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How does Melco Lando use “double helix” to create the first growth curve of the enterprise?


this is because the “points” you selected cannot form a “face” that can support the growth of your enterprise.
The reason why you haven’t found your own growth curve is that your thinking is a single “linear thinking”, rather than “three-dimensional thinking + linear thinking”. So what is “linear thinking” and “three-dimensional thinking”?
let’s give an example:
“Linear thinking”: link the collected information horizontally through one line. Note that it is not necessarily a “fixed order” link, it may also be rearranged and combined, or it may be a combination of two or more combinations. This kind of thinking is mainly used to collect and sort out, but it can not put forward a solution.

three dimensional Thinking: three dimensional arrangement and combination of the collected information. Similarly, this kind of thinking arrangement is not fixed, not necessarily arranged in order, not necessarily a triangle, but also other shapes or forms, which are determined according to the actual shape of the matter; Three dimensional thinking helps to understand the logic of things from the inside out, but it also cannot solve the problem itself.

although the above two ways of thinking can not directly solve the problem, they are the premise to solve the problem, which is also the key part of the consulting work. Through these two ways of thinking, the work content can be combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, and then the real solution can be obtained.
we call “(linear thinking + three-dimensional thinking) x# the actual situation of the enterprise itself” double helix “thinking.
“Double helix” is a kind of thinking and a way to solve problems. It has no fixed form and is applicable not only to work, but also to other aspects.
Yes, we have put forward another “methodology” and rolled it up.
Methodology is like a mathematical formula. Without a formula, we cannot solve a mathematical puzzle
Looking back on the growth curve of enterprises, each brand has its own growth mode. Although it looks similar, it is nothing more than positioning + launching x + content, it is precisely because of those “minor differences” that each different enterprise will grow.
We believe that when, where, why and how consumers want this product is a crucial part of enterprise growth. We use the idea of solving unmet customer needs to promote business growth, which is the way we are helping our customers grow. The method behind this is the application of “double helix”.
Let’s take melando as an example to verify our point of view.
There are many articles about miaokolando on the market. Although some articles have been dug deep, there is still no article that can be explained systematically. Looking back on the reports and articles before the great route, you will find that we will focus on systematic double quotation, which can be very deep and very detailed, but we always feel that there is something less.
Yes, it’s the lack of “methodological” guidance. In short, it’s the lack of ways to do things,
for example, if you want to learn to ride a bicycle, it is difficult to stand on two wheels by balance, so you need to practice balance very much. If you just immerse yourself in hard practice, it may be possible, but it will take more time. If you have methods to guide, you will learn faster. I won’t start the specific methodology of learning a bicycle. If you are interested, you can send it to me backstage, You learn how to ride a bike.
. Of course, another example is to learn skiing. The first lesson is to push the slope with the back edge. At first, it’s very difficult. To overcome the fear of the height and inclination of the snow slope, you need to master the balance and try not to fall down. But after three times of practice, you will slowly find a way. Friends who have experienced it will know that the focus is on the use of the front sole and rear heel, With the combination of the hip part of the body, the upper body maintains the center of gravity; After I learned how to combine the functions of various parts of the body, I slowly found a method, and gradually mastered the logic of the back edge back slope in the next two hours. It took me three and a half hours until I left. During this period, I fell eight times, but I can push down from the top of the slope with the back edge, even if there is a tendency of inclined straight board in the middle, It can also be adjusted freely. And doing other things is the same logic. Under the guidance of the so-called methodology, the effect will often get twice the result with half the effort, unless you are useless.
In terms of growth, it is the same logic. In fact, it is not that there is any problem with the methodology in the market, but that we have not combined it very well with the actual situation of our own enterprises, and miaokelantuo is an enterprise that applies the “double helix” very well.
Before entering the market, mikolando made the following preparations at the strategic level:
Growth scope: lock in the scope of opportunities. Opportunity Assessment: in depth analysis of priority opportunities. Market entry strategy: Transform strategic choice into persuasive strategy. Planning and Implementation: implement specific plans with milestones, objectives, owners and deadlines. Monitoring and Optimization: optimize strategy and implementation actions.
growth range locking

how did mikolando see the cheese track and what preparations have been made?

If you want to understand the growth factors of miaokolando, you must study it from the beginning of the enterprise, and the founder of the enterprise is often the key to the success of the enterprise. Chai Xiu, the founder of miaokolando, has become the first brand of dairy products in Jilin Province in 2016;
In the early stage of the development of dairy industry, due to the short shelf life and transportation radius of milk, there was no national leader in the industry under “geographical isolation”. Many regional leaders occupied all markets and enjoyed the dividends of rapid growth of the industry by virtue of milk supply, distribution channels and brand advantages. Guangze dairy industry led by chaixiu is one of them.
At the end of the 20th century, the emergence of UHT milk broke the situation of “respective safety”. The innovation of packaging and sterilization technology has extended the shelf life of liquid milk from 1-7 days at low temperature to 1-month at normal temperature, greatly improving the transportation radius. Yili and Mengniu take the lead in realizing national market expansion by using normal temperature products and quickly establish national brand and channel advantages. If other dairy enterprises want to implement the national strategy later, they will face high mobile barriers:
Whether it is to obtain distribution channels or build brands, we have to pay a higher price. Since then, the overall market share of Yili and Mengniu has been increasing, especially in the normal temperature milk market, the total share has exceeded 60%.
At this time, Yili and Mengniu continued to seize the market by virtue of their competitive advantages, while regional leaders were attacked from both sides: on the one hand, the market penetration threat of national leaders could only watch their territory be robbed under the oppression of strong competitive strength; On the other hand, the barriers to entry and exit of the dairy industry are high. Small and medium-sized manufacturers in the region can not easily exit even in the face of the pressure of declining demand, and are still struggling in a desperate corner.
The competitive environment faced by Guangze dairy industry continues to deteriorate. If it still takes improving market share as the strategic goal, it is bound to “hurt eight hundred enemies and lose one thousand by itself”. However, the high investment cost makes it difficult to return and can not get out easily.
In this way, the industrial environment is more conducive to the long-term sustainable development of Guangze dairy industry by strategically reducing investment, optimizing cash flow, and using its own advantages to enter new business areas with favorable industrial structure.
then the question comes: what is the way to go after that?
Chai Xiu thought of the dream of “invisible champion” in his heart.
That was in 2007. Chai Xiu went to France with the government delegation to participate in the World Food Expo. At that exhibition, she saw thousands of varieties of exquisite cheese in the dairy exhibition hall. At that time, she was deeply shocked. It turned out that there were so many ways to eat cheese and milk could make so many products.
Chai Xiu was very excited because she had a class in Germany about why there were more than 3000 world invisible champions in Germany and how these invisible champions were created. At that time, Chai Xiu began to plan in her heart that China has a population of 1.4 billion. If you can find one of the market segments, Can she also be an invisible champion of China’s market segments? At this exhibition, she met cheese, which made her more confident in her dream.
Chai Xiu was also very confused at that time. She didn’t know whether cheese could help her become an invisible champion in China’s market segment. Therefore, with this question in mind, she began to investigate and study all over the world. Why are Brie and blue grain in France so famous? Why do so many people like Gouda in the Netherlands and Dagong in Switzerland? The study found that cheese has a characteristic, that is, the series with the largest cheese consumption in each country is different, and each country has its own characteristics.
After understanding the characteristics of cheese, chaixiu found a joint venture with French health care and introduced French engineers. They found a large number of students as apprentices and began to study cheese. Then they found that Chinese cheese traders had little profits and little sales revenue, so they had been waiting for eight years.
Opportunity Assessment
It’s more and more important for them to invest in Tianjin cheese market. However, it’s more and more important for them to know about Shanghai cheese market in 2015. And began to transform into cheese in 2016.
Indeed, chaixiu’s “feeling” is not a simple understanding of the market, but an in-depth study of consumers and the market.
Chai Xiu made an in-depth analysis of the opportunity:
Market scale consumer demand industry education industry competition benchmarking overseas policies and regulations
In terms of the global market, the development of dairy products is divided into three stages. With the development of logistics storage facilities, packaging technology and social material conditions:
1 1) milk powder stage: the pasture is far from the city. Due to the limitation of logistics conditions, milk is made into milk powder for urban and rural consumption; 2) Liquid milk stage: with the development of sterilization and sterilization technology and the improvement of packaging conditions, liquid milk is popularized at a high speed; 3) Cheese and butter stage: the society’s nutritional requirements for dairy products are improved, the consumption scene is expanded, and the Western lifestyle is infiltrated.

