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How should the new beverage brand make efforts in packaging from 0-1?

let packaging cooperate with marketing and bring more added value to the brand

Nowadays, the development of the beverage industry has changed from product orientation to consumption orientation. Therefore, if beverage enterprises want to have stronger competitiveness in the market, they need to have the ability to accurately understand consumer demand and quickly develop products. In addition, if a new beverage brand wants to take a share in this highly competitive market, it should also pay more attention to packaging. Let packaging cooperate with marketing to bring more added value to the brand

Today, we will start with the bottle cap, a necessary accessory for the packaging of beverage products, and give you some beverage products with unique creative bottle caps to see how these products detonate the brand through packaging! I hope to give you some inspiration.

Coca Cola
, which adopts interactive bottle cap
1 and can only be opened by cooperation between two people, has launched friendly twist bottle cap. The biggest feature of this bottle cap is that it has strong interaction. The bottle cap can only be opened by cooperation between two people, It’s equivalent to expressing “cheers” in another way “!

2. The ancient capital Huatian soybean milk
uses toy bottle caps. The bottle caps of this product are nothing special, but when two, three or more bottle caps are combined, small toys and ornaments can be spliced at will. Turning simple packaging into educational toys has strong interactive operability and reduces the pressure of recycling to a certain extent power. Shake the lid of the 602a08 bottle containing honey and lemon juice to the right, and finally shake the lid of the 602a09 bottle to enjoy the delicious honey and juice!

uses functional / intelligent bottle cap

1. The bottle cap can store tablets. This bottle cap is not only cute in shape, designed with cat ear style, but also has the function of storing drugs. There is an interlayer in the bottle cap, which can put the tablets into it. Take medicine and drink water in one bottle.

2. Refresh cap mineral water bottle cap that can remind you to drink water
refresh cap mineral water bottle cap can remind you to drink water in time. You can set the time in advance. As soon as the time comes, the small flag at the top of the bottle cap will pop up to remind you to drink 8 glasses of water every day.

3. Font Vella
Danone’s Spanish mineral water brand font Vella has launched an intelligent bottle cap “coach2o”, which can intelligently track users’ daily drinking water, formulate drinking water goals and remind users to replenish water in time.
adopts innovative bottle cap
1. Sugarcane juice
, which is very “sugarcane” from bottle to bottle cap, is a sugarcane juice product. Its packaging is to design the whole bottle into sugarcane texture. The bottle head simulates the sugarcane section head, and can also be connected with other bottles to look like real sugarcane. This design won the marking awards 2020 logo function award.

2. Iran milk mineral milk tea
with special HEMA IP bottle cap. The bottle cap of this milk tea adopts HEMA’s Hippo head IP shape. The same series, with different expressions, hippo style bottle caps are cute, fashionable and interesting, attracting young people to buy.

3. The gold classic
, which uses the limited cap jointly with the Louvre, makes the broken arm Venus, the goddess of victory and other “treasures of the Louvre” into bottle caps, which can be influenced by art while drinking milk.

adopts environmental protection bottle cap
1. Jindian milk
with plant-based dream cap. This bottle cap launched by Yili is the first plant-based dream cap in China. Some raw materials come from sugarcane. While maintaining the appearance and function, it can help reduce the carbon footprint and reduce the dependence on fossil resources.

here are more packaging “secrets”

bottle cap, as an indispensable and important packaging link in beverage packaging, has a direct impact on the use experience of consumers. It is very necessary for the continuous improvement and innovation of bottle cap packaging. These small bottle caps full of creativity are likely to make a new beverage brand quickly realize the emotional link with consumers through packaging, and help the brand realize the transformation from 0-1!
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