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The chairman of uni president said that the price increase letter of instant noodles was “purely fictitious”, Starbucks said that the store had not found relevant pest problems, Coca Cola would increase the price in the Taiwan market, and the four major international grain merchants adjusted their Russian business

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Starbucks responded to “cockroaches in drinks”: no relevant pest problems were found in the store

Recently, a blogger posted a picture saying that cockroaches were drunk in Starbucks drinks, which caused heated discussion among netizens. After fermentation, the event was posted on the hot search. On the afternoon of March 12, Starbucks China microblog responded to this: we are concerned about the current hot events on the Internet. After investigation and confirmation, the customers involved ordered drinks through the third-party takeout platform on March 10. After receiving relevant complaints from customers, the customer service of the platform communicated with them in time.

Starbucks said that after learning about the above customers on the same day, it immediately obtained the monitoring videos of relevant stores. After verification, the store partners made the drink in strict accordance with the operation process specifications of the drink and used a one-time sealed leak proof package specially designed for takeout. At the same time, the killing records of the store were complete. We immediately invited a third-party pest service company to conduct on-site inspection on March 10 and 11, and conducted a thorough inspection of relevant equipment. No relevant pest problems were found. (Daily Economic News)

Nongfu mountain spring is said to have stopped selling
at dawn with the smell of white peach soaking in water


A few days ago, some media said that nongnongshan spring had stopped selling the dawn white peach flavored soda bubble water that was involved in the storm last year and put it on the shelves instead. After changing the name, packaging and some ingredients, new soda sparkling water made a comeback, while the inventory of old products was sold out in discount promotions such as “buy one get one free”. (Interface)


Huiyuan Group has reached cooperation with JD Logistics

On March 11, Huiyuan Group and JD logistics held a signing ceremony in Beijing Huiyuan Miyun ecological industrial park. The two sides reached cooperation on jointly exploring the new consumption business of Huiyuan juice series. Through cooperation, the two sides will jointly promote the sinking of Huiyuan Juice C-end channel. Xian Xiaofang, executive president of Huiyuan Juice, attended the signing ceremony. (

Abbott: FDA has ruled out a case of Salmonella

On March 12, according to surging news reports, consumers in Suzhou reported that their children had been diagnosed with Salmonella; A previously consumed Abbott milk powder is within the scope of Abbott’s recall. In response, Abbott responded that the US FDA has recently issued an updated statement to exclude a previous case of Salmonella Newport in the investigation. After further investigation, the US FDA confirmed that there was insufficient information to indicate that this case was directly related to Abbott infant formula. In the process of communicating with consumers, the other party is aware of the above situation. And because its purchase of milk powder is within the scope of recall, the company has completed a full refund for its purchased products, including empty cans that have been drunk. (


Coca Cola has raised its price in the Taiwan market since April

A few days ago, Swire Cola confirmed that its products will adjust prices in the Taiwan market from April 1, involving Coca Cola, coca cola zero, Sprite, Fanta’s 600ml bottled drinks, etc.. (medium time)

Chairman of unified said that the price increase letter of instant noodles“

Earlier, the media circulated a letter of price increase, pointing out that the price of instant noodles Chinese mainland market was adjusted partly because of the substantial rise in raw material prices and the smooth and orderly operation of the business. In this regard.

Kirin promotes the “second revolution” of transformation

Kirin holdings will invest about 100 billion yen ($870 million) in its healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses over the next three years. The Japanese brewer hopes to cope with Japan’s shrinking beer market and setbacks in its core business in Asia. A few days ago, kylin president Yoshizaki Gongdian said in an interview with the financial times that the transformation was the “second revolution” of kylin after its involvement in pharmaceutical industry in the 1980s. “If the beer market grows forever, we’d better focus on it, because it’s also very difficult to meet challenges in new business.” He said. (Financial Times)


Budweiser group seeks to suspend Budweiser beer sales in Russia

Budweiser group said on Friday that it was seeking to suspend the sale of Budweiser beer in Russia and give up all financial interests of its joint venture in the country. The world’s largest brewer is a partner of Turkey’s Anadolu Efes in Russia and Ukraine, but it has no controlling stake and has not been consolidated into its account. (Reuters)

Russia’s four major grain merchants may suspend their international business one after another


Cargill and ADM, global agricultural traders, said on Friday that they were reducing their business activities in Russia, but would continue to operate facilities for the production of basic food in the country. Cargill last week deleted details of its operations in Russia and Ukraine from its website, which previously said Cargill had about 2500 employees in Russia and invested more than $1.1 billion in agricultural products processing.