market scale: according to Euromonitor’s statistics, the scale of China’s cheese market (retail volume) reached 5.833 billion yuan in 2018, with a year-on-year increase of 16.8%. The compound growth rate from 2004 to 2018 was 22.5%, which is still in a period of rapid development. It is expected that the market scale will reach 10.53 billion yuan by 2023. In terms of consumption, China’s cheese consumption in 2018 was 38400 tons, with a compound growth rate of 18.7% from 2004 to 2018, and is expected to be 55800 tons by 2023.

consumer demand: in 2018, China’s per capita cheese consumption was only 0.28 kg / person, compared with 16.39 kg / person in the United States, 19.01 kg / person in Europe, 2.32 kg / person in Japan and 2.91 kg / person in South Korea. China’s per capita cheese consumption was only 60-70 times that of the United States and Europe and 8-10 times that of Japan and South Korea.
the growth rate of consumption of liquid milk and milk powder has slowed down. The per capita consumption of liquid milk in first tier cities has been close to the level of western countries, and the structure has been upgraded to the main theme.
in 2018, the total consumption of liquid milk and milk powder (whole milk powder) in China was 32.9 million tons and 1.65 million tons respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 1.1% and a decrease of 11.7% respectively. In 2018, the per capita consumption of liquid milk and milk powder was 23.57 kg / person 1.18 kg / person, with a year-on-year increase of 0.7% and a decline of 12.1%. At present, the growth rate of China’s per capita consumption of liquid milk and milk powder has slowed down. The per capita consumption of liquid milk in first tier cities has been close to the level of western countries, and the consumption structure of dairy products has been upgraded to the main theme.
at present, China’s per capita protein intake is increasing year by year, and the gap with western countries is narrowing. According to FAO data, China’s per capita protein intake in 2013 was 98g / day, lower than that of the United States (110g / day), Australia (106G / day) and Europe (102G / day), narrowing the gap with western countries. In the intake structure of
, the proportion of high-quality protein is relatively small. High quality protein refers to the protein with amino acid composition close to that of human body and high digestibility of human body. It is generally measured by PDCAAS (digestion corrected amino acid score). The PDCAAS of animal protein is generally more than 0.9, including egg and milk PDCAAS of 1, which is a high-quality protein. According to the data of FAO in 2013, Japan and South Korea accounted for 40.4% of the total animal protein intake, which was significantly lower than that of western countries. In terms of structure, in 2015, meat and poultry, eggs, milk and aquatic products accounted for 54.1%, 14.4%, 5.2% and 26.3% of animal protein. China’s high-quality protein intake accounted for a low proportion, while cheese has high nutritional value. Cheese consumption is an effective means to optimize China’s dietary structure.

industry education
different industries have education on the cheese market
Western food industry: the growth rate of traditional Western restaurants has slowed down, but there is still room for further sinking of Western fast food chains. According to the 2019 development report of Chinese catering merchants released by meituan Research Institute, the largest number of new restaurants opened by various catering merchants in 2018 was snacks and fast food, while the smallest number was Western food (non fast food). The growth rate of
traditional Western restaurants has slowed down in recent years after experiencing rapid growth in the early stage, but in contrast, western fast food restaurants have maintained a relatively stable growth in recent years. The number of Western fast food chains represented by KFC, McDonald’s and pizza hut in China reached 5910, 3100 and 2200 respectively in 2018, a significant increase over 2015. The stores are mainly distributed in first and second tier cities. With the continuous improvement of consumption level in domestic offline cities, western fast food chains still have room to sink further, and the number of stores will continue to grow steadily.
take McDonald’s as an example. It plans to increase the number of McDonald’s restaurants in mainland China from 2500 to 4500 by the end of 2022. The speed of opening new restaurants will gradually increase from about 250 per year in 2017 to about 500 per year in 2022. We expect that the overall western food industry (dinner + fast food) will maintain a relatively steady growth, so as to provide sustained growth power for cheese catering consumption.

baking industry: cheese is widely used and has maintained a relatively stable growth in recent years. In order to pursue the richness of taste and the nutritional health of diet, various elements were gradually added in the ordinary baking process in the past. Bread and pizza with cheese and cheese as the main auxiliary materials were widely popular, which strengthened consumers’ awareness of cheese in the early cheese market cultivation stage.
in 2018, the retail scale of China’s bakery industry reached 211 billion yuan, and the CAGR from 2011 to 2018 reached 11.71%, of which the retail scale of bread industry in 2018 was 36.4 billion yuan, the CAGR from 2011 to 2018 was 11.58%, and the retail scale of pizza industry in 2018 was 24.5 billion yuan, with a compound growth of 15.20% from 2011 to 2018, all maintaining a rapid and stable growth.
at present, the baking industry continues to promote product and taste innovation, and there is still room for further application of cheese. It is expected that the growth rate in the later stage is also expected to remain stable.

milk tea industry: gradually transition to the era of modern milk tea. The application of cheese milk cover is conducive to the further development of cheese. According to the 2019 China beverage industry trend development report released by meituan review, in 2018, the milk cover ranked first in the recommended times of China’s current tea ingredients. China’s milk tea industry has gradually transitioned from the era of brewing milk tea to the era of current milk tea characterized by cheese milk cover, which also provides a strong growth power for cheese consumption.
as of the latest data of 2018q3, the number of existing tea stores in China has reached 410000, an increase of 180000 compared with 2017q3, a year-on-year increase of 74%, showing a strong consumption growth trend. In addition, the milk tea industry is mainly aimed at the emerging consumer groups of the post-80s and 90s, which highly coincides with the consumer groups of cheese. Therefore, the promotion of cheese milk cover is also conducive to strengthening young consumers’ understanding of cheese and further cultivating the cheese consumer market.

industry competition
before 2018, overseas brands in China’s cheese market dominated, but the pattern has not been solidified. The current market share of overseas brands is high, mainly for the following reasons:
1 At the initial stage of cheese development, affected by the melamine incident, overseas brands took the lead. When the Beijing Olympic Games was held in 2008, the overseas cheese consumption culture spread rapidly. In the same year, the melamine incident broke out, and Chinese people generally favored overseas brand dairy products. Overseas cheese brands had certain advantages at that time;
2. Yili and Mengniu, which play a leading role in the domestic dairy industry, have long focused on liquid milk, especially normal temperature milk, and did not layout the cheese business earlier;
3. The cheese process is relatively complex and the entry threshold is high. In the later stage, a large number of brands are needed to cultivate the market. Small dairy enterprises are difficult to control their production costs and expenses, so there are few entrants.

