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Oral beauty doesn’t work? Make up and sell food from Meide

how should food please female consumers? It’s better to learn from the hot makeup track.


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On March 8, women’s power and economy were put on the agenda again.
Speaking of “her economy”, we have to rely on female consumers to support most of the beauty track. From the perspective of domestic new consumer brands, beauty personal care track is the second largest track that capital pays attention to in the investment and financing of new consumption in 2021; From the perspective of international beauty giants, many giants have achieved significant performance growth in 2021, and the Chinese market has become the key factor for the growth of giants’ performance.
Female consumers are the absolute protagonist in the field of beauty and personal care. We can see the strong consumption power of “her”. From the trend of popular products in recent years, we can also see the considerations and preferences of domestic female consumers in choosing goods. The consumer portrait summarized from the beauty industry may also give some enlightenment to women in the food industry.
In recent years, what are women’s preferences in beauty care? What are the elements of those explosives? What are the similar and interconnected characteristics between beauty products and food? How can food use women’s preferred beauty elements to design product highlights? Is it a code for women to use makeup?
new proposition of “color economy”,
Capture her heart with color
According to the 2021 insight report on women’s quality of life trend released by cbndata, in addition to ceremonial makeup on important occasions, most women’s makeup is not only for the expression of their own personality and emotion, but also a kind of self pleasing makeup. This expression is not only reflected in the makeup style, but also in the choice of color.
The use of this personality color is especially prominent in the most colorful lip makeup products. The hot cosmetic contact lenses in 2020 and the beautiful pupil category in 2021 are also the embodiment of women’s make-up performance, personality and pleasure.
The joy that color cosmetics bring to users through color is extremely intuitive, immediate and influential. For cosmetics, the color number is one of the decisive factors affecting the choice of female consumers. Especially for local cosmetics, calling up a beautiful color number can be said to be more than half successful. Even many times, just the sentence “the color is too beautiful” is enough to constitute the reason for placing an order.
Therefore, from the famous international brand YSL with “Star color” in 2014, to the Korean makeup brand 3ce, which became popular later, to the cutting-edge domestic brand into you and the domestic makeup kaleidoscope characterized by bold color playing in recent years, there are always makeup brands out of the circle because of a popular popular color number and super emphasis on color taste.
As far as lip makeup is concerned, there are bean paste color, vintage berry plum color, rich cherries color, vibrant grapefruit color, cool cocoa color, beautiful dragon fruit color, autumn pumpkin color, mature jujube red, pink peach color, plain apricot color, carrot color, strawberry red, hawthorn red, guava color, milk tea color, cinnamon color… These big fire colors closely related to food have lasted for a long time, On the stage in turns, the social media content of color test can always cause a large area of grass planting repeatedly, which makes all beauty lovers count.
Milk tea is not only the shoulder of the beverage industry, but also the shoulder of the lipstick industry. Photo source: Little Red Book pudding milk tea deer
For food, color is still the flow password. Since ancient times, China has stressed that food should be “complete in color, flavor and taste”. Among the four elements of sensory evaluation of “color, aroma, taste and shape”, color also ranks first. Color can affect consumers’ instantaneous feeling of food and affect consumers’ mood. Like cosmetics, food with outstanding colors and on camera is always easier to attract consumers’ attention in an instant, and it is also easier to get more sharing and dissemination on social media.
Mume Pink – red meat Lucy plum brews romantic pink and gorgeous natural plum wine at a glance
image source: PR times
“Mume pink” and “mume pink” are new flavor products of natural plum wine “mume (む)”.
Due to the use of a special red meat variety plum “Lucy” as raw material, the plum wine “plum pink” is transparent and gorgeous pink as a whole, which will be particularly beautiful when exposed to light. In order to maximize the use of pulp color, frozen pulp was used to destroy the cell wall to increase the dissolution of pigment; At the same time, the original low-temperature preparation process is adopted to reduce the loss of pigment.
Another plum wine in the same series, “mume pink とろろろろろろろろろろろろろろろろろろろろろろろろろろろろ12429.
Capsule tea language rainbow capsule tea – colorful girls’ tea sold in beauty salons without color contrast seven days a week
I wonder if consumers will wonder whether this product is food or make-up when they see it offline for the first time?
