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The beauty of the goddesses is no longer satisfied by “early C and late a”

The essence of
‘s face can be taken orally?

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Oral beauty is nothing new for Chinese consumers.
Madame beauty oral liquid, born in 1992, filled the gap in the oral beauty market at that time and made Chinese consumers gradually accept the concept of oral beauty. In 2004, Japanese brand FANCL entered the Chinese market with collagen beverage, followed by Japanese enterprises such as Shiseido, which promoted consumers’ understanding of collagen beauty industry. In 2015, with the wave of cross-border shopping, Swisse and other foreign nutrition and health care brands boosted the market again. After hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) was allowed to be added to ordinary food in 2021, oral beauty food represented by “hyaluronic acid + food” made strong efforts, domestic brands competed to enter the market, and the oral beauty industry ushered in new incremental space.
A picky and rich party,
Catalytic Oral Beauty track continuously subdivided
Consumers’ anxiety about appearance is propping up a new market. In the first seven minutes of 2018, the turnover of oral beauty products increased by 2266% year-on-year, ranking top 3 in tmall’s most popular category. According to Zhiyan consulting data, China’s oral beauty market will reach 23.8 billion yuan in 2022. The first financial business data center (CBNData) jointly released the “2021 women’s anti-aging investment insight report” released by Ji Yan Guang, showing that contemporary women are willing to spend more money than ever before in order to become beautiful and promote the growing beauty economy. From the price distribution of the unit price of commodity parts, the consumer population of 1000 + is growing rapidly, and the heat of the consumer market of high-end skin care products is rising rapidly.
Data Description: the price segment is divided according to the unit price of commodity parts
Data source: cbndata × Ji Yan’s “2021 women’s old age investment insight report”, Foodaily cartography
The popularity of oral beauty market is inseparable from the supporters of the ingredient party. Young consumers pay more attention to skin care ingredients, especially hyaluronic acid, collagen, nicotinamide and other ingredients. The ingredients with the same origin of food and makeup meet the young Party’s skin care demands of pursuing both internal and external repair. Stars in various observation reality shows have led the trend of oral beauty market. For example, a host in an observation variety show is called a health expert because he must take whitening oral liquid, collagen egg and grape seed every day.
Nowadays, consumers face multiple skin problems due to staying up late, stress, hair loss and other problems, and their differentiated demand for oral beauty food is becoming more and more diverse. Taking “oral anti aging” as an example, it shows an increasingly subdivided trend: extending the concept of “anti aging”, such as “sugar resistance, anti oxidant, wrinkle reduction, tending and compactness, collagen supplement”. For oral beauty brands, focusing on polishing products and building the relationship between micro needs, micro scenes or functions will become the core breakthrough point of dividing up this field in the future.
Keep your face in all directions,
It’s not as simple as early C and late a
Last year, the “early C and late a” skin care method of the fire in the skin care industry attracted the pursuit of the component parties, and they have aired their own skin care operations on xiaohongshu and microblog. After all, consumers now have irregular work and rest. 996 staying up late and insomnia are the norm. However, for some consumers, blind early C and late a is not only useless, but also may have a rotten face, and it is too late to repair.
How can we give professional and safe skin care all day?
Foodaily is concerned about the beautiful essence tube beverage series launched by Xian Le health, which concentrates the nutrients needed in the 25ml to the consumer, and gives consumers 24 hours of effective skin care all day long by oral essence. With the concept of external skin care and nutrition as the bottom logic, the “essence tube” series mainly focuses on the nutrition required by the skin, and releases the condensed essences trio, concentrated ingredients, high value of the patented raw material combination, strong body feeling effect, presenting the lady’s essence formula.
The “essence tube” beverage series is designed according to the needs of different periods of the skin: a bottle of double collagen sodium hyaluronate blood orange essence drink in the morning, providing concentrated muscle essence, replenishing collagen and moisture, and supporting the skin structure; During the day, a bottle of mangosteen tea polyphenols and bird’s nest peptide essence beverage is provided, providing the day essence and supporting the skin day umbrella. A bottle of berry extract fish essence beverage at night before bedtime provides night essence, relieving pressure and sleeping, relieving eye pressure and accompanying cosmetology. The “essence tube” series not only has the function of whitening and anti-aging, wrinkle resistance, but also helps to moisturizing the skin and promoting collagen regeneration by C A.