to sum up, domestic brands are subject to some historical reasons, resulting in a low market share at present, but we believe that the essence of the market pattern has not been solidified. China is still in the early stage of cultivating the cheese market. In the early stage of overseas brands, although some cheese consumers have been cultivated through the advantages of product technology + technical reserve, However, it has not played a leading role in the overall cheese cognition of consumers and the demand trend at the retail end, nor has it established the brand image of “national cheese”, and the brand pattern is not firm. Compared with overseas brands, domestic brands have two major advantages in the future development:
first, they have local advantages in terms of channels. Compared with overseas brands, they can quickly go deep into the city and county-level agents. With the gradual improvement of channel construction, they can quickly seize the offline cities with larger market space;
second, in terms of product research and development, it can effectively develop new products in combination with the catering culture and taste needs of Chinese people. With the gradual narrowing of the product and technology gap with foreign brands and the gradual establishment of professional brand image, it can grab market share by leading and expanding new consumer demand.
the development of cheese industry supported by national policies is in the stage of accelerated cultivation.
benefits from national policy support, and the cheese industry ushers in development opportunities. In 2018, the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on promoting the revitalization of the dairy industry and ensuring the quality and safety of dairy products, which clearly proposed to optimize the dairy structure and develop cheese products. This policy has brought opportunities for the development of the cheese industry.
in addition, at the 2019 cheese Development Summit Forum, Yu Kangzhen, Vice Minister of agriculture and rural areas, also pointed out that a glass of milk strengthens a nation and a piece of cheese prospers an industry. Let consumers change from “drinking milk” to “eating milk”.
with the continuous introduction of cheese support policies, China’s cheese industry is expected to accelerate its development.
benchmarking overseas, China’s cheese market has broad room for improvement
from the perspective of overseas countries’ development, cheese consumption * 10 and milk powder * 8 are converted into raw milk consumption. It is estimated that in 2018, cheese consumption in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom accounted for more than 50% of raw milk consumption and continued to increase, while the proportion of cheese consumption in Japan and South Korea increased year by year, Showing a trend beyond liquid milk:
, the United States: the proportion of cheese consumption increased from 55% in 2005 to 65% in 2018, which continued to increase, while the proportion of liquid milk decreased from 39% in 2005 to 28% in 2018. In 2018, the proportion of milk powder, milk beverage and yogurt were 0.2%, 2.8% and 3.7% respectively;
. Australia: from 2005 to 2018, the proportion of cheese consumption remained around 50%, with an overall slight increase. In 2018, the proportion of liquid milk, milk powder and yogurt consumption was 38.4%, 0.9% and 5.4%;
UK: the proportion of cheese consumption increased from 47% in 2005 to 55% in 2018, liquid milk decreased from 46% in 2005 to 39% in 18 years, milk powder accounted for a negligible proportion, and yogurt accounted for 4.3%;
Japan: the proportion of cheese consumption increased from 22.9% in 2005 to 29% in 2018, and the proportion of liquid milk decreased from 55.8% in 2005 to 42.7% in 2018. At the same time, the proportion of yogurt was relatively high, reaching 24.8% in 2018 and milk powder accounted for 1.2%;
South Korea: the consumption of cheese and liquid milk accounted for 54.3% and 23.5% respectively in 2005 and 34.1% and 46.7% in 2018. The proportion of cheese surpassed that of liquid milk and became the main consumption of raw milk. In 2018, yogurt accounted for 11.5% and milk powder accounted for negligible;
China: cheese consumption accounted for only 2.4% in 2018, while liquid milk, yogurt, milk powder and milk beverage accounted for 47.9%, 37.2%, 12.5% and 26.8% in the same period.
compared with developed countries, China’s cheese market has a broad space to improve. In 2019, China’s per capita consumption of cheese was only 0.1kg, far lower than that of developed countries, 12.91kg and 3.13kg lower than the world average. Compared with other Asian developed countries with similar eating habits, the per capita consumption of Japan and South Korea has reached 2.66kg and 3.23kg respectively.

in terms of the proportion of cheese in dairy consumption, China’s cheese consumption accounts for only 1.5%, but Japan and South Korea with similar dietary structure have reached 18% and 47% respectively. comparison
Translate strategic choices into persuasive strategies
How to choose so many strategies to enter the market? It includes three parts: SWOT analysis, positioning statement and brand value
First of all, SWOT analysis is carried out for yourself, starting from four aspects: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats:
Advantages: miaokolando has its own advantages in factory capacity, procurement and talent, channel and brand
factory: miaokolando has set up R & D centers in Shanghai and Tianjin, introduced European advanced production equipment and technology, and adopted highly information-based and transparent control over the production workshop, with high production stability. Miaolando has four cheese processing plants in Shanghai, Tianjin and Jilin, and two cooperative plants with indirect equity participation in Australia.

production capacity layout in advance: cheese production requires plant construction and imported equipment support, higher requirements for cold chain products, and customized production lines for specific products, so it requires large capital expenditure and time cost (at least two years).

miaolando has the first mover advantage in capacity construction:
1) in 2019, miaolando has a total cheese capacity of about 30000 tons, including 13000-15000 tons of Tianjin miaolando food, which mainly produces mozzarella cheese and 15000 tons of Shanghai Zhiran. The main products are cheese slices (with a capacity of about 10000 tons) and cheese sticks. Jilin factory mainly produces hand torn cheese Cod cheese, mozzarella (retail channel);
2) the production capacity construction cycle is long. The transformation of miaolando Shanghai Zhiran began at the end of 2015, and the first production line was put into operation at the end of 2017. By the end of 2018, it is still in the construction stage, with an investment of 295 million yuan and a total budget investment of 616 million yuan. At present, it has been converted into fixed assets of 274 million yuan, and the progress of construction in progress is 65.18%;
3) the reserve capacity is abundant, and Shanghai Zhiran and Jilin Zhongxin projects are under construction.
purchaser: Melco Lando has established a global procurement network covering Europe, America and Oceania, and is qualified for bidding on the global dairy trading platform (GDT). In order to fundamentally ensure the product quality, miaokelando has built an ecological pasture of 10000 cows in Jilin Province. All the cows are Holstein cows imported from Australia, and the milk quality has reached the EU standard. On the one hand, the extensive procurement channels are conducive to the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials of miaokolando, grasp the market change trend, ensure the supply of raw and auxiliary materials in its dairy processing sector, and reduce the adverse impact of price fluctuation of raw and auxiliary materials on production and operation. On the other hand, it can increase the sales types of miaolando products, meet the relevant needs of downstream customers, lay the product foundation and accumulate customer resources for miaolando to widely participate in the competition in the dairy industry.

talent side: introduced and established a R & D team led by Liu Zongshang, the “first person of Chinese cheese”. Liu Zongshang has been engaged in cheese business for more than 20 years. His research and development technology of cheese and cream is the authority of China’s dairy industry. Liu Zongshang once served as a research technician in the technical center of French bongain group (now renamed savencia group) and the production manager of miaokelando of health care ran (Tianjin) Food Co., Ltd. Under the leadership of Liu Zongshang, the R & D team has successfully produced and developed products such as mozzarella cheese, cheese stick, COD cheese, cheese slice, hand torn cheese and so on. Miaokolando plans to cooperate with major universities and overseas institutions to set up research centers to further develop original cheese suitable for Chinese taste.
channel side: miaokolando has a good channel foundation in China. It was formerly the leading dairy industry in Jilin Province and has rich experience in channel development and dealer management. In the past 16 years, the cheese business line of miaokolando has basically focused on catering channels. In 2017, miaokolando began to determine to develop retail channels, and the growth rate of C-end is significantly higher than that of catering. On the layout line of
miaokolando in 2016, mozzarella cheese ranked first in the same category of tmall for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018 and was in an absolute leading position. At the same time, the cheese stick launched in the first half of 2018 ranked first in the same category of JD / tmall 618 in 2019.
miaokolando began to promote nationalization in 2018. By the end of 2018, it had entered 50000 terminals and had 1922 dealers (including 800 cheese dealers) at the end of the first quarter of 19. At present, miaokolando has good marketing and overall distribution in some offline cities in Shandong, Henan, Hunan and Guangdong. In 2019, regional expansion and channel sinking continued to advance, It is planned to enter 100000 terminals. We believe that the channel sinking ability of domestic brands is stronger than that of foreign brands, and miaolando will continue to occupy the blue ocean cheese market. Later, we will mention the current channel situation of miaokolando.
in addition, miaokelan chooses high-quality dealers (with relevant experience in cheese products or cold chain food distribution) to cooperate, continuously optimize the dealer structure and build channels steadily.
product side: before 2017, miakolandor’s cheese was limited to catering channels. Its products mainly included mozzarella cheese, cheese slices and cream cheese. Among them, mozzarella cheese ranked first in the same category of tmall for three consecutive years, contributing most of its sales revenue. In 2017, the product range of miaolando expanded rapidly, and new retail and children’s series cheese products were developed. Children’s growth cup, fresh cheese and other products were listed one after another. However, masurila in the catering channel is still the core and main product of miaolando, and the retail channel has not been fully opened. In 2018, miaolando launched its main retail cheese product – children’s cheese stick. The launch of cheese stick was a great success and became another star product with sales of more than 100 million after masurila cheese. At the same time, new products such as cod cheese and hand tear cheese were also listed one after another, greatly enriching miaolando’s existing product system, Make the cheese products of miaolando truly develop from a single variety of masurila to a multi variety operation, and help miaolando keep pace in catering and retail channels.

among the domestic brands of the same kind, the product system of miaokolan is the most perfect and is at the forefront of domestic brands. Among domestic brands, only Mengniu and miaolando have established a full product system, but the former has only 1-2 sub products under each series, which is far less abundant than miaolando’s products; Guangming has not yet launched a series of cheese products for leisure snacks; Yili lacks cheese products of catering series. The perfect product line has laid the foundation for miaolando’s first mover advantage in the cheese market, and opened a time gap of 1-2 years with domestic competitive enterprises of the same type to establish the whole product line.
weak market entry:

