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315 after Christmas Eve, in addition to apologizing and clarifying, the “Hongxing Erke” in the food circle will also be born?!

white elephant, you have been targeted by consumers.

Text: Giselle Yin

Source: foodaily daily food (ID: foodaily)

After the “March 15” party, a group of brands were targeted by consumers, and another group of brands were also targeted by consumers.
The “March 15” party is the night of industry chaos exposure and the night of brand public relations. So from the evening of March 15 to now, one group of brands are busy apologizing and another group of brands are busy clarifying.
  • KFC said on the official wechat that “the flag inserting vegetable industry is not a supplier of KFC and has nothing to do with KFC. It has ordered it to immediately remove the false information from the official website”;
  • Jinmailang took the initiative to say that he had not cooperated with relevant enterprises;
  • The Xiaohong book number of Wugu Daochang was “clarifying overnight with noodles” and issued a “solemn statement”. It also sent two factory videos to prove its innocence at the request of netizens who left messages;
  • Tai’er sauerkraut fish with sauerkraut quickly released a “Tai’er sauerkraut safety report”, which introduced the production process and relevant qualifications of its sauerkraut products in detail.
The official account of administrative micro blog is clarified. The source is Kentucky administrative micro blog, today’s official office, two too, the public number of sour cabbage fish, and the red book number of five Valley Road.
In the army of clarifying brands full of desire for survival, the concise sentence “no cooperation, rest assured to eat, the body is not afraid of the shadow” by the white elephant official once again attracted the attention of consumers and the attention and conjecture of foodaily. Various signs remind us of the “barbaric consumption” incident of Hongxing Erke last year.
Source: Baixiang food microblog
Employing disabled employees and refusing Japanese acquisitions
“Light of domestic goods” white elephant is going to become a star in the food circle?
Why “again”?
More than once, the “white elephant” recently active in the vision of consumers
In fact, during the winter Paralympic Games before the 315 party, Baixiang had already rushed to a hot search because # one-third of the employees of Baixiang instant noodles were disabled #. White elephant not only employs disabled employees, but also allows these employees to enjoy the same treatment as normal employees, with exclusive protection for the disabled.
According to the different physical conditions of disabled employees, white elephants will arrange different jobs for them and call them “self-improvement employees”. The company will also spend millions of yuan every year to maintain the production line environment for the activities of the disabled and add barrier free facilities such as canteens.
This hot search made netizens evaluate Baixiang as a conscientious enterprise with a sense of responsibility and social responsibility, and made netizens find that Baixiang is the only pure domestic brand among the four giants of instant noodles that refuses to invest in Japan. In the past, Baixiang also made silent and active donations in Wenchuan earthquake, Henan rainstorm and other disasters.
Source: Official microblog of white elephant food
Employing disabled employees, ethnic enterprises and donations, after the excavation of this glorious story, Baixiang likes to mention the title of “the light of domestic instant noodles”. Similar experience also makes Baixiang like Hongxing Erke like to mention “wild consumption experience card”: the fans of the official flagship store soared by 3 million, the live broadcasting room was full, the popular goods were quickly out of stock, the sales volume increased by 200%, and even had to engage in pre-sale
The white elephant also had to issue the “white elephant delivery announcement” in the store to thank consumers for their support and love, explain the situation that the delivery will be delayed due to the surge in the number of orders, and call on everyone to buy as much as they eat and consume rationally.
As a result, some netizens said: the white elephant’s announcement was written very well, with good literary talent and feelings. After reading it, I decided to go to the next order
Photo source: xiaohongshu red crisp hand candy
(white elephant:?????? thank you. I don’t know if hongxingerke’s sewing machine has stepped on sparks, but my assembly line machine is smoking.)
Return to the public view,
Consumers say the white elephant has “changed”?
While rushing into the live broadcast room and flagship store for wild consumption, netizens also began to incarnate “tap water” and take the initiative to “white elephant treasure products” in Amway’s own mind.
“Domestic turkey noodles”, old hen soup noodles, pig bone soup noodles, hot and sour dolphin bone noodles, fish head noodles with chopped peppers, noodles, vegetables and eggs… In a wave of Amway, consumers were ready to rush to the white elephant store to place an order. While planting grass one after another, they also found that the white elephant seemed different from the white elephant in their childhood memory.
It has been 25 years since Baixiang was founded in 1997. In the decades of development of domestic instant noodles, Huafeng, Baixiang, Tongyi and Master Kang have been known as the four giants of instant noodles. In 2001, the annual sales of white elephant exceeded 1 billion yuan; In 2005, the sales volume of Baixiang big bone noodles has reached 570 million yuan; In 2011, the sales volume of white elephants reached 4 billion yuan.
However, after the recent hot search, it can be seen from the comments on the relevant contents of white elephants that many netizens have the impression that “they vaguely remember that their mother bought it 20 years ago”, “they ate big bone soup noodles when they were a child”, “haven’t seen it for a long time”, “how can’t they find it in the supermarket” and “they just want to buy white elephants recently”.
From these comments, it can be seen that one of the once big four seems to stay in the memory of some young consumers. In order to win attention again, white elephants have made frequent moves in product upgrading in recent years.
For example, in September 2020, Baixiang cooperated with singles food to launch noodles, noodles and hot and sour powder, so as to refresh the brand image with subversive creative ideas and more fashionable high-value packaging.
The “fresh noodles” launched in September 2021 is distributed to high-end Chinese instant noodles. Through the appeal points of “fast cooking”, “fresh” and “Chinese flavor”, it has established a unique brand mark and formed a distinct distinction from the past products of the brand.
This “wild consumption” means that many consumers will try white elephant products for the first time, and it also means that white elephant is about to face more consumer feedback and judgment. Will the product and brand upgrading of white elephant win the affirmation of consumers? It should take some time to get the answer.
It can be seen that although it seems to have been unknown for a long time, white elephants can trigger “wild consumption” from the winter Paralympic Games to the 315 party. In fact, it is also the result of the long-term persistence of enterprises in product polishing and corporate culture construction.
However, the “wild consumption” caused by feelings can only increase the flow and sales volume at the same time. The decisive factor whether consumers will buy back for a long time lies in the product itself. Only enterprises with responsibility, responsibility and conscientiousness can retain consumers in a long time.
Food safety is always the most concerned issue of consumers, and the test faced by the food industry is not just 315 days. I hope that in the future, consumers will feel that “breaking the defense” is no longer because they are deceived and “betrayed” by favorite food and trusted brands, but because enterprises can take the responsibility for consumers and society.
After 315, is it possible that the white elephant, which returns to the public view, will become a star in the food circle? Readers are welcome to leave messages in the comment area to express their views!
Cover source: Baixiang food official wechat
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