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“Her economy” supports more than half the sky. How should brands win “hearts” in the new consumption era?

how to seize the new outlet of female consumption? First of all, you have to understand “her economy”!
With the iteration and evolution of consumption upgrading and the continuous improvement of women’s education and social status, the traditional role orientation of “men in charge of external affairs and women in charge of internal affairs” in the past has long been outdated. Nowadays, the “her economy” formed by female groups of different ages and all walks of life is constantly breaking the stereotype in the traditional gender culture and interpreting the “multifaceted self” in the journey of life with a new attitude.
In the new era, women are increasingly indifferent to the cognitive framework preset by the society. They understand and love life. Every time they seriously choose the quality of life they yearn for, behind it is the publicity of their self-identity and attitude; They clearly know how to follow their hearts, lead social changes in aesthetics, concepts, creative level and many other aspects, and provide unlimited new opportunities and new driving forces for the market.
In the consumer market closest to public life, no matter the growth of consumption or the upgrading and change of categories, all kinds of signs show that women are an important part of the consumer market. In the changing innovation and entrepreneurship market, whether female entrepreneurs, executives or female investors, they are thinking, influencing and promoting social development and progress with their unique creativity, insight and leadership. In recent years, they are not only active in business and technology industries, but also a number of consumer brands founded by women have a fierce momentum and significant growth.
As the world ushers in the 112th “March 8th” international working women’s Day (IWD), Shushi advocates to explore the new philosophy of “her economy” in each segment of new consumption with you in combination with the consumption preferences of female groups, excellent players in new consumption brands and 38 festival marketing cases of foreign brands in recent two years.
Women in the new era dominate shopping malls,
“She creates” reshapes the new consumer market
According to a survey data released by Accenture, there are nearly 400 million female consumers aged 20-60 in the Chinese market, with an annual consumption expenditure of up to 10 trillion yuan. Among them, there are 278 million women aged 30-55. They are in a life stage with strong economic dominance and play a “female power” that can not be ignored in various market segments. Different from traditional women, the post-90s are more independent, self-centered and personalized. The strong consumer demand of the post-90s also drives the further expansion of the market space of “her economy”.
At the same time, in China’s entrepreneurial ecological environment, women have also become an important force in innovation and entrepreneurship. According to the white paper on gender equality and women’s development in China issued by the State Council, the proportion of female entrepreneurs in China increased from 20% to 25% from 2005 to 2015. According to the statistics of tmall, 80% of the new head brands focus on women’s consumer demand. Behind many new Unicorn brands, 40% of entrepreneurs are female founders. This number is still expanding with the improvement of women’s status and the awakening of women’s self-consciousness.  
In this era of deeper and multidimensional gender issues, women, as important participants in the consumer market, grow more sensitive and dare to say “no” to people, words or situations that make them feel uncomfortable. In this era, only when we really understand and understand the needs of female consumers can we make targeted and moving products, which are often better for women. In the new wave of consumption, women’s power is not only indispensable, but also the top priority.  
So, in the field of new food consumption, which female entrepreneurs are the important forces to promote China’s new consumption wave? Maybe we can get the answer from the brand business history represented by Sunday zero, Huaxi biology, missberry, daily bacteria and Chali tea.
L. Zhou zero founder · Kiki Wu
source: Sina Weibo
Chinese plant protein food technology enterprise “Sunday zero” starfield was founded in 2019. Before the establishment of Monday zero, Kiki engaged in brand consulting and media work that had nothing to do with plant meat. The reason for the establishment of Monday zero was influenced by the vegetarian culture of her family. In 2017, driven by the mission of spreading plant-based diet, she founded the “moss planet” vegetable restaurant, which quickly became the most popular vegetarian restaurant among young people in Shenzhen, In order to make plant-based diet enter more people’s table, Kiki set up scientific research and other teams to enter the plant meat track.
So far, it has completed the round B financing of US $100 million on Sunday, and its self built factory was officially started in October 2021. It has covered hundreds of plant protein product schemes such as plant protein minced meat, plant protein meatballs and plant ham meat. It has cooperated with more than 100 brands in China through B2B2C mode, and its products have been stationed in 14000 + stores in China.  