Main sources: channel management and competition:
1 Miaokolando is a brand newly entering the market. The entry of b-end channel is slow, and C-end still needs brand education. Compared with foreign brands that have entered the market for many years, it is difficult to replace the position of b-end in the channel. There are many foreign brands, China’s dairy industry started late, and overseas enterprises have the first mover advantage in brand, product and consumer education.
2. If the head dairy brand establishes a cheese brand, it may catch up with and surpass in terms of channel and brand in the short term. The head enterprise has mature supply chain procurement and construction experience and perfect management mechanism. In terms of dealer and channel development management, miaolando will be in a weak position.
3. Due to the shortage of funds, compared with foreign-funded and head dairy enterprises, miaokolando’s capital reserves are relatively weak. Once the capital chain is broken, it will fall into passivity, and it is feared that it will be used as competitive wedding clothes, and all previous achievements will be wasted. According to the founder, he borrowed 500 million yuan from Everbright Bank when launching national media and purchasing equipment.
Market entry opportunities: miaokerando has innovative opportunities in cheese taste and develops cheese more suitable for Chinese physique. This is similar to the opportunity of Feihe milk powder “more suitable for Chinese baby milk powder”. Imported cheese taste is not suitable for Chinese people. In terms of channels, the head competitive products have few channels for sinking cities and poor management of dealers. Miaokelantuo can educate by deeply cultivating and sinking cities, and then counter attack the market of first tier cities. In terms of brand, it can create a national brand image, enhance national self-confidence and deepen the brand impression.
Market entry threat: Generally speaking, in terms of regulations and policies, the threat is small, mainly from peer head competition and dairy giants entering the market to seize the market

