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Adding and subtracting IP is all about children’s snacks?

“eat” stick and “practice” ball are right. This is a distracted children’s snack!

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Source: foodaily daily food (ID: foodaily)

The seventh census showed that the population aged 0-14 accounted for 17.95%, an increase of 1.35 percentage points over 2010. The scale of children’s group has shown a growth trend in the past 10 years, and the continuous improvement of economic level has driven the huge consumption potential of children’s economic market. According to the current situation and future development trend of China’s children’s snack market from 2021 to 2027 released by QY research, the compound growth rate of China’s children’s snack market will reach (CAGR) 7.96% from 2021 to 2027, and the market scale is expected to be 94.428 billion yuan in 2027.
Data source: QYResearch “current situation and future development trend of China’s children’s snack market from 2021 to 2027”
At present, children’s food on the market is basically divided into staple food, supplementary food, fresh food, snacks and other categories. Children’s food brands take “no addition” and “high nutrition” as the core selling points to attract the attention of parents; On the other side, the product IP based on animation games is designed to narrow the distance between children and children with characters full of childlike fun.
Foodaily believes that in the new consumption era, children’s snacks should not only be healthy, delicious and interesting, but also become an emotional carrier, a tool to understand the world and a link to family relations. Some excellent children’s snack enterprises are making children’s snacks into parent-child toys that both parents and children enjoy through in-depth insight into children’s consumption demands.
In the UK, there is a children’s snack brand goal power. Its products not only take the “no addition”, “high nutrition” oatmeal stick and lovely IP image as the selling points, but also add football cards and football in the package, so that children can taste delicious food, interact with family and friends and enjoy it together. Just one year after its establishment, how can it reassure parents, children and re purchase continuously?

goal power, how to eat and play?

Goal power, a British snack health brand founded in 2021, is an unnoticed descendant in the expert children’s snack market. However, Matt hunt, the founder, hopes to make a different brand and develop a “multi-functional” snack integrating learning, entertainment and parent-child interaction for school-age children.
Matt noticed that children’s outdoor activities were significantly reduced due to the epidemic, and their learning and living conditions became extremely unstable. Therefore, he founded goal power in 2021, hoping to make children fall in love with outdoor sports and interpersonal communication, and encourage children to set new goals and learn new skills. Each lovely goal power cartoon box contains an oatmeal stick and a football game card. The card is marked with football terms and learning skills for children to learn while eating and playing.

Source: goal power
Oatmeal bars have strawberry and blueberry flavors. In addition to British whole wheat oats, which account for 40%, there are cream coconut, dates, pea protein, crisp sunflower seeds and fruits. They have high fiber content and no additional sugar. The product does not contain gluten, palm oil and nuts. The oat bar is soft, chewy and fruity. It can be used as an energy supplement before and after exercise. It can also be perfectly matched with sandwiches or bread rolls to maintain satiety for a long time.
Source: goal power
In addition to oatmeal sticks, there are also five football cards in each goal power box, which are used to play the original football card game of goal power and score goals through simulated football matches. When playing with friends and family, divide the cards into two piles according to red and blue. The younger party turns a card first. On the back of the card is a certain moment on the football field, such as passing, shooting, scoring and guarding the ball. The information on the card indicates what to do next. At the end of the game, the party with the most scoring cards in his hand is the champion. When children can’t go out to play football because of the epidemic or the weather, they can get familiar with the football rules by playing cards. The football tips on cards will also be ready for their outdoor football practice.
Source: goal power
The most unique thing of goal power is to help children set goals and make plans in a simple and interesting way, and encourage participation through positive IP image, healthy snacks and interesting games. Although today’s children are young, these online Aborigines have their own world on the Internet, so in every goal power box, they will guide how to find online support on the official website. When children want to set goals for the day, the next few weeks or months, they can choose their favorite types from several schedules provided by goal power, download them, share them on platforms such as Tik tok and Youtube, and inspire other children.
Source: goal power
As goal power faces not infants, but primary school students who are gradually self-conscious, its cartoon image is not only cute, but also more similar in age and personality: will power, who loves football, is a firm and dedicated boy, who will help you stick to your plan, maintain self-discipline and inspire you to help achieve your goals; My strong and energetic sister EM power, who also loves sports, believes that sharing and spreading goodwill can help everyone.
Source: goal power
In addition to continuously encouraging their consumers to stay away from TV, actively socialize, go out for sports, set and achieve goals, goal power is also very keen to promote the development of global football public welfare undertakings. It donates 1% of profits and 1% of employees’ salaries to common goal, a global football charity. The fund will be used for “influential football charities around the world”, I hope to empower, motivate and improve my life through football.

interaction and social interaction: a breakthrough for children’s snacks

In the eyes of most brands, the development of children’s snacks should first please their parents – highlight health and safety in food material selection and formula design; Secondly, please the children. So, are children’s dietary demands just delicious and fun?
Unlike infants and children, school-age children aged 6-12 are the generation who have grown up in the mobile Internet world. They are much more sensitive and receptive to new things and multiculturalism than their parents. They generally have their own pocket money and have a certain degree of choice to buy snacks. At home, they need the company of their parents and family (to reduce their dependence on electronic products); At school, they will have a social need to share happiness with their peers.
The French organic children’s food brand good gout once proposed the concept of four-dimensional diet model in the 2020 Chinese children’s healthy diet blue book released by the children’s development research center of China’s Working Committee for caring for the next generation and mother’s network. In addition to meeting the most basic nutrition and delicacy, it should also help cultivate the behavior of healthy diet and combine diet with exercise, Let children fall in love with natural things in exploration. As children grow up, emotional needs (such as social needs) will also be considered in children’s snack development. The goal power mentioned above just fits this four-dimensional model.
Photo source: 2020 blue book on healthy meals for children in China, released by good gout & Child Development Research Center of China Working Committee for caring for the next generation &
Global food companies are constantly innovating to meet the psychological and spiritual needs of children: while enjoying delicious food, they encourage hands-on, social and exploring the unknown world. Children’s snacks have become a new way to accompany children’s healthy growth.

