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JUNLEBAO’s latest acquisition has been approved. Dada’s total revenue has increased by nearly 80%. Yili is listed as ultrafiltration milk. Many food and catering companies have suspended their business in Russia. Since August, the packaging of moon cakes and zongzi should not exceed three layers

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JUNLEBAO’s latest acquisition has been approved

According to the news on the official website of the State Administration of market supervision today, the case of JUNLEBAO Dairy Group Co., Ltd. acquiring the equity of Yunnan Huangshi laisier Dairy Co., Ltd. and other two companies has been unconditionally approved on March 1. In January, JUNLEBAO said that it would acquire 20% of the shares of two companies such as laisier with a total price of 200 million yuan. JUNLEBAO, Huang’s group and laisier will carry out in-depth cooperation in product innovation, strain research and development, large-scale breeding, fine management, market channels and production in the future. With the help of the above transactions, JUNLEBAO will be able to quickly expand the market in Southwest China. (snack generation)


Today, dada group released the fourth quarter and full year results of 2021. The total revenue of dada group in the fourth quarter was 2 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of 80% under comparable standards; The total revenue in 2021 was 6.9 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 78% under comparable standards. In addition, in 2021, the total transaction volume (Gmv) of JD home platform was 43.1 billion yuan, and the active consumers of the platform were 62.3 million yuan. According to iResearch consulting data, Jingdong home’s market share in the business supermarket o2o industry increased to 27% in 2021. (issued by the company)


The total revenue of Shanxi Fen Liquor from January to February is expected to exceed 7.4 billion yuan

Shanxi Fenjiu announced today that it is expected to achieve a total operating revenue of more than 7.4 billion yuan from January to February, an increase of more than 35% year-on-year; It is expected to achieve a net profit of more than 2.7 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 50%. (company announcement)


Shenzhen stock exchange sends supervision letter to southern black sesame

On March 9, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter on the supervision of southern black sesame Group Co., Ltd. and relevant parties, including several companies including southern black sesame Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Rongzhou Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd. and Guangxi black five food sales Co., Ltd. and their senior executives Li Hanrong, Li Hanchao, Li Yujian, Li Yuyu, Gan Zheng Inform Li Shuxian, Li Yuqi, Wei Qingwen, Liu Hui, Li Weichang and Cheng Fuliang of their violations. (Global Finance)

Nongnongshan spring plant yogurt is accused of withdrawing from the market

Recently, the plant yogurt, which has been tested by nongnongshan spring for three years, quietly withdrew from the market. This is the live fungus plant-based yogurt launched by nongnongshan spring in the first half of 2019. It focuses on “0 cholesterol, 0 lactose and low saturated fat”, and the price is not low. The 135g product sells for 9.9 yuan, covering two flavors of Badan wood and coconut. In addition, the plant yogurt products launched by St Hubert, a French plant food manufacturer acquired by Sanyuan food through Fosun Group, have also disappeared. (Interface)


Plant meat brand “plant expectation” completes Angel round financing

It is reported that recently, the plant meat brand “plant expectation” has completed Angel round financing, with a valuation of hundreds of millions of yuan. The financing funds will be mainly used for production and research investment, brand upgrading and market promotion. (36 krypton)


Li Wei, founder of Qianwei central kitchen: encourage mergers and acquisitions and cultivate international food enterprises

Recently, Li Wei, deputy to the National People’s Congress and founder of Qianwei central kitchen, suggested to continue to strengthen policy support for leading enterprises in the food industry and introduce phased plans for the development and transformation of the food industry. At the same time, we will screen a number of leading enterprises in the food industry, guide and encourage advantageous enterprises to establish large enterprises (groups) through mergers and acquisitions and the introduction of strategic partners, so as to improve their core competitiveness, actively layout overseas markets and build international market competitiveness. (Shanghai Securities News)

Yili ultrafiltration milk

According to the official account of Erie WeChat today, Golden ultrafiltration milk is on the market. In addition, the new products also include anmushi cheese explosion ball, newly upgraded meiyitian active lactic acid bacteria, palace cheese, palace yogurt, etc. (issued by the company)