The second part of ‘s market entry strategy is to impress users with products
positioning statement: positioning emphasizes what the brand itself is and what relationship it has with the target users.
From the successful cases of domestic positioning, they are almost the same style. Of course, it is mainly because they come from the same positioning method system.
For having heard it many times, the “high-end electric cars, Qinghua Lang, one of China’s two major Maotai Baijiu (now replaced), flying crane” is more suitable for Chinese babies’ physique and so on. These familiar advertisements are behind the careful consideration of brand positioning, and these brands can rely on positioning to become bigger and stronger. Behind them are the activities of laying down tens of thousands of fields every year and laying the groundwork for China’s national channels.
Positioning doesn’t make much sense for smaller enterprises. Even if you can make it clear what the brand you create and what the relationship with users is, you still can’t take the lead in national sales and be the leader in the industry.
Quite simply, positioning needs to be publicized with sound volume for a long period of time or cycle. During the advertising period of miaolando, competitive products have also been invested, but the effect is very poor. The main reason is that the launch is not focused enough and the positioning is not clear.
So what is the positioning of Melco Lando and its relationship with users?
In 2017, Melco Lando had no positioning, and it was not clear what the brand was and what the relationship with users was. Just one thing is certain: it is to publicize the nutritional ingredients of cheese sticks, so there is only one sentence “eat well” at the end of the advertisement to guide children to eat well.
When it comes to children, we have to push forward. How did mikolando choose children as the primary target group?
In fact, there is not much truth here. At that time, in the process of finding the target population, the most direct truth was that “education should start with dolls”. Chai Xiu realized that he wanted to fight the crowd with high potential energy; There is a large market space for children’s snacks, there is a blank area of categories, and there is no big brand of children’s cheese. According to the data of the seventh census, the population of children aged 0-14 in China has reached 250 million (the population of children aged 0-14 in China has reached 220 million in the sixth census). Children’s snacks have a market scale of more than 100 billion. With the upgrading of consumption, health, nutrition and interest have become the main consumption needs of children’s snacks; There is still a blank area in the supply of products in these aspects. Many categories are willing to try, but the repurchase rate is low, while children’s cheese sticks have the attributes of nutrition, health and interesting snacks.
Chinese food culture is difficult to change. It is difficult to change adults’ eating habits. We need to do a lot of market education. This is why food enterprises never dare to make products that subvert our cognition.
Therefore, chaixiu aimed at the children group, because this group had not yet formed an inherent cognition and was easier to educate than adults, so he chose the high potential energy group of children to break the game at that time, and the product was cheese sticks.
Positioning “more suitable for Chinese baby taste” and increasing advertising and marketing expenses.
Overseas brands baijifu and Anjia publicize to consumers that their selling points are imported milk sources and the use of European technology. Miaolando’s main point in publicity is “more suitable for the taste of Chinese babies”, which is consistent with the original publicity concept of flying crane “more suitable for the physique of Chinese babies”.
Then the target audience has, and the brand has also done a lot of promotion. The publicity content is mainly high calcium nutritional cheese stick.
In the second year, we found the location of miaokolando and made a strategic positioning. It is worth mentioning that in the first year, we did not find the location of miaokolando, but the latter thought that its early volume was small and did not connect. In the second year, the two sides decided to cooperate.
At that time, chaixiu thought it was a loss because he spent 2K + W and only gave a few words. Among them, there was a tangle between “choose miaokerando for cheese” and “miaokerando cheese stick for children’s health snack”. Chaixiu thought miaokerando should be equal to cheese, not snacks, no matter how healthy it is, it can not be equal to snacks.
So we chose the former: “cheese, choose miaokolando”. Let’s analyze this positioning.
We believe that “cheese, choose miaokolando” is a positioning to “leave a way forward” for the brand. In the future, there is now a market for children; Moving forward, we can also expand the market for adults and the elderly.
This positioning is still relatively “smart”. In the early stage, it aimed at the children’s group. For this group of people and parents, it told them that cheese is miaokerando, not “children’s cheese, choose miaokerando”. It did not lock the brand on the children’s group, but after seeing this advertisement, parents and children will still think that “children’s cheese, choose miaokerando”, It is because the content of this advertisement and the packaging of products are children’s style. Yes, this is also a “double helix” thinking.
Always keep plan [B & C & D &…].
To sum up, Melco Lando’s positioning is mainly aimed at 2B and 2c:
2B. There are catering and baking channels and OEM; 2C is mainly aimed at consumer groups of different ages.
The main purpose of miaolando’s positioning is to occupy the category and occupy the minds of consumers from the category. At present, although there are only advertisements for children’s cheese sticks, the audience is not only children, office workers, parents and the elderly. They will remember the concept that miaolando is cheese in daily repetition, so as to pave the way for the brand to lay out products of other ages in the future.
In other words, if miaokerando wants to launch cheese products for young people in the future, this sentence can still be used. It only needs to replace the products, packaging and spokesperson.
“Cheese, choose miaokerando” is a typical guiding sentence. Under normal circumstances, we ordinary people will not be easily influenced by guidance. For example, your colleagues tell you one day: “buy coffee, choose three and a half meals”. Normally, your reaction will be: “why?” instead of; “Oh, I see.”.
So under what circumstances will we ordinary people be influenced by guidance?
The answer is: 1 What someone you approve told you. 2. Within your cognitive blind spot.
First of all, recall whether you will be recommended by friends or colleagues around you to plant a product, whether you will plant grass or even pull grass, whether you often brush the products recommended by bloggers, whether you will buy the products endorsed by stars. To be frank, do you recognize the words of your parents or family?
The answer is obvious. We will be influenced by people we recognize. It should be noted that influence refers to “influencing your thinking and decision-making or purchase decision, but can not directly promote the transaction”. That is why many brands find KOL to launch, but the effect is not obvious. Fans will not buy every product recommended by KOL, Whether there will be purchase behavior in the end mainly depends on how KOL reflects the characteristics of the product.
For example, what tiktok has been looking for in a few times before the KOL electric toothbrush was put in the market. I saw the first thing that I felt was that the cost was water and bleach. Why? Because the content of these bloggers is the same. The beginning and the ending are all unified styles, which are completely different from those of the bloggers at ordinary times, and even feel that the bloggers are “forced to open”. The appearance of working hard for the right meal.
this kind of video content is obviously not what fans like. When paving the way in the early stage, the blogger has shown an unnatural state. It seems that someone behind him put a gun on his back and forced him to say something he didn’t want to say. The most important thing is: as fans, we know that he is a blogger in the field of Finance and economics. The brand has to ask him to say the parameters of electric toothbrush. Isn’t that funny? Wtx? Fans are also normal people. Fans recognize the blogger’s ability in finance and economics, but do not recognize his ability in the parameters of electric toothbrush. Do you think such advertising will be effective?
this is a typical case of “an approved person does something he doesn’t approve”.
So, which way is “the recognized person did the recognized thing”?
Here, we must also make it clear, very simple, and take KOL as an example. Let the blogger who is good at some aspects combine the products and scenarios in the way he is good at.
also takes the electric toothbrush as an example and the financial blogger as an example to let the financial blogger talk about the electric toothbrush with his usual financial style and content. In the middle, some special scenes can be designed to reflect the product characteristics; Travel bloggers and workplace bloggers may be the most suitable ones. Brands should be launched with the logic of bloggers who use the most product scenes. Travel bloggers and life bloggers often share travel belongings and life vlog. Inadvertent exposure of products in daily videos is actually the best effect, and the cost is also low, which can expand the proportion of users, Create an effect that everyone is using, and it will naturally be planted with grass. There are still many ports to undertake, which will not be expanded here.
back to the second point, in your cognitive blind spot, that is, what you don’t understand, you may easily believe strangers. The telecom fraud broadcast in the news is this logic. Even if you have more money and see more, there are areas you don’t understand.
For example, what is cheese made of? What is the composition of the car? If we are not professionals, we ordinary people may not be able to involve all industries and understand all knowledge in our life. When we don’t understand, we often turn to encyclopedia or people around us, or even do nothing. Let it be there, as long as it has no impact on us.
Advertising is a kind of existence, and we won’t spend energy on studying something that doesn’t make sense to ourselves.
“Cheese, choose mikolando.” why? Does it make sense? No, is there any other choice? No, why? Because no other brand promotes itself like this
Yes, this is the purpose of brand positioning. When you want to choose other brands, you find that it seems that only this brand says how good it is, while other brand publicity is: “Yili, children’s cheese stick”, “miaofei, a new generation of cheese stick”, “Dr. cheese, specializing in real cheese for 0-6-year-old children”. Either promote cheese stick or target children.
Obviously, other brands do not have the “ambition” of miaokerando. Perhaps they do not consider it more comprehensively. The products of adults may not be in the form of cheese sticks. After the brand is positioned to children, it will be difficult for adults to educate, such as Yili and adult cheese sticks.
After long-term education, we have known that Yili is a children’s cheese stick. When you produce adult products, you will feel very strange from the perspective of customers, but from the perspective of brand strategy, the brand strategy is not clear, and there will be such problems when different categories use the same brand.
Miaokolando is to avoid such problems. Although it still needs to be repositioned if it wants to produce adult or elderly models later, the sentence “cheese, choose miaokolando” basically does not change, because this positioning applies to different customer groups, which is the strategic significance of quasi positioning.
Looking back on the typical cases of domestic positioning, we can summarize the following, which are not necessarily applicable, but can also be referred to: occupation category: cheese, choose miaokerando, brand name and category to meet the mental style: higher-end, healthier and more suitable for Chinese people. Brand name plus a psychological demand borrow form: one of China’s two Maotai flavor liquor, compared with the head competitive products, abnormal form: melon seed second-hand car direct sales network, which is contrary to the rules of the industry and forms an abnormal effect
Brand value: the values of mikelando
Miaokolando chose the combination of two ways to deliver the brand content. This is the “double helix” thinking.
First, choose the IP image recognized by children as the packaging, so that children have no resistance to the brand.
Wang Wang Li Da Gong was a popular IP at that time. Even now it is in the hot IP position of the head, which occupies a great position in the hearts of children. My 2 year old son next door learns “dog barking” every day. At that time, I wondered what was going on, and later I knew it was animated cartoon, which reminded me of piggy Paige at that time.
I’m not surprised that Miao kelando chose Wang Wang team. After all, as long as the terms of all resources are appropriate, you can sign a contract; To my surprise, there are no IP bears with the same popularity in the children’s cheese industry. According to Baidu Index, the popularity of bears is much higher than that of Wang Wang team;
Second, Sun Li was chosen as the brand spokesperson, which means that parents have no resistance to the brand.
The charm of “Niang Niang” has conquered many brands. Swisse’s “Niang calcium” was once popular on the Internet. Sun Li’s image is positive, there is no scandal, and there are children at home; Let Sun Li come to the brand platform and speak for quality is a factor that reassures parents.
Competitive Yili chose Liu Tao to speak for the brand, and the effect is also good. It is Liu Tao’s story that many people know. In addition, Liu Tao has participated in many films and TV dramas in recent years, and the spokesmen stars are frequently exposed in public, which will obviously be more beneficial to the brand.
Therefore, Wang Wang team’s great contribution IP is to attract children, while Sun Li’s endorsement is to ensure the brand quality and win the trust of parents; This is the application of “double helix” thinking.
planning and implementation
After the positioning and market entry strategy of
are determined, the next step is the time to really land.
First of all, on-line, Miaoke Lando launched a precise time period with the children’s channel on CCTV central one. Second, it made a precise touch by offline focus.
Both kinds of promotion are in the form of advertising, in which the advertising strategy is similar to that of Feihe, Yadi, melon seed used car and Xiangpiao.
A brief explanation: there are three advertisements in total. The first advertisement starts with the adaptation of the children’s song “two tigers”. It is generally believed that children are familiar with this song because they are familiar with it!
Today’s children watch bald headed and grey wolf every day, or Wang Wang team and page. Where do they go to see “two tigers”? Have you ever seen the cartoon “two tigers”?
This song has been sung from generation to generation. It has also appeared in textbooks and tapes of nine-year compulsory education, and it is not Chinese. It is adapted from the French nursery rhyme “Jacques brothers”. The students who have learned this song in class have also been their parents, understand?
This song sounds catchy, but the children haven’t heard it. After listening to it, they will only remember: ♬ “miaokolando ~ miaokolando ~ cheese Stick ~ cheese Stick ~ high calcium and nutrition ~ accompany me to grow ~ it’s delicious ~” ♬.
In other words, this music is also played to parents. Looking back on domestic advertisements, it is basically adapted from children’s songs. Few people take pop songs as advertising songs, because these children’s songs have been engraved in the bones of Chinese people with the growth of Chinese people from generation to generation.
The first section of the advertisement mainly talks about the nutritional ingredients of miaokerando cheese stick. You know, when it was put into use, there was no advertisement for competitive products. For a long time, this brand was promoting, and the audience would be easily affected; This is the importance of seizing the first opportunity. We should focus on preconceived ideas and invest in education before others react, so as to occupy the mind.
However, now, there are many demons. Advertisements for various cheese sticks are broadcast every day. The audience has begun to get bored and have a vague awareness of the brand image. At this time, it is difficult for the audience to remember, unless you find a new target channel to launch.
The second section of the advertisement is different. It mainly increases the brand positioning and deepens consumers’ understanding that miaolando is the cheese category. At the same time, it shows that the products are selling well with “sales growth of 300%”, because it did not reach the first place in the country at that time.
The second paragraph of sales can make complaints about the brand in the location case. One of them is the fragrance of the wind. It is the XX circle around the earth that allows countless netizens to Tucao. Then there are melon seeds, used cars, Yadi and Feihe. They all use this method to tell consumers that their sales are high, indicating that they sell well and buy more people.
Personally, I don’t quite agree with this way. It only represents my personal point of view. What does your good sales have to do with me? But in the real purchase, you will find that once there is entanglement and hesitation in the purchase decision, the straw that finally placed the order is because the sales volume of that brand is high, so this method is still effective.
The third paragraph of the advertisement is to add scenes, such as school scenes and going out to play scenes, in order to strengthen the use frequency of consumers, so as to improve sales.
Is this a good way to brush your teeth with chestnuts? Do you always miss half when brushing your teeth?
Everyone must have seen the popular toothpaste advertisement on CCTV at that time, but did you notice that the amount of toothpaste squeezed on the toothbrush was very large?
The whole toothbrush is covered with toothpaste. Of course, the main reason is that the picture is very beautiful, but this picture also affects the use process of many consumers. Some consumers, including myself, will fill the toothbrush with toothpaste as advertised.
If you go to watch the video of classmate Zhang, he is also like this. When he is preparing to brush, he will always miss a little on the ground. However, when we see such a situation, we will always feel wasted, but we rarely correct it. We always feel that it doesn’t matter if we miss a little. There are many more, or if we squeeze a little less next time, we will be full again…
Then you will find that the toothpaste is used so fast that you have to buy a new one in almost one to three months. Buy toothpaste at least three times a year, so you know the sales volume of toothpaste.
In fact, when we brush our teeth, we don’t need to be filled with so much toothpaste. Oral experts remind us that we only need “the amount that can brush our teeth”.
Have you been cramming the whole toothbrush for so many years? This is actually a design of the brand to promote sales. First, it is to look good. Second, it can potentially affect the mind of the audience. It believes that brushing teeth needs to be filled with toothpaste.
This is the power of the scene, which will affect the mind of the audience.
The fourth paragraph adds gift giving scenes, etc., which will not be shared here. The focus is on opening the market in the first three paragraphs and occupying the minds of consumers.
strategy is to form a set of unique operational activities to create a unique value positioning. Porter gives three ways to create a “unique location”.
the first method is based on the positioning of product categories, that is, enterprises need to provide customers with different products or services;
the second method is demand based positioning, that is, to meet the customer groups with unique needs;
the third method is based on the positioning of customer contact channels;
— Michael Porter, the father of strategy
Some friends may want to say that advertising is not a matter of spending money. Anyone with money can vote.
in fact, advertising is really not just about “spending money”, but about “spending money”. Without talking about others, it’s about the original cheese head enterprise brand, baijifu. As an ordinary older youth, if you’re not engaged in this industry, have you ever heard of this brand name? As a fast-moving brand, the public has never heard of it. How to achieve a larger scale?
in fact, before the launch of melaton, Briggs & Stratton rarely launched advertisements outside. It didn’t have a budget, but there were no competitors worthy of it. It didn’t launch symbolically until the emergence of melaton, but it didn’t have the good effect of melaton. The reason is very simple: it doesn’t focus. In other words, it doesn’t know where the audience’s focus is. After all, it’s a foreign enterprise. Twenty years after coming to China in 1998, it’s enough to grind the ambitious giant into a lion satisfied with the status quo. Briggs & Stratton hasn’t learned how to operate locally for Chinese consumers, especially children, It is only a large supermarket channel into the first and second tier cities.
in the face of Chinese media, baijifu is obviously at a loss. If it cooperates with the IP of bear haunting, and also focuses on the launch of CCTV, CCTV children, and even the national satellite TV, it must now rank first. With the brand moat accumulated over the past ten years, there will be no brand to surpass later. Unfortunately, there is no if. This case also reminds major brands to be vigilant in times of safety and always strengthen the moat of the enterprise. This intangible asset is the biggest barrier of the enterprise.
Monitoring and optimization
After entering the market, the focus is on channels and dealers,
In terms of channel expansion, at the beginning of transformation and upgrading in 2016, miaokolando established a new retail strategy of online and offline two wheel drive. Since 2017, retail channels have been developed, and the number of outlets has increased from 13000 in 2017 to 132000 in 2019. By the end of June 2021, miaokolando had covered 363000 retail terminals. Based on the calculation of about 500000-600000 low-temperature terminal outlets in China, the proportion of covered outlets reaches more than 60%.
While expanding channels, Miaoke Lando also continued to carry out product education through shopping guide to continuously enhance the sales force of single outlets.
Low temperature cheese sticks are mainly sold in Ka channels and e-commerce channels, as well as some BC supermarkets, snack food chain stores, mother and baby channels. Due to the need for cold chain transportation and refrigeration, the channels are limited compared with normal temperature food.

