
Image source: supermag
A ready to use cocktail, liberty cocktails eliminates the pressure of time constraints and the need for a large number of ingredients and equipment by providing faucet cocktail products, cocktail trolleys and mobile “magic walls”.
Best food concept
Best food concept
ALDI-exclusive Emporium Selection Cheese Fries
image source: aldireviewer
A cheese and French fries. The product uses halloumi, a Middle East cheese with strong salty taste from Cyprus, as the raw material. The product has the characteristics of high melting point and will not become viscous and flowing when heated.
Frostkrone Food – Ready to Eat
Source: Anuga
A ready to eat snack. This series of snacks has a variety of different ingredient combinations, with vegetables or cheese or vegetable cheese as the sandwich, covered with bread crumb coating, with seeds, grains, etc.
Grace Foods – Irie Eats
Source: irieeats
A series of Caribbean Street flavor instant foods, which bring Jamaican Caribbean Street cuisine to home, suitable for vegetarians. At present, there are five products in this series: four sets and one pea rice.
Best functional product
Best functional product
Chic-kles Gum – Slim and Fit Probiotic Gum
image source: chicklesgum
A slimming probiotic gum containing Bifidobacterium bpl1 helps reduce fat and waist circumference. Every two products contain 1 * 10 ^ 10 Bifidobacterium bpl1 and 1.5mg zinc.
REBBL – Stacked Coffee
picture source: rebbl
It mainly focuses on coffee series functional drinks rich in natural plant ingredients. Caffeine and L-theanine can provide energy for consumers; Lion mane, Ganoderma lucidum and cream oat milk can enhance immunity.
The Naked Collective – Mude
Source: Ardagh group
A range of functional bubble drinks. The product is brewed from grain and is rich in minerals and B vitamins. The whole series includes five flavors, which correspond to five functions: calmness (relaxation), work (improving attention and thinking clarity), entertainment (maintaining energy), sleep (soothing nerves) and enhancing immunity.
Zeno Functional Foods – SOBAR
Source: food manufacturing
A protein bar that can reduce alcohol absorption, low sucrose, high protein and high fiber, is more effective in reducing alcohol absorption than many other foods.
Float Foods – OnlyEg Yolk
It is a plant-based egg yolk. The product is an egg yolk substitute made of beans. Its nutritional value is similar to that of ordinary egg yolk. At the same time, it does not contain cholesterol, hormones and drug residues.
Phytaphix – COVMPAQ
A capsule rich in plant nutrients. The product is made of 7 kinds of plants and is rich in vitamin B12, vitamin D and magnesium, which helps to maintain immune health and supplement body energy. The product is 100% botanical, suitable for vegetarians, gluten free, very low in carbohydrates and sugar.
Best health or wellness drink
Best health / health drink
Source: I am Nutri
The nutritional cereal ready to drink beverage series uses oats, quinoa and wheat as three main raw materials, which are rich in protein, fiber, minerals and antioxidants.
Kabocha Milk Co – Kabochamilk
Source: NZ Herald
A unique vegetable milk made from kabocha, a Japanese pumpkin with vitamins A, C β- High content of carotene, iron and fiber.
Biotiful – Kefir Coconut
Source: biotiful
A kefir yogurt fermented with coconut milk, without added sugar, high protein, high calcium, high vitamin B content, intestinal friendly and supporting the immune system.
Barry Callebaut – Elix
Source: Barry Callebaut
The first nutritional and health fruit juice made of 100% cocoa fruit launched by Baile jialibao has a strong fruit flavor and contains flavanol to promote the health of the circulatory system.
The Naked Collective – Mude
A range of functional bubble drinks. The product is brewed from grain and is rich in minerals and B vitamins. The whole series includes five flavors, which correspond to five functions: calmness (relaxation), work (improving attention and thinking clarity), entertainment (maintaining energy), sleep (soothing nerves) and enhancing immunity.
Best health or wellness food
Best health / health food
Banza – Banza Supreme Pizza
Image source: banza
A chickpea pizza with cheese and pastry. Made entirely from chickpeas, it is suitable for vegetarians. Made from beyond meat’s vegetable sausage and “follow your heart” cheese without dairy products.
Heura Foods – Heura Burger
Source: heura foods
A 100% plant-based hamburger meat, which is mainly made of pea protein and added with plant fiber. Each 100g product contains 15.1g protein.
ALDI – exclusive L’oven Fresh Protein Bread
Aldi exclusive high protein bread contains 10 grams of plant protein and only 4 grams of net carbohydrates. It can be used as breakfast toast and sandwich.
