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After the exposure of “pickled vegetables in the pit” at the party on March 15, the brands responded. After Deng Lun was punished for tax evasion, the brand cut the seat, the 7-11 convenience store apologized, a Swedish milk powder was recalled, and the CEO of HEMA shelled dingdong again

Hot company information and announcement


The follow-up of “pickled cabbage in earth pit” was exposed at the March 15 evening party

The exposed enterprises include flag inserting vegetable industry, Ruijin company, Yueyang Junshan Yayuan pickle food factory and tanqiao Food Co., Ltd. Among them, the official website of the flag inserting vegetable industry claims that it has established strategic cooperative relations with some well-known food and participating enterprises in terms of product processing and direct supply of raw materials. At present, the company’s official website has been inaccessible.

After the broadcast of the program, many e-commerce platforms have been unable to search for products related to “laotan pickled cabbage”. Meanwhile, Master Kang’s flagship e-commerce store has also taken products related to laotan pickled vegetable beef noodles off the shelves. The relevant person in charge of the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Huarong County, Hunan Province told reporters that they had seen the problems exposed in the CCTV 315 party, and the staff of the bureau had gone to the scene for investigation.

Tonight, uni President issued a statement on its official website, saying that we attached great importance to the production environment of pickled cabbage raw materials produced by Hunan flag inserting company and Jinrui company reported by CCTV on the “March 15” evening. Under the on-site investigation of Changsha market supervision and Administration Bureau on March 15, our company has thoroughly inspected the pickled cabbage bag raw materials and relevant filing records. According to the transaction records of the company, in the past five years, Hunan flag insertion company has no longer been the supplier of raw materials for pickled cabbage bags of our company. At the same time, our company has interviewed the person in charge of Hunan Jinrui company for the first time, sealed all the relevant pickled cabbage bag products, and conducted quality testing together with the participation of the market supervision bureau. (CCTV finance and economics, Nanfang Daily, snack generation)

Bubble Mart suspended customized blind box business in food industry cooperation

In response to the hype caused by the previous joint brand with catering brands, today, bubble Mart responded that it will adjust its business at the first time, suspend the customized blind box business in the future authorization cooperation with the food industry, so as to eliminate possible food waste, and remind the authorized party to avoid excessive marketing and abide by public order and good customs in the design of the activity mechanism, Remind consumers to consume rationally. (Sina Finance)

Maotai responded to Pan Changjiang’s live broadcast

In a special live broadcast of drinks in early March, the well-known actor Pan Changjiang worked hard to sell Maotai Lunar New Year of the tiger liquor in front of the screen. At the live broadcast, the table was full of Maotai Chinese Zodiac wine. Pan Changjiang said: “I have known the chairman of Maotai company for more than ten years. Last night, I drunk him and asked him to sign a contract to give me pricing power”. In this regard, Maotai responded that the above publicity is not true. (surging News)

A Swedish infant formula was recalled

On March 11, 2022, the European Union RASFF reported that the content of vitamin A and D in hero baby classic stage 2 infant formula (specification: 700g, batch number: 7622010581, shelf life: January 5, 2024) produced by Semper g ö tene, a Swedish enterprise, was too high, and the enterprise had started its own recall. After verification by the General Administration of customs, the above-mentioned problematic products have not been exported to China through general trade. Cross border e-commerce channels have records of exporting to China. The products of the batches involved have not been put on the shelves for sale, and the Customs has taken measures such as banning sales. The General Administration of Customs reminds consumers: 1 The above batches of infant formula will not be purchased through any channels. 2. If you get the relevant batch of infant formula milk powder by any means (such as gift or carrying), stop eating it immediately and contact the original acquisition channel for return. (General Administration of Customs)

Starbucks responded to “fake takeout orders”

