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Coffee is emerging as a “regional chain”: Sunrise cup 500 +, occupying a new line!

can they run out of the next manner?
Recently, I made a new discovery in the domestic coffee market:
Outside Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, almost every new first or second tier city has run out of its own small and medium-sized “coffee chain”;
There are at least 3 ~ 5 stores and more than 10 ~ 20 stores, and they all have popular models, tonality, brands and loyal customers.
Coffee regional brands are emerging everywhere. Can they run out of the next manner?
Daily sales 500 cups +
Coffee also began to emerge “regional brands”
This year, coffee regional brands are coming fiercely, especially in the new first and second tier cities.
In Changsha, there is a coffee brand with the theme of African coffee culture. American style coffee is 8 yuan / cup (activity price is 6 yuan), milk coffee is about 12 yuan, creative special tune is about 18 yuan, the maximum daily sales is 500 cups +, and the average daily sales is 300 cups +, and four stores have been opened.
Changsha Cafe main store
In Xi’an, there is a tiktok coffee, which has the highest value. It has opened 5 stores in the small red book, the vibrato and the grass growing, and the cafe called “sunset sunset”.
In Xuzhou, Lanzhou and Wuhan, there are local coffee brands, which have long occupied the first place in the popular list, high praise list and taste list of public comment cafes, and opened three stores.
The migrant coffee in Wuxi has opened 17 stores, and paninilia, which focuses on “sandwich + coffee”, has opened 22 stores in Hangzhou.
After careful analysis, you will find that they don’t have many stores, but they have high recognition and evaluation in the local area, and they have brands, tonality, popular models and their own loyal customers.
Xi’an sunset coffee
Over the past year, a number of such small and medium-sized regional coffee brands have emerged in many new first tier and second tier cities across the country.
From products to models, from creativity to marketing, they have all passed the test of the market, gained a firm foothold in a city or region, and even successfully got out of the circle.
What are the business highlights of these regional coffee brands? Will the next manner run out of them?
I interviewed several new first-line and second-line coffee regional brands and came to see them together——
Higher degree of commercialization
What are their business highlights?
It is found that compared with traditional independent boutique cafes, these regional coffee brands have a higher degree of commercialization, clear business ideas and almost all have the potential to be chains.
1. The idea of popular models is clear, and there are products out of the circle
These regional coffee chain brands basically have one or two explosive products, and have polished their own explosive ideas.
For example, five percent of the four stores opened in Zhengzhou focus on dirty and use “ice blog + White Peach Oolong” to differentiate their tastes.
Oolong white
Take advantage of the sunset coffee shop in Xi’an, such as Yanjiu 5. The names of their coffee are very poetic, such as “moon postman”, “chasing sunset”, “North platform”, “Orange Island” and so on.
Moreover, the product has a high appearance value and a sense of art, such as “cloak forest”, which is white in green. A layer of light green Matcha cream is sprinkled on the top wall of the cup, and a layer of Bigen fruit is sprinkled.
2. Strong sense of brand, learn from new tea
If you carefully observe these regional small chain brands, you will find that their brand building ideas are very similar to new tea drinks, such as beauty ideas, creative playing methods, etc.
Sunset coffee in Xi’an achieves the ultimate beauty of the store and products. The decoration of each store has its own characteristics and style. It is called “every design is a landscape” by netizens. “Everyone who has been to sunset coffee has a different sunset coffee in his heart.”
The mind of the brand is also established.
For example, Laifu coffee is the first cafe in Lanzhou to make road sign coffee and Lanzhou cup paste. They took the lead in making retro collection style, Lanzhou dialect stem and steam wave design style in Lanzhou.
Xing Jing, the manager of Laifu coffee, told me that every once in a while, she would visit and study in first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, bring fresh playing methods to Lanzhou, and activate and cultivate potential coffee groups and consumption in Lanzhou.
3. The store type is tested and reproducible
These regional coffee brands can gain a firm foothold in a city and achieve expansion, with certain replicability.
For example, Xuzhou’s Rose dream coffee has community stores, scenic spot stores (yunlongshan) and two flash stores.
Hohhot’s “60 bean coffee” has five stores in Hohhot, including community stores, Business District stores, street stores and other store types.
Small coffee owners in Changsha have accurately divided their stores into flagship stores (100 ~ 300 square meters), standard stores (30 ~ 50 square meters), mini stores (10 ~ 20 square meters), etc., and are constantly refining their store types.
4. Actively maintain the customer base and have a group of loyal local customers
In these coffee regional brands, they have a clear understanding of their customer base and have their own set of methodology for the maintenance of customer base.