Float Foods – OnlyEg White
A plant-based whole egg substitute made of bean protein, which can replicate the yolk and protein components of real eggs without cholesterol, hormones and drug residues.
Best healthy snacking innovation
Best healthy snack innovation
Borna Foods Ltd – Fibre-Packed Vegan Trail Mixes
Source: Borna foods
A range of snack packs that combine dried fruits and nuts, rich in nutrition and flavor, are ideal for healthy snacks or baking and cooking ingredients.
Daily Crunch – Sprouted Almonds
Photo source: snake and backery
A germinated nut snack not only improves the nutritional value of nuts, but also improves the taste of nuts and makes them easier to digest. It is only made of three kinds of raw materials. The formula does not add oil and salt and does not undergo any form of baking. It is suitable for ketogenic diet, primitive diet and vegetarians.
Dolfin (UK) Ltd – My Sweet Chickpea
Source: dolfin
This is a baked chickpea snack. The surface of chickpea is wrapped with different kinds of chocolate. The product is rich in plant fiber and protein. There are currently seven flavors.
Frostkrone Food Group – Ready to Eat – Beetroot Snacks
A beetroot snack cup, the cover can be re sealed, easy to carry, and the packaging is cool, suitable for the young snack generation.
ALDI – exclusive Park Street Deli Cauliflower Dips
A cauliflower dipping sauce, each containing only 3 net carbohydrates and 60 calories, is especially suitable for ketogenic diet.
Best indulgence product
Best enjoy products
Source: trivium packaging
Trivium focuses on high-quality and infinitely recyclable metal bottles. Trivium’s aluminum bottles provide ultimate sustainability, unlimited recyclability, and the convenience of resealable packaging.
TSC Food Products GmbH – Baileys Dessert
Source: TSC
A Bailey sweet dessert. The product enjoys two layers of light and breathable fluffy Bailey sweet and exquisite cappuccino cream on the base of Bailey sweet soaked sponge cake, covered with classic Ganache chocolate.  
ALDI – exclusive liveGfree Gluten Free Holiday Donuts
A holiday style doughnut, which is gluten free and tastes like cranberry, gingerbread and pumpkin.
Borna Foods – Chocolate Spread
A low sweetness chocolate sauce that doubles the natural reduced fat cocoa powder (15%) content of ordinary chocolate sauce, and adds cocoa butter, cashew nuts and hazelnuts, as well as a small amount of coconut sugar.
Best snacking Innovation
Best snack innovation
Oumph! – Oumph! Crispy Buffalo Bites
Source: oumph!
A vegetarian beef nugget made from soybeans, seasoned with slightly sour buffalo sauce and covered with crispy cornflakes.
Mitsuba Seaweed Crisps
image source: Mitsubishi
A pure plant seaweed potato chip. The product is pure plant potato chips made of seaweed, sea salt and other seasonings, without animal materials and monosodium glutamate.
Superfoodio Limited – Peanut Butter Buttons
Image source: superfoodio
A portable mini peanut butter bag. This product is light and easy to carry. It can be eaten without a spoon. Peanut butter is made of natural materials, and the packaging can be recycled.
Tarwi Foods – Lummus
Source: tarwi
A plant-based dip, made from lupin and natural spices, has lower heat and fat content and higher protein and fiber content than traditional chickpea puree.
Frostkrone Food Group – Ready to Eat – Curry Mango Snacks
A curry mango vegetarian snack made of mango, apple, carrot, curry, coriander, coconut slices and flaxseed.
GURME212 – Sun Dried Tomato Marinated Cauliflower Crisps
A tomato cauliflower dry vegetarian crispy snack, low calorie and low-carbon water, healthy and burden free, suitable for people who lose weight and ketogenic dieters.
Best ingredient innovation
Best ingredient innovation
Perfect Day – Animal-Free Milk Protein
Source: Green queen
A “programmed” genetically engineered yeast produces milk protein without animal origin, lactose free and non genetically modified food.
BettaF! sh – TU-NAH
A sandwich convenience food brought by Europe’s leading seafood substitute brand, which is 100% plant-based, more delicious, healthier and has the taste of childhood.
Blue Sky Botanics – Baobab Fruit Purée
A puree made of 100% organic baobab fruit powder, rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, calcium and potassium, with a strong citrus flavor.
Float Foods – OnlyEg Yolk
A plant-based egg yolk. It is an egg yolk substitute made of beans. Its nutritional value is similar to that of ordinary egg yolk, and it does not contain cholesterol, hormones and drug residues.
