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Wangwang, you know nothing about it

original formula, familiar taste.

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It’s still the original formula and familiar taste/ Source: station B up master @ Chen Chen
Let’s do a question and answer:
If you can choose to go through any door and go to a theme park (whether it exists in reality or not), which one do you want to go to most?
It is foreseeable that the universal studios and Disney parks, which are surrounded by the classic IP, will become the top stream. The upcoming Ghibli theme park and paramount theme park will also be the most popular players.
But today I want to nominate another theme park, which is the childhood memories of the post-80s and post-90s – Wangwang.
In 2021, Wangwang’s official microblog @ wangzi club “announced” the official launch of Wangwang amusement park project, listing many trendy and fun amusement projects: wangzi milk torrent, Wangwang snow cake Ferris wheel, Xiaosu mine exploration, wangzi small steamed bread Grand Theater
A year later, you may ask: has it been built yet? In fact, this is just Wangwang’s joke on April Fool’s day, but it doesn’t hinder everyone’s imagination. Although the amusement park has not been completed yet, Wangwang already has hospitals, hotels and nursing homes——
Today, let’s talk about the Wangwang universe you don’t know.

Your childhood my childhood
It seems to be all the same
The unsolved mystery of the eaters’ childhood may be the following two:
Why is Wangwang called “Wangwang”? Why does Wang Zai look like this?
About the origin of Wangwang’s name, the most widely circulated legend is that Cai Yanming, the founder of Taiwan, China, when he was named, he heard the pet dog’s “black skin”, and inspired it. But in 2022, Cai Yan Ming released a video on the social platform and personally called the story.
In fact, at the beginning, he wanted to take the English name “one (by) one”, which was a good sign of “eat one piece after eating another”. Later, the Chinese name was “Wangwang”, which also means “every day is king”. When the first time the advertising company heard it, it also make complaints about it: “(product) is it the name that you want to sell to the dog?”
As we all know, every leading enterprise that becomes bigger and stronger will create an interpretation of “wise after the event” for its trademark, and Wangwang is no exception – in the face of this little doll who looks “silly and happy”, you can never guess the meaning behind him:
Looking closely at his facial features, Wang Zi’s head is round, representing “affinity”, and his hair seems to have just been washed, implying the meaning of “holding hair” by corporal Li Xianshi. His eyes looking up are telling you to be far sighted; Looking at the whole from a distance, Wang Zi’s hugging hands imply unity. His two big feet without shoes are a portrayal of “being down-to-earth”——
I’m not breaking this paragraph. It has been written on the official website of Wangwang group.  

Looking back on the birth of Wangwang, it is another rich history of business leaders:
In 1979, Cai Yanming, who was only 22 years old and had just lost NT $100 million, decided to create his own brand “Wangzai” and develop Wangwang Xianbei because he was optimistic about the Japanese rice fruit market (leisure food made from rice). Unexpectedly, once the product was launched, it was a great success, with a market share of 95% in Taiwan.
In 1992, Wangwang officially invested in the Chinese mainland market and set up its first factory in Hunan two years later. This year, Cai Yanming made a bold decision to give the first batch of products put into production to students all over the country for free trial eating, which made the first shot of public praise. In that year, he recorded a turnover of 250 million yuan – you know, it was 250 million yuan in 1992.
Since then, Wang began to sweep the leisure food market in China. In 2012, Cai Yanming, founder of China’s $8 billion net worth, was certified by Forbes magazine as the richest generation in Taiwan.
It’s necessary to shake the ice in Wangbei’s house every day, no matter who shakes the ice in Wangbei’s house after the 80s and 90s, no matter who shakes the ice in Wangbei’s house after school?  

Now when it comes to Wangwang, in addition to delicious leisure snacks, it is estimated that the post-80s and post-90s who grew up watching TV will also think of many magical advertisements produced by it, which will be unforgettable for life:
“Li Ziming, who is in class six, three years ago, your mother brought you a box of wangzi milk!” “I want to be strong, I want to be strong, and I will be better than you in the future!” “Don’t look at me, I’ll drink you if you look at me again!” “I want o bubble…”
Although these advertisements of “high paste picture + total loss sound quality” are somewhat unreasonable and funny, they accurately harvest the audience group of young children (and the parents behind them) with straightforward words and distinctive trademarks——
It is worth mentioning that most of Wangwang’s advertisements are designed by Cai Yanming himself. Just like the packaging of coconut tree and coconut milk, it is tempting and irresistible. Wangwang’s advertising language has also become the lines engraved in the DNA of the post-90s.
In 2017, Wangwang also invited the popular advertising protagonist “Li Ziming” to perform a wave of memory killing – in the twinkling of an eye, Li Ziming has grown from a student to a teacher, but his mother still stood under the teaching building to deliver wangzi milk to him, and the lines of the post-80s and post-90s are also ready to come out:
“Wow, your mother still loves you so much!”  

