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9 yuan like tea, honey Snow Ice City afraid?

you drink tea and I drink honey snow ice city. We all have a bright future.

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Every tea loving powder will remember the holy day of Monday.
It is common for people in downtown areas to have their favorite tea on Monday. Especially after the price adjustment was just announced, the products with the prefix of Xicha 3 completely disappeared. Coupled with the free distribution fee, the happy water in the office was renewed.
As long as the green research tea costs only 9 yuan, plus the cheese in charge of tea is only 14 yuan. For many milk tea parties, they can’t afford to lose money or be fooled, and the honey snow ice city in their hands suddenly doesn’t smell good.
When all kinds of consumer goods are riveted to create a high-end image and constantly benchmark Maotai, how can the happy tea, which has always been regarded as the “new tea drink Hermes”, suddenly play the people-friendly card?
“Good is good, expensive is really expensive”
The new tea drinks represented by Xi tea and Naixue’s tea rushed to young people all at once, which is what happened in the past five or six years.
Previously, coco in the street chain milk tea shop could order a cup of Shuangpin milk tea for less than 10 yuan, which was also relatively luxurious.
But the spotlight soon turned. In the tall shops in the high-end business district, queue up to buy a cup of high-end milk tea made of fresh fruit, fresh milk and high-quality tea, which is no longer strange to every urban youth.
At the beginning of 2020, when many workers were still ordering more than 20 yuan takeout, a cup of fresh fruit tea had sold for 30 yuan.
At that time, the microblog hot search # milk tea was more than 30 yuan. Will you drink it again? # under the topic, nearly 1.9 million people voted, and more than six adults said they were discouraged by high prices.
Sina Weibo
But at that time, the new tea was at the height of the sun, running wildly on the road of drinking more and more expensive and more expensive.
According to the 2021 New Tea Research Report of China chain operation association, from 2017 to 2020, the scale of China’s new tea market increased from 42.2 billion yuan to 83.1 billion yuan, nearly doubling. In June 2021, Naixue’s tea was directly drunk on the market and went to the Hong Kong stock exchange to ring the bell.
Although high prices will limit the customer base, they will also enhance the customer experience.
“Whether it’s price or taste, I was trained by tea.” Xiaobo after 95 is a “black card” user of Xi tea, who has been used to drinking 20 or 30 yuan of Xi tea fresh fruit tea.
Once happy lemon taro Bobo is his favorite. But now, occasionally drink half a cup to feel “the end”, can’t stand the thick, sweet and greasy.
Leaving aside the sense of scarcity brought by queuing, young people love the product experience brought by brands such as happy tea, such as “real fruit, real milk and real tea”, and they can also master more social currencies.
This is why after the price adjustment of Xi tea, there are many ridiculers, but passers-by make more money.
According to the relevant person in charge of hi tea, the price of hi tea began to be adjusted in January this year. A few days after the official said goodbye to 30 yuan on February 24 and would not increase the price this year, many stores across the country continued to burst orders.
Diezhong powder has always worked hard to support, and many people who have been discouraged by the price immediately feel a lot easier. The new light mangmangmang Manna is only 18 yuan and the pure meat grape is only 19 yuan. It’s a little bit like drinking tea at a little price.
As for the reasons for the price reduction, the relevant person in charge told the interesting report that happy tea is not a high price tea drink. The price band of mainstream products has been maintained between more than ten yuan and more than twenty yuan for a long time. This price adjustment is also a normal adjustment within this price band.
In this regard, fan Ning, co-founder of red meal network and executive director of red meal brand research institute, also agrees that this is a regular action of brand based on market judgment. However, as the absolute head brand of the industry, the action of liking tea will have a certain impact.
As said, Naixue and LeLe tea, both the first echelon of milk tea price, have recently made price adjustments, which may be helpless or inevitable.
High end milk tea shops seem to be collectively “restoring their senses” and re grounding.
Sell the most expensive milk tea and earn the hardest money
It is undeniable that due to the impact of the environment, the cost of various raw materials is rising visibly, and the whole catering industry, including new tea, is under great pressure.
More than half a year ago, due to the increase in the prices of fruits, equipment and packaging, chain brands such as chabaidao, coco Duke, yihetang and Yidian had a collective price rise tide.
In early January, tea Yan Yuese, who had not raised the price for more than five years, announced that the price of most products would be raised by 1 yuan.
Even if it only rose by 1 yuan, most brands are either cautious or sneaky, lest consumers scold them.
Wang Xiaokun, founder of tea Baidao, has a circle of friends, which is introduced from Carmen
In contrast, the price adjustment of Xicha’s claim of “no degradation” can be said to be a model operation in the catering industry and the political correctness of rational consumption, but what annoys the majority of melon eaters most is – if the price can be reduced, who made milk tea more and more expensive at the beginning?
