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Just a week ago, McDonald’s launched an alternative new product – coriander Xindi. I don’t know whether McDonald’s is intentional or unintentional. February 24 happens to be “world hate coriander day”.
This is a kind of food that both parties who love coriander and those who don’t love coriander will be silent after watching it.

The combination of sweet and smooth ice cream and coriander that can trigger “war” as soon as it appears on the Internet has attracted enough attention at the beginning of its launch and has become a hot topic on Weibo.
Even in the cold of late spring, everyone’s enthusiasm for this green top ice cream, which can be called the king of dark cuisine, remains unchanged. Even those who hate coriander have contributed a large-scale Internet topic to the topic of “coriander new land”.
Whether you love it or not, buy it or not, it doesn’t matter that McDonald’s, the “king of trouble”, is not about wine. Anyway, it has reached or even exceeded the topic heat KPI.
This green new land lets us see a treacherous “coriander Internet communication”.

△ McDonald’s new place of coriander has become a popular one again.
Coriander complete McDonald’s
Less than four days after the launch, the whole network seems to have tasted this wonderful coriander new place of McDonald’s. People have different opinions on it, but the consensus is that its taste is not quite the same as expected.
The new land of coriander, which looks enchanting green, is actually a layer of lime sauce on the bottom ice cream, and then sprinkled with dehydrated broken coriander. If you don’t have time to try, you can probably buy a sweet cone and try to sprinkle the instant noodle vegetable bag on the ice cream.
Dehydrated coriander has little taste. The layer of lime sauce drenched on the ice cream definitely has a sense of existence more than coriander. It also gives the ice cream that used to be sweet and greasy a fresh and refined entrance feeling.
Some people said they were conquered by the lime taste of Xindi and strongly called for the long-term supply of this ice cream. Of course, most of the coriander parties who go for coriander may be greatly disappointed.
Some unsatisfying coriander parties even released a new coriander tasting strategy – bring your own coriander. Directly insert the cilantro with stem into the ice cream and let the cilantro and ice cream fry in the mouth.

△ just ask the blogger if he has eaten?
Another blogger shared a more tempting coriander dessert, coriander raisin pie. Boil the golden soft jam with raisins and lemon juice, stir the coriander and jam together and fill the pie skin.
The blogger said that he invented this kind of food by accidentally putting coriander and raisins into his mouth and chewing them at the same time. Suddenly, he felt that “the smell exploded like fireworks”.
In contrast, McDonald’s coriander Xindi seems too perfunctory. McDonald’s chose to sprinkle dried coriander with chicken ribs on the ice cream, obviously not to let people experience the unique taste bud experience of “fireworks explosion” when the ice cream enters the mouth with coriander and lime or cream.
Moreover, the reason why people like coriander is that it is accompanied by the taste collision brought by other ingredients. With it, the meat becomes fresh, and the seafood has a little more ecstasy. But if you really take coriander as the main component of this ice cream and make coriander flavor ice cream similar to Matcha ice cream, I’m afraid it’s too much.

△ is the cold beef without coriander still worth eating/ Graphic insect creativity
However, regardless of whether this new place tastes like coriander or not, the discussion around it is enough for McDonald’s to exceed its KPI.
Since February 15, McDonald’s has released the new notice of “coriander new place”. Until February 19, with the initiative of McDonald’s Xiaobian, the new topic # how high is coriander with ice cream # began to ignite the topic.
According to the statistics of wechat business information, only from 9:00 on February 19 to 16:00 on February 21, 2022, the online articles, videos and other information related to coriander Xindi have reached 28000.
The well-known food blogger “China xiaomingzi” said that he had received a private letter to evaluate cilantro Xindi years ago and released an evaluation video, saying that “I was silent at that moment”. At present, this video has more than 2000 comments.

Related topics are hot on the Internet and attract people to punch in offline. After all, which fashionable young man doesn’t want to taste this green top new place while it’s hot and send a green circle of friends?
Some people hurry to try fresh vegetables just to send them to friends who don’t like coriander. Even those who dislike coriander at level 10 are very active and willing to join the communication of coriander and take the opportunity to rub a wave of social presence.
Although some people commented that “this new place can offend people who like coriander and hate coriander at the same time”, the smart McDonald’s probably already knows that in the Internet era, being hated is no longer a terrible trait, but being forgotten.

△ the discussion around coriander can be extended infinitely.
Love and hate caused by coriander
I don’t know when mankind started a protracted debate:
Coriander, is it fragrant or smelly?
According to the compendium of Materia Medica, coriander is “picked in winter and spring, delicious and edible, and can also be used as Potamogeton”. According to the Buddhist work Tianpan Sutra, “if you eat this dish by mistake, you will not regret. There is no time for a long robbery in the abyss of hell.”
It turned out that the ancients could not reach a consensus on the taste of coriander.
Coriander, also known as coriander and coriander, has been a common seasoning vegetable on people’s table since ancient times. In recent years, coriander has a huge consumer market in the catering industry. According to the “2020 Spring Festival housing economy big data” released by meituan, the sales volume of coriander is close to one million, which is pressing down on the sales of potatoes, tomatoes, onions, carrots and other ingredients, making it a “national vegetable” in one fell swoop.
For people who like coriander, there is no vegetable that can be as refreshing as it. Eating cold salad without it, I feel that the beef and seafood inside are outrageous; Eating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, if you don’t sprinkle a handful of coriander in the oil dish, it’s like spicy hot without soul.
Even, a northeast dumpling shop near our company simply gave out the signature dumplings filled with coriander and pig meat, which made people who were tired of dumplings suddenly feel that the dumplings are saved again.

