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Yili starts selling tea for the first time! Why do the tea drinks that have long been popular make the giants roll up one after another?

Fashion is a cycle, even drinks? In this year’s beverage season, tea drinking, which has long been popular, is lively again – the latest entrant is dairy giant Yili.

Xiaoshidai noticed that Yili’s first tea beverage brand “tea and tea search”, which had been “spoiled” at the end of last year, has the following. Recently, it has officially launched two candy free tea products “taoxiang Oolong” and “Qinggan Pu’er”. This means that after mineral water, energy drinks and plant-based products, China’s largest dairy enterprise has recently set foot in the field of instant tea, and its business territory of “non dairy drinks” has been further expanded.

It is understood that tea and tea search are “an important link” in Yili’s layout of beverage categories. At present, they are successively listed on e-commerce platforms, and will be “distributed in a rhythmic manner through offline channels” in the later stage.

Yili’s first tea beverage brand “tea and tea search”

Let’s pay attention.

“New power”

Let’s take a look at what the first tea beverage launched by this dairy giant looks like.

First of all, the two new products of tea and tea search are fruit tea, which are extracted from real tea from the origin and matched with fruit juice. The company describes it as “better to drink than pure tea and healthier than fruit tea”. Secondly, they are sugar free tea. Like many new drinks nowadays, tea and Chaxun also claim “0 sugar, 0 calorie and 0 fat”.

It is not surprising that this new tea drinker chose to cut into sugar free tea category.

According to a report from Dongxing securities, in 2019, the scale of China’s tea beverage market exceeded 78.7 billion yuan, of which sugar free tea beverage was 4.1 billion yuan, accounting for 5.21%. From 2014 to 2019, the compound annual growth rate of China’s sugar free tea beverage sales was 32.6%, much higher than the overall growth rate of tea beverage. It is expected that the growth rate will still be more than 20% from 2019 to 2024. By 2024, the sales of sugar free tea beverage will reach 11.5 billion yuan, accounting for 12%.

Interestingly, tea and tea search also carry some milk enterprise “physique”: This is a relatively rare candy free tea “added with probiotics” on the market at present. This shows that Yili hopes to rely on its own resources to realize its differentiation.

It is understood that the core of tea and tea seeking is to make a “good tea”. In the process of constantly polishing new products, Yili found that consumers’ demand for advanced health is becoming increasingly prominent in addition to the demand for taste. “Efficacy” has become a bonus item. Probiotics, vitamins and trace elements are all health ingredients concerned by target consumers.

Therefore, in order to meet the health needs of advanced consumption, tea and tea search hope to provide “more healthy” tea drinking options for urban cutting-edge white-collar workers who are unwilling to sacrifice taste and refuse to eat additional sugar with the help of the innovative application of probiotics.

When asked about the future planning of instant tea category, Yili said to xiaoshidai today that it will uphold the innovative gene in the future, continue to bring healthier and drinkable tea beverage products to consumers, and provide “new impetus” for the company’s exploration and growth of beverages.

Today, xiaoshidai saw at the flagship store of an e-commerce platform in Yili that the price of each box of tea and tea search (400ml * 12) is 72 yuan, and the price of two single boxes is 64.8 yuan; With a monthly sales of 300 + pens, this new product still seems to be gaining popularity among consumers.

Is the tea fragrant again?

In fact, as a traditional category in China’s beverage market, tea drinking is no longer fresh in the eyes of many people, and even a highly concentrated market. Why are there “players” optimistic about it?

According to the data released by yingminte in 2021 obtained by xiaoshidai, in 2020, the market share of Master Kang, Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain (including Wanglaoji herbal tea) and unified enterprises ranked the top three, which is expected to be 32.1%, 18.5% and 11% respectively. The “three giants” together accounted for more than 60% of the market share.

After that, it is still the “old face” for many years, farmer Shanquan (6.3%) and Vitasoy (5.6%). The new force that quickly jumped to the sixth place is the vigorous forest that “takes off” by stepping on the sugar free tuyere, with an expected market share of 1.8% in 2020.

According to the analysis of recent new bets, most of the players who drink tea want to seize the health trend and promote high-end.

The first is sugar free. According to the inminster report, 46% of consumers believe that sugar free tea drinks may be more expensive than the Standard Version, which are the value-added factors for the high-end of sugar substitute drinks.

For example, Yuanqi forest launched the brand upgraded “fiber tea” in July 2021. This is a sugar free plant tea with corn whiskers, mulberry leaves and other herbs as raw materials, focusing on 0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 calorie caffeine, in order to hit the pain point of “convenient health preservation” for young people. At present, the sales volume of this product has ranked second in Yuanqi forest flagship store, becoming another popular product of the company.

