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Yum China updated its business, JUNLEBAO milk powder terminated its cooperation with an Xianzhu, manner coffee promoted takeout, chubayu closed its stores in many places, and Yuanqi forest entered instant coffee?

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Today, yum China announced that it would introduce its operations in the first three months of this year. Under the influence of the epidemic, the company expects that the total same store sales in January and February this year decreased by about 4% year-on-year, the first two weeks of March decreased by about 20% year-on-year, and still showed a downward trend in recent days; At present, it is estimated that the operating profit in the first quarter will be between 165 million and 200 million US dollars; As of March 13, more than 1100 stores need to be closed temporarily, or only provide delivery or take out services; As of February 28, yum’s total number of stores in China reached 12163, and the total number of net new stores opened in January and February was 375. Joey Wat, CEO of Yum China, said that with the company’s resilient business model, excellent operation and leading digital and delivery capabilities, it is confident to overcome the current challenges.

Manner Coffee正式推出外卖业务


According to Manner Coffee released today in the official account of WeChat public, Manner will officially launch the takeaway business nationwide, and the cooperation platform will be the US group. (issued by the company)


Talon energy tmall flagship store officially opened


Today, Monster Energy Talon WeChat official account of the official claim that the flagship energy Tmall flagship store officially opened. (issued by the company)

JUNLEBAO milk powder and an Xianzhu terminate cooperation

Today, JUNLEBAO milk powder said through the official microblog that JUNLEBAO milk powder has terminated all cooperative relations with an Xianzhu. From now on, an Xianzhu will no longer be the “best friend of the brand” of JUNLEBAO milk powder. (company announcement)


Cass plans to invest 650 million yuan to build a biological health technology industrial park

Cass dairy (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. plans to invest 650 million yuan to build Cass biological health technology industrial park, including dairy products manufacturing center, R & D and testing center, supporting sites and other functional areas. It is understood that the industrial park project is expected to be put into operation in 2024. After completion, the annual output value will increase by 2 billion yuan, and the output value of CASS dairy (Shenzhen) company will reach 4 billion yuan, directly creating more than 1500 jobs. (South +)

Many stores in Quba and Chongqing have been closed one after another


Lu Zhengyao’s new entrepreneurial project “qubayu” came out the news of closing the store again. At present, on the comment website, all Beijing stores in qubayu are “closed”. Some media reported that qubayu’s stores in Beijing, Chongqing, Hangzhou and other places are closing one after another. Before that, Caijing Tianxia weekly had found that the first store of “interesting noodles” in Beijing opened by Lu Zhengyao in August last year had been closed. Three months after the launch of quxiaomian project, it was renamed qubayu due to poor management, but now qubayu also began to reduce its layout. (AI finance and Economics)


Angel orange is exposed to multiple hygiene and cleaning loopholes


In mid and late February, surging journalists tried to join the operation and maintenance post of “angel orange” self-service sales terminal, the first brand of self-service sales of freshly squeezed orange juice in China. After several days of investigation, the reporter found that the juice is not all “freshly squeezed”, which may contain the juice left over dozens of hours ago. In addition, the quality of oranges added to the self-service vending machine is uneven, and there are even suspected rusted parts and mixed rags. At the same time, the “angel orange” terminal is not cleaned every day, but the insider said: “if a customer asks, you must say to wash every day”. At present, in non key cities, the purchase, operation and maintenance of oranges are actually solved by franchisees themselves. There are no mandatory cleaning requirements and standards for oranges and supporting juicing components, and the supervision is lax or there are loopholes. (surging News)


Jane Eyre yogurt cooperates with PICC to promote food safety liability insurance

Jane Eyre yogurt said that it had officially signed a cooperation agreement with PICC and insured all products with “food safety liability insurance”. (issued by the company)

Vitality forest into instant coffee? The official response came

Recently, Yuanqi forest and never coffee, a ready to drink coffee product, jointly launched two coffee products, namely sugar free American style and low sugar mellow latte. At present, these two products are being sold in the flagship store of Yuanqi forest tmall, with a price of 139.9 yuan per box, including 15 bottles and 300ml per bottle. This move is considered by the outside world to layout the coffee track. In response to this, Yuanqi forest responded to the interface news that this product is tentatively scheduled to be launched during the joint event. Yuanqi forest only said that please look forward to whether it plans to layout coffee in the future.