△ please hate the coriander party and ignore it automatically.
For people who don’t like coriander, even the name “coriander” with the natural wind of the book of songs can’t eliminate the psychological shadow brought by the taste of coriander.
A small coriander can ruin not only a delicious meal, but also a gentle and steady diner – boss, I said no coriander!
Some coriander coriander has make complaints about coriander in the United States, and even discussed how to make the “bad vegetables” extinct.
For a long time, I felt that not eating parsley was like not eating celery or onions and tomatoes. It was also an intolerance of food materials. In essence, it was picky about food.
Now think about it, it is indeed a narrow prejudice. According to the data given by the documentary reactions, 4% ~ 14% of people in the world hate the taste of coriander, which is determined by human genes.
Scientists have found that the aversion to coriander is related to a mutation in a gene called single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) on the chromosome related to smell, which is also the most common heritable variation in humans.

△ I don’t like coriander. I’m really not picky/ Graphic insect creativity
Further, the researchers found that coriander averses were born with a specific gene called or 6A2, which is very sensitive to aldehydes, while coriander leaves themselves have 82% aldehydes and 17% alcohols.
Therefore, when they eat coriander, they will automatically synthesize a taste similar to soap smell or even earthy smell. No wonder a friend who hated coriander described smelling coriander as like eating earthworms.
According to the theory of comedy communication, people like to see comedians frustrated by being teased – what’s more pleasant than discussing the reaction of friends to parsley?
On the Internet, the more people who hate coriander curse coriander, the more popular it is to discuss coriander.
“Coriander +” communication method
On the one hand, there is no final conclusion about the love and hate of coriander; On the other hand, over the years, coriander has been targeted by more and more brands.
When shopping coriander, you will find that coriander has milk tea, coffee, moon cakes, potato chips, biscuits, and even perfume.

△ excellent coriander potato chips.
And without food, perfume, a commodity with a lot of identification, is a big attraction for hitting a “coriander”. Hermes, Luo Yiwei, diptyque, IKEA, zumalone and other major brands have launched coriander fragrance.

Coriander flavored perfume. Official website
In Japan, where brain holes are extremely large, coriander also has a strong sense of existence.
Calbee, a famous Japanese snack brand, once launched a limited snack related to coriander – coriander flavored potato chips. Its selling point is that “the fragrance of coriander will come to your face at the moment of opening the package”.
Perhaps he realized the net red constitution of coriander early. A Japanese coriander restaurant even launched a coriander bath bag. As long as the coriander bag is soaked in water, every pore of the body can fully absorb the fragrance of coriander.
The decoration of this Chinese restaurant in Osaka takes green coriander as the theme, claiming that “there is coriander in every dish” and “you don’t need to add money and you can eat enough coriander”.

△ coriander bath is fun even as a gimmick/@ Palm Japan
The reason why coriander captures traffic, we can probably find another popular path of notorious online popular food for comparison.
According to the 2019 Taobao food big data report released by cbndata jointly with Taobao food, the crown of the most popular Chinese regional specialty food belongs to Liuzhou snail powder in Guangxi without suspense.
According to the content legally and actively disclosed by Liuzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the sales of bagged Liuzhou snail powder exceeded 10 billion yuan in 2020, reaching 10.094 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 75.74%. From 2019 to 2021, there were many discussions about snail powder. After a year of rapid fermentation, Liuzhou snail powder even cooperated with chaopai several times and became a well deserved online celebrity.
The success of Liuzhou snail is inseparable from its great ability to spread the topic. According to the theory of creative communication, the core of creative communication is “communication element”, which is simple, shareable, extensible and experiential. This “communication yuan” is put on Liuzhou snail powder, which is its unique taste – stink.
The stink of snail powder is triggered by different transmission channels on the Internet, attracting countless people’s curiosity and looking forward to tasting it.
Smelly food is not acceptable to all living people. Therefore, trying Liuzhou snail powder is tantamount to a game and challenge. This truth is true for “coriander Xindi” or “coriander” ××” It’s the same for me – the biggest thing that coriander and Liuzhou snail powder have in common is their controversial taste.

When our experience of delicious food is upgraded to a game challenge of “dare to eat”, the success and acceptability of the challenge is the further concrete development and extension of the “communication element”.
It is the behavior of experiencing snail powder or coriander Xindi that endows the communication with symbols and significance, attracting and coerced more people to participate in the game carnival.

△ the topic of coriander can be extended indefinitely and add content to this communication element.
After that, a variety of experience sharing appeared on the Internet, and the bizarre idea of “coriander + everything” constantly added content to the already controversial taste of coriander. The mix and match superimposed on the emotion of coriander triggered an Internet carnival.
Although the evaluation of “coriander new land” is polarized this time, there is no doubt that the communication mode of “coriander +” has been successful.
According to this law, I dare to guess that over time, as long as we make good use of it, the smelly broken ear root will also become the top stream of the Internet.
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