Today, the topic of “729 Starbucks takeout orders on maternity leave for rental houses” triggered discussion. It is reported that on January 18 this year, the market supervision bureau of Fucheng District, Mianyang, Sichuan Province received a report that someone in a residential building sold counterfeit Starbucks coffee. The dens received a total of 729 orders, involving an amount of more than 40000 yuan. In this regard, Starbucks responded through its official microblog that Starbucks participated in the investigation of the case and assisted relevant departments to resolutely crack down on counterfeiting. Starbucks will continue to cooperate with government departments to purify the market environment, and also call on consumers to buy brand related products through regular stores and Starbucks special star delivery online channels to jointly defend their legitimate rights and interests. (


The 7-11 convenience store apologized

Today, a media reporter undercover the 7-11 Beijing Liangmaqiao store, a retail giant with more than 7000 chain stores across the country, exposed the chaos in the kitchen on 7-11. Kanto’s cooking basket is actually placed on the garbage can, and the “cockroach sticker” is next to the disposable cup cover; Hot drinks that have been on the shelf for more than 13 days belong to overdue food, and the clerk’s treatment is to change the label; Convenience store lunch boxes are made, and food boxes are also very unsanitary. In response, Beijing 7-11 convenience store issued a letter of regret in its official account of WeChat. (this moment of life, Shangguan)


Shuanghui responded to “chaos in production workshop”

This morning, the topic of “chaos in Shuanghui production workshop” was posted on the microblog hot search. Subsequently, Shuanghui development responded to Zhongxin Jingwei that the local regulatory authorities had inspected the companies involved, and the inspection results were standardized management and qualified products. According to media reports, there are many potential food safety hazards in the workshop of Nanchang Shuanghui food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nanchang Shuanghui), including black and smelly work clothes, direct bagging and warehousing of pork chops on the ground, too casual disinfection links, virtual air shower system, wiping sausages with towels washed with muddy water, etc. (Zhongxin Jingwei)


Reporter undercover honey Snow Ice City store response

Recently, the media undercover honey snow ice city tourism school store found that a large number of dairy products in the store were stored at room temperature and still opened after expiration. In this regard, the person in charge of the store responded to the 5D investigation that the video transmitted online is inconsistent with the actual situation and has serious splicing traces. At present, it is being closed for self-examination. (5d survey)


Snow King interstellar technology company established in snow city

On March 14, xuewang interstellar Technology Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 50 million yuan and its legal representative pan Guofei. Its business scope includes food Internet sales; Beverage production; Small catering, miscellaneous snacks and small food workshops; Small food workshop operation; Research and development of intelligent robot; Advertising design and agency; Advertising production, etc. Shareholder information shows that the company is wholly owned by miyue Ice City Co., Ltd. (36 krypton)


From January to February, the net profit of Laobaigan liquor increased by about 680% year-on-year

Yesterday, Lao Baigan announced that the total operating revenue from January to February 2022 was about 708 million yuan, an increase of about 10% year-on-year; The net profit was about 220 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of about 680%. (company announcement)

CEO of HEMA shelled dingdong again: it is estimated that the position will burst soon

Recently, Hou Yi, CEO of HEMA Xiansheng, publicly shelled Ding Dong for buying vegetables in his circle of friends, saying he estimated that his position would burst soon. Hou Yi has also make complaints about Tucao Tucao several times, and the competition between box horse and Ding Dong in the field of fresh electricity has been very intense. Liang Changlin, the founder and CEO of dingdong food shopping, once said, “as of the end of the fourth quarter, our cash reserve was 5.2 billion yuan. The company has made great strides on the road of high-quality development, and will realize full profit in the near future. The cash reserve is enough to support us until the day we make a profit.” (China Fund News)

British hemp ice cream entrepreneurial brand was invested by LVMH’s private equity fund

Recently, little moons, a British ice cream startup brand, announced that it had obtained an important minority equity investment from L catterton, a private equity fund of LVMH. Industry insiders said that the valuation of the brand was much higher than £ 100 million. In the fiscal year ending June 2021, little moon’s annual retail sales reached £ 36 million. (Hua Lizhi)

PepsiCo plans to expand its factory in the United States

Recently, PepsiCo said it would invest $293 million to improve its manufacturing capacity in the United States, of which $260 million would be used to expand its manufacturing plant in Tucker, Georgia. Once fully operational, the expansion project will increase the plant’s output fivefold and create at least 136 full-time jobs by 2025. (Food Business Africa)

