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Yili released the first zero carbon milk in China, new hope pushed bubble yogurt, Snickers pushed chocolate ice cream… | hot smell in a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information of the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.
1. Yili releases the first “zero carbon milk” Yili Jindian A2 in China β- Casein organic pure milk
2. New hope promotes the steam generation of bubble yoghurt, and the fermentation of live bacteria brings natural bubbles
3. Danone China cut into the Zero sugar bubble water track and launched its new product Lingqi bubble drink
4. Yuanqi forest x never coffee launched coffee products, including sugar free American style and low sugar mellow latte
5. Snickers promotes the new crispy rice ball ice cream series of the year. It has a five fold frozen feeling and enjoys cool energy
6. Yili Yijia is good at the new thick cheese products, and the real cheese is added with strong flavor to meet the needs
7. Huahua cow releases new sweet milk, sweet wind design, sweet and good taste
8. Linlong tea room Shangxin green tea every day, quality tea soup revitalizes the “sober” power
9. Yibao Zuo Wei tea is a brand-new brand of green tea, with Zero sugar and zero fat and no fear of calories
10. Guangming Shangxin Gufeng series ice cream shows the new posture of Oriental grains with Qi, surplus and appearance
11. The blue chimney is newly sprayed and condensed to drink espresso, and the aluminum can is filled with nitrogen to keep fresh for 540 days
12. Daliyuan promotes a series of new soybean milk tea. 10% raw milk soybean milk is added to make it mellow and not greasy
13、Wholly Moly! Good! New oat bran and buckwheat flour, innovative coarse grain ratio, one mouthful of 4 kinds of grains
14. On Sunday, X tims launched a new series of Fritillaria without meat, opening a new life in spring with green energy
15. Children’s food brand Yiya completed the first round of financing and provided three meals a day for children aged 3-12
16. Chadudu, a brand of new Chinese fresh fruit tea, won ten million yuan Angel round financing, and the investor was Hongxi venture capital
17. Focusing on the sinking market, Lanzhou beef noodle chain brand Ma Xiangyuan won tens of millions of angel rounds of financing
18. Sauce liquor brand 409 square has completed round B financing, and the funds will be deeply cultivated to expand the production capacity layout of Maotai town
19. Research and development of breast milk oligosaccharides, Zeno technology obtained Angel round financing of more than 10 million yuan
20. Modern animal husbandry plans to acquire 75% equity of Ainiu technology for 288 million yuan
21. PepsiCo Yichang production base is expected to be put into operation within this year, with an annual output of 500000 tons
22. Cass dairy plans to invest 650 million yuan to build a biological health technology industrial park


On March 12, Yili released the first “zero carbon milk” Yili Jindian A2 in China β- Casein organic pure milk has obtained the carbon neutralization verification statement (pas2060) issued by the world-famous international inspection and Certification Group – Bureau Veritas, realizing the carbon neutralization in the whole life cycle. Each bottle of breeding cow contains A2 gene, and is derived from pure milk β- Casein 2.25g, pure quality.
Pan Gang, chairman of Yili, said that this is an important step taken by Yili to achieve “leading social value” after the certification of “zero carbon factory”, and it is also another major breakthrough for Yili to practice the national “double carbon” goal.
Photo source: tmall


On March 12, new hope’s brand-new bubble yogurt was pleasantly launched. The new non carbonated drink is produced by natural fermentation of Fuji snow strain for three times, reaching the state of solidified bubble yogurt. The number of live bacteria containing lactic acid bacteria per 100g is not less than 100 million CFU. The white grape tastes fresh and natural, and the bubble taste is dense and refreshing. The new tmall flagship store sells for 168g * 12 bottles / 115 yuan.
Source: West China dairy flagship store


On March 17, Danone China Beverage announced to cut into the Zero sugar bubble beverage track and launched a new product, Lingqi bubble beverage, which is positioned as “a hot single product to be built after pulsating vitamin beverage”. The new product has a refreshing taste with rich bubbles and fresh fruit flavors, including lemon, lime and orange blood orange. Since March, the new products of Lingqi bubble drink have been gradually sold in supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery stores, e-commerce, new retail platforms and other channels across the country.
Click on the picture to view the details
Source: Danone

4、元气森林 X Never Coffee推出咖啡产品,有无糖美式、低糖醇香拿铁两款

Recently, Yuanqi forest joined hands with never coffee to launch the first coffee drink. The new product uses 100% Arabica coffee beans, and introduces German cold extraction black technology, continuous multi tube closed extraction, 0 ° C-7 ° C low-temperature processing to retain the original flavor of coffee. There are two flavors: mellow latte, adhering to Yuanqi forest’s consistent style of low sugar and low fat, adding black tea, and a bottle of less than 1.5 apples; Sugar free American style is sour and bitter balance, reducing the flavor of hand washing. The new product has been launched in tmall flagship store, with a price of 300ml * 15 bottles / 139.9 yuan.
Source: Yuanqi forest flagship store