Yuanqi forest welcomes the enterprise brand day of the China Pavilion of the World Expo

March 12 is the brand day of Yuanqi forest enterprise designated by the China Pavilion of the World Expo. On the same day, Yuanqi forest disclosed three kinds of bubble water flavors that are “the most popular in the UAE”, namely white peach, summer black grape and Kaman orange. (issued by the company)


Nestle stops exporting non essential food to Russia


On March 11, Nestle said that it had stopped exporting and importing non essential foods from Russia, such as Nespresso coffee and high-end mineral water brand Saint pelo. (Reuters)

Yoghurt maker chobani postpones US IPO plan

On March 11, the Wall Street Journal said that chobani, a Greek yogurt manufacturer, had postponed its plan for an initial public offering in the United States until at least the second half of 2022. The newspaper quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that the company had previously planned to go public in January this year. The report also said that chobani’s chief operating officer Peter McGuinness would also leave the company. (Wall Street Journal)

Quick reading of food industry information



State Administration of market supervision: 176 monopoly cases were investigated and dealt with in 2021, with a fine of 23.586 billion yuan

The reporter learned from the General Administration of market supervision on March 13 that in 2021, the efficiency of anti-monopoly supervision and law enforcement will be further improved. We strengthened and improved antitrust supervision and law enforcement in key areas of people’s livelihood development, such as platforms, medicine, public utilities and building materials, investigated and dealt with 176 monopoly cases, with a fine of 23.586 billion yuan. Investigate and deal with the monopoly case of “one out of two” in the field of platform economy according to law, set rules and make an example in the whole industry, and promote the sustainable, standardized and healthy development of various subjects. 727 cases of concentration of business operators were concluded, including 1 case of prohibition, 4 cases of approval with restrictive conditions, and 107 cases of failure to declare concentration of business operators according to law. (CCTV)

The Ministry of agriculture will continue to supply sufficient pigs


On March 12, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas said that due to the inertial growth of production, there are too many pigs in China. Coupled with the decline in pork demand in the off-season after the Spring Festival, there is a phased surplus in pork supply. The latest monitoring by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas shows that at present, due to the superposition of the dual factors of increased supply and seasonal reduction of consumption, the price of pigs continues to decline, the price is at the low level since 2020, and the breeding enterprises are at a loss. (Financial Associated Press)


The Australian dairy industry is still expected to be profitable again this year


In the latest “Australian dairy situation and Outlook report”, the Australian dairy Bureau expects that dairy farmers in most producing areas in China are expected to make good profits again this year. The rise in dairy prices was partly driven by the shrinking global milk supply. At the same time, buyers in major international markets began to hoard inventory to alleviate the impact of supply chain disruption. Sofia omstedt, senior industry analyst at the dairy Bureau, said, “as the national milk production is expected to decrease by 1% to 3% this quarter, the fierce competition for milk sources is likely to continue into the next quarter.” (Aohua Finance Online)


FAO: Ukrainian conflict will cause international food and feed prices to rise by another 20%


On March 11, the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations said that the conflict in Ukraine could lead to a 20% rise in international food and feed prices, leading to a surge in the number of malnourished people in the world. The FAO predicts that 20% of the land in Ukraine will no longer be planted for corn, sunflower or sunflower in the winter, and 23% will no longer be planted in 2022 / 30. (Reuters)


Jingdong Logistics acquired deppon at a price of 9 billion yuan


Jingdong recently announced that its Jingdong Logistics acquired about 99.99% equity of Debang holdings in Ningbo Meishan bonded port area at a price of about 9 billion yuan. According to the announcement, deppon holds about 66.5% equity of A-share listed company deppon logistics, which is an integrated logistics company and provides a wide range of solutions in the mainland, such as less than carload transportation, vehicle transportation, express service and warehouse management. (company announcement)

Alibaba hit a new low in Hong Kong stock prices

Today, JD’s share price in Hong Kong in the afternoon was as low as HK $177.6, closing at HK $180, down nearly 15%; Alibaba closed at HK $80.9, down 11%, with two shares hitting a new low for listing in Hong Kong. Tencent closed at HK $331.8, down 9.8%, a two-year low. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

It is known that last year’s revenue increased by 118.9% year-on-year, and the net loss was nearly 1.3 billion yuan

According to the financial report released today, the total revenue in 2021 reached 2.959 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 118.9%, of which the revenue in the fourth quarter was 1.019 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 96.1%. In 2021, its net loss was 1.298 billion yuan, compared with 517.6 million yuan in 2020, and the adjusted net loss (non GAAP) was 747.1 million yuan. According to the financial report, the revenue of Zhihu online advertising business in 2021 was 1.161 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 37.7%. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the average monthly active users (MAU) was 103.3 million, a year-on-year increase of 36.4%.

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