Nowadays, when consumers choose nutrition and health care products, they will not only look at the ingredients, but also pay attention to the presentation form and packaging of products. For example, they are more and more inclined to snack, interesting and high-value products rather than traditional dosage forms (such as capsules and tablets). Ipso pointed out in its 2021 report “makeup, food, fun and fun, both inside and outside – sharing the consumption trend of beauty and health care products”: the form of beauty and health care products that consumers are most interested in buying is oral liquid. The essence tube can be used separately, including coffee, juice, sweet wine and other kinds of collocation, and enjoy more delicious food. The 1 series, 3 bottles of essence tube, let the consumption scenario increase from 1 days 1 times to 1 days 3 times.
Photo source: makeup, food, fun, both inside and outside – sharing the consumption trend of beauty and health care products, Ipsos China, 2021 / 09, foodaily mapping
In recent years, the fashionable and exquisite style has made small tube packaging popular in the lipstick industry. Whether it is international big brands YSL, Gucci, tomford, Dior, Givenchy, L’Oreal, or domestic brands perfect diary and orange flower, they have launched tube lipstick one after another. The “essence tube” is also catching up with the trend. It looks like a fine and stylish tube lipstick. The fashionable and new shape is easy to carry in the small bag. The slender and individually packed “daily dosage” essence tube is also convenient to eat.
Photo source: Givenchy official flagship store
In addition to packaging, in order to further satisfy the “user experience” of female users, the 3 fairy music “essence tubes” have their own flavor and fragrance. The former and middle tones bring full ceremony feeling to the Goddesses: the small orange oranges of the concentrated muscle essence are sour, sweet, and elegant. White peach and tea flavored tea with concentrated daytime essence. The essence of the concentrated night essence is paspberry and Roselle, which is as pleasant as a berry drink.
The essence that you can drink.
Can it stand the test of the party
The essence is a more effective and relatively expensive product in skin care products, favored and trusted by female consumers. When the essence is made to drink, is it still safe?
Xian Le health beauty “essence tube” contains a large number of patent beauty ingredients, plant and animal essence, super food in Europe and the United States, providing oral nutrition for the skin, and can withstand the fastidious composition of the party. As the essence of oral essence, each product has its own characteristics and functions, and it can help each other to protect skin all day long.
Concentrated muscle essence “double collagen sodium hyaluronate, blood orange extract beverage” is a new generation of 8000mg double collagen essence beverage produced by Xian Le health. With the high concentration concentration standard, five core components have been selected to form the power engine of collagen regeneration, and the loss of anti collagen protein has been exhausted. Xianle health patented material fish collagen small molecular peptide ® (Chinese invention patent No.: zl200910194045.6 a preparation method of fish skin and scale collagen peptide) and bovine collagen peptide form double collagen, which is a synergistic complementary type I and type III collagen of human body. Xianle health patent fish collagen small molecule peptide ® (including dipeptide, tripeptide and tetrapeptide), 500 Dalton small molecule peptide, 2.9 times absorption rate! The results of cell experiment showed that the double collagen composition increased the production rate of elastin in aging cells by 2.7 times.
In order to further play the role of collagen, the Xian Le patent elastin peptide, immortal lock, is added into the essence tube. ®, It can cooperate with double collagen to form skin elastic network; 50mg sodium hyaluronate contained in each bottle works synergistically with collagen to form a skin reservoir; The Italy orange peel extract from the Sicilian volcano area rich in antioxidants VC and anthocyanins can promote collagen regeneration.
Photo source: xianle health
Concentrated day essence “mangosteen tea polyphenols bird’s nest peptide essence beverage” uses the 5 heavy whitening plan to create the ultimate white light muscle. The first anti fungus is the exclusive anti saccharification patent extract. The combination contains mangosteen, green tea polyphenols, and South African black tea polyphenols. The whole link is anti saccharification and yellow removal, and prevents the sugar consumption of sweet food and air pollution. The second is the exclusive patent of Xian Le health, UV sunscreen and essence extract combination, collocation with Israel black technology to cultivate white tomato fruit, anti UV sunscreen, solve the problem of light skin darkening and resist ultraviolet skin damage. Preventing melanin production from the root to effectively and actively whiten is the third mechanism. The fourth is to use the star raw material sodium hyaluronate to supplement moisture, brighten the skin, moisturize, shine and not dry and white. The fifth is the bird’s nest peptide in bird’s nest essence to enhance the immunity of the skin and solve the problem of staying up late and darkening the skin. The five whitening mechanism makes consumers who love beauty confident to go out without fear of UV.
