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Yutian Chuan pushed a small red bar to lock fresh coffee liquid, Costa light milk tea was launched, and Yili was born with the first zero carbon factory… | hot news in a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information of the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.
1. Yutianchuan launched a small red bar versatile lock fresh coffee solution, hot extraction lightning at over 130 ° C to lock the good flavor
2. Costa zhencui’s new light milk tea was launched on the market, and the low sugar and low fat formula opened the “light” time
3. Yunuoshangxin daily intestinal probiotic flavor fermented milk, with 300 billion live bacteria to protect the healthy balance of the intestine
4. Beihai ranch gem bottle yoghurt is newly listed. Full pulp + probiotic milk ball bring multiple taste buds to enjoy
5. The fresh milk ice cream on Guangming youbei tastes more fragrant without adding a drop of water
6. Plant label promotes new hazelnut plant milk, and 1 part of nut energy per day meets the daily needs of the body
7. Aiming at the breakfast scene, Panpan somix juice beverage is newly launched
8. Every fresh said to release freeze-dried Qiao fruit crisp children’s snacks, with white Qiao flavor, thin coating, mellow and silky
9. Huaxi black zero new jump sugar probiotics, 500 billion live bacteria to help oral health, feel the “jump at the entrance” burst feeling
10. KFC x week zero push plant meat crisp rice ball series, plant energy for workers breakfast charge
11. Tongda people’s new cherry blossom season is limited to Japanese dolphin bone ramen, and the cherry fish plate meets the pink spring day
12. Pastoral launched yam noodles as a fast food substitute, and 20% yam puree is also healthy to eat
13. Chunfeng tea and Dong’e donkey hide gelatin launched Zhenghong series, integrating donkey hide gelatin powder into two tea products
14. The first “zero carbon factory” in China’s food industry was born in Yili
15. Yili offered to acquire 52.70% of Aoyou shares to enter the category of sheep milk powder
16. Danone has reached a strategic cooperation with obijia to add weight to China’s infant formula sheep milk powder market
17. Chain coffee brand seesaw coffee received hundreds of millions of yuan of a + + round of financing, led by black ant capital
18. Purui capital acquired Zhonghong biology, an old health food brand, and added nutrition and dietary supplement fields
19. China’s high-end cheese brand, Kay patty, has landed in the Chinese market, and has been listed in Jingdong, jitter and some boutiques tiktok.
20. Snackfutures of Yizi International announced that 10 start-ups selected in the colab class this year will start a 12 week entrepreneurship training course
21. Guanshan cherry blossom and pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt have been approved as new food raw materials

Recently, yutianchuan launched a classic Italian flavor small red bar versatile lock fresh coffee solution to restore the freshly ground taste of the cafe in one second. The new product uses 100% Arabica coffee beans, which are hot extracted at a high temperature of 130 ° for 2 hours to fully dissolve the effective substances in the coffee in the water and increase the mellow feeling of the coffee; Then, the first course of extracted coffee liquor is selected to lock the clean and delicious flavor through instantaneous cooling technology, and the caffeine content is ≥ 200mg / kg. The new product is set with a large capacity of 15ml, which can be kept fresh at room temperature within 270 days. It can be matched with latte and bubble coffee at will, which can be dissolved in hot and cold. Pre sale price of tmall flagship store: 38 yuan / 3 boxes for tmall Festival.
Photo source: yutianchuan flagship store


On March 4, Costa launched three new zhencui light milk teas. The new products selected good tea from famous Chinese origin and 100% imported milk source. The low sugar and low-fat formula is healthy and burden free, and the British style packaging is designed to make the products full of beauty. According to the introduction, the grape jasmine flavor selects Guangxi Hengxian jasmine tea; White Peach Oolong flavor, Wuyishan Dahongpao; Litchi black tea flavor is integrated into Yunnan Dianhong, and the new products will be listed in major supermarkets.
Source: costacoffee