Best low-or-no product
Best low / no product
Source: kinohimitsu
A healthy and nutritious 100% double stewed pure chicken essence. It is made from 180 day old free range chicken stewed and extracted under high pressure. This product does not contain antibiotics, hormones and preservatives. This product has the effects of enhancing immunity, antioxidation and anti-aging. It can increase food nutrition and improve taste.
The Naked Collective – So. Beer
Source: lovin Dublin
A non-alcoholic light beer designed for consumers looking for non-alcoholic and low sugar drinks. This drink is brewed from grain and tastes exactly the same as beer.
Float Foods – OnlyEg Shreds
A plant-based egg substitute. This product synthesizes the protein and other substances extracted from plants into egg substitutes, so that the product is nutritious and healthy without animal ingredients.
Best natural food or organic product
Best natural / organic products
Source: oceanfruit
A ready to eat marine salad made of organic seaweed, vegetables and seasonings, used with pasta or other foods.
Better Nature – Tempeh Mince
This is an organic Douchi, which is an ideal way to obtain protein in plant form. It is used for food seasoning to make the taste more delicious.
Sozye – Noya Sauce
A soy sauce substitute, brewed with seaweed instead of soybeans, without gluten and allergens, can be used for food seasoning.
Best plant-based beverage
Best plant-based beverage
Kabocha Milk Co. – Kabochamilk
Source: kabochamilk
A unique vegetable milk made from kabocha, a Japanese pumpkin with vitamins A, C β- High content of carotene, iron and fiber.
Biotiful – Plant Based Oat Kefir Mango
Source: the grocer
A plant Kiy Phil yogurt, made from oats and probiotics, fruit, contains vitamin B12, without gluten, sugar and artificial flavoring pigments.
Hope and Sesame – Unsweetened Vanilla Chilled Sesamemilk
Source: bevnet
A frozen and “storeroom friendly” sesame vegetable milk. Each product contains 8 grams of complete protein, is certified gluten free, and contains no soybeans and dairy products.
Image source: rebbl
A functional soda drink, which relies on plant ingredients to support immunity enhancement and digestive system health. It can be used as a healthy alternative to traditional soda.
Best plant-based food product
Best plant-based food
Better Nature – Smoky Tempeh Rashers
Source: the vegan kind
It is a pure traditional Indonesian food rich in protein and fiber, mainly made of soybean and water.
La Vie – Vegan Bacon
image source: La Vie
A 100% vegan bacon, rich in protein, the main ingredient of the formula is non GM soybeans.
The Plant Based Seafood Co. – Mind Blown Dusted Scallops
Source: GTFO itsvegan
A kind of instant vegetarian scallop, which can be eaten after heating for two minutes. It is made of konjac powder, vegetable gum, plant roots and so on.
Beyond Meat – Beyond Burger
A vegan beef burger, a blend of coconut oil, cocoa butter, peas, mung beans and rice protein provides the chewiness and juicy taste of traditional ground beef patties.
DSM Food & Beverage – Maxavor ® Fish YE
A plant-based vegetarian fish substitute (vegetarian fish nuggets and vegetarian fish sauce) relies on seaweed oil to simulate the real fish flavor.
Heura Foods – Mediterranean Chunks
A Mediterranean style vegetarian pickled with oregano, thyme, basil, rosemary and other delicious spices. It is made of non GM soybeans and tastes like chicken.
Les Nouveaux Affineurs – L’Affiné d’Albert
A vegetable ripened vegetarian organic cheese made from fermented cashew nuts. It tastes similar to Camembert cheese and is coated with melt.
LoveRaw – M:lk Choc Cre&m Wafer
A vegetarian cream wafer bar, free of palm oil and dairy products. The formula cream has nut aroma from hazelnut and almond.
THIS ™ – THISIsn’t Pork Sausages
A plant-based sausage, rich in protein and fiber, with pea protein as the main component.
Best special-edition product
Best qualified product
Brownes Dairy – Seriously Novelty Favoured Milks
Source: studentedge
A novel flavor milk, which integrates dessert taste into milk. At present, the series includes cinnamon bread, caramel white chocolate and caramel biscuit.
Yili Jindian fresh milk
Source: Yili
Each 100ml contains 3.8g of high-quality raw fresh milk protein. Imported double membrane low-temperature filtration can retain more active nutrients.