“In recent years, the concept of sugar control and health preservation has swept all major social platforms, and sugar free tea has an explosive trend.” Yuanqi forest said that its popularity has something to do with contemporary consumers’ attention to “health preservation” and “health”. According to the “youth health consumption trend report” released by the first financial business data center, 90% of young people have health awareness. The product Prepackages and drinks the “health tea” in traditional culture, so as to provide consumers with a more convenient light health regimen.

However, the single characteristic of sugar free is not enough to stand out in the “inner volume”. Many companies are also taking advantage of new taste and new functions.

For example, in terms of taste, xiaoshidai noticed that nongnongshanquan, which operates tea beverage brands such as tea π and Oriental leaves, recently launched a new carbonated tea beverage “steam tea”, with three flavors of “yellow Jasmine”, “green citrus Pu’er” and “Baixiang Oolong”, which have been listed and sold on e-commerce platforms and other channels.

Obviously, the tea beverage containing gas is still relatively small in the tea market, but in fact, this is not the first time nongnongshan spring has launched tea soda. Statistics show that the beverage giant launched “steam tea” products in 2005, but then quietly withdrew from the market; Then in 2010, nongnongshan spring launched the carbonated tea beverage “tot” soda black tea again, but this product still did not cause much response.

Finally, the rise of tea shops has also injected new impetus into instant tea drinking.

Inminster pointed out in the report that consumers show a stronger preference for fruit flavored packaged tea drinks. “This is probably due to the influence of tea shops, 65% of consumers order fruit tea from tea shops. In addition, the segment also actively promotes various fruit flavored drinks, cultivates consumers’ drinking habits, and may stimulate the growth of ready to drink tea beverage market.” Report analysis said.

Many existing tea shops are also entering the ready to drink tea market by extending their product lines. For example, hi tea launched a series of new low sugar bottled pop lemon tea products in October last year, including clear pop lemon green Yan juice tea and strong pop lemon Guangdong red juice tea. It is the bottled version of pop lemon family series of current drinks sold in its stores.

It can be seen that the fruit flavor is the innovation of drinking tea, and it may not win with the novelty of fruit varieties or collocation. For example, the above combination of “lemon flavor + tea drink” of pop lemon tea undoubtedly sounds like a “familiar formula” of unified ice black tea, but Xi tea emphasizes its raw materials and production advantages to snack generation.

According to the briefing, the series of “lemon juice tea” continued with the characteristics of “real fruit juice real tea”, and each bottle contained about one lemon juice containing perfume lemon. In addition, the tea embryo of Gaoshan Yunwu green tea and jasmine flower are scented. The original leaves of tea soup are extracted now. The content of tea polyphenols in a bottle exceeds 600mg / kg.

As for functions, in addition to Yili’s newly listed instant tea products with probiotics, there are also more and more tea drinks on the market that add dietary fiber and claim to contribute to intestinal function, such as the sugar free tea beverage “flavored tea” launched by China Resources Yibao in 2019.

“Consumers have shown strong interest in efficacy advantages, especially in meeting consumers’ needs for stress relief and beauty. The health appeal and relaxation effect of tea drinks give this category a competitive advantage.” Imminster pointed out in the report.

Compared with traditional mainstream instant tea products such as Master Kang iced black tea and unified iced black tea, these instant tea products are positioned at a higher end and have a higher sales price.

Xiaoshidai searched the e-commerce platform today and found that the selling price of Yili tea and Chaxun 400ml / bottle was 6 yuan, that of Xicha bingning tea 450ml / bottle was 6.8 yuan, that of Nongfu mountain spring steam tea 470ml / bottle was 10 yuan, that of Yibao Zuo Shi tea 430ml / bottle was about 4.7 yuan, that of Kangshifu iced black tea 500ml / bottle was about 3.3 yuan, and that of unified iced black tea 500ml / bottle was about 2.9 yuan.

“It can be said that tea drinks have lagged behind in catching up with new consumption trends and product innovation. There are no star brands similar to those in other beverage markets, such as coffee brands. Nevertheless, consumers still look forward to high-end products to improve tea drinking experience. This requires brands to innovate boldly and actively.” Yingminte analysis said.

Xiao Yao, China partner of Reese strategic positioning consulting, pointed out that whether it is positioning or category innovation, food and beverage brands still need to strive to become category representatives in the minds of consumers in order to better innovate themselves or explore new categories, which is the most sustainable competitiveness for the long-term development of the brand.

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