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The advance loss of Xiabu Xiabu exceeded 200 million yuan. Yum China responded to the foreign company Accountability Act. Tiandi No. 1 planned to return to the main board, Mars suspended its investment in Russia, and Maotai was disqualified as the “national enterprise technology center”

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Zhonggai shares are threatened by delisting again? CSRC late night response

Recently, the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a list of five Chinese stock companies, which may face the risk of delisting. The CSRC said that in response, the CSRC responded, “this is a normal step for US regulators to implement the foreign company Accountability Act and relevant implementation rules. We have previously expressed our attitude on the implementation of the foreign company Accountability Act for many times.” “Recently, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of finance have continuously cooperated with the American public company accounting supervision board (PCAOB) Carry out communication and dialogue and make positive progress. We believe that through joint efforts, the two sides will be able to make cooperative arrangements in line with the legal provisions and regulatory requirements of the two countries as soon as possible, jointly protect the legitimate rights and interests of global investors and promote the healthy and stable development of the markets of the two countries. “

Recently, the SEC included five Chinese companies in the tentative list of the foreign company accountability law, including Baiji Shenzhou, yum China, zaiding pharmaceutical, shengmei semiconductor and Hehuang pharmaceutical. Included in the provisional list from March 8. This has a great impact on listed companies listed on the list, and there is even a risk of delisting. According to the requirements of the foreign company accountability law, if the listed company fails to meet the inspection requirements of PCAOB for accounting firms for three consecutive years, its securities are prohibited from trading in the United States. (Financial Associated Press, securities times e company)

Yum China provides updates on the status under the foreign company Accountability Act

Yum! China announced today that according to the current provisions of the act, unless the act is amended to exclude the company, or PCAOB can fully verify the company’s auditors within the specified time, the company’s common shares will be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange in early 2024. Yum China said it would continue to monitor market development and evaluate all strategic options. On September 10, 2020, the ordinary shares of Yum completed the second listing on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange with the stock code “9987”. All shares listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange can be exchanged with shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Yum China Hong Kong shares shrank to nearly 6% in late trading, closing at HK $359. (company announcement, snack agent)

Xiabu Xiabu performance pre loss of 275-295 million yuan


Today, Xiabu Xiabu released the surplus police. It is estimated that the revenue in 2021 will be about 6.15 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of about 13%; The net loss is about 275 million yuan to 295 million yuan, while the net profit in 2020 is about 11.49 million yuan. There are two main reasons for the net loss. First, the one-time loss of long-term assets caused by the closure of about 230 restaurants in 2021 and the provision of impairment loss caused by the decline of operating performance of some restaurants, totaling about 220 million yuan; Secondly, in 2021, some restaurants in the company were still affected by the epidemic of New Coronavirus pneumonia and could not fully operate. (China Fund News)


Luzhou Laojiao’s net profit increased by 30% last year

Today, Luzhou Laojiao released its 2021 performance express, with a revenue of 20.38 billion yuan in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 22.40%; The net profit was 7.849 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30.7%. (announcement)


Guizhou Maotai, Jiannanchun and Great Wall wines were disqualified from the National Enterprise Technology Center for “failing in the score”

Recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice announcing the evaluation results of the national enterprise technology center in 2021. Among them, the scores of Guizhou Maotai distillery (Group) Co., Ltd., Sichuan Jiannanchun (Group) Co., Ltd. and China Great Wall Wine Co., Ltd. were lower than 60 and did not meet the standard. (Red Star News)

Tiandi one will return to the main board

Yesterday, apple vinegar manufacturer Tiandi No. 1 announced that it plans to apply for an initial public offering of RMB common shares and be listed on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The shares to be publicly issued this time shall not exceed 77788235 shares, accounting for no less than 10% of the total shares of the company. The funds raised this time are intended to be used to increase production capacity, upgrade marketing network and brand construction. (Interface)

Here comes the cow! Help Hefei Yili build a 10 billion factory

On March 7, the first batch of 750 high-quality Holstein cattle successfully settled in Hefei Yuanxing pasture of Youran animal husbandry, and the cattle will continue to be imported as planned. It is expected that the pasture will be fully completed and put into operation in August this year, with an annual output of 25000 tons of high-quality raw milk, providing high-quality raw milk for Hefei Yili Group to build a 10 billion factory of agricultural industrialization. After the completion of Hefei Yuanxing pasture project, the number of dairy cows is expected to reach 4300. (happy Changfeng)