Miaokolan multi-channel laying is a typical way of “encircling cities from rural areas”. It starts from the second and third tier cities to counterattack the first tier cities, and continues to expand the channel coverage.
Layout in areas difficult to be covered by foreign brands. Previously, in first tier cities, foreign cheese brands firmly occupied the market, and miaokolando, as an emerging brand, is difficult to compete directly with it. Therefore, miaokolando chose to enter the second and third tier cities first, and then enter the first tier market after accumulating certain consumer recognition.

Miaokelan multi-channel system is divided into two parts: 2B catering industry and 2C family dining table and ready to eat nutrition.
In terms of catering industry channels, with its R & D ability and product customization ability, miaokerando has entered the channels of many major customers of baking tea, catering and convenience stores, such as Dole day, salia, damelor and the whole family.
In terms of retail channels, miaokolando’s traditional offline channels maintain good cooperation with national and regional chain stores, large chain convenience stores and mother and baby stores. E-commerce channels not only cover mainstream platforms such as tmall and, but also actively expand new business forms such as HEMA fresh food and dingdong food shopping.
The regional market is unbalanced, and the channel has large sinking space.
Promote national layout and expand weak markets. In the past, the sales revenue of miaokolando was mainly concentrated in the North District. In recent years, miaokolando has continued to speed up the channel construction in the middle and South districts. 17-21q3, the sales proportion of central and southern regions increased from 33.5% to 55.3%. At present, miaokolando has covered more than 95% of prefecture level cities and more than 80% of county-level cities in China. Compared with foreign brands, m6031 has stronger sinking ability and more diversified channels. The main competitor baijifu channel is a multi-layer distribution system. Regional dealers have prefecture level and city level distributors and lower level distributors at the county level. Miaokelan’s multi-channel system is relatively flat. Taking Hebei as an example, Miaoke Lando has hundreds of local dealers, and the volume of a single dealer ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands; Whereas, there are only a few distributors of BJF. The volume of first-class distributors is at the level of one million yuan, and there are multi-level agents under them. The advantage of
channel flattening is that it can better ensure the profits of dealers and product terminals in the process of channel sinking. In terms of channel types, Briggs & Stratford mainly focuses on KA channels, and the offline retail channels of miaokolan include modern and traditional channels. According to the research, the sales volume of modern channels is higher than that of traditional channels, while the profit contribution of traditional channels is higher than that of modern channels; In addition, the rich channel composition provides more space for the dynamic sales allocation of products between different channels.
in the e-commerce channel, the “miaokelanduo” brand continues to strengthen, further consolidating its leading advantage in cheese sales in the e-commerce field. Miaokolando has continuously consolidated the foundation of tmall and’s two e-commerce platforms, among which tmall’s sales account for the largest proportion. Miaokolando tmall’s flagship store jumped to the highest level in the first half of the year, surpassing most snack brands and becoming a head store. On’s platform, miaokolando has won the “consumer’s favorite butter and cheese brand” for three consecutive years, And it is the head cooperative business of JD fresh food category.
in addition, in 2018, miaokolando further broadened the channels of e-commerce platform, established a new youzanmiaokolando mall, opened pinduo brand store and xiakitchen flagship store, entered Suning self operated, daily excellent fresh and other platforms, entered mother and baby e-commerce such as Miya, continued to explore new retail trends, and steadily improved the online customer acquisition ability.
As for dealers, Melco Lando mainly considers three aspects when selecting:
(1) hardware, giving priority to dealers with low-temperature cold storage, low-temperature freezer and transportation vehicles with cold storage conditions. It is also a necessary condition for vehicles to cover all outlets within one cycle.
(2) consider whether the dealer has experience in operating similar products and can quickly lay the products to the terminal. From the historical situation of dealers, most of the dealers of miaokolando are the original dealers of baguifu and the original dealers of yogurt. Such dealers have rich experience in cold chain distribution.
(3) investigate the number of outlets and channel sinking capacity of dealers. Miaolando will eliminate the dealers every year to ensure the quality of the dealer team.
implements amoeba mode and flattens channels to ensure channel and terminal profits. The channel construction strategy of miaokolando is different from that of its competitors. Miaokolando pays attention to channel sinking. Dealers in both big cities and county-level adopt the first-class agency model. Miaokolando adopts the amoeba model in the channel, and the flattening of the channel can ensure the profits of dealers and product terminals.
Provide various support to dealers to ensure normal terminal moving sales and inventory turnover. Miaokelando implements the year-end rebate policy for dealers, and provides financial support in terms of product display fees and basic salary of shopping guides. In addition, Melco Lando will assist dealers to solve the problem of unsalable products and ensure the normal terminal moving sales and inventory turnover.
The magic weapon of terminal victory – effective display and effective tasting. Miaokolando requires dealers to effectively display and sample products:
(1) miaokolando will give priority to cheese products in an eye-catching and easy to take place when guiding dealers to arrange products, so as to facilitate children’s purchase.
(2) launch a product trial activity, and the shopping guide will distribute # trial samples to the children to let customers know more about the miaokolando cheese stick. After the trial, it will help to promote the transformation into actual purchase in the later stage.
The rapid multi-channel expansion of miaolan mainly comes from:
1. Select experienced dealers with high standards; 2. Flatten the channel to ensure the profit of dealers; 3. Provide various support to dealers to ensure the normal turnover of terminal moving sales and inventory; 4. The terminal implements effective display and effective tasting;
miaokerando also actively carried out community fan operation, such as carrying out a series of sharing marketing activities such as 1-point group and free tasting activities, which accumulated a large number of fans and good reputation for the product.
For example, Miaoke Lando has jointly established a community with a West Point brand and triggered fission communication by publishing a multi person group task. Users can spend a penny to open the group and invite two friends to participate in the group. If the group is successful, they can get two cheese sticks and one loaf of bread. Free tasting activities have attracted a large number of users to add groups.
Common fission methods have accumulated a large number of users and exposure for miaokolando in the early stage, laying a solid foundation for the operation of community fans. Besides tiktok, WeChat can cooperate with the people in the little red book, jitter, Tmall community, and master the influence of the V and KOL of the platform to educate consumers, and to bring goods through the webcast and product evaluation.
In terms of products: according to the feedback from end consumers, compared with competing products, miaokerando cheese stick has a lighter taste, more delicate and silky taste. After the product is opened, there is no appearance of oil and water analysis, and it can be in good shape. The power of the product is far better than that of other competing products except baigifu, thanks to the strong product power formed by the comprehensive formation of equipment, process and formula. According to the statistics of miaokolando, the proportion of online customers re purchasing a single order in 90 days reaches 20%.
We tried the cheese sticks of miaolando and baguiffe and found that baguiffe was sweeter and more greasy. But at the same time, we also found some problems. There was no cheese guide on the supermarket shelves, so that we didn’t find it for the first time, and there was no exclusive container for brand display and publicity, and there were no more products displayed than Brigitte luck. They all use Cass freezers. Cass is the winner.
second growth curve of Melco Lando
in 2021, miaokerando launched the normal temperature cheese stick. Miaokerando developed the normal temperature cheese stick many years ago. After the merger of the north and South regions in July 2021, a special normal temperature business department was established, which was in the charge of the original person in charge of the south region, and the normal temperature cheese stick was listed in September 2021. The first batch of normal temperature cheese stick products are mainly sold in Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Jiangsu and Shanghai.
We believe that the normal temperature cheese is not necessarily the second curve of Melco Lando. Compared with the overseas market and the elderly or young people, we prefer the latter. At present, there is a decline in reputation among many competitive products. Some users have reported that the product has low cost performance. In general, if you want to keep the leading position, you need to improve the product quality again. The core advantage of
miaokolando in normal temperature cheese stick is:
1) Strong product power: after 2-3 years of research, miaolando has solved the core formula problem, making the normal temperature cheese stick have similar taste and taste to the low temperature cheese stick. This is a problem that many competitive products miaolando have been conquering, but it has not been solved. Because the protein is easy to deteriorate at room temperature, the taste of normal temperature cheese stick is difficult to be the same as that of low-temperature products.
2) advantages of production equipment: miaokolando has upgraded the production technology, which solves the problems of sterilization and disinfection at room temperature and no rod dropping of products. At present, the number of domestic enterprises with normal temperature equipment is small. Miaokelando has signed an exclusive agreement with the equipment supplier, so it is difficult for competitive products to catch up in the short term.
3) capacity reserve advantage: Currently, Melco Lando has sufficient capacity reserve to meet the demand from this year to next year, and the supplementary production line of competitive products needs a certain period.
normal temperature cheese stick will be distinguished from low-temperature cheese stick in terms of strategic positioning and channel laying:
1 1) positioning difference: low-temperature products are positioned at the high end, and more high-end products such as organic and 51% cheese content will be introduced in the future to improve the overall gross profit margin; Normal temperature products are functional and priced slightly lower than low-temperature products, but the gross profit margin is equivalent to that of low-temperature products.
# 2) channel differences: miaokolan will separate the sales areas of normal and low temperature products. Normal temperature products will cover more distribution channels, and low temperature products will cover more large store channels such as Ka. Traditional cheese stick products need to keep low temperature during transportation and storage. Normal temperature cheese stick products can break the barriers of cold chain transportation and reduce transportation costs, which is conducive to the further penetration of products into third and fourth tier cities and contribute incremental space.
from the perspective of channels, there are about 600000-700000 low-temperature channel terminals, about 5-6 million normal temperature channel terminals and about 2-3 million effective terminals for miaocolado. With normal temperature products, miaokolando can quickly seize more market share.
according to the calculation of Everbright Securities Research Institute, the normal temperature cheese stick is expected to be 30 billion yuan. The launch of normal temperature cheese snacks, on the one hand, has increased the distribution channels of cheese snacks, and is expected to increase 2-3 million channel terminals on the basis of the original 600000-700000 channel space; On the other hand, it improves the coverage and penetration of consumer groups and widens the space for the scale of retail cheese market.
does not overlap at normal and low temperatures, and makes new increments at normal temperatures. Miaokolando plans that normal temperature cheese stick dealers and channels will not overlap with low temperature, and newly recruit high margin leisure snack dealers, which are separated by normal temperature and low temperature, and put the main increment in different areas. As of Q3, it is estimated that there are nearly 1000 normal temperature dealers.  
marriage with Mengniu