Photo source: xianle health
Concentrated Night Essence “multi berry extract fish seed extract” is a main night care, antioxidant and anti-aging beverage. The core ingredients are collocation to make consumers fall asleep. The multi berry combination “superberry” carefully selects the berry combination rich in anthocyanins and strong antioxidant power, including Spanish red pomegranate, European wild cherry berry, elderberry, a medicine box in Hippocrates, Italy, and blackcurrant, a natural berry from Europe, to improve the antioxidant capacity. The “anti aging” essence, the French red grape powder and nicotinamide, can increase the NAD+ level, and the mitochondrial level can resist skin aging. The precious patent salmon roe protein in Hokkaido, Japan contains natural DNA and life elements, which can help remove free radicals, resist aging and repair cells at night. GABA, a neurotrophin added to the night formula, helps consumers relax and promote sleep. Pomegranate powder can also help relieve eye pressure and make beauty sleep more comfortable and reassuring.
Photo source: xianle health
From the bottom of the muscle to replenishment of water, daytime whitening and sunscreen to night repair, anti aging, Xian Le health beauty essence tube “three pronged” for the key period of the day, fully help the skin condition. As a global functional food ODM giant, xianle health is well aware that the power of hard core products is the core of maintaining long-term ism. The ingredients used in essence beverage are not only focused on the mechanism, but also the efficacy in vitro model or human clinic, giving more confidence to the customers at the B or C side, and dispel doubts about the intelligence quotient tax.
Ten billion yuan market,
How to divide domestic and foreign brands
Since January 2021, hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) has been approved to be used as food raw materials. The new upsurge of Oral Beauty track represented by “hyaluronic acid + food” is booming, and domestic brands are competing to enter the Bureau. Among the new oral beauty products listed in the recent year, in addition to the hyaluronic acid fruit wine of Huaxi biology, hyaluronic acid is added to the bubble water of Hankou No. 2 factory, Yilian Mushi’s “skin relationship” yogurt and Lechun’s “Hello skin” yogurt.
Collagen and anthocyanin are also functional raw materials used in high frequency in domestic oral beauty products. The “bright women’s beautiful milk” series of new products launched by Guangming dairy and Huaxi biology include three new products: “beautiful milk hyaluronic acid”, “beautiful milk collagen peptide” and “beautiful milk procyanidin”, focusing on moisturizing and hydrating, anti-aging and antioxidant effects respectively. Wahaha also launched a collagen bubble water last year to keep the skin feeling young at all times.
Photo source: flagship store of bright tmall
The oral beauty industry in foreign countries developed earlier. Collagen and vitamins are its main components, while drinks and capsules are the main products. In Japan, where beauty is the “business card” industry, daily chemical giants FANCL and Shiseido have successively entered the oral beauty track to increase the viscosity and communication with the original consumer groups with accurate product positioning and rich product lines to meet the different needs of customers; In addition, with the help of marketing and channel resources of daily chemical business, open a new space for “makeup food” business. The collagen oral liquid introduced by FANCL and Shiseido is deeply loved by Chinese consumers.
The famous Australian health care brand Swisse aims at appealing, anti sugar, bright muscles and other appeals. A series of oral beauty products include grape seeds, anthocyanins, blood orange extract and collagen. Similarly, vidaglow, a high-end beauty oral brand from Australia, is a hot seller of marine collagen, 2000 Dalton small molecules to improve peptide absorption.
Photo source: Overseas flagship store of tmall global Vida glow
Throughout the global oral beauty market, the vast majority of products are aimed at a single consumption pain point. At present, the personalized demand for skin care is increasing day by day, and consumers tend to favor products with different beauty functions. All day long, health is seeing such a market “crack”. With meticulously designed “1 days, 3 tubes” beautiful “essence tube”, it protects the skin all day and all round, avoiding consumers blindly and randomly collocation with other products, resulting in the loss or excessive intake of certain nutritional components.
When generation Z began to pay attention to “anti-aging”, oral beauty is not just a gust of wind. At a time when the health trend of food and beverage is becoming more and more obvious, we believe that the oral beauty market has great prospects.
With its beautiful essence tube beverage, Xian Le health has taken the first step toward oral beauty. According to foodaily, next, xianle health will expand the product form to beverage, soft candy, jelly and other leisure dosage forms, covering subdivided functions such as anti-aging, anti-oxidation, anti saccharification, anti light aging, mitochondrial anti-aging, firming and elastic enhancement, moisturizing, whitening and sunscreen, sensitive muscle health, hair health and so on. Learn from the new ideas of beauty and skincare industry, such as product concept, consumption pain points, subdivision needs, packaging fashion, etc., like the “essence tube” beverage, a series of products that satisfy consumers’ multiple needs and different scenarios preferences may be the new trend of the next wave of the oral beauty industry.
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