ALDI – exclusive Burman’s Dipping Sauces
Aldi’s fowl dipping sauce series has three flavors: Chicken dipping sauce, special flavor sauce and Polynesian sauce.
ALDI – exclusive Emporium Selection Holiday Goat Logs
Aldi’s selection of goat cheeses comes in three flavors: original, honey and garlic & vanilla.
Best technology innovation
Best technological innovation
Bespoken Spirits – Rye Whiskey
Source: bespoken spirits
This technology can accelerate the maturity of whisky, customize whisky according to customers’ requirements, and save them years of time and up to 70% of cost by using material science and data analysis.
TCI uses patented technology to increase the number of bacteria to the 12th power of 10 (unit: trillion), which can greatly improve the effective number content of products and optimize the effect of probiotic products. In order to maintain the quality and stability of strains, the ambient temperature and humidity are strictly controlled in the production process, so that the products can be frozen for 2 years, and the number of strains can still be maintained.
Xampla – Edible Films
Xampla film is made of plant protein, which can be eaten and cooked, providing a huge space for innovation for the FMCG industry. In cooperation with gousto, a recipe box company, it launched the world’s first edible and cooking soup packaging paper. It is estimated that 17 tons of plastic can be saved every year when soup packaging paper is launched on a large scale. Xampla’s edible and cookable films open the door to format and product innovation in the food and beverage industry.
Best brand marketing
Best brand marketing
Uncle Ernies Rum Punch
Source: Uncle Ernie’s
Rum brand, pure natural materials, and environmentally friendly, no plastic packaging. Gluten free and loved by vegetarians. Its brand style is younger, interacts with trendy and avant-garde people, and has a certain influence on social platforms such as ins. Its products mainly include punch and cocktails.
THIS ™ – THISruns
All products of this are rich in protein, and vitamin B12 and iron are added to prevent the loss of trace elements caused by plant-based diet. The brand has a longer shelf life than meat, which helps to reduce food waste, reduce the use of plastic packaging and adhere to the concept of sustainable brand.
Boxed Water Is Better – Boxed Water ™
Boxed purified water series, cartons are made of 92% renewable materials. Adhere to the principle of taking water nearby to reduce the carbon footprint, and all cartons are 100% recyclable, refillable and BPA Free. It is more environmentally friendly than disposable plastic bottles and aluminum cans. The company is committed to sustainable design, highlighting the theme of environmental protection.
Oumph! – Best Brand Marketing
Oumph! Committed to significantly reducing the impact on the climate while providing solutions for people’s health. Oumph! Our products do not contain any animal ingredients and are a great choice for vegetarians and people pursuing a healthy diet. Its company livekindly aims to become a world leader in plant food. The goal is to lead the transformation of plant-based lifestyle and make it a “new normal”.
Best brand/brand extension
Best brand / brand development
Encona – Hot Sauces
Source: encona
Britain’s first chili sauce brand. The raw materials of the products are global characteristic peppers such as India, Thailand and Brazil. They are cooked with the original formula and provide consumers with more than 18 kinds of chili sauces. The iconic square embossed glass bottle has also become a symbol of delicacy and quality. Encona encourages consumers to be brave and original and create more delicious dishes suitable for themselves with sauces, so as to obtain a sense of achievement and satisfaction.
Hunt and Brew – Single Origin Dairy milk through coffee company lens
Source: Hunt and brew
Milk is one of the best coffee partners. Hunt and brew, as a cold extract coffee brand, also attaches importance to the choice of milk. Select dairy cows from Margaret River single production area in the southwest of Western Australia to provide consumers with fresh and high-quality dairy products.
Saintly Beverage Co – Cocktail Inspired Saintly Hard Seltzer
image source: saintly
With the increase of consumers’ demand for cocktails, saintly beverage creatively combines cocktails with hard soda to launch a variety of cocktail flavors of hard soda to provide consumers with their favorite popular drinks.
Best new business
Best new business
Sozyë – Nish Noya Noyster
Source: natural products online
Sozy ë is a London based start-up. The company has adopted an innovative approach, based on plants, to create allergen free, soy free fish, soy and oyster sauce substitutes.
I am Nutri is committed to creating healthy and nutritious ready to drink drinks. Its main product delicious on the go nutritional beverage contains protein, fiber, minerals and antioxidants, which is conducive to a healthy life.
Good Rootz – SAPINCA
Good Rootz is a mindfulness drink made by hand from plant roots in South America and Europe. By layering the unique flavor of species, it provides rich, rich and exquisite flavor for taste.