Recently, Snickers launched its annual new product, crispy rice ball peanut sandwich milk chocolate ice cream, which adds a cool feeling to the upcoming hot summer and provides exclusive sweet energy in summer. The new chocolate chip is made of high-quality natural cocoa. The inner core of the ice cream is made of natural vanilla extract, and then wrapped with sweet caramel. It is crispy and delicious. The product is specially designed with no stick to return to the taste experience of ice cream. The price of the new product is 14.9 yuan / piece for a single piece and 49.9 yuan / box for multiple pieces.
It is understood that Snickers has previously launched vanilla ice cream. All products are designed without sticks to enjoy cool energy.
Photo source: Ma Xiaojian, new product on the left


Recently, yijiahao, Yili’s cheese brand, launched two thick cheese products, round and strip, which are added with real cheese ingredients and taste soft and waxy. The product contains 9.6g protein per 100g, and the calcium content is three times that of milk in the same state. Strip thick cheese contains classic flavor, yogurt flavor and thick Ganoderma flavor. Round thick cheese focuses on fruit flavor, including classic flavor, double berry flavor and mango flavor. At present, the products have been put on shelves in Yili cheese tmall flagship store. The price of strip thick cheese is 100g * 3 bags / 69.9 yuan, and the price of round thick cheese is 100g * 3 bags / 79.9 yuan
Source: Yili cheese flagship store


Recently, Huahuaniu tmall flagship store pre sold a sweet milk prepared milk, which uses the milk source of the national high-quality milk project demonstration farm. The milk tastes mellow and sweet. The product is also very thoughtful in packaging, breaking the previous packaging style. It is dominated by pink sweet net red wind, bright color and eye-catching. The pre price is 180g * 16 bags / 39.9 yuan.
Photo source: Huahuaniu flagship store


March 12 is Arbor Day, and Linlong teahouse also launched new daily green tea. The new products are first picked in the Ming Dynasty. Starting from fresh leaf picking, they undergo steaming, rolling, drying and other processes to make high-quality and good tea. The tea color is jade green and the tea soup is clear, and the characteristics of Linlong teahouse brand of 0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 energy are continued to create a pleasant new green taste buds in spring. The product now sells at tmall flagship store for 500ml * 15 bottles / 89.9 yuan
Source: Linlong Teahouse


On March 10, Yibao official announced that the new green tea flavor was the third single product after black tea and oolong. The new product has 0 sugar and 0 fat. It is not afraid of calories. It adds about a quarter of the dietary fiber needed by the human body every day to help intestinal health. At the same time, it tastes fresh and refreshing and enjoys a pure green life.
Source: Yibao


Recently, Guangming launched a new Gufeng series of ice cream, which adds new meaning to Oriental grains from three aspects: Qi, Ying and Yan. Each product is matched with 3 kinds of grains and added with dietary fiber, which contains grain particles to create a richer taste of ice cream. “Qi” ice cream adds blood glutinous rice, red beans, medlar and red dates, showing a new way of “raising red with red”, and the taste of frozen blood glutinous rice grain is also more tenacious; “Ying” ice cream is added with mulberry leaves, glutinous rice, highland barley and mung beans; “Yan” ice cream adds coconut, oats, quinoa, red raisins and cranberries to bring sweet and sour flavor. The new products are now on sale in tmall flagship store, with 20 pieces of each flavor at 139 yuan and 5 pieces of each of the three flavors at 109 yuan.
Photo source: Guangming flagship store


On March 15, the new mystery can drinking coffee from the blue chimney was newly launched. The new product selected high-quality coffee beans from the rainforest, which were extracted with low-temperature cold water for 12 hours, and used environmental friendly aluminum materials that can reduce oxygen permeability for nitrogen filling and preservation technology of aluminum cans, reaching an ultra long storage period of 540 days. The new product adopts instant spraying technology. Each 60g can be exchanged for 12 cups (150ml) of fine coffee. There are three flavors: vanilla latte, cold extract flavor and classic American style. The price of tmall flagship store is 68 yuan per can.
Chimney: Blue flagship store