What you don’t know about Wangwang universe
The above is Wangwang you know well – but how much do you know about Wangwang’s other identities?
In 2019, Yu Huimin, the relevant person in charge of Wangwang group, said in an interview with China business that the era of flagship products such as Wangwang Xianbei and Wangwang snow cake has passed, and new products are becoming the driving force of the market.
Therefore, Wangwang has established a R & D team of more than 150 people and produces more than 100 new products every year. And these new products only you can’t think of. Without them, you can’t develop them:
In terms of food taste, Wangwang milk sugar with mustard flavor, Wangwang “langweixian” with black pine dew flavor and Wangwang pickled rice with pork tripe and chicken flavor are just their routine operations;
For different groups, Wangwang has also launched a variety of products – the necessary Wangwang bond coffee for office workers, the “Mr. hot” spicy snack box loved by spicy people, and the “dream water” drink to alleviate the fatigue of insomnia, all of which are made by them;
You may not imagine the dream linkage between Wangwang and other industries: wangzi Erguotou, Wangwang snail powder, Wangwang shuishen sterilization liquid, Wangwang facial cleanser

In fact, it’s not too much to say that Wangwang’s enterprises have taken care of people’s clothing, food, housing and transportation:
In 2008, Cai Yanming, chairman of Wangwang group, invested in the acquisition of China times, industrial and commercial times, Zhongshi electronic newspaper, Zhongtian TV and other media under Zhongshi media group——
I believe you are more familiar with the latter. Variety shows such as “Kangxi is coming” and “college students are gone”, which are very popular, as well as the popular drama “want to see you” two years ago, were premiered on Zhongtian TV station.
In the opening animation of Kangxi is coming, it is not difficult to find Wang Zai’s figure, but it is not until today that people suddenly realize:
“I always thought Wangwang was a naming agent. Now I know that it is not a ‘sponsor father’, it is the ‘father’ himself.”  

The snack industry and media industry are just the “tip of the iceberg” in Wangwang’s huge business territory:
According to the data of enterprise investigation, Wangwang group has established a variety of business companies, including Shanghai Wangwang Food Group Co., Ltd. and Hunan Wangwang hospital Co., Ltd., covering many fields such as food, pension, real estate, hotel and so on.
Yes, Wangwang also has hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and even chicken farms:
The well-known blogger @ shrifen Schlieffen once went to Wangwang’s hotel in Shanghai and experienced the picture of 10000 wangzi staring at him for one night, “room cards, dental appliances, hand sanitizer, towels, foot pads and handbags. Wangzi are available in all places where patterns can be printed”;
The Wangwang hospital, located in Changsha, Hunan Province, has a Wangwang slide and a Wangwang street. After people draw blood here, they will also receive a box of wangzi milk. According to the feedback from the front-line people, buying snacks in Wangwang hospital is 10 yuan cheaper than the shopping mall opposite——
However, novel coronavirus pneumonia is a serious disease. It is not only the 50 earthquake victims who rescued more than 16 wounded in 2008, but also the 16 medical teams that were sent to Hubei during the 2020 new crown pneumonia outbreak. Recently, the two phase of the construction project was successfully completed, and 2000 beds were expected to be added.
I won’t be surprised when Wangwang will launch another amusement park.  
Wangwang’s future, how long can it last?
Its business is not in full swing, but it is not in full swing:
The annual financial report released by Wangwang shows that since the peak period in 2013, it has experienced “three consecutive declines in revenue” for three consecutive years, and its share price has also fallen from HK $12.54 to HK $4.538, with a market value of more than HK $100 billion.
Wangwang’s “middle-aged crisis” is actually the transformation dilemma faced by major traditional brands: in recent years, the rise of emerging snack brands with the slogan of “health and nutrition” has carved up a lot of market share and brought a wave of industry impact to classic brands——
Liangpin shop, three squirrels, baicaowei and other brands have attracted a group of young audiences with the concept of healthier and nutritionally balanced snacks. On the other hand, because the era of large screen belonging to TV media has passed, Wangwang’s repeated TV advertisements no longer have advantages; However, emerging brands such as liangpin store have repeatedly appeared in the circle through advertising implantation in popular TV dramas.  

Middle aged Wangwang ushers in transformation.
In recent years, the transformation ideas adopted by Wangwang are also similar to those of domestic brands such as “big white rabbit milk candy”:
Cross border joint cooperation and strengthen their own IP.
In 2018, Wangwang and nature hall jointly launched “natural Wang air cushion BB cream”, realizing the dream linkage of cross-border cooperation; In 2019, Wangwang cooperated with Naixue’s tea and LeLe tea to launch popular new products such as Wangzai treasure tea, Wangzai QQ Cheese Cup and Wangwang cowboy steamed bread;
In 2020, Wangwang and Netease cloud music jointly launched the “vinyl record” snow cake and created the single “sounds delicious”, which was popular all over the network and triggered a large-scale heated discussion.
Wangwang has never stopped building its own IP, which has always been the present continuous tense:
For canned wangzi milk, Wangwang once designed a brand-new package of “56 nationalities” and “25 occupations”, which was launched in the form of blind box, which was very popular;
In addition, Wangwang also launched sweaters, hats and other peripherals jointly with chaopai tyakashat, and launched “jiajiawang 401” series furniture on its own microblog, such as “Wangzai lazy sofa” and “Wangwang snow cake small table lamp”, and also released the popular science animation short film “Wangzai all know” series at station B to strengthen its IP in an all-round way.  

Through a series of transformations, Wangwang seems to have a turnaround again and become a “middle-aged online celebrity”:
The latest financial report released by Wangwang shows that in the first half of fiscal year 2021, Wangwang achieved a revenue of 11.38 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.5%, a record high in the first half of fiscal year since its listing.
In fact, in recent years, many offline theme exhibitions held by Wangwang in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities have received good repercussions. It can be seen that it is still the white moonlight of childhood in the hearts of many people. But if you only play the card of affection, I believe there will always be a day when you have no skills——
After all, Wangwang has launched so many new products. So far, none of them can be as popular as “Wangwang snow cake”. Now when it comes to Wangwang, most people think of the old products decades ago.
In order to radiate the “second spring of career”, Wangwang may need to work harder:
I wonder if Wangwang will become a childhood memory of the post-00s and post-10s in the future?  

If Wangwang really launched the amusement park, will you go to play/ Source: Weibo @ wangzi Club
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