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The IPO of green tea in Hong Kong passed the hearing. After the unified performance, the share price fell 16%. Mancoton was fined 60000 yuan. Chuanyuanqi forest acquired Ningxia Helan red wine farm, Nestle and other coffee companies visited Pu’er

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Green tea group’s IPO in Hong Kong passed the hearing

Hangzhou based green tea group submitted its listing application in October last year and has now passed the listing hearing. It is reported that it plans to raise $150 million. The company said in a latest prospectus this evening that it would seek to raise funds to expand the scale of restaurant chains and establish a centralized food processing plant in Zhejiang Province. By the end of 2021, green tea group had opened a total of 236 restaurants in 18 cities in China. The company plans to add more than 200 stores by 2024. In the first nine months of 2021, green tea group achieved revenue of RMB 1.69 billion (US $267.4 million), an increase of 58% year-on-year. In the same period, a total profit of 94.85 million yuan was recorded, compared with a loss of 30.742 million yuan in the previous year; The adjusted net profit margin during the period was 6.9% and 0.3% in the same period in 2020. (Wall Street Journal, Hong Kong Economic Daily)


Mancoton food was fined 60000 yuan for falsely claiming the concept of “sugar free” and “low fat”

Recently, health found on the website of Shanghai municipal market supervision and administration that a variety of foods sold by mankerton food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as mankerton food company) were fined 60000 yuan by Shanghai Minhang District market supervision and Administration for “misleading false publicity of goods or services”, mainly involving the declaration of “sugar free” and “low fat”, However, the products involved did not meet the relevant standards. Mancoton is a world-famous bread brand and a baking enterprise under the binburg group in Mexico. (Beiqing Health)


According to the official website of Luzhou Laojiao today, Liu Miao is the party secretary and chairman of Luzhou Laojiao Group Co., Ltd. and the party secretary and chairman of Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd. Liu Miao, born in 1969, holds a master of business administration from Wright State University, a master of wine making and a senior marketing engineer. He once served as the director of the planning department of the company, the general manager of the sales company, the assistant to the general manager of the company and the deputy general manager of the company. Now he is the chairman and party secretary of Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd. (Beijing News)



Recently, it is rumored that Yuanqi forest acquired Ningxia Helan red wine villa. On March 4, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region public resources trading network released the 100% equity transfer project of Ningxia Helan red wine villa Co., Ltd. (Ningxia minningqing Wine Co., Ltd. is the joint transferor) and Ningxia Helan red wine industry Co., Ltd., with the transfer reserve prices of 280 million yuan and 15 million yuan respectively. The rumor has not yet received a response from vitality forest. (wine circle news Jun, snack generation)

Unified enterprise China shares fell 16.1% today

Unified enterprise China shares fell 16.1% today to close at HK $6.24, a new low in November last year, with a turnover of HK $166 million. Last year, the gross profit margin of the company decreased by 2.8 percentage points year-on-year to 32.6%, mainly due to the rise in the price of bulk raw materials and the impact of promotion allowances. In addition, other food stocks listed in Hong Kong also weakened, with Master Kang down 8.4%, Mengniu down 2% and Wangwang down 2.8%. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

H & H announced the changes in the income of milk powder and other products last year

H & H International announced today that its net profit is expected to fall by 50% to 60% last year. Last year, the income of infant formula milk powder recorded a decline at a low unit level, and the total sales of infant formula milk powder products (including the authorized shipment supplement) continued to record a high unit growth,

Miaokolando: it has repurchased 9.8 million shares, accounting for 1.9%

Miaoke Lando announced today that as of March 8, the company had repurchased 9.8 million shares, accounting for 1.9% of the company’s total shares. The highest purchase price was 62.99 yuan / share, the lowest price was 34.75 yuan / share, and the total amount paid was about 483 million yuan. (company announcement)