Foodaily observed that the new soybean milk tea series on tmall flagship store in Daliyuan creates a dual experience of soybean milk + milk tea. The new product is a plant base, with ≥ 10% soybean milk raw milk added. It has three flavors: mellow black tea flavor, combined with imported full fat milk powder and authentic black tea, which is mellow and refreshing; The flavor of steamed green tea is blended with jasmine, steamed green tea and fried green tea, which makes the tea taste stronger; Vigorous peach flavor, with imported full fat milk powder and peach concentrate, brings a little fresh and sweet feeling. In addition, in order to facilitate carrying, the brand has also launched 330ml small specifications. At present, the prices of three flavors are 480ml * 15 bottles / 119.9 yuan and 330ml * 15 bottles / 45.9 yuan.
Photo source: doubendou flagship store

13、Wholly Moly!好哩!上新燕麦麸荞麦面,创新粗粮配比一口get4种谷物

March 16, OK! Guanxuanshang new Yan wheat bran, buckwheat flour and 1 + 4 whole grain nutrition create an ideal staple food with low fat and not afraid of fat. In addition to oat bran, whole oats and oat fiber, the raw materials of the new products also contain konjac, black rice, buckwheat and wheat. The noodles are mixed in vacuum and rolled in ten courses. The 22 processes create a smooth and delicate taste of noodles. A bowl of new products is equivalent to a bowl of white noodles, the amount of dietary fiber is equivalent to a plate of broccoli, and the protein content is equivalent to two eggs. It is suitable for various cooking methods such as mixing, soup and frying. The price of tmall flagship store is 24.9 yuan / box.
Source: whollymoly

14、星期零 X Tims上新无肉也欢贝果系列,用绿色能量开启春日新生

On March 18, on Wednesday, join hands with tims to launch the new no meat and happy bagel series, bringing new green energy. The new series uses week zero plant meat and ham slices. There are two types. Pasque beef Fritillaria uses quinoa, corn and red bean cereals Fritillaria with sour cucumber mayonnaise to unlock the Mediterranean diet mode; Ham egg bagel uses Qiya seed bagel, which contains sun egg and cheese. It is salty and delicious. New products are now available in tims stores nationwide.
Image source: starfield on Sunday zero


Recently, Yiya, a children’s food brand, completed the first round of financing. In this round of financing, Huanghe capital acted as the exclusive financial consultant. The funds will be used for product R & D, channel expansion, team building and brand building.
Founded in 2020, Yiya mainly provides three meals a day solutions for children aged 3-12, starting with pasta and then entering the children’s food market. At present, there are a series of products such as children’s pasta, Chinese noodles, cooking sauce, meals and so on.
Source: Yiya flagship store


It is reported that chadudu, a brand of new Chinese fresh fruit tea, has completed a ten million yuan Angel round of financing, and the investor in this round is Hongxi venture capital. The funds from this round of financing are expected to be mainly used for the construction of digital supply chain system, AI standardization system and store development.
Chadudu is a newly established young brand. Its target customers are young women aged 15-35. Starting from 0-calorie sugar fresh fruit tea, it provides milk tea products based on fresh milk, original leaf tea and other fresh raw materials. Now it has launched coconut milk series, bubble, milk coffee and other product series, with about 30-40 store SKUs. The founder and CEO of dujiamen Tea Co., Ltd. said that this year, dujiamen 500 focuses on developing the local market.


Recently, Lanzhou beef noodle chain brand Ma Xiangyuan has completed tens of millions of yuan of angel round financing, led by Hejing capital, followed by Dexun investment, and detai capital as the long-term exclusive financial adviser. This round of funds will be used for market expansion, further strengthening the advantages of supply chain and digital operation construction.
Founded in July 2021, Ma Xiangyuan is positioned as a national beef noodle chain brand, focusing on 30 northwest flavor products such as beef bone clear soup, beef noodles and steel brazed mutton kebabs, which are “80 Jin meat in one pot soup”. Its dough and mutton kebabs are distributed to stores by the central factory, and the brand focuses on the back-end supply chain, with digital continuous fine management to maintain standardization.
Source: Ma Xiangyuan


It is reported that Maoxiang liquor brand Baijiu won 600 million yuan B round of financing, exclusive investment by CMC capital. This round of financing will be mainly used for wine making, wine storage base expansion, team and channel construction and brand building.
Founded in 2015, sijiufang is an industrial Internet enterprise with “medium and high-end sauce liquor” as its core business. Its brewing and liquor storage bases are in Maotai town. Relying on the capacity advantages accumulated by Maotai town for many years, it has passed the climbing period. At present, nine shops rely more on their refined brewmen and wine categories to satisfy young consumers. But sales volume accounts for over 9 of the sales volume of Baijiu.
Source: 36 krypton


On March 11, Zeno technology completed an angel round financing of more than 10 million yuan, which was jointly invested by Jiacheng capital, CITIC venture