On February 28, Yunuo launched a new daily intestinal probiotic flavor fermented milk to help intestinal health and balance. The new cleaning ingredients contain only 100% raw milk, probiotics and sugar. Choose Bifidobacterium lactis HN019, which is resistant to gastric acid and bile, and 300 billion live bacteria can help beneficial bacteria enhance reproduction, improve intestinal microenvironment, and protect gastrointestinal health with hard core. The pre selling price of new tmall flagship store is 230g * 21 bottles / 239 yuan.
Source: yono Yoplait


On February 28, the vitality of the new gem bottle yoghurt of Beihai ranch was put on the market. It was 100% raw milk, 0 sucrose, erythritol and stevioside were added as the sweet source, and probiotic flavor yoghurt balls were specially added to enrich the taste. Yogurt has coconut pineapple flavor and extra strong milk flavor, with less than one apple per 100g. Coconut pineapple flavor is now priced at 220g * 12 bottles / 159 yuan in tmall flagship store.
Source: Beihai pasture dairy


Recently, the flagship store of bright tmall launched a new youbei fresh milk ice cream, claiming that it does not add a drop of water and uses high-quality fresh milk to achieve mellow and good taste. The new product uses youbei limited milk source, and the milk protein content is ≥ 4.9g/100g. The “thick milk flavor” is additionally added with bright cream and egg yolk, which has obvious protein flavor; “Mousse Qiaoqiao flavor” specially contains Belgian chocolate and West African cocoa powder, which brings a rich silky chocolate taste. Each box has 3 pieces of two flavors, and the current price is 109 yuan for 3 boxes.
Photo source: Guangming flagship store


On March 4, the new hazelnut plant milk was heavily loaded on the plant label. The content of each 300ml hazelnut bottle was no less than 10g. The content of nuts per day met the daily needs of the human body. It was also rich in vitamin E and had outstanding antioxidant capacity, which was helpful to repair the face that stayed up late. In addition, the product contains 0 sucrose and 0 cholesterol, especially DuPont Supro soy protein isolate, which has high protein quality and absorption rate, and is full of plant protein, which also makes the taste smoother. The price of tmall flagship store is 30097 yuan / 8 pieces.
Source: plantag plant label flagship store


On March 2, the official flagship store of Panpan food launched a new somix juice drink, aiming at the scene of breakfast drinking. Small lime juice is freshly picked from Vietnam, and the whole fresh juice retains the peel essential oil. The addition amount of NFC small lime juice is ≥ 10%, and the content of vitamin C per 100ml is 94mg; Prune juice is selected from prune imported from Chile. The content of prune juice is 95%, 0 pigment and 0 preservative, which keeps it natural and fresh. At the same time, the rich content of dietary fiber and vitamins makes the juice healthier and nutritious. The current selling price is 300ml * 6 bottles of prune juice / 99 yuan, and 300ml * 6 bottles of small lime juice / 62.9 yuan.
Source: official flagship store of Panpan food


Recently, every fresh said to launch a new freeze-dried fruit crisp, want to overweight children’s snack track. High quality fruits are selected for new products. The – 30 ° CFD freeze-drying lock fresh technology retains 90% of the fruit nutrition, and then the outer layer is covered with an innovative Baiqiao flavor thin coating. The light truck has no burden and brings double taste enjoyment. For the convenience of children, the new product is packaged in small bags, which is easy to share and carry. It has two flavors: strawberry and mango.
Source: meixianshuo flagship store


On February 26, Huaxi black zero official announced and promoted a new product of Tiao probiotics to help freshen the mouth and improve intestinal health. The new product selects 9 kinds of star gastrointestinal bacteria and 1 kind of oral bacteria to compound the probiotic formula most suitable for Chinese people; Each contains 50 billion live bacteria. The three-layer embedding technology protects the activity directly to the intestines and stomach, and then adds four prebiotics to fill the power for the live bacteria. The probiotics are made of jumping sugar, which is novel and interesting, and 0 sugar taste reduces the extra burden on the body. Now tmall flagship store sells for 2G * 10 bags / box / 59 yuan.
Source: Huaxi black zero