Jalna, a famous yoghurt in Australia, will be acquired

Today, market news said that jalna dairy food company has successfully found a receiver for the yogurt business with the assistance of PricewaterhouseCoopers, and the relevant transaction has been basically completed, but it still needs the approval of FIRB of the Australian Foreign Investment Commission, suggesting that the acquirer is a foreign investor. Jalna is one of the most famous Greek yogurt brands in Australia, with an annual revenue of about 130 million Australian dollars. According to Australians, in addition to the yogurt business, jalna owns a plastic packaging factory and an 800 hectare dairy farm in Northern Victoria. Market observers estimate that the selling price of its assets may be 100-200 million yuan. (Aohua Finance Online)

Wal Mart provides free Wal Mart + membership services to American employees

Wal Mart, the world’s largest retailer, will provide free Wal Mart + membership services to part-time and full-time employees in the United States, another retail enterprise that provides employee benefits in the tight labor market in the United States. Wal Mart + service was launched in September 2020, and its members can enjoy unlimited free delivery services for $98 a year. (Reuters)


Unilever suspends Russian import and export business

Yesterday, Unilever became the first major European food company to stop importing and exporting from Russia. Unilever said its business in Ukraine had also stopped. In addition, Unilever will continue to provide the Russian market with its daily basic food and sanitary products produced in the country, but will not make any profit from it. (Reuters)


McDonald’s temporarily closed 850 stores in Russia

Yesterday, McDonald’s announced that it would temporarily close 850 stores in Russia, but would continue to pay employees’ wages, and its uncle McDonald’s home charity fund would continue to operate. (Daily Economic News)

Starbucks announced that it would suspend its business in Russia

Yesterday, the official website of Starbucks released an open letter from CEO Kevin Johnson, announcing that the company would suspend its business in Russia. Johnson said it had decided to suspend all commercial activities in Russia, including the transportation of all Starbucks products. The company has 130 stores in Russia, which are wholly owned and operated by a licensed partner. (Interface)

Yum! Temporarily close the KFC restaurant in Russia

Yum, the parent company of KFC, an international fast food brand! It will suspend the operation of KFC restaurant in Russia, negotiate to suspend the operation of Pizza Hut restaurant in Russia, and suspend all investment and restaurant development business in Russia. (Beijing News)


Coca Cola and PepsiCo suspended business in Russia

Today, Coca Cola announced the suspension of its business in Russia. A few minutes after the announcement of the above decision, PepsiCo also said that it would suspend the sales of Pepsi Cola and its brands Qixi and meinianda in Russia, but would continue to sell other daily necessities. (Global Network Express)

Piye coffee spring planting menu is new in the United States

Coffee chain Peet’s coffee announced that it will officially launch a new spring plant-based menu in the United States today, consisting of beyond eat, just egg and violife cheese, plus several special drinks and specific menus. (vegconomist)

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US wheat futures rose more than 40% a week due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

As the market is worried that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will affect the global grain supply, the wheat futures price on the Chicago Futures Exchange rose by more than 40% last week, the highest weekly increase on record. Some countries and traders also began to actively expand wheat import channels. (Tencent Finance)

The Ministry of industry and information technology plans to stipulate that the number of packaging layers of moon cakes and zongzi should not exceed three from August this year

According to the official website of the Ministry of industry and information technology, in order to further standardize the packaging requirements of food and cosmetics, the Ministry of industry and information technology organized and completed the preparation of the No. 1 amendment to the mandatory national standard for limiting excessive packaging requirements of goods, food and cosmetics (Exposure Draft). It is mentioned that the number of packaging layers of moon cakes and zongzi should not exceed three. The exposure draft requires that the cost of all packaging except those in direct contact with the contents shall not exceed 20% of the sales price of the product. Moon cakes should not be mixed with other commodities, and zongzi should not be mixed with commodities exceeding its value. It is reported that the implementation date of the terms of moon cake and zongzi packaging is August 1, 2022. Moon cakes and zongzi produced before the implementation date can be sold until the end of the shelf life. (people’s daily)


The first form submission spac in Hong Kong was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange

According to the website of the Hong Kong stock exchange, Aquila acquisition, a shareholding of China Merchants Bank’s China Merchants Bank International Asset Management, has passed the listing hearing, or become the first spac (Special Purpose Acquisition company) in Hong Kong. According to sources, the scale of the fund-raising is HK $1 billion. (Ming Pao)

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