Shule County signs investment agreement with Kangshifu group family business

Recently, Shule county and Heze Jiahong dehydrated food Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement on the dehydrated vegetable project. According to the agreement, Heze Jiahong dehydrated food Co., Ltd. will build a dehydrated vegetable project in Shule county. After the project is completed and put into operation, it will process 100000 tons of dehydrated vegetable products annually, with a turnover of 3 billion yuan, a supporting agricultural output value of more than 1 billion yuan, realize profits and taxes of 500 million yuan, and drive more than 5000 local jobs. It is understood that Heze Jiahong dehydrated food Co., Ltd. is a family enterprise of Master Kang group, which is committed to the intensive processing of vegetables. (Shule County People’s Government)


Mengniu ESG performance rating raised

Recently, MSCI Inc., one of the world’s largest index companies, announced the latest results and adjusted the MSCI ESG rating of Mengniu Group from “BB” last year to “BBB”. (


A2 infant formula rookie AHF introduced Asian fund as a shareholder

Australian dairy nutrition group disclosed to the market on Thursday that it would launch a fixed increase to ijfm to raise a $4.5 million. AHF has several dairy farms that can produce organic A2 milk in the southwest of Victoria. Not long ago, AHF infant formula products were locked in China’s first-class distributors of cross-border e-commerce. (Aohua Finance Online)


Nestle plans to build plant meat production plant in Serbia

Recently, Nestle plans to invest US $7.3 million to build a plant meat production plant in Serbia. The project is expected to be fully completed in 2022, mainly for the garden gourmet production line, which can produce 12000 tons of products per year and export to Europe. (FRACTOVIA)

Tamiflu stores remain open in Russia


Today, DP Eurasia NV, the Russian franchisee of pizza chain Domino’s, said it had suspended royalties from Russian restaurants. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company has obtained franchisees in Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia. It is the third largest pizza delivery company in Russia, with 188 stores. At present, all stores in Russia remain open. (Reuters)

Mars suspends investment in Russia

Yesterday, Mars said it would reduce the scale of its business in Russia, use the profits earned from any Russian business for humanitarian undertakings, suspend new investment in Russia, import and export the company’s products inside or outside Russia, and suspend social media and advertising activities in Russia and Belarus. (issued by the company)


2foods and kegomei cooperate to launch plant egg products

2foods, a plant food brand of two Inc., cooperated with Koumi Co., Ltd., a Japanese food manufacturing giant famous for ketchup and vegetable juice, and launched their first cooperative product “2foods plant egg rice” on March 9, 2022. This new product was jointly developed by the two companies and made from plant eggs called “ever egg”. (issued by the company)

Quick reading of food industry information



NPC deputy Wang Yinxiang: accelerate the introduction of new standards for raw milk and promote the transformation and upgrading of the dairy industry

Recently, Wang Yinxiang, a deputy to the National People’s Congress, suggested to speed up the revision of the national food safety standard raw milk, so as to make the standard meet the current development level of China’s dairy industry and better lead the development of the industry. At the same time, the new standard should formulate higher bottom line control standards, including the total number of colonies and somatic cells, so as to better reflect the quality of raw milk and promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s dairy industry. (China Dairy Industry Association)


China Consumer Association: it is suggested to regulate the online consumption of new formats such as live broadcast marketing and community group purchase

Today, the China Consumer Association released the report on the protection of consumers’ rights and interests in the field of online consumption in 2021. According to the report, starting from the practical needs of better protecting online consumers, we can consider revising the consumer rights and interests protection law again, especially regulating the online consumption of new formats such as live broadcast marketing and community group purchase. The regulations on the implementation of the law on the protection of consumers’ rights and interests shall be promulgated as soon as possible. (China Securities Network)

The first inter ministerial Joint Conference on combating false and illegal advertisements was held in 2022

Today, the first working meeting of the inter ministerial Joint Conference on combating false and illegal advertising in 2022 was held in the State Administration of market supervision. The meeting pointed out that we will continue to strengthen the rectification of false and illegal advertisements in key areas such as medical treatment, medicine, health food, medical beauty and finance, and effectively crack down on persistent malaria and solid diseases. (General Administration of market supervision)

JD logistics will acquire 66.49% of Debang shares

Jingdong Logistics and deppon logistics reached a strategic cooperation today, and Jingdong Logistics will acquire 66.49% of deppon shares. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of express, cross-border, warehousing and supply chain, and will continue to maintain the independent operation of the brand and team. (company announcement)

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