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Exciting bubble new products roll mat all major channels, “Lingqi” Zero sugar bubble drink is listed in a high profile

carbonated beverage will still be the beverage trend for a long time in the future.
Fashionable and fresh white gradient translucent bottle body, attractive fruit pattern wrapped with bubbles… With the vigorous sunshine in mid spring, with unique bright eyes, high appearance value and “double responsibility” of nutrition and delicacy, a brand-new Zero sugar bubble beverage “Lingqi” has appeared on the shelves of major supermarkets since March.
Another popular product after pulse
This brand-new product has a long history. It is a challenger that can not be underestimated in the beverage market in the peak season this year.
Just yesterday, Danone China Beverage announced to cut into the Zero sugar bubble beverage track and launched this new heavy product – “Lingqi” bubble beverage. Danone’s positioning of this product is “a hot single product to be built after pulsating vitamin beverage”. The market has high hopes for this product to set off a new trend of consumption of young health drinks.
As an advocate of vitamin drinks, Danone China beverage’s pulse has more than 350 million consumers in major cities in China. It is the vitamin beverage brand with the highest market share and the fifth in the category of non-alcoholic beverages.
According to the financial report just released by Danone, in China, the pulsating sales revenue returned to positive growth and the market share remained stable, which led the annual sales revenue of Danone’s drinking water and beverage business to reach 4 billion euros, a year-on-year increase of 7.2% and a year-on-year increase of 17.3% in the fourth quarter.
Good growth momentum and channel experience, coupled with Danone’s long-term accumulated high-quality reputation in the health food category, as soon as “Lingqi” is listed, it is destined to be the biggest breaker of bubble drinks this year.
Fun and health preservation — Lingqi meets the health needs of the new generation
At present, many young people live a “punk health” life. Their pursuit of goods is very extreme. They are not only good to drink and healthy, but also good-looking and fun. According to this market insight, Danone China Beverage upgraded health and nutrition elements on the fastest-growing bubble track and refined them into one of the biggest selling points of this product that pries open the market.
Eduardo Lacerda, vice president of Danone’s beverage marketing in China, said: “good looking, delicious, healthy and fun are the biggest selling points of Lingqi. The fresh flavor produced by the collision of rich bubbles and fresh fruit flavor quickly spills out with the sound of unscrewing the cover – this is not only a beverage, but also a perfect beverage match for every moment of inspiration and creativity in your work and life.”
Backed by Danone’s years of advanced scientific research accumulation in the field of health food, the new Lingqi product not only adopts zero Sugar formula, but also adds several nutritional elements such as vitamin C, vitamin B6 and nicotinamide, which is in line with the concept of “punk health preservation” for higher-level health needs.
According to the retail insight data released by AC Nielsen, a well-known market research institution, carbonated drinks, as a fast-growing segment in the past three years, have maintained a leading market share in the beverage industry. By November 2021, the carbonated beverage market had increased by 15% year-on-year. Among them, the outlet of Zero sugar carbonated drinks came in 2021, and the sales increased by 85%.
It focuses on dual flavors, and the opening of Lingqi has a warm response
The newly launched Lingqi bubble drink focuses on two double fruit flavor products: lemon, lime and orange blood orange.
“The unique double fresh fruit flavor superimposed with abundant bubbles, and the excellent sensory experience makes the Zero sugar beverage taste better. Lingqi stands out in many market bubble waters, better meeting the desire of young consumers for a better taste bud experience.” Danone China beverage related R & D personnel said.
Since March, the new products of Lingqi bubble drink have been gradually sold in supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery stores, e-commerce, new retail platforms and other channels across the country. Foodaily learned from the dealer that Danone has invested considerable market resources and channel investment in this new product, and the sales situation of Lingqi products on the shelves is gratifying.
Foodaily visited offline and many shop assistants said that the dynamic sales of the products were good. Some customers reported that this product has sufficient bubbles and fresh taste.
Zhu danpeng, a well-known beverage analyst, believes that carbonated drinks will remain the beverage trend for a long time in the future. Among them, Zero sugar carbonation, which meets the health needs, is the most promising market segment in the future.
It will bring strong growth impetus to the pulse
Antoinede Saint affrique, Danone’s chief executive, who took office last September, said: “Danone’s sales revenue increased by 6.7% and sales volume increased by 0.4% year-on-year in the fourth quarter, which enabled us to end with a strong performance. Thanks to the steady development of Danone’s businesses as a whole and the excellent performance in the fourth quarter, Danone’s sales revenue increased by 3.4% year-on-year, and all categories contributed to this strong growth.”
At the financial report meeting and the subsequent investor press conference, the pulsation was pointed as a good example of growth.
“Through product upgrading and brand renewal, we have been able to make pulsation resonate with Chinese young people, thus successfully reshaping pulsation growth. Through the creation of market channels and the innovation of organizations, we have created an efficient business model in more than 3.6 million sales terminals in China, so that we can continue to invest and contribute to brand growth.” Bruno chevot, member of Danone’s Global Executive Committee and President of Danone Greater China, North Asia and Oceania, said.
He also mentioned that he would further expand the existing categories of pulsation and create more products, including bubble water and Zero sugar products, so as to further help the brand achieve sustainable growth. It can be seen that the launch of “Lingqi” is a strategic move of Danone China beverage, which forms better market complementarity and cooperation with pulse.
“Young consumers pursuing innovation are looking forward to a fashionable and delicious product endorsed by health research. Relying on Danone’s years of advanced scientific research accumulation in the field of health food, Lingqi is right in this demand. With the help of pulsating channels and sales experience in the beverage industry in the past, Lingqi will be a dark horse this year.” Zhu danpeng said.
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