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Mengniu plans to privatize Yashili. Jiangxi has conducted an investigation on Nanchang Shuanghui. Starbucks will try to replace the disposable cup. Dongpeng plans to focus on developing the markets in East China and southwest China, and make new progress in the listing of Baiguoyuan

Hot company information and announcement


Mengniu plans to privatize Yashili confirmed

This evening, Yashili announced that it has been informed by the controlling shareholder Mengniu that Mengniu is discussing its equity and certain other business interests in Yashili, which may lead to a number of potential transactions. The relevant structure and details have yet to be implemented, but Mengniu (or through its affiliated companies) may make a potential conditional privatization offer to Yashili. As of today, no final agreement or arrangement has been entered into for any potential transaction. Therefore, potential transactions may or may not be carried out. If a potential transaction is conducted, the potential offer will involve a cancellation price of HK $1.20 per Yashili share, which can be implemented only after the preconditions and conditions are reached, and other potential transactions must be subject to a series of conditions. Achieving these preconditions and conditions may take a long time and may or may not be achieved. Yashili, which has been suspended, plans to resume trading tomorrow. (company announcement)

Modern animal husbandry acquired 75% equity of Inner Mongolia Ainiu technology from Mengniu and other sellers


Mengniu Dairy and modern animal husbandry respectively announced yesterday that modern animal husbandry spent about 288 million yuan to acquire 75% equity of Inner Mongolia Ainiu technology from several sellers such as Mengniu Dairy, of which Mengniu Dairy sold 48.66% equity for 187 million yuan, which will be reduced from 73.66% to 25%. Mengniu Dairy industry refers to the expected transaction revenue of about 47 million yuan. The commercial synergy is expected to improve the pasture efficiency of its purchased high-quality raw milk through centralized procurement. The proceeds from the sale are intended to be used for working capital and general corporate purposes. Modern animal husbandry means that through acquisition, the company can take advantage of the company’s resource advantages from more than 1000 suppliers, reduce procurement costs, optimize operation capacity and provide digital technology to upstream and downstream through ecological sharing platform. (company announcement)

Jiangxi investigated the food safety problems of Shuanghui in Nanchang


On March 15, after the food safety problems of Nanchang Shuanghui food Co., Ltd. were exposed, the market supervision bureau of Jiangxi Province immediately instructed the market supervision bureau of Ganjiang new area to organize an investigation. Ganjiang New Area Market Supervision Bureau has issued a notice ordering Nanchang Shuanghui company to make corrections, requiring the enterprise to rectify immediately, and file a case for suspected violations. Next, Jiangxi Province will comprehensively organize and carry out the investigation of food safety risks and hidden dangers in the province’s food production links, so as to effectively ensure food safety. (Jiangxi Daily)


Today, the blue whale financial reporter learned that PepsiCo’s food brand Quaker and Nestle’s high-end drinking water brand Puna have terminated their cooperation with Deng Lun. The brands endorsed by Deng Lun include Bulgari, snowflake show, L’Oreal, Unilever, acquapanna Puna, Sofia, Quaker Oats, JUNLEBAO, etc. At present, JUNLEBAO, yunmi, jiujiuya and other brands have also terminated their cooperation with Deng Lun. (blue whale Finance)


Laowang Hong Kong Stock Exchange


According to the disclosure of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 14, Laowang Holding Co., Ltd. submitted a listing application to the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange, or will seek to be heard by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and listed on the main board in the second quarter. The prospectus shows that the funds raised by Laowang’s IPO will be used to fund the construction of No. 2 central plant. If it goes well, China’s top four hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot restaurants will be listed in Hong Kong this year. (IPO, Unicorn)


New progress of Baiguoyuan listing


On March 14, Shenzhen Baiguoyuan Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. submitted the approval of overseas initial public offering of shares (including ordinary shares, preferred shares and other stocks and derivative forms of shares). (China Securities Regulatory Commission)


Shede wine’s revenue increased by 80% in the first quarter of this year


Today, shede wine announced that it is expected that the company’s operating revenue in the first quarter of 2022 will increase by about 80% over the same period last year, and its operating performance will increase significantly over the same period last year. The net profit was 460 million yuan to 560 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 52% to 85%. (company announcement)


Dongpeng this year focuses on developing markets in East China and southwest China


A few days ago, Dongpeng announced that during the investigation of the reception organization, the company’s operating revenue target in 2022 is to increase by no less than 15.00% year-on-year; In 2022, we will focus on the East China and southwest markets, of which the East China region has the potential to rebuild a Guangdong market; In 2022, production lines will be added in the existing production base, with a total capacity of about 3.2 million tons, so as to meet the rapid growth demand of the group. (company announcement)


Shanxi Fenjiu plans to build and implement the expansion project of original liquor production and storage energy of Fenjiu 2030 technical transformation


It is reported that Shanxi Fenjiu plans to invest 9.1 billion yuan in the construction and implementation of Fenjiu 2030 technical transformation and expansion project of original liquor production and storage energy (phase I). After the completion of the project, the company is expected to increase the annual output of original wine by 51000 tons and the energy storage of original wine by 134400 tons. (issued by the company)


China Resources snowflake Wuhan plant invested 100 million yuan to add a production line


In January this year, China Resources snowflake beer (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. once again launched the transformation and upgrading project of fine brewing line, built a small production line and intelligent closing position of high-quality beer, carried out the transformation and upgrading of intelligent chemical plant, and will build the only high-end wine R & D base and flexible production base in China. The total planned investment of the project is about 100 million yuan, which is planned to be completed and put into operation in June this year. (Hubei Daily)