On March 1, KFC breakfast jointly launched two new meals on Sunday: vegetable meat pastry rice ball and Jinsha salted egg yolk vegetable meat pastry rice ball, innovatively exploring delicious and healthy sustainable eating methods, so as to open a full day for workers. This is also the first joint cooperation between KFC breakfast and domestic vegetable protein food brands. The new product has been launched in KFC stores across the country. The price of vegetable meat pastry is 11 yuan and that of Jinsha salted egg yolk vegetable meat pastry is 15 yuan.
Image source: starfield on Sunday zero


During the gorgeous cherry blossom season, Tongda people under Tongyi also launched a new limited Japanese dolphin bone Ramen in spring, and the pink dough cake broke the appearance ceiling of instant noodles. The new product is based on Chunzheng broth, with porpoise bones, corn, green beans, sesame, yam and other small materials. The new cherry blossom fish plate is novel and lovely. The price of tmall flagship store is 12 cups and 59.9 yuan.
Source: unified official flagship store


Recently, the idyllic bread products launched a new instant yam noodles, which contains 20% yam puree to give the noodles more nutrition. At the same time, high-quality high gluten flour and 50 ° low-temperature baking cakes are selected to smooth the muscles. On the bottom of the soup, select fresh beef secret ancient sauce and stew it for 4 hours, which is rich and delicious. When eating, you only need to add water to soak your hair and filter it, mix it with sauce for 3 minutes, and then you can enjoy a delicious low calorie meal. There are two flavors: fat beef in golden soup and private beef. Tmall flagship store sells for 19.9 yuan per barrel and 35.9 yuan per barrel.
Image source: Pastoral flagship store


On February 21, the official announcement of Chunfeng Weibo, a tea brand, joined hands with Dong’e Ejiao to launch Zhenghong series products. The series includes two products: Hongyan xiaoaojiao milk and Hongyan xiaoaojiao milk tea. The production process uses Hua Jianling Ejiao powder of Dong’e Ejiao, as well as small materials such as longan, red jujube and black sugar jelly, providing another choice for women’s nourishing and health preservation. At present, two products have been launched in stores.
Founded in 2018, Chunfeng mainly promotes health tea drinks. Its products include yam milk tea, ginseng late night water, etc.
Source: Chunfeng microblog


On February 28, Yili Group obtained the carbon neutralization plant verification statement (pas2060) issued by Bureau Veritas, a world-renowned international inspection and Certification Group. The first “zero carbon plant” in China’s food industry was born in Yili. The relevant person in charge of Bureau Veritas group said that Yili will take carbon neutralization as an opportunity, use scientific and technological innovation to deepen the road of green development, and create and lead China’s dairy industry to walk out of a carbon neutralization road with Yili characteristics.
Not long ago, Yili, as the only representative enterprise case in the world’s agricultural and food industry, was selected into the enterprise carbon neutralization roadmap, which is the world’s first heavyweight report issued by a United Nations agency to comprehensively guide enterprises to achieve carbon neutralization.
Source: Yili Group


On March 3, Aoyou Dairy Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Jingang trading Holding Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yili, issued a joint announcement announcing the success of Jingang’s comprehensive tender offer for all the issued shares of Aoyou. Jingang holds or controls 953163623 shares of Aoyou, accounting for about 52.70% of the total issued shares of Aoyou.
Aoyou has the world’s first brand of goat milk and is a leader in subdivided fields. This acquisition means that Yili and Aoyou will enter a new era of strategic in-depth coordination.
Click on the picture to view the details
Source: Aoyou


Recently, Danone has reached a strategic cooperation with Hunan obijia nutritional food Co., Ltd. to invest in and develop its local infant formula factory and products, and add weight to China’s infant formula sheep milk powder market. The transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022, and the specific amount of the transaction has not been disclosed.
Obijia, headquartered in Changsha, Hunan, mainly produces and operates infant formula sheep milk powder products. It has milk powder production bases at home and abroad, including emer í factory in Ireland, Hulunbuir factory in Inner Mongolia and southern milk powder factory in Changsha, Hunan. Previously, obijia has obtained the registration qualification of 9 milk powder formulas, belonging to the three brands of Ou Suli, Yang Zizi and Ke Wei’an respectively.
Source: obijia flagship store