A manufacturer of plant-based materials designed to serve commercial applications. The company’s materials include microcapsules and films made of plant protein.
Best convenience packaging
Best portable packaging
Alzamora Group – Eco-Pastry Solutions
image source: News packaging
A fully biodegradable and recyclable ecological basket, which can replace traditional plastic packaging, won the best convenient packaging award in the World Food Innovation Award (WFIA).
Kepak – Rustlers Cook In Box
Source: kepak trade
An easier “box cooking” solution. Without opening the hamburger package, consumers can heat it in the microwave oven and make delicious hot meals at any time.
Pure Blue of Norway – Pure Blue
Source: pure blue of Norway
A pure blue carton made of 88% plant materials, fully recyclable, won the 2019 best packaging innovation award to make bottled water more sustainable.
TIPA Corp – Home Compostable Fully Transparent Laminate
Source: TIPA
It is an environment-friendly transparent package, which can be printed and sealed. It is suitable for packaging dry packaged foods, such as nuts, Cereals, grains or refrigerated foods.
Best packaging design
Best packaging design
Ardagh Glass Packaging – NaturRein Fruit Jar
image source: touch points
A reusable jam jar. The new design adopts round corner design, which is convenient to hold. The glass can be reused after eating food, and the wooden bottle stopper can be used as a coaster.
Boxed Water Is Better ® – Boxed Water ™
Source: boxed water is better
A boxed drinking water package. 92% of the materials used to make this packaging box come from natural degradable plants. This packaging is easy to recycle and does not contain bisphenol A, which is harmful to human body.
PakTech – PakTech handles
image source: PakTech
A custom packaging handle. The design of this product conforms to ergonomics, making multiple containers easier to buy, easy to extract and reduce pressure. The materials used in this series can be degraded and have hundreds of colors, which can be customized according to the requirements of the goods.
Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co Ltd – Satine organic pure milk biodiversity protection limited edition
Source: marking Awards
An artistic style of milk packaging. This product adopts the style of the Louvre collection as the box cover and is sold in the form of a blind box. It is fashionable, bold and full of taste. There are six styles in the whole series.
Elopak – Pure-Pak ® eSense Aseptic carton
source: Elopak
A carton package that is easy to open and fill. This product is designed with folding lines to open easily, which can avoid the waste caused by the inability to pour out milk or fruit juice; The sealing part and bottle cap adopt repeatable sealing design for aseptic storage.
Best CSR/sustainability initiative
Best CSR / Sustainability Initiative
Andre Farm – Crafter’s Juniper Cheese
image source: the Baltic times
After distilling the gin, add the remaining milk. Cheese has a delicate aroma of gin and is very suitable to be eaten with gin.
Little Freddie – Organic Baby Food Climate Footprinting
image source: following the footprints
The first and only baby food brand that uses carboncloud to release the climate footprint of products and print it on the product packaging.
A bottled seaweed salad. Use European certified organic seaweed. The brand believes that seaweed is a high-quality resource that is both environmentally friendly and resource-saving. It is expected to arouse the interest of domestic consumers in seaweed food through creative seaweed products.
Talking Rain AQA – Waterboys
Waterboys is committed to providing clean and accessible drinking water to areas in need. Talking rain promises to donate US $0.20 for each specific product purchased to support the cooperative project with Waterboys.  
The People’s Pantry
Public welfare projects run by volunteers accept food donations from caring people and provide food and groceries for homeless people without food. At present, organizations have been established in the UK, the United States, Canada and South Africa.
Best foodservice initiative
Best catering service initiative
RISE Brewing Co – Original Black Cold Brew Coffee Multi-Serve
Source: Rise brewing
Provide cold brewed coffee with water and organic coffee as raw materials. Brewing with nitrogen to add foam and smooth texture to the coffee, enhance the natural flavor of coffee, and serve as an organic preservative to keep the coffee fresh.
Quorn – (ChiQin)
Source: Quorn
Quorn, a British protein company, launched an alternative chicken food made of fungal protein, water, egg white and wheat flour, which aims to reproduce fried chicken with crisp bread crumbs and a texture more like meat.
Float Foods – OnlyEg Patties
Singapore is the first food technology start-up company dedicated to developing plant-based egg substitutes, developing and producing plant-based egg substitutes that match the taste, texture, versatility and nutrition of edible eggs.
Veganz Group – Foodservice
Encourage and support people to adopt a plant-based diet and treat the earth’s environment responsibly by providing plant-based foods such as snacks, baked goods, meat substitutes, cheese substitutes and staple foods.
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