Budweiser China West China business department and Ziyang government deepen cooperation


Yesterday, Yuan Fang, Secretary of Ziyang municipal Party committee of Sichuan Province, met with he Zhijie, President of Budweiser West China business department. The two sides exchanged in-depth views and reached important consensus on seizing national and provincial strategic opportunities, strengthening communication and exchanges, further deepening strategic cooperation in optimizing industrial layout, expanding Ziyang factory production capacity, expanding sales market and promoting mutual benefit and win-win results. (Ziyang Municipal People’s Government)


The board of directors and the board of supervisors of fislan propose personnel adjustment


Today, the member committee of fislan passed the 2021 annual report and announced some changes in Corporate Governance: in order to further strengthen the effectiveness of the cooperative’s board of directors and board of supervisors, it is suggested to reduce the number of members of the cooperative’s board of directors from nine to eight and the number of members of the board of supervisors from 13 to nine; The selection process of two members of the cooperative’s board of directors and two members of the external supervisory board will be initiated. (issued by the company)


Wal Mart will hire more than 5000 new workers in the United States


Yesterday, Wal Mart, a US retail chain, said it planned to hire more than 5000 new employees for its technology center this fiscal year. Wal Mart global technology, the company’s technology department, will recruit cyber security professionals, product managers and data scientists. Wal Mart spokesman also said that Wal Mart global technology will add two new global technology centers in Toronto and Atlanta, bringing the total to 17. (Reuters)

Amazon fresh service launches plant product line


It is reported that Amazon has expanded its fresh food brand in the U.S. market to provide a new line of fresh plant products, which can now be purchased online or in stores. (ProgressiveGrocer)

Weihaomei company stops business in Russia and Ukraine


It is reported that weihaomei has stopped all advertising and promotion activities and other investments in Russia, and its business in Ukraine has been suspended to focus on the safety of employees and their families. (JUSTFOOD)


Volvo and Starbucks cooperate to build a public electric vehicle charging network in the United States

Yesterday, Volvo cars USA said it was working with coffee chain giant Starbucks to build a public electric vehicle charging network, which will be launched this summer. The Swedish carmaker said that the pilot installation project of the charging network will cover up to 15 Starbucks stores and provide up to 60 ChargePoint DC fast charging piles of Volvo brand. (CNBC)


Starbucks will try to replace disposable cups with reusable ones


Starbucks is experimenting with reusable cups to replace disposable plastic cups in six locations in North America, Starbucks said in a statement yesterday. By the end of next year, customers will be allowed to use their own reusable cups in every Starbucks store in the United States and Canada. By 2025, Starbucks hopes that “customers can easily use personal cups or get reusable cups provided by Starbucks every time they visit”. Starbucks aims to reduce waste by 50% by 2030. Starbucks also said it was testing several plans to reduce disposable cups in stores around the world. (USAToday)

Quick reading of food industry information


Children’s milk powder frequently plays the “long high” edge ball, and industry norms are put on the agenda

As the domestic infant formula market shrinks, more and more milk powder manufacturers put their growing hope on children’s milk powder. According to the investigation of the first financial reporter, due to the vacancy of standards in the children’s milk powder industry, the low threshold and serious product homogenization competition, many brands took the opportunity to play a marginal ball and flaunt the concepts of “long height”, which made the market more chaotic. Recently, the infant formula industry committee of China Nutrition and health food association has set up a project and plans to discuss and develop group standards in related fields such as children’s milk powder, and solicit members of the drafting group (units) from member units on March 14. (First Finance)


Bundling sales block the “shelf life”, and it is difficult to distinguish the “true appearance” of food labels


Recently, the reporter visited some supermarkets in Beijing. The investigation found that some commodities have problems with labels that are difficult to recognize: the color is too light or the contrast with the packaging background pattern is small, the font is too small, and the bundling sales block the key information. Some experts called for standard revision and new regulations on food labeling as soon as possible to restrict the behavior of enterprises, and law enforcement departments should also strengthen law enforcement. (Beijing Youth Daily)

Australian dairy Bureau: the international dairy market is in short supply

Recently, the Australian dairy authority released the current situation and prospect report of dairy industry in March this year. The report points out that in the international dairy market, the main supply producing areas are experiencing varying degrees of milk decline. In terms of demand, in the 12 months to November 2021, global dairy exports increased by 6.5% in terms of tonnage, with strong demand in most parts of the world. This situation of strong demand and insufficient supply continues to push up commodity prices, which has had some collateral effects on the price of raw milk in Australia’s southern dairy export region. In addition, the ongoing war in Europe will make some buyers hoard goods to avoid supply shortage in the event of logistics interruption in the future. (Australian dairy authority)

The Ministry of industry and information technology immediately investigated and dealt with the violations in the field of information and communication exposed in the “March 15” party


The Ministry of industry and information technology attached great importance to the protection of users’ rights and interests, immediately organized careful verification and severely investigated and dealt with them in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. Next, the Ministry of industry and information technology will continue to strengthen the protection of personal information of Telecom and Internet users, carry out special treatment for violations of users’ rights and interests, and make every effort to create a safer and healthier information and communication consumption environment. (wechat)

American consumers may spend a record $1 trillion online in 2022


A report released by Adobe analytics yesterday showed that US consumers are expected to spend a record $1 trillion on e-commerce due to the shift from consumption to online shopping driven by the epidemic. The forecast is 13% higher than in 2021. For 2022, the National Retail Federation predicts that non physical store and online sales will grow by 11% to 13%, reaching US $1.17 trillion to US $1.19 trillion. (Reuters)

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