Guizhou Maotai released monthly data for the first time


Yesterday, Guizhou Maotai announced that from January to February 2022, the total operating revenue was about 20.2 billion yuan, an increase of about 20% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was about 10.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of about 20%. The company said today that it is uncertain whether it will normally disclose monthly operating data in the future. Today, Guizhou Maotai closed at 1753.20 yuan, up 2.71%. (company announcement, 21 Finance)

Hainan Coconut Island 1 yuan transfer subsidiary liquor concentrate Baijiu

Recently, Hainan Coconut Island announced that it plans to transfer 100% equity of its starch company at a price of no less than 1 yuan and repay the debt of 53.5288 million yuan. Hainan Coconut Island stripped off its non alcohol business more than once. In November 2021, Hainan Coconut Island publicly listed and transferred 40% equity of sunshine real estate, a joint-stock company, at a price of no less than 207 million yuan. Its purpose is also to focus on the development of alcohol business. (Red Star News)



Recently, snowflake beer (Liangshan) was announced in Xichang Chengliang Industrial Park as a new project with an annual output of 400000 kiloliters of beer. The total investment of the project is 890 million yuan, and the overall plan is 400000 kiloliters / year. It will be completed at one time to produce snowflake mainstream, middle-grade and high-grade products. (Xichang Ecological Environment Bureau)

Yili listed “Cherry white strawberry” flavor milk beverage


Recently, yiliyou yoghurt “milk steam” beverage has ushered in a new taste. The flavor of cherry white strawberry is limited to the market. The product is 0 sucrose. (food investment promotion network)

Nestle’s new limited flavor “Cherry Blossom raw exquisite latte”


Nestle ready to drink coffee series spring Limited taste “Cherry Blossom Shengqiao flavor latte”, will be available in March. This product is innovative in taste, integrating “the fragrance of imported coffee beans, the delicacy of pure and exquisite and the romance of cherry blossoms”. (food investment promotion network)


Wal Mart China continues to optimize women’s empowerment mechanism

Recently, in order to welcome the arrival of International Women’s day, Wal Mart China released a short video to show its continuous efforts to empower women, such as continuously optimizing relevant mechanisms to provide better career development space for women’s development; At the same time, Wal Mart has also created a female empowerment platform mechanism covering the company, community and business ecosystem to help tens of thousands of Chinese women stand on their own and benefit themselves in different positions and fields, and give full play to their extensive community influence and social value. (Beijing News)

Nestle’s e-commerce sales increased to 14.3%

Today, Nestle said in an annual report that strong digital capability is an important driving force for growth. In 2021, the proportion of e-commerce channels in Nestle’s total sales increased to 14.3%, an increase of 15.1% compared with the previous year. In a year when the supply chain is limited, the digital capability enables Nestle to identify changes in supply and demand in real time and deal with problems faster. (issued by the company)

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Recently, Liu Haiping, member of the Standing Committee of Pu’er municipal Party committee and vice mayor of Pu’er municipal government, and his party went to Nestle (China) Co., Ltd., China Post Group, Beijing jinmilan Coffee Co., Ltd., Zhongyu Gaye Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and yutianchuan coffee (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. for discussion and exchange with the main principals of the enterprise. Liu Haiping said that enterprises are expected to invest and start business in Pu’er City, which will create first-class conditions and provide high-quality services for enterprise development and project construction, so that enterprises can feel at ease in Pu’er. (Pu’er daily)

Shanghai will carry out special supervision and inspection on raw material control of infant formula milk powder production enterprises


Recently, Shanghai municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau will organize and carry out special supervision and inspection on the control of raw materials of infant formula milk powder production enterprises in the city, urge enterprises to strictly implement the main responsibility, strengthen the management of infant formula milk powder raw materials and comprehensively investigate and control risks in accordance with the provisions of food safety laws and regulations, food safety standards and the requirements of product formula registration, Ensure the quality and safety of infant formula milk powder products. (Shanghai market supervision and Administration Bureau)

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