L. Zhao Yan, founder of Huaxi biology
source: Sina Finance
Huaxi biological is the world’s largest manufacturer of hyaluronic acid. As a domestic A-share hyaluronic acid giant, many people almost equate Huaxi biology with hyaluronic acid. By 2020, Huaxi biological has occupied 43% of the global market share of hyaluronic acid raw materials. Its founder Zhao Yan is also known as the “Queen of hyaluronic acid”, and has become the representative of creating wealth through science and technology and women. Since the listing of Huaxi biology on November 6, 2019, Zhao Yan, the actual controller, has been firmly ranked as the richest man on the science and innovation board. Zhao Yan went to Hainan to search for gold in 1989, accumulated initial capital in real estate, clothing and other businesses, and was once the largest shareholder of entrepreneurship.
At present, Huaxi biological products have established a whole industry chain business system from raw materials to medical end products, functional skin care products and functional food. In terms of food, Huaxi biology has accumulated and developed functional foods for improving gastrointestinal tract, improving sleep, emotion management, enhancing immunity, eye protection and other purposes. In January 2021, it launched the first hyaluronic acid food brand “black zero” in China, and actively expanded the domestic functional food industry.  
Tang Huimin, founder of Miss Berry
Source: Forbes / Sohu
Missberry berry sweetheart, a cutting-edge low alcohol wine brand, has completed more than 100 million financing since its listing in April 2020. Tang Huimin, its founder, had previously served as the director of cocktail digital retail business department at Rio, and had handled popular projects such as “Rio six gods cocktail” and “Rio hero pen cocktail”. Relying on her keen market awareness and delicate intuition as a woman, she observed that women’s drinking needs were not met by the market. In 2019, she resigned as an executive, And set up an experienced entrepreneurial team, officially established the missberry brand and joined the fruit wine track.
Since its inception, missberry has launched a series of sweetheart small square bottles of fruit, with a total of 5 flavors, including Peach Oolong, plum passion fruit, litchi manna, rose white grape and strawberry raspberry. It is reported that this series will become a popular model after it goes online, and has been the first in the sales of tmall fruit wine for three consecutive months. In the year when the product was launched, missberry became the top 1 of tmall’s double 11 fruit wine category and was rated as one of tmall’s top 10 cutting-edge food brands.
L. Yang Min, founder of daily bacteria
source: small dining table
The probiotic diet brand “daily bacteria” was founded in April 2021. It mainly aims at exquisite middle-class women aged 25-35 and provides a full range of “probiotic +” products. Its founder Yang Min is a post-90s entrepreneur who once worked in Mengniu, Lechun yogurt and other companies. He is responsible for the products and innovation of low-temperature star brands. He has nearly 5 years of experience in product and consumer market research related to probiotic innovation.
According to official information, the brand is committed to developing “Oriental bacteria” more suitable for Chinese intestinal tract, so local probiotics are selected. The brand has launched three SKUs. The main products are probiotic chewable tablets, zero added sucrose, and the sweetness comes from fruit powder. Up to now, the “daily bacteria” has completed tens of millions of pre-A round of financing in September this year.

Wang Yuxiao, founder of Mo Mo dim sum Bureau

Source: Xiaoxiang eye
The Momo dim sum Bureau, located in the national style characteristic dim sum, takes Chinese pastries such as peach crisp, meat floss Xiaobei and egg yolk crisp as the main product line, and combines the common elements of Western pastries such as cheese and cookies to create a “new Chinese” baking product focusing on taste, freshness, innovation and appearance.
Wang Yuxiao, founder of Mo Mo dim sum Bureau, is a native of Changsha. She once worked for Hunan Satellite TV Tianyu media, served as the general representative of Hunan and Hubei of retail brand mu90, and was also the founder of fashion hat brand FUO and cutting-edge tea brand arteasg. It is the previous rich resume that makes Wang Yuxiao have a strong insight into the consumption needs of young people. Under her manipulation, the Mo Mo dim sum Bureau, which focuses on the national trend, has become popular since its birth.
Since opening its first store in Changsha in August 2020, it has been favored by capital and obtained four financing in a year. At the beginning of September this year, Momo dim sum Bureau obtained the exclusive investment of meituan Longzhu.