For example, in Hefei, Chaling No. 84 cafe is known as “the pilgrimage of readers”. There is an unwritten rule in Chaling No. 84 Cafe: five old books for a cup of coffee. It has been four years since its establishment, with a collection of tens of thousands of books.
In addition, there is a special black glue area in charing 84 cafe for customers who like listening to music; “English corner” will be held every Monday to show old films on an irregular date; Hold hand washing classes, flower drawing classes, etc. for coffee lovers.
Most of the people screened out through a series of specific activities are coffee drinkers. They have also become loyal customers of charing 84 cafe.
At present, Chaling 84 cafe has opened five stores in Hefei, with a maximum daily sales of 300 cups + and an average daily sales of 170 cups +.
5. Senior coffee people open a shop, and the American style can be 6 yuan / cup
Every time I mention chain stores, some peers worry about whether the coffee in these stores is professional enough?
I found that the managers of these small chain coffee brands are basically senior coffee people. For example, Jing Jianhua, the founder of Changsha small coffee, has worked for 22 years, and Qi Qingdong, the manager of Xuzhou rose dream coffee, has worked for more than 10 years.
They have unique views on coffee, understand the supply chain, and can give full play to what they are good at. Naturally, they have a high evaluation of harvest.
Pictures from public comments
For example, rose dream coffee in Xuzhou has long occupied the first place in the public comment list, known as “the classic representative of Xuzhou coffee industry” and “the first batch of professional coffee shops in Xuzhou”; For another example, Laifu coffee in Lanzhou has also occupied the first place in various public comment lists for a long time.
He has worked for many years and has deep natural resources. Jing Jianhua has been doing coffee training, trade and hosting competitions. Their coffee beans are directly harvested from Africa, and the cost of Barista Training is relatively low.
Therefore, small coffee owners can sell American style for 6 yuan and creative coffee for about 18 yuan, which has a great advantage in price.
6. Combine with the local and make coffee a business trip
Another common feature of these cafes is the combination of coffee and local characteristics to find their own way of differentiation.
For example, the “Changsha man Ge” and “October love evening Pavilion” of small coffee owners in Changsha are known as “creative signs” and integrated into the characteristics of Penang in Hunan; The latter takes the famous maple leaf of aiwanting as the idea, adding maple leaf original pulp and positive maple leaf, and the appearance value is full score.
Pictures from public comments
Another example is the “Lanzhou auto American style” of Laifu coffee and the “secret of red fruit” of charing 84 coffee.
Xing Jing, the manager of Laifu coffee, told me that foreign tourists also account for a large part of the customer base. They make use of some local things in Lanzhou, such as dialect stems and cultural and creative products, “not only adhere to their own coffee dream, but also promote their own city”.
It belongs to the popular era of Chinese coffee
Maybe it did
After understanding, it is found that many new first and second tier cities have such small and medium-sized local coffee chain brands, and have found their own positioning in the local area to make the best of one aspect of coffee.
For example, mu Congjiu in Wuhan has achieved the ultimate service for a long time, which is known as the “undersea fishing service”, and also ranks first in the major lists.
Xi’an sunset coffee has achieved the ultimate beauty, Xuzhou’s Rose dream coffee has achieved the ultimate professionalism, Lanzhou’s Laifu coffee has achieved the ultimate interest, and Hefei’s charing 84 cafe has made itself a symbol
Chaling 84 Cafe store
Of course, the current regional coffee brands still have some limitations more or less.
For example, most of these brands are distributed in the new first and second tier cities, unlike Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, which have a better coffee culture atmosphere. There is a lack of coffee demand in these cities, and market cultivation needs to be carried out continuously.
For another example, most of these brands are deeply cultivated in one city and have their own models and methodologies, which are not necessarily applicable to other cities. Whether and how to go out is an issue that must be considered in the next stage.
For another example, within 10 stores is one kind of business, and after 10 stores is another kind of business. Whether these regional brands can continue to expand needs to be explored.
How many of them can really complete the corporatization and branding and run out of the next manner is unknown.
However, it is undeniable that coffee, an imported product, has taken root in the mainland, a hundred flowers bloom and grow separately – which means that the popular era of Chinese coffee may really come.
The commercialization mission of Chinese coffee may also fall on their shoulders.
Author: Xiao Xi; Source: Kamen club, reprint authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); Foodaily Expo 2022] foodaily Expo 2022 is the theme and invites 500 + the world’s most innovative brands and 4000 + middle and high-level industry decision makers… In the conference (foodaily fbic 2022) module, we set 2022.05.31-06.02. We’ll see you in Shanghai! related reading

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