Mengniu and miaolando have had two joint-stock cooperation in history. The first time was on January 5, 2020, miaolando introduced Mengniu, a strategic investor in Inner Mongolia; Miaoke Lando signed the strategic cooperation agreement with chaixiu and Mengniu, the controlling shareholders of Inner Mongolia. All parties agreed to actively carry out the development and promotion of various cheese products, and carry out multi-dimensional and multi-dimensional business cooperation such as co construction of sales channels, sharing of marketing resources and improvement of production capacity layout, so as to realize complementary advantages and win-win cooperation.
We believe that the contribution of investment stocks in Mengniu war is mainly reflected in four aspects:
1) Miaokelando Governance: endorsement from dairy giants to improve management efficiency and enhance operation and anti risk ability. Mengniu can send financial managers to strengthen supervision and governance.
2) capital level: Mengniu’s capital increase alleviates the capital pressure of miaokelan, optimizes the asset liability structure, and the financial expenses are expected to be alleviated.
3) win win at the business level: the OEM business volume of miaolando to Mengniu is expected to increase greatly, and the raw material procurement through Mengniu is expected to reduce the raw material procurement cost of miaolando.
4) Changes in the competitive environment: Miaoke is equivalent to joining Mengniu in a disguised form, and the threat of external competition is reduced. Mengniu, as one of the two leading dairy enterprises in China, has a national sales and distribution network with strong channel and brand power. The equity participation and strategic cooperation of Mengniu not only reflects Mengniu’s recognition of miaolando’s brand, products and channels in the cheese field, but also means that the threat of external competition faced by miaolando in the future (previously, the market generally believed that its biggest competitor was Mengniu Yili, the leader of domestic dairy products) is expected to be reduced.
The second is the completion of the fixed increase of miaokolando in 2021, and Inner Mongolia Mengniu officially became the controlling shareholder. After Mengniu became the controlling shareholder of miaokolando, we believe that miaokolando is expected to benefit from the integration of procurement resources, the improvement of production capacity layout, the co construction of sales channels, technical R & D support, the optimization of miaokolando governance and the weakening of competitive threats.
1) integration of purchasing resources: Mengniu has rich global high-quality pasture resources, and its overseas milk source extends to the golden milk source belt such as Denmark, Australia and New Zealand; In China, Mengniu has increased the proportion of self-control milk sources by participating in large-scale raw milk production enterprises, such as modern animal husbandry and China Shengmu, and improved the stability of milk source supply by signing strategic cooperation with Hualing dairy and Shangling animal husbandry. The proportion of large-scale and intensive milk sources has reached 100%. In the future, after entering Mengniu procurement system, miaokolando is expected to reduce procurement costs and ensure stable supply.
2) improvement of production capacity layout: there is a huge demand for capital for the construction of miaokolan multi production capacity. The total investment of the fixed capacity construction project this time reached 2.898 billion yuan.
3) Co Construction of sales channels: miaokolando has initially built a national channel network, but the regional structure is unbalanced. By the end of 2021q1, the number of dealers in the north area of miaokolando accounted for 53%, while that in the central area and the south area accounted for 26% and 21% respectively. As a leading dairy enterprise in China, Mengniu has a channel network covering all provinces, cities and towns across the country; After the cooperation between the two sides, miaokolando can speed up the channel coverage in vulnerable regions and accelerate the process of national layout.
4) technical R & D support: Mengniu has formed three overseas R & D centers, mainly China Denmark dairy technology cooperation center, Mengniu Danone R & D center and American Institute of nutrition and health innovation. It has successively established cooperative relations with more than 60 universities and scientific research institutions around the world, and established teams for nutrition science research, milk research and consumer sensory research. Miaokolando will cooperate with Mengniu in cheese product research and development in the future, and use global scientific research resources to innovate product categories and enrich product system.
5) miaolando governance optimization: according to the cooperation agreement signed by miaolando chairman Ms. Chai Xiu and Mengniu, Mengniu has the right to recommend a chief financial officer to miaolando and recommend middle-level and other senior managers such as internal control, compliance and quality as needed to help optimize miaolando governance. Miaokolando’s financial system will be gradually transformed and upgraded, and the level of risk control and compliance is expected to be significantly improved. In addition, Mengniu will also provide technical support to help miaokolando strengthen information construction and use SAP system and other enterprise management tools to deal with the potential risks of rapid scale expansion.
6) weakening of competition threat: Mengniu’s own cheese business has developed rapidly since the establishment of the cheese division in 18 years. In 2020, the net income of retail cheese increased by more than 130%, that of catering increased by 33%, and that of 2020h1 reached 338 million yuan. Although the income of Mengniu cheese business accounts for a low proportion of its total income, considering its competitiveness as a leader of dairy enterprises, the market was worried about the possible competitive pressure that miaolando may face in the future. After Mengniu becomes the controlling shareholder of miaokolando, in principle, it will take miaokolando as the operation platform of its domestic cheese business, and comprehensively solve the problem of horizontal competition by means of asset restructuring, business adjustment, entrusted management and so on. In the future, miaokolando will rely on Mengniu resources and will have more advantages in competition with other dairy enterprises.
The two sides had cooperation in the early stage. Miaokerando is one of the few domestic professional cheese manufacturers with excellent technology. In 2018, Mengniu and miaokolanzi miaokolanzi immediately carried out the cooperation of cheese product OEM business, and the processing volume in 2018 / 2019 was 4.24/15.16 million yuan respectively.
At present, there is the biggest hidden danger in miaokolando:
[brand core] – according to the idea of new consumer brands, Miaoke has no so-called “brand core”, just like the perfect diary and vitality forest. Although there is no so-called core, it has achieved a large scale. This is due to their insight into the needs of market consumers, but it does not mean that it can develop continuously and is not possible to be surpassed.
Brand spirit / brand core, this mysterious and virtual “thing”, is always better than nothing, because it is not only the content that consumers will compare in addition to products and appearance value, but also the image and cognition of brand enterprises in consumers’ hearts. The core of Coca Cola, Nike and Adi is listed by many people and is about to be turned into rotten.
Let’s talk about the hot spots of the Winter Olympic Games and ski brands. We all know that skiing has long been popular abroad and that ski resorts are also useful in China, but it has not been warm until it is determined that the 2022 Winter Olympic Games will be held in China, the number of ski resorts in China will gradually increase, and the number of ski sports will also increase sharply this year, Looking back, domestic ski brands are basically established after 2020, and they are basically very young brands.
There are many categories of skiing, but do you know when snowboarding was born? Who invented it?
Snowboarding story: snowboarding originated in Michigan in the 1960s. At that time, a snowboarder named Sherman bopen had a whim in the process of skiing and wanted to imitate the beautiful actions of sea surfing on the snow.
at that time, he made a snowboard for his children and named it “snuffer”, which means surfing on the snow. It is very imaginative, and the operation mode of the snowboard made at that time can only be that the child steps on the snowboard and then pulls the rope by hand to make the skateboard slide. It is very interesting and can stimulate the interest of the child. This is the prototype of snowboarding.
snowboarding became the official event of the Winter Olympic Games in 1995. It was not until this year that the IOC decided to officially incorporate snowboarding into the Olympic Games as a category of Olympic events, set up four minor events of men’s / women’s great slalom and “U” field skills, and recognized the International Ski Federation as the manager of world snowboarding in this year.
Jake Burton and his wife Donna are committed to promoting the development of snowboarding. That is, because of their promotion, snowboarding has the opportunity to become a popular snow sport all over the world. If you look at the snowboard of Su Yiming, the snowboard champion of the next Winter Olympic Games, you will find that the snowboard he uses is Burton brand.
Jack Burton carpenter, also known as Jack Burton, is the founder of American skiers and snowboarding brand Burton. Jack Burton is recognized as the founder of modern snowboarding because of his contribution to snowboarding. If the brand story of
is compared with a newly established Snowboard brand in 2020, which one would you choose? Welcome comments to tell us.
Back to the hidden danger of miakolando:
1. If you want to go to sea, there is no Chinese characteristic. If you want to go to sea, you must come up with products with Chinese characteristics, such as; French blue stripe, going to sea means competing with the world’s top cheese products, so we must come up with cheese with Chinese characteristics. The origin of raw materials for cheese research and development is very important. China has black land, and Feihe’s cows are at 47 degrees north latitude. The process of making cheese is also different. Although there are similarities, the finished products are completely different, If you want to have Chinese characteristics, you need to develop new production processes, which will be a big challenge for miaokerando. We believe that miaokerando has built a special team to do this and look forward to the results.
2. Will the resignation of Liu Zongshang, the first person in Chinese cheese, affect the enterprise’s R & D of new products. We don’t do research on Liu’s whereabouts, but Miaoke’s R & D may be affected. After all, it is the former core figure of the founding team and the general person in charge of the research and development of the most important finished products. Liu’s departure is bound to affect the morale of the army and the progress of R & D. Miaoke Lando urgently needs stronger talents to enter.
3. From peer competition, whether the current competitive pattern formed by Yili, miaofei, Dr. cheese and other enterprises will form a containment situation for miaolando is not a big problem in a short time. For a long time, competitors entering the same channel may occur at any time, unless enterprises sign a competition agreement with the channel to prevent peer brands from entering.
Even so, there are only a few, and the catch-up of the number of terminals is only a matter of time. For Yili, an opponent with strong channel ability, it has a strong voice at the channel end, and can even reverse stop miaokolando, which will evolve into the channel end competition between Mengniu and Yili.
At present, the biggest competitors are miaofei and Yili. The two sides have begun to compete openly in some commercial supermarket channels, as well as advertising. While we have studied miaolando, Yili and miaofei probably have a very thorough understanding of miaolando. In particular, miaofei’s founder is an executive of the original miaolando, who has developed internal channels, Very familiar with dealer management.
4. Sustainable development. The packaging of cheese sticks is not an environmental friendly material and can not be reused. The damage to the environment will affect the development of enterprises in the future. Many domestic enterprises have begun to implement ESG, which is the standard to evaluate the future development of a company.
Finally, we believe that the successful growth of enterprises is a systematic result composed of many factors, not a single factor. Through our research and summary, the success of mikelando is composed of 11 factors:
1. Market opportunities: aim at the blank opportunities in the market, enter the market when domestic giant enterprises have no time to take into account, and quickly attack
2 Precise positioning: use the brand to position the category and occupy the minds of consumers
3 Product: take children’s cheese stick as the starting point
4 Factory: self built and purchased factories, reserve production capacity
5 Talents: reserved for development
6 Brand: promote to the market with the top stream IP loved by children, and jointly endorse the brand quality
7 Advertising: accurately deliver brand value advertisements and educate users with different advertising contents
8 Channel: the channel strategy of Encircling Cities with rural areas, seize the sinking market, avoid positive competition and counter attack the first-line market
9 Dealer: “amoeba” management mode enables dealers to make profits and have more free space
10 Founder: always keep the original intention of being the first cheese category
11 Cooperation with Mengniu: empowering miaokelan to improve its abilities in many aspects