L. Jin Yawen, founder of Hankou No. 2 Factory
source: Isee foodaily
Hankou No.2 factory’s brand positioning is “Guochao beverage brand”, which is committed to reaching the whole-time life scene of young people. Among them, women are the decision-makers and leaders of household consumption. In 2021, Hankou No. 2 factory launched a variety of innovative products. After gaining insight into the “snack” trend of oral beauty, Hankou No. 2 factory launched ha Shui lemon Geranium flavor bubble water in March 2021, which is a healthy flavor bubble water added with sodium hyaluronate (HA).
Kimi, founder and CEO of Wuhan hengrunshi Operation Management Co., Ltd. – Hankou No. 2 factory, is a post-80s generation, a professional lifestyle buyer and the most persistent entrepreneur. Since 2003, she has opened many personalized stores, such as creative cafe, design home stay, music bar and so on. Since 2011, she has studied in Taiwan, Japan, Europe and other places and studied art. In 14 years, she officially founded Wuhan hengrunshi to carry out projects such as design brand incubation, protection and transformation of old buildings, inheritance of intangible cultural heritage and planning of cultural and art exhibitions. In 2015, together with the founding team, she discovered and restored the historical protection building “wanyaofang residence”, and transformed this famous century old house in Wuhan into an excellent life aesthetics complex – “Ming 19”; Ming 19 has gathered diversified lifestyles and business forms, become a platform for small-scale art performance and cultural exchange, and become a gathering place for literary and artistic figures in Wuhan. At the beginning of 2018, inspired by this, hengrunshi created a brand-new brand “Hankou No. 2 factory” and became the brand of new jinguochao beverage.
“Her economy” gave birth to consumption hotspots,
How does the brand win the “heart”?
From the business development process of cutting-edge brands, we can see that women have natural advantages in understanding their needs. Starting from the consumer’s life scene, they can meet the different demands of female consumers on health, nutrition, function, emotion, lifestyle and parenting process by transforming and renovating traditional categories such as snacks, vegetarians, tonics, wine and snacks.
So, driven by her creation, which new food consumer categories are the most popular and have an obvious growth trend? Looking at the foreign market, what cases can be used for reference?
1. Health and nutrition: light food instead of food and plant meat products lead the new food fashion
Fat reduction is another eternal topic for women. In addition to consuming fat through exercise, more and more female consumers hope to maintain physical and nutritional balance through food. In recent years, with the continuous enhancement of health awareness and the gradual upgrading of dietary consumption structure, various health products focusing on the concepts of low-fat, light truck, nutrition and high protein are in full bloom. According to the data released by mob Research Institute, women’s health food will exceed 200 billion yuan in 2020.
Among them, light food and all kinds of substitute food are popular among women as low calorie, healthy and convenient to eat. According to the insight report on the consumption of alternative meals and light food in 2020 released by cbndata first finance and economics, nearly 70% of alternative meal consumers are women, and their consumption potential is still continuously released. Among them, the post-85s and post-90s consumers contribute more than 40% of alternative meal consumption, followed by the post-95s and Post-70s, of which the consumption potential of post-95s can not be ignored. At the same time, the more functional substitute food categories such as milkshake powder and low calorie and low-fat food that have sprung up in recent years show a stronger growth momentum, with the proportion of new customers as high as more than 90%. The diversification trend of substitute food categories can be seen.
In recent years, the emerging plant base has also been popular among domestic female consumers because of its low-fat and zero cholesterol characteristics. According to the insight data of tmall’s online vegetable meat consumers, among the female groups, women in high-speed cities are the main consumers, accounting for nearly 70%. The health awareness of offline cities is continuously enhanced, the population growth rate is prominent, and the growth rate of post-80s consumers is higher than that of other groups.
Path of life will launch a new path of life light food series this summer, which aims to provide consumers with a light food product that can be easily enjoyed at home. The new series has four kinds of Collocations to choose from: 1. Organic cauliflower and cauliflower with plant cheese sauce; 2. Organic brown rice and quinoa with organic broccoli and onions, with nut free vegetarian tomato and garlic seasoning; 3. Organic brown rice and quinoa with organic chickpeas, broccoli, zucchini and red onions, together with cream roasted garlic sauce; 4. Brown rice and chickpeas are served with red onions, zucchini, spinach and red pepper, and seasoned with olive oil and herbal Greek sauce.
source: preparedfoods
2. Functional +: hyaluronic acid and probiotic products take off
In addition to dietary nutrition and health, women also have a strong pursuit of beauty. 2021 women’s quality of life trend insight report shows that more than 70% of female consumers have paid for healthy food and are more willing to “eat” beauty “and” drink “health through diet.