The rainbow capsule tea of capsule tea language can be said to be a typical female oriented product. In terms of packaging, the color capsule shells of seven colors correspond to different taste formulas, so that there is a sense of surprise seven days a week. With this fashionable packaging design, capsule tea language also won the German if design award in 2021 and participated in China International Fashion week. When you search for product names on platforms such as xiaohongshu, you can always see “too high appearance value!” Such an evaluation.
capsule tea language rainbow tea, picture source: capsule tea language
In terms of formula, capsule tea language adopts the “4 + 1” makeup formula, which uses freeze-dried tea powder + original leaf tea + flower petals + freeze-dried fruit particles to improve the richness of the product. At the same time, collagen peptide and aloe vera are added to provide auxiliary functionality.
In terms of sales channels, the special feature of capsule tea language is that 300 toners and KKV stores have been settled offline. Make up collection stores and boutique collection stores dominated by female customers are the starting point to accurately reach the core target consumers aged 18-35.
Because of the accurate customer base, the sales volume of capsule tea language has been growing steadily. Among them, “Rainbow capsule tea” has become the monthly sales champion of the tea category in this channel after it was put on the shelves in the boutique KKV, while the “Peach Oolong” in the “Rainbow capsule tea” series has a high praise rate of 98% in xiaohongshu.
Rainbow capsule tea in KKV store, photo source: xiaohongshu, Chen Qiuqiu
Ruixing Walden blue coconut latte / Walden blue diamond Reina ice – blue, beauty is over
To say what color in the food industry is like lipstick, just because “the color number is too beautiful” and makes people impulsively place orders and punch in one after another, there must be blue.
Although natural blue food accounts for the lowest proportion in nature, blue is also rated as the “color that can inhibit appetite most”. However, through the use of butterfly bean flower, blueberry powder, phycocyanin and other raw materials, some products that make people “see the color and feel the meaning” have been created. The successful application of this blue element in tea is more prominent.
For example, Walden blue coconut latte and Walden blue diamond Reina ice launched by Ruixing in July 2021 are known by netizens as “the cure version of raw coconut latte”, “Ruixing beauty ceiling” and “Reina ice tailored for fairies”.
Starbucks has also launched “ice and snow fun and crisp Star Ice fun”, while Xi tea has launched Disney’s exclusive “glacier adventure”.
Photo source: Little Red Book Miko sauce is lazy, Danny Zhou, Starbro
Although some blue raw materials can only provide color and can not provide special flavor, they are suitable for making high film rate and topic limited products because they can create a dream effect related to the images of sky, lake, ocean, ice and snow, or bring a sense of coolness visually. Of course, other color raw materials can also refer to the idea of blue products.
“Smell economy” new atmosphere,
Heal her heart with smell
Another fast growing track in the field of beauty care in China is the perfume fragrance track. Home furnishing fragrances, aromatherapy, and other more subdivision areas are also growing.
Behind the rise of home fragrance and aromatherapy is the demand of female consumers for soothing body and mind, healing emotions, improving home experience and quality of life. Smelling is an effective way of healing.  
Through smell and flavor, it increases the sense of experience and healing, and is also the masterpiece of food in DNA. Even many popular perfume fragrances smell with the source of smell genes, such as citrus, lemon, peach, cherry, pear, figs, green tea, Osmanthus fragrans, peppermint, etc.
Compared with fragrance products that occupy more “space” and aromatherapy products limited to home, spa, physiotherapy and other scenes, food can be used in a wider range of scenes, so that people can enjoy the healing time brought by food anytime and anywhere.
Kanro キンディタイムぼぼィタイムぼぼキンディィタイムぼぼぼぼ124
Kanro’s concept of this product is “switching candy”. It selects two flavors of “awakening grapefruit ginger” and “leisurely honey lemon”. Through candy with different flavors and two eating methods of “chewing” and “dissolving”, it realizes the switching of two scenes of “want to concentrate on work” and “want to relax”.
Source: PR times
“Awakened grapefruit ginger” flavor combines just the right spicy ginger and fresh grapefruit aroma. At the same time, each sugar contains 3.0mg caffeine. In addition, it promotes people to chew through chewy texture. People can concentrate more on their work from aroma, composition and action.