17、连锁咖啡品牌Seesaw Coffee获数亿元A++轮融资,由黑蚁资本领投

Recently, seesaw coffee, a chain coffee brand, has completed hundreds of millions of yuan of a + + round of financing, which is led by black ant capital and followed by cornerstone capital. This round of funds will be used for store expansion and digital construction across the country.
Founded in Shanghai in 2012, seesaw coffee is one of the first batch of boutique coffee brands in China. In July 2021, seesaw coffee obtained a + round of financing of more than 100 million yuan invested by Xi tea and Hony Baifu. It launched a creative coffee product line in 2020, highlighted “content awareness” in a series of links such as market strategy and consumer communication, and brought users more than the “creative experience” of the product.
Click on the picture to view the details
Source: infocafe


Recently, Purui capital (Asia), a private equity fund, completed the acquisition of Zhonghong Bioengineering Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of COFCO. After the acquisition, Purui capital holds 70% equity of Zhonghong biology, and COFCO group still holds 30% minority equity.
Founded in 1998, Zhonghong biology focuses on the health food and nutritional health food industry. It is a member enterprise of COFCO group in developing high-end nutritional food sector. Starting from the middle-aged and elderly health food, Zhonghong propolis soft capsule, the first health product in China with the approval certificate of health food, was launched. In recent years, the nutrition and dietary supplement product lines have been expanded successively. In addition to bee products and health food, new product series of light nourishing and health cereals such as protein powder, medlar puree, collagen peptide and grain meal substitute powder have been gradually developed.
Source: meijianpin Forum


China’s KAPITI is China’s market. The first product Kay Bettychkolaj’s three heavy cream blue cheese has been listed in Jingdong, jitter and some boutiques tiktok, to further meet the growing demand for high-end cheese products in China.
Cabette’s products are made of Fonterra’s unique fermentation bacteria and chymosin, and the original cheese is refined manually in small quantities to ensure the unique flavor of the products. It won 19 medals in the New Zealand cheese award competition in 2021. In the next few months, the cheese products of different varieties and flavors under the kaibeidi brand will continue to enter the Chinese market.
Click on the picture to view the details
Source: Fonterra


On March 1, EST, snackfutures announced that 10 mission driven brands were selected into the 2022 colab class, namely Bunny James boxes, every body eat, gonanas, moonshot, nunbelievable, oat Haus, Pan’s, popcorn for the people, wonder Monday and yol é L é.
The selected brand entrepreneurs and will participate in a 12 week colab course with global experts. The course is carefully planned to provide emerging brands with the resources and technical experience they usually need in the early growth stage – including consumer data and innovation insight, as well as guidance and support in the operational fields of raw material procurement, manufacturing, packaging and marketing. In addition, each start-up will receive $20000, and the course will officially start in April 2022.
Click on the picture to view the details
Source: Google


Recently, the National Health Commission issued announcement No. 1 of 2022. According to the provisions of the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China, the evaluation organization organized experts to evaluate the new varieties of 11 food additives such as Guanshan cherry blossom, pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt and phospholipase A1 The safety assessment materials of 19 new varieties of food related products such as silicon oxide coating with hexamethyldisiloxane and hexamethyldisilazane as raw materials were reviewed and passed.
Guanshan cherry blossom is the flower of Guanshan cherry belonging to Rosaceae, plum subfamily and Rosaceae. It is widely used as vegetable or food raw materials. Pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt naturally exists in a variety of foods, such as milk, eggs, spinach, etc. it can be used as raw materials for energy drinks, sports drinks, electrolyte drinks and other foods in the United States, while it can be used as dietary supplements or natural health food in the European Union and Canada.
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