Tmall data show that during the double 11 in 2021, therapeutic, nourishing and nutritional commodities increased by 300% year-on-year. In terms of product selection, according to the female consumption research report released by cbnddata first finance, 65% of women believe that adding specific ingredients to food and beverages can improve their health through dietary supplements. Tmall and other sales data show that foods containing probiotics, Qiya seeds and other ingredients are most favored by female consumers.
At the same time, with the concept of “homology of makeup and food” going deep into the cognition of Chinese consumers. Under the “beauty in power”, foods containing whitening, anti wrinkle and other functional ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen have also become popular. Euromonitor consulting report shows that the total sales of health food in China will reach 311.6 billion yuan in 2020, of which the consumption of oral beauty products will be 23.8 billion yuan. During the “June 18” period of the same year, oral beauty products became one of the three most popular consumer categories, with a year-on-year increase of 2266%.
In addition, according to the 2020 tmall global consumer insight report on cross-border health products, the consumption scale and number of Oral Beauty consumers continued to grow, with women becoming the main force, and the proportion of generation Z increased rapidly, ranking first in the number growth. With the economic development, the popularization of the concept of great health and the improvement of market recognition, the total demand for collagen in China will continue to grow. The industry is expected to grow to 4.58 billion yuan by 2024.
In February 2022, the vitamin shopping ® Launch trueYou ™ New series of nutritional supplements. TrueYou’s three core products are designed to help women of different ages prevent mental, physical and emotional health problems. TrueYou balancing act is a product that can help balance hormones, while head over heels containing collagen peptide and hyaluronic acid can act on hair, skin, nails and joints, Help women glow with inner brilliance, while perfect ensemble is a high-efficiency multivitamin, which is used to supplement vitamin B12, lutein and so on.
Source: vitaminshoppe
3. Proper eating and drinking: consumption of new wine and Chinese snacks has become the mainstream
In recent years, with the rise of young consumer groups and the continuous upgrading of consumption, more and more young consumers are seeking more new drinks with diversified flavors and fresh taste experience while pursuing health.
In the liquor market, compared with the high level of liquor in the traditional business entertainment scene, women’s demand for liquor has shown a common trend in recent years: consumers living in first tier cities, cutting-edge white-collar workers, exquisite mothers and other groups are becoming the main force of low alcohol consumption.
Tmall data show that in the first quarter of 2021, among tmall, Taobao and other sales channels, 2449 liquor brands maintained a sales growth rate of more than 100%, including 57.8% of low alcohol liquor and 1415. The main customers driving the growth of big fruit wine category are women aged 18-34, who have updated consumption concepts and behaviors of wine culture. The little red book has more than 100000 notes on “girls’ wine”, which also reflects the heat of the low alcohol wine track.
More particularly, Chinese baking, carrying the banner of “national tide”, has also become a good thing for young people, making the capital enthusiasm “cake” rise. According to meituan review statistics, among the consumers of Chinese baking stores, the most important group is young people aged between 25 and 30, accounting for 36%. At the same time, the female consumer group accounted for 76.6%, becoming the mainstream of the consumer group in baking stores.
According to the report on the development trend of baking industry in 2020, the market scale of China’s baking industry will be 235.8 billion yuan in 2020. It is expected that China’s baking market will maintain a growth rate of about 7% in the next five years. China bakers Consumer Association predicts that the average annual compound growth rate of the baking industry will reach 45% by 2025.
The classic cocktails produced by the check company were launched in February 2021. This series uses high-quality raw materials such as freshly squeezed citrus, freshly squeezed cranberry, selected local roasted coffee beans, freshly picked mint, violet and elderberry flowers, fresh lemonade and gluten free corn vodka to produce four highly flavored drinks respectively.  
source: the cocktailchemist bevco
4. Good parenting: a new meal for infants and children and a new track in the infant and child industry
In fact, not only dote on themselves, women also assume multiple roles in society, and their investment in families and children also cost money. The contemporary Baoma who shuttles between the family and the workplace is no longer simply focusing on use and wear. They are constantly looking for easier and more efficient baby rearing models and mother and child products.