“Leisurely honey lemon” tastes a sweet lemon flavour with a sweet chamomile essence, which is suitable for relaxing in the mouth. Dissolving candy in warm black tea, milk or hot water can also give off a mild aroma and make people feel calm.
WILLch, who lives with tea bags, can be perfused with tea and three tones of tea.
In the fragrance and fragrance products, tea fragrance is a very popular and very classic flavor. Many brands also have introduced tea fragrance perfume, such as Bvlgari Darjeeling tea, green tea and white tea, oolong’s Wuji oolong, the new sharp brand of Chinese goods, the three heavy tea of Xia, etc.
For Chinese tea, one of its most charming characteristics is aroma. In tea science, the knowledge about the description of tea aroma is actually very complex. WILLch, based on the active withering technology and the five wave baking method, created the concept of “drinking perfume tea”, which made the tea full of natural fragrance. At the same time, it skillfully draws lessons from the terms of flavorers, and enables young people to understand the level of tea fragrance more simply through the poetic description of one tea and three tones (pre fragrance / medium flavor / post rhyme).
Description of WILLch’s perfume tea on the front and rear tones. Picture source: willcha flagship store
For most young people who have never studied tea, probably no one will know the complexity of tea aroma. Willch á skillfully strengthens the rendering of taste level in product publicity, guides consumers to plant grass, but also guides consumers’ perception of products, and improves consumers’ sense of surprise, emotional satisfaction and experience.
The new wisdom of the “component party”,
Hit her heart with efficacy
Mentioning the hot words in the skin care circle in recent years, many people should first reflect that they should be “early C and late a”? Although the ingredients are irritating, it is not suitable for everyone. However, due to the effective feedback from the applicable population, whitening and antioxidant VC products + anti aging A alcohol products are still the most popular skin care formulas in 2021. They are also typical product cases with demand oriented and component as the core selling point.
One of the growing consumer forces that can not be ignored by the beauty care industry is the component party. In the field of skin care, there are more and more rational female consumers. For skin care products, they pursue pleasure, efficacy and cost performance. By selecting appropriate ingredients, they can effectively attack skin problems and solve skin care needs.
The growth of the domestic ingredients party has even forced the brand to roll inside. Even international giants such as L’Oreal and Estee Lauder have come to a collective end. They have launched new products for the most popular efficacy skin care ingredients, or focused their publicity on products containing fire skin care ingredients.
The brand new L’OREAL A essence released by L’OREAL’s brand name Ke Yan in 2021 is from micro-blog.
Mr. bones of the Kiehls family
In the pursuit of beauty, Chinese women have pursued beauty from the inside out since ancient times, taking it for internal and external use. Now female consumers are still enthusiastic about oral products, but they have changed from an ancient beauty formula to a more accurate and targeted functional ingredient.
In the “2021-q1 high potential ingredients list of beauty makeup” released by the beauty industry Beauty Research Institute, we can see that many of the high growth ingredients in the skin care category can be used for oral administration. Ceramide, hyaluronic acid, collagen and probiotics have been applied in the field of food. For example, hyaluronic acid, which was officially approved by the state last year and can be used in ordinary food, has been added to bottled water, yogurt, soft candy, jelly and other types of food. Nowadays, “makeup and food are of the same origin” seems to resonate with the Party of beauty ingredients with a more sense of science and technology.
Huaxi biological water muscle spring hyaluronic acid water, picture source: Huaxi biological
Of course, in addition to foods added with hyaluronic acid, there are other cases of “oral black technology” products.
ORBIS defencera ceramide moisturizing oral powder – a drinkable skin care product that improves the moisturizing and locking function of the whole body skin from the inside out
For women’s skin care, skin moisturizing is an eternal demand. ORBIS defencera ceramide moisturizing oral powder launched by ORBIS, a Japanese skin care brand, is the only oral beauty product in Japan that has been certified as a specific health food and can improve the skin’s water retention function. It has been 10 years from research and development to final certification. It is suitable for people who want to solve the problem of dry skin.
Source: ORBIS official website
Its core component is high-purity glucoceramide, which comes from rice germ. It maintains moisture and prevents moisture evaporation by forming a three-level moisturizing barrier on the skin. In addition, defencera not only acts on the facial skin, but also prevents the loss of water from the whole body.