The fact is that the business of high-end tea is not easy to do.
The raw material cost of a cup of milk tea is about 10 yuan, but more money needs to be spent on labor, rent, marketing and expanding stores.
Naixue’s tea, the “first share of milk tea”, has been in a state of loss for three consecutive years, with a total net profit loss of more than 300 million yuan. Now the market value has shrunk to 1 / 4 of that when it was just listed. The story of the capital circle is really hard to tell.
Tencent securities
With a lesson from the past, Xicha, which experienced round D financing and valued at 60 billion last year, kept silent about listing. In addition, the media quoted Jiuqian to consult Zhongtai data, saying that the growth rate of happy tea stores slowed down in 2021, and the average profitability of stores also began to decline.
At the same time, the 2021 new tea research report points out that the number of takeout orders of new tea is increasing at a rate of 50% every year, and some brand first tier cities account for more than 70% of takeout platform orders. This is not a good thing for high-end tea shops that try to deeply create offline space and focus on R & D and experience.
The snow began to lighten and the tea began to slow down.
Whether Naixue’s tea focuses on expanding Pro stores or go stores that like tea, they are lightweight routes outside the standard stores, reducing the size of stores and streamlining personnel, so that the limited resources can produce greater benefits as much as possible.
The new consumption and money burning method of constantly opening stores and massive marketing is gradually failing. Instead, it puts forward higher requirements for the R & D ability, product and brand marketing ability and supply chain management ability of continuous output of popular models. Only high-end new tea can fight this survival war.
This is why the relevant person in charge of Xi tea stressed to the interesting report that the price adjustment is based on the brand potential energy and scale effect accumulated for ten years, especially the result of long-term supply chain construction taking into account efficiency and cost.
Zhang Yi, chief analyst of AI media consulting, believes that in the new tea industry, which is already highly convoluted, it is a wise choice to get close to and win the market at a more appropriate price at this time, which not only meets the needs of consumers, but also benefits the development of the brand.
When will the new tea start?
The milk tea has been rolled up to the point where it can no longer be rolled up.
The tide is ebbing at the beach of the new tea drink, and naked swimmers are out one after another. According to the consulting data, only 8.1% of AI Xineng tea stores have closed down in recent years.
Behind the rise of the past few years, there are obvious problems that cannot be avoided, such as product homogenization, low industry access threshold and low consumer brand loyalty. High end tea shops are no exception.
Fan Ning explained to the interesting report that with the uncertainty of the economic outlook, milk tea, as a relatively non rigid consumer product, is very likely to be downshifted or even abandoned by consumers. The head brand with relatively high customer unit price bears the brunt.
The era of making fast money has passed. How to change “net red” into “long red” is the real problem in front of milk tea.
Therefore, the successive price adjustment of Xi tea, Naixue tea and LeLe tea is not only the feedback given by the brand to consumers based on its own ability, but also a phased structural adjustment conducive to the long-term development of the whole category.
However, when the happy tea people develop rapidly with the help of the dividend of consumption upgrading, complete the phylogeny at the upstream and downstream levels, and have the ability to reduce prices, the brands whose main product prices fall within the same range may be the most anxious.
The pressure is not on Michelle ice city.
The second echelon brand with the largest number and the largest variables has the highest coincidence with the current price range of 15-25 yuan of Xicha, which has also accumulated the largest and most extensive consumers. When tea lovers can provide fresh fruit tea with higher cost performance, most of them are likely to be captured.
In the final analysis, milk tea is still a low-cost consumer goods. Finally, we should return to the logic of competing costs and channels, so that consumers can pay the bill in a down-to-earth manner.
The cooling off period of the new tea continues.
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Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); Foodaily Expo 2022] in line with the original intention of providing the whole value chain and one-stop industrial innovation services for the industry, foodaily Expo 2022 (2022.05.31-06.02, Shanghai) is further upgraded. In addition to the upstream and downstream of the food industry, it also covers and gathers multiple resources such as e-commerce, social media, traffic, channels and capital, aiming to bring you an annual innovation feast. Here, products, content, technology, marketing and other aspects related to food & brand innovation will be presented in the form of “professional exhibition + innovative content + interactive experience”, breaking through and differentiating in the consistent form of industry exhibition.

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