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Yili, nongnongshan spring and hope water vied with each other to promote new tea drinks, and Xiaohuang elephant launched children’s liquid cheese… | it was hot for a week

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1. Nongfu mountain spring steam tea returned again after 16 years to upgrade the raw liquid extraction of Low Sugar formula real tea
2. Yili promotes the first sugar free tea beverage tea and tea search, adding 2 billion probiotics to drink with tea
3. Haowang water new sugar free herbal tea, eight kinds of Oriental herbs to unlock natural life
4. Coconut milk track continues to be hot, and old enterprises Chunguang food and Huiyuan have promoted new products one after another
5. Weiquanjin fresh cheese has a new milk flavor of strawberry. Hand picked strawberries + smooth cheese bring a full sense of pleasure
6. Children’s food brand xiaohuangxiang promotes new good morning cheese, which can squeeze cheese to support baby’s creativity
7. Guangming x white rabbit launches probiotic milk ball, which is beneficial to the taste of milk and fresh
8. Duo Maomao launched children’s lactic acid bacteria fermented fruit juice beverage and entered the 100 billion children’s beverage market
9. Pan Hu, a famous designer of Tsingtao beer, released cherry white beer. The original flower fragrance was about to go to spring
10. Haagen Dazs promotes the new spring Xuefu meat, which is made of succulent plants with lovely and interesting shapes
11. Rio low sugar light enjoyment series is newly launched, and four flavors enjoy the new fashion of urban women
12. Greedy bear students go to the new real cod fresh pine baby meat floss, and steam slowly at 60 ° low temperature to lock the fresh nutrition
13. Plant meat brand Zhide expects to complete Angel round financing, with a valuation of hundreds of millions of yuan
14. Tims China has received another US $194.5 million financing commitment, and the number of stores has reached 410
15. Xinjiang Xiaoluo, a cultural catering chain brand in Chaojiang, won Seed + round of financing, focused on super single products and committed to “remaking” Xinjiang cuisine
16. Other meat customers settled in tmall and released products including plant-based beef minced meat / pork minced meat, plant-based hamburger beef patty, etc
17. Green tea group has passed the listing hearing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and plans to raise US $150 million
Recently, Nongfu mountain spring has launched a new type of steam tea again after 16 years. The product has a low sugar formula, selects real tea stock solution for extraction, and carefully mixes the proportion of fruit juice and bubbles to reconcile the original bitterness of pure tea and give it a younger taste. The highest content of tea polyphenols in each bottle is ≥ 140mg, with a total of three flavors: Baixiang oolong, green citrus Pu’er and orange peel jasmine. Tmall flagship store sells at 470ml * 2 bottles / 19.9 yuan.
Photo source: official flagship store of Nongfu mountain spring


According to foodaily, Yili has launched the first sugar free tea drink tea and tea search in its tmall flagship store, positioned the new national tide tea drink, and incubated two IP’s of tea clan inheritors, tea rain and tea pet a search. Unlike most tea drinks with 0 sugar and 0 calorie, each bottle of tea and tea search also contains 2 billion CFU probiotics. There are two flavors in the new product: peach flavor Oolong taste, strict selection of Anxi Tieguanyin stock solution with real peach juice, fruity tea fragrance; The taste of green citrus Pu’er is strictly selected. Large leaf Pu’er is extracted at low temperature, and Xinhui orange peel is added to radiate the leisurely aroma of ancient trees. The current price is 400ml * 12 bottles / 72 yuan.
Source: Yili flagship store


On March 1, haowangshui launched a new herbal tea, selecting 8 kinds of Chinese herbal materials, which runs through the concept of homology between medicine and food. The new product is sugar free and caloric free. It is extracted in two steps in time and section to restore the taste of freshly brewed tea: lotus leaf corn whisker tea is mainly made of lotus leaf, corn whisker, cassia seed, Poria cocos, mulberry leaf and other ingredients to clear the body and remove dampness; Fetal chrysanthemum medlar tea is added with fetal chrysanthemum, black tea, red dates, tremella, medlar, etc., which is mild and nourishing. The price of the new product in tmall flagship store is 420ml * 6 bottles / 59 yuan. In addition, the series also launched a limited edition of spring Limited pink, which is now available in family convenience stores in East China.
Source: haowangshui flagship store


Foodaily observed that Chunguang food, an old enterprise, recently launched a “coconut” coconut juice. The raw materials come from the coconut forest in the eastern suburb of Wenchang at 19 ° north latitude, the core origin, and are processed in the coconut factory. It is sterilized in 5 seconds and canned at 26 °. It takes only 1 hour from coconut fruit to coconut juice products to ensure the freshness and nature of coconut juice. This product has three specifications: Tetra Pak packaging 250ml, PET packaging 245ml and PET packaging 1.25l, which can meet the diverse needs of different scenarios. The current selling price of 250ml * 10 and 245ml * 10 / bottle is 70.5 yuan.
Photo source: Chunguang food flagship store
In addition, Chunguang has also launched a younger sub brand “one mouthful of fresh air”. According to the brand introduction, this brand was founded by a group of young people who are willing to explore and full of imagination. At present, it has also launched the first coconut milk product, with new 0 sugar, added sugar substitute erythritol, and 4.5% coconut water to restore the sweet taste of coconut. UHT ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization is adopted in the process to preserve the nutrition and freshness. Coconut milk and bottles are sterilized respectively before canning, so as to avoid the bottle body odor caused by bottle sterilization and restore the pure coconut flavor. One mouthful of fresh air tmall flagship store sells for 250ml * 10 bottles / 99 yuan.
Source: flagship store of fresh gas laboratory
Huiyuan also tried to make coconut juice products a second growth curve, and introduced a fresh raw palm coconut milk. The raw materials were selected from Java island of Indonesia. It does not add flavor, pigment, preservatives, rich in vitamins, protein, calcium and other nutrients. It is fresh and sweet, and the Tmall shop sells 1L*2 bottles /34.9 yuan.
Source: Huiyuan official flagship store


On March 8, Weiquan yogurt golden fresh cheese milk flavor strawberry taste was renewed and replaced with spring pink “new clothes”. The new product is fermented from 100% raw milk, rich in 3.6g high-quality milk protein, with Bifidobacterium lactis hn-345 ™ As a strain, low sodium is healthier. Pick fresh strawberries by hand, lock them fresh by IQF monomer quick freezing, cut and cook them now, and blend them into pure fragrant cheese to bring a silky and pleasant experience in spring. Tmall flagship store brand Juhui 12 cups / 64.9 yuan.
Source: Weiquan food


Recently, xiaohuangxiang, a children’s food brand, launched a good morning cheese, which is mainly served with meals, jumping out of the homogeneous competition of children’s cheese products. The new product is made of cheese imported from New Zealand. The calcium content is 5 times that of milk in the same state, the protein is 1.5 times, and the calcium phosphorus ratio is as high as 1.7:1, providing sufficient nutrition for children. The new product has two flavors: original flavor and hawthorn flavor. Hawthorn flavor additionally contains Hawthorn quick-frozen fruit solution, 50g independent sealed bag and small package, which is convenient for children to take, clean and hygienic. It is refrigerated at 2-10 ° to maintain fresh and good quality. In addition, the new product comes with flower mouths of different shapes, which can be squeezed to make breakfast at will, which is beneficial to stimulate children’s creativity. Now tmall flagship store sells for 200g / box / 79.9 yuan.
Photo source: xiaohuangxiang flagship store


Recently, Guangming dairy and big white rabbit released new probiotic milk balls to awaken childhood memories. The outer layer of the new product is made of natural cocoa butter wrapped chocolate to wrap probiotics. Under the condition of isolation from water, high temperature and air contact within 45 °, Bifidobacterium Mori bb536 is incorporated to create conditions for maintaining probiotic activity, and each bag contains 3.8 billion CFU active probiotics. In addition, the milk ball is made of high-quality freeze-dried strawberries and hawthorn. It is soft on the outside and crisp inside. It feels double sweet collision in one bite. The new tmall flagship store sells for 3 bags / 67.4 yuan.
Photo source: Guangming milk powder flagship store


Recently, duo Maomao launched a new super large single product lactic acid bacteria fermented fruit juice drink specially tailored for children, adding another main force to the 100 billion children’s drink track. The new products are made of lactic acid bacteria with real fruit juice, add infant grade strain IFF Lactobacillus acidophilus, do not add sucrose, contain multi-dimensional nutrients, 22 process flows and 5-layer nutritional care. At present, the products have been put on the shelves in all channels including and tmall and 20000 offline stores.
Image source: Duo Maomao


During the cherry blossom season, pan Hu, a famous designer of Tsingtao beer, launched the cherry white beer. The pink cherry blossom packaging with high beauty brightens people’s eyes. On the whole, the packaging selects cherry powder gradient powder, and integrates the cherry pattern into it, emphasizing the cherry theme. At the same time, the goddess painting element is added to the package, which reflects that white beer is a good wine from the middle ages. The wort concentration of the new product is 11.0 ° P, and the alcohol content is ≥ 4.1% Vol. the price in tmall flagship store is 500ml * 12 cans / 96 yuan.
Source: Tsingtao Beer


On March 8, Haagen Dazs launched a new Xuefu meat creative ice cream cup to celebrate the festival with thousands of women. The new product takes a small pot of meat as the overall shape, soft and cute, and the upper layer is a meat plant shaped cake with three flavors of mango, raspberry and blueberry; The “Earth” is Oreo biscuit crumbs, and the “flower pot” is raspberry white peach ice cream. You can taste six levels with a spoonful, enriching the taste bud experience. The new product sells electronic exchange coupons at tmall flagship store for 89 yuan.
Source: Haagen Dazs flagship store


On March 4, Rio officially announced the launch of a series of low sugar and light enjoyment versions, which brightened the new trend of drinking among urban women. Compared with the previous products, the new products mainly focus on the flavor of fruit wine. The optimized formula does not add synthetic pigment. It contains four flavors: fried grapefruit vodka, vodka as the base wine, and fresh grapefruit juice. The alcohol degree is 4.5% vol; Grape brandy flavor and white peach brandy flavor are based on brandy, the former is 4.5% vol and the latter is 4.2% Vol; Lemon rum flavor is inspired by mojito, and rum is used as the base wine. The alcohol degree is 4.5% vol, providing a variety of choices for slightly drunk moments. Tmall flagship store sells 500ml * 4 cans / 62.6 yuan.
Photo source: Ruiao Shijie store


Recently, greedy Xiong, a children’s food brand, launched a new real cod fresh pine. The product is Atlantic real cod, which adopts the 60 ° low-temperature slow steaming and fresh locking process to lock the juice. The ingredients are only added with a little sea salt and organic walnut oil. The fish Content of each bottle is as high as 98%, the DHA content is about 94.8mg and the protein content is about 8.25g. At present, the product has been launched in tmall greedy bear flagship store, with a price of 30g / bottle / 21.9 yuan.
Photo source: greedy bear flagship store


Recently, Sichuan Zhide expects Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to complete Angel round financing, with a valuation of hundreds of millions of yuan. The financing funds will be mainly used for production and research investment, brand upgrading and market promotion.
Founded in April 2021, Zhide expectation mainly develops plant-based food, alternative protein food and environment-friendly food, promotes a healthy and environment-friendly lifestyle based on plant-based and alternative protein diet, and is committed to becoming the largest supplier of plant meat ingredients in China. At the same time, the layout of b-end and C-end users has launched 7 series and more than 30 SKUs to meet the needs of different channels.
Source: 36 krypton


On March 9, TIMS China announced that it had obtained additional financing commitments totalling US $194.5 million, lowered the admission valuation to US $1.4 billion, and extended the termination date of the merger agreement with blank check company (SPAC) silver crest acquisition Corp to June 30, 2022.
The new financing commitment consists of two parts. On the one hand, TIMS China has received a commitment from institutional investors to invest US $94.5 million in pipe, which will be completed together with the business merger. On the other hand, it said it had signed a letter of intent for committed share facility worth US $100 million with a global financial services company and could decide to sell up to US $100 million worth of common shares to the financial services company within 36 months. The specific name of the company was not disclosed.
Photo source:


Recently, jiangxiaoluo, a chain brand of guochaojiang cultural catering, has completed the seed + round of financing, which is jointly invested by Ruifeng capital and Deju capital.
Founded in August 2018, Xinjiang Xiaoluo is a Xinjiang cultural catering chain brand, focusing on catering services and providing users with Xinjiang characteristic catering food. The brand entered the market with fast food, focusing on two super single mutton kebabs and soy sauce rice noodles. At the same time, it redoes the scene to attract attention with bright yellow. At present, it has three stores in Shanghai.
Source: public comments


On March 7, beyondmeat officially announced that its brand was officially stationed in tmall flagship store. Its products on the shelves for the first time include plant-based beef surimi, plant-based hamburger beef cake, plant-based pork surimi, etc., and recommended suitable Chinese cooking dishes according to the product category.
This is another strong expansion of the brand retail territory after other meat customers launched in July 2021 and vigorously laid out the e-commerce platform. With the launch of tmall flagship store, other meat customers will directly reach hundreds of millions of mainland consumers through China’s largest B2C e-commerce channel, and continue to expand the brand’s retail network in the mainland market.
Image source: Tech crunch


On March 7, according to the disclosure of the Hong Kong stock exchange, Green Tea Group Co., Ltd. passed the listing hearing of the Hong Kong stock exchange, and Citigroup and China Merchants Bank International were the joint sponsors. It is reported that the company will start a pre roadshow this week and plans to raise $150 million.
Green tea group opened its first green tea restaurant in Hangzhou in 2008. At present, the catering network of the group includes 208 restaurants, covering 18 provinces, 4 municipalities directly under the central government and 3 autonomous regions in China, all of which adopt the direct marketing mode. In 2020, green tea brand restaurants achieved a total revenue of 1.6 billion yuan, with a market share of 0.5% in China’s leisure Chinese restaurant market, ranking fourth.
Source: CFP
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