Once on sale, this product has become a hot topic in the beauty industry. Since its launch, it has won 27 best color awards from Japan. As of May 13, 2021, it has sold 1.88 million pieces with sales of about 5.19 billion yen (about 286 million yuan). In addition to grapefruit flavor, two new flavors of peach and musk grape have been introduced.
One stop solution for women of different ages
For skin care products, women of different ages will face different skin care appeals. For example, young skin around 20 years old should pay attention to moderate cleaning and moisturizing to meet basic skin care needs. At least 25 year old soft mature muscles need to consider initial aging, while 30+’s mature muscles need to focus more on wrinkle resistance and tighten.
When choosing skin care products, it is also a problem for many female consumers to choose which ingredients and dosage forms of products and how to combine them. Therefore, ingredient bloggers who can give reasonable suggestions on the composition and dosage forms of skin care products can often harvest a large number of fans. Some skin care brands with strong R & D strength also choose to launch complex formula products that simplify consumers’ choice.
Similar to the matching idea of skin care products, FANCL, a Japanese skin care brand, has launched dietary supplement packages with different ingredients for men and women of different ages.
Source: PR times
This series of products aims to solve the problem that consumers feel “too many kinds and don’t know what to choose” when facing dietary supplements. The most appropriate combination of dietary supplements is matched according to people of different ages and genders.
For example, the 20th generation of women are mainly busy with work and often use mobile phones and computers. Their diet is also prone to problems such as irregular and unbalanced nutrition. Therefore, the main components of the supplement are vitamin B, vitamin C, three minerals that are easy to lack due to unbalanced diet nutrition, lactic acid bacteria and carotene, blueberries for eye protection, iron and folic acid that are easy to lack in women, and HTC collagen.
For 30 + women, DHA, hydroxytyrosol, GABA and coenzyme Q10 were added to the 20 + products. The ingredients of products for other age groups are also different.
Since its launch in 2015, this series of products have been widely praised for “simple choice” and “convenience”.
Focusing on efficacy and safety, the party looks forward to a more standardized market
In addition to the consumers who have established a more scientific and rational view of skin care, they are also inseparable from the increasingly strong scientific research strength of cosmetics brands.
With the increasing enrichment of domestic skin care brands and products, the new regulations and laws regulating the industry are also gradually improving. On January 1, 2022, the measures for the supervision and administration of cosmetics production and operation were officially implemented, followed by the announcement of the State Food and Drug Administration of the people’s Republic of China on January 6 and the measures for the administration of the detection of adverse reactions in cosmetics on February 21.
The formal implementation of various regulations means that enterprises need to provide more materials that can prove the quality, efficacy, authenticity and safety of products. They are also forcing enterprises to pay more attention to R & D strength, increase scientific research investment and focus more on polishing high-quality products.
This will raise the entry threshold of the whole industry, is an opportunity to really focus on making a brand of products, make consumers more comfortable to buy in the future, and eliminate some enterprises with insufficient ability.
The domestic functional food market is not standardized. At this year’s two sessions, suggestions related to the food industry also mentioned improving the health claim management system and establishing functional food standards. Whether it is efficacy foods for female consumers or efficacy foods for other groups, I believe that the future industry standards will be more and more standardized and strict, and will also put forward higher requirements for enterprises producing related products.
It’s always said that women’s heart is the bottom needle, but in fact, it seems difficult to grasp the heart of female consumers, and the principle seems to be very simple.
Female consumers are rational and emotional, calm and full of curiosity to explore the world. In the final analysis, whether it is cosmetics or food, those that can stand the test of women, or really care about the problems faced by women, can provide women with pleasant experience, insight into women’s pain points, and scientific and effective products.
If on the basis of good products, they can really have spiritual resonance and emotional connection with female consumers and give psychological support, it will increase the possibility of improving consumers’ favor, brand stickiness and loyalty.
We should not only accurately snipe, but also jump out of the traditional stereotype of women. About women’s heart, I don’t know what kind of product imagination can the brand play in the future?
Readers who read this article are also welcome to leave your views on some products that are biased towards female consumers in the comment area, or say what you expect from food!
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