the above factors are in the same order, because the order behind the success of each enterprise may be different. Miaokerando has used the new scene to become a pioneer in the cheese industry and deeply meet the needs of users.
As an imported product, cheese has the problem of “Chinese people are not used to eating” during the introduction period, and its single type eventually leads to great limitations in its application scenario. Miaokolando aims to create cheese products suitable for Chinese people, popularize them, aim at the role of retail substitutes, guide consumers’ concept of healthy diet, complete the comprehensive product layout of retail + catering channels, and deeply meet users’ needs.

compared with Mengniu and Yili, miaokolando has abundant capital and resources, but it can rely on a small cheese stick to break through and create a new generation of super large products. It is really a successful case of “fighting for the big with the small”. Compared with vitality forest, miaokolando’s growth path seems to be easier.
Author: doctor; Source: great route strategy consulting (ID: wdhlzx), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); Foodaily Expo 2022] in line with the original intention of providing the whole value chain and one-stop industrial innovation services for the industry, foodaily Expo 2022 (2022.05.31-06.02, Shanghai) is further upgraded. In addition to the upstream and downstream of the food industry, it also covers and gathers multiple resources such as e-commerce, social media, traffic, channels and capital, aiming to bring you an annual innovation feast. Here, products, content, technology, marketing and other aspects related to food & brand innovation will be presented in the form of “professional exhibition + innovative content + interactive experience”, breaking through and differentiating in the consistent form of industry exhibition.

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