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Hunan: the number of complaints in the field of new consumption increased

The reporter learned from the press conference on the “March 15” international consumer rights day in Hunan Province held on the 12th that last year, the provincial consumer rights protection organization accepted 40304 consumer complaints and solved 38931, with a resolution rate of 96.59%, recovering 35.1594 million yuan of economic losses for consumers. The relevant person in charge of Hunan consumer rights and Interests Protection Commission said that among the consumer complaints accepted in 2021, the number of new consumer areas increased significantly, involving live delivery, low-cost routine marketing, excessive collection of personal information, “double reduction” refund, recharge of minors’ online games and other issues. (Xinhua News Agency)

Shandong realizes the whole chain traceability of imported cold chain food from special warehouse reporting to terminal sales

On the afternoon of March 13, Zou xingzu, the second level inspector of Shandong market supervision and Administration Bureau, introduced that since this year, 42 batches of positive food have been detected in 21 special warehouses in 8 cities in Shandong, from 11 countries respectively. The average monthly detection amount is 1.45 times that of last year, an increase of 68% compared with the same period last year. Meanwhile, Zou xingzu said that after nearly two years of work practice and exploration, Shandong has formed a set of effective control measures to realize the whole process supervision of imported cold chain food. (CNR network)

Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce: the average stock volume of the just needed categories of e-commerce platforms has reached 1.5 to 2 times that of the daily

In March 13th, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control news conference in Shanghai held a report on the market supply and protection for the public. Liu Min, deputy director of Shanghai business commission, responded that the average daily stock of the electronic business platform in Shanghai’s pre storage stores was 1.5 to 2 times daily, and most of the regions had enough supply of goods. The deputy director of the Commercial Commission reminded people to do a good job in personal protection when shopping, consume rationally and don’t hoard goods excessively. (First Finance)

65 stores in HEMA Shanghai are in normal operation

On March 13, the reporter of labor daily learned from aspects that at present, 65 hemamen stores in Shanghai are in normal business, and relevant personnel have completed nucleic acid testing. HEMA also said that with the real-time needs of epidemic prevention and control, some stores may have temporary control measures, and HEMA will restore services in time on the premise of ensuring safety after completing the detection. (labor daily)

Media refers to the suspension of SF Hangzhou Express Business

The reporter placed an order through Shunfeng applet and found that if the recipient’s address chose Hangzhou, it would not be able to send. At the same time, the page shows: Dear customer, Hello! Affected by the epidemic, the local government is unable to provide receiving and dispatching services for the time being, which brings inconvenience. Please understand. In addition, SF express, which should have been delivered today and tomorrow, has also been rescheduled. In this regard, the reporter contacted SF headquarters, but SF did not respond before the press release. (Financial Associated Press)

Shanghai passenger station will be suspended from March 14

The official account of WeChat traffic of Shanghai traffic announced on March 13th that the passenger terminal in Shanghai will be suspended from operation on March 14th. According to statistics, up to now, nine road passenger transport stations in Shanghai have been suspended, with a total of 701 road passenger transport lines and 1011 shifts, mainly in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong, Jiangxi and other provinces and cities. (China News Network)

Closed management of community communities in Shenzhen, bus and subway were shut down

According to the news released today in Shenzhen, in addition to ensuring the operation of the city and the transportation of goods and materials for Hong Kong, the city’s buses and subways have been suspended. The city’s community districts, urban villages and industrial parks implement closed management. (issued by Shenzhen)

Ant group sells all 36 krypton shares

The investor of krypton group has filed with the SEC 36 days ago, indicating that it has completely withdrawn its shares. Statistics show that ant invested 36 krypton in 2015 and supported 36 krypton to build an entrepreneur exchange platform. Before exiting, ant held 15.1% of the shares. (Sina Technology)

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