1. European and American markets: actively explore a variety of possibilities for children’s snacks

If China has changed from “refusing children to eat snacks” to “choosing healthy snacks”, the European and American markets have stepped into “choosing snacks with temperature”, and more parent-child and friendship connections have been generated under the snack scene of “the fourth meal”.
For example, play in Choc, a British Toy and candy brand, developed toy chocolate with the brand philosophy of “joy + health + earth”. In addition to organic chocolate made of cocoa, coconut and vanilla, there are 3D puzzles and interesting knowledge cards to help children collect, understand and build animals and characters in a series of endangered animals, dinosaurs, woodland animals and rabbits. Through jigsaw puzzles and reading cards, children are encouraged to understand and appreciate biodiversity while enjoying snacks, and their hands-on ability is also improved.
Because of its innovative, upward and positive concept, it has been widely recognized in the industry. Its products won the international chocolate vegetarian chocolate award in 2021, the European bronze award of the international chocolate award in 2020 and the three awards of “best children’s food”, “best candy innovation” and “best organic food” in the 2019 World Food Innovation Award.
Source: play in Choc official website
If play in Choc just wants children to simply move their hands and spell toys, baketivity is to let children and their families enter the kitchen and make cakes.
Baketivity, a children’s baking subscription platform, was founded by Duff golaman, a famous Baker and host of children’s baking championship. It can always shorten the distance with children through some new baking toys and teaching. After ordering baketivity products, you will receive a courier every month filled with the latest baking recipes, operation manuals and simple baking ingredients. The ingredients have been weighed in advance. Children can get delicious cakes by simple operation under the guidance of their family. Because all ingredients have been weighed in advance, the mess in the kitchen worried by parents will not appear. In order to meet the baking needs of different children, baketivity not only provides entry-level sandwich cakes for children to try by themselves, but also provides dazzling monster cakes for children to show their skills at the party and scare their friends. Of course, if you are particularly interested in baking, you can also sign up for baketivity’s online course for in-depth study.
Source: baketivity
After all, baketivity baking still needs to be operated in a relatively abundant time. What ways can parents interact emotionally with their children in a hurry in the morning? Kellogg’s eggo has launched a new eggoj waffle, which is an interesting turn of the classic Homestyle eggo waffle. The playful animated faces of waffles help parents break the tension at breakfast. From the iconic smile to the smiling face of laughing and crying, each box of eggoji waffles contains up to six different designs, making each plate full of emotion. Parents provide delicious and warm expression waffles for their children. The family sits around the table eating and discussing, making the children happier.
Source: Candy hunting twitter

2. Chinese market: budding children’s snacks socialized

Many years ago, most of the children who were keen to collect and exchange small raccoon Water Margin cards with friends are now parents. The happiness of collecting and changing cards in those years is true, but now the simple worry about high oil and salt is also true. Nowadays, parents who raise children pay more attention to science and pay more attention to the health and safety of children’s parts. The children’s snacks launched by brands basically emphasize these two points. Foodaily recently noticed that several children’s snacks not only pay attention to health, but also consider sociality and entertainment.
Bright cheese stick is one of them. Cheese has its own health attributes. High calcium and high protein make children grow up healthily. The small sticks left after eating cheese will not be wasted. As long as there are enough small sticks, master skills and imagine boldly, you can build all kinds of lovely and interesting shapes. Whether with parents or friends, it can meet the social needs of children. In addition to the small stick, the outer package of bright cheese stick can also help move the brain: each outer package has an interesting Q & A, parent-child interaction and jointly explore the unknown world.
Photo source: flagship store of bright cheese
The most impressive thing about the forest shop of liangpin shop is not the food, but its packaging. The symmetrical composition depicts the harmonious and beautiful vivid scene of animals and plants in the jungle. The inner box of the product can be disassembled DIY. Parents and children jointly make three-dimensional books to enhance the interaction between parents and children. It is delicious and fun, and has the social attribute between children.
Source: Pan Hu Packaging Design Laboratory


Foodaily mentioned in the top ten business hotspots in 2022: “redoing all categories to be healthy can not become the core barrier of children’s snacks. Children’s snacks should become an important social tool to link family emotions. Only by matching the scene positioning and overcoming this idea from emotion, can children’s snacks really last for a long time across different generations.” Paying attention to the social and emotional attributes of children’s snacks may be the breakthrough point of the next round of children’s snacks.
The “double reduction” policy implemented last year won more time for children’s extracurricular activities; At the Winter Olympics, which ended not long ago, Chinese parents began to re-examine the concept of children’s education because of the sunny and self-image of many young athletes. Release nature, encourage exploration and cultivate positive values and personality. These childcare demands can be realized not only in the classroom and outdoor activities, but also children’s food can become the carrier of family education and the lubricant of parent-child relationship.
The case of goal power tells us that paying attention to children’s emotional and social needs will provide more innovative space for children’s food design. For the domestic children’s snack market, this is a good topic worth exploring.
Cover source: goal powe
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