At the same time, with the iteration of the fertility group, after the proportion of post-95 Baoma exceeds 85, the childbearing age is gradually younger, and the new generation of Baoma have different degrees of segmentation and requirements for the baby’s nutrition. According to the Research Report on the consumption trend of mother and infant market in 2021 released by iResearch, in terms of infant food, the higher attention and pursuit of nutrition and function by parents have accelerated the extension of milk powder and supplementary food to formula / efficacy enrichment and fine differentiation. In addition, the report also shows that young post-90s Baoma has a higher willingness to “taste” new online celebrity / niche products, and excellent product function / efficacy, healthier raw materials / ingredients and higher cost performance are important factors to attract them to taste.
But on the other hand, the types of ingredients on the market today are richer and more diverse than ever before. How to feed infants professionally is still a strange field for many Baoma. More importantly, because most women have to face the current situation of giving consideration to work and taking care of children at the same time in their daily life, this difficulty often directly leads to the lack of the most scientific feeding of infants and young children in the critical period of the establishment of eating habits. For a long time, China’s infant and child dinner market is in a state of lack of supply. At present, there are few entrants in the field of “baby and child new Dinner” in China, and this emerging track still needs to be deeply explored.  

In order to help more novice parenting families solve the problems faced in feeding and making baby food, foodiekid launched simple starters organic baby fast food in September 2021. It is understood that simple starters series products include root veggie, squash pack and veggie blends pack. The ingredients include pumpkin, sweet potato, lentils, carrots and spinach. After scientific nutrition matching, unpacking and subcontracting can be fed directly. At the same time, with these products, the brand believes that it has filled the gap in the market and the products are widely used to meet the needs of young people.

source: foodiekid
5. Equal rights consumption: integrating women’s values into brand proposition
Whether it is the micro brand growth or the quantified platform trend, all kinds of signs show that women’s consumption is an important part of new consumption, and because many previous needs have not been solved, opportunities for category segmentation are emerging. Of course, starting from the needs of different products and different perspectives, entering the women’s market is the foundation of brand development, but brand development is not a “one hammer deal”. If you want to coexist with consumers for a long time, the role of marketing should not be underestimated.
Unlike the Spring Festival, Valentine’s day, Christmas and other marketing nodes, women’s day does not have any cultural background, and gender equality is the common pursuit. Women’s day has a history of more than 100 years. After 100 years of changes, this festival has been given more significance in different regions, including encouraging women to pursue equality, expressing respect for women, and commending women’s outstanding contributions to economy, politics and society. In China, this important festival has also become the backbone of domestic e-commerce and brands for many years.
History will not go backwards, women’s progress is also irreversible, and the awakening of values represents the trend of women’s marketing in the future. I believe that more and more brands will integrate women’s values into the brand proposition, rather than just focus on consumption and products, which is the trend and future we can see.
To raise awareness of the gender pay gap, brew dog, a fine brewed beer company, previously launched a beer series called “beer for girls” on International Women’s day. BrewDog said the beer was designed to reveal the stigmatization of women in the beer market. At the same time, the brand also uses a special promotion method to sell the beer. Women can buy the product at a discount price, while men need to pay the full price. In addition, the brand donated 20% of all the proceeds of the beer to charities that help women’s equality work.  
source: chewboom
“Women’s Day” was born out of the history of women’s struggle for freedom and equality. It is the anniversary of women workers taking to the streets to demonstrate. Women’s ancestors shouted the slogan of “bread and roses”, demanding to shorten working hours, increase wages and enjoy the right to vote. During the long struggle of working women for labor rights and interests and women’s liberation, March 8 became international working women’s day, women were given the right to vote, and the legal working hours of eight hours a day, five days a week were determined. Therefore, the “women’s Day”, which continues to this day, carries the social significance of breaking inequality and pursuing women’s liberation.
Female consumption belongs to women, but not just women. At the moment when “her power” is becoming stronger and stronger, whether it is consumers, entrepreneurs or personalized brands, the rise of female consumption is essentially a pursuit of people’s self will, free spirit, aesthetic level and spiritual needs. They are worthy of being seen and understood. At the same time, consumption is not the ultimate pursuit of women. In addition to consumption, there are still many topics worthy of attention for women.
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