Oatly’s lack of capacity in the U.S. market has attracted attention

According to oatly’s internal documents and interviews with people familiar with the matter, including employees and former executives, oatly worked hard to establish and operate factories in the United States, but mistakenly estimated the budget, schedule and equipment requirements, the Wall Street Journal said today. Manufacturing delays have led to frequent shortages of oatly products in coffee shops and grocery stores in the United States. Starbucks, one of its biggest customers, had to buy products from another oat milk supplier when it ran out of stock a few weeks after its launch with oatly last year. Meanwhile, competitors, including dairy giants, have stepped in to fill the gap in oat products. (Wall Street Journal)

The consortium including Elliott held in-depth negotiations on the acquisition of Nielsen

According to people familiar with the matter, a consortium of private equity investment companies, including Elliott Management Corp., is conducting in-depth negotiations on the acquisition of Nielsen Holdings PLC (nlsn), a television rating company, for a consideration of about $15 billion including debt. Nielsen had a market capitalization of $6.2 billion before Monday, and its enterprise is worth more than $11 billion given its huge debt burden of more than $5 billion. (Wall Street Journal)

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Deng Lun was fined 106 million yuan for evading and underpaying personal income tax

On March 15, according to Xinhua news agency, the fourth Inspection Bureau of Shanghai Taxation Bureau found that Deng Lun was suspected of tax evasion according to the clues in tax supervision and further analysis of tax big data. According to the investigation, Deng Lun made false declaration by changing the nature of income through fictitious business from 2019 to 2020, evaded personal income tax by 47.6582 million yuan, and underpaid personal income tax by 13.9932 million yuan. In the process of tax inspection, Deng Lun was able to actively cooperate with the inspection and take the initiative to pay a supplementary tax of 44.5503 million yuan. At the same time, he took the initiative to report the tax related violations that the tax authorities have not yet mastered. Considering the above situation, the fourth Inspection Bureau of Shanghai Taxation Bureau, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and in accordance with the discretion benchmark of Shanghai tax administrative punishment, pursued Deng Lun’s tax payment, collected overdue fine and fined him a total of 106 million yuan. (Xinhua News Agency)

After Deng Lun was punished for tax evasion, the brand cut his seat urgently



National Bureau of Statistics: from January to February, the total retail sales of social consumer goods increased by 6.7% year-on-year

Today, according to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics, the total retail sales of social consumer goods increased by 6.7% from January to February 2022. From January to February, the total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 7442.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.7%. Among them, the retail sales of consumer goods other than automobiles reached 6730.5 billion yuan, an increase of 7.0%. Excluding price factors, the total retail sales of social consumer goods from January to February actually increased by 4.9% year-on-year. (Zhongxin finance and Economics)


China has more than 1900 live broadcast e-commerce related enterprises, nearly 20% of which are distributed in Guangdong

Tianyancha data show that there are more than 1900 live e-commerce related enterprises in China. In terms of geographical distribution, Guangdong has the largest number of live broadcast e-commerce related enterprises, with more than 370, accounting for 19.2% of the country. Beijing and Zhejiang ranked second and third, with more than 350 and 270 related enterprises respectively. In terms of registration time, these enterprises engaged in live broadcast e-commerce related businesses were mainly established in 2016-2019. Among them, more than 350 related enterprises were established in 2016, which was the year with the largest annual registration. (36 krypton)


US regulators: actively cooperating with China to end the dilemma of cross-border audit supervision

Today, according to Bloomberg, the US public company accounting oversight board (PCAOB) said that it is maintaining active communication with Chinese regulators and has held talks for many times recently. The two sides are committed to reaching a cooperation agreement so that it can inspect domestic and some Hong Kong audit firms registered in the United States and engaged in mainland business. PCAOB expressed its willingness to maintain cooperative relations with Chinese government departments and carry out inspection and investigation of relevant accounting firms in a similar way with dozens of other countries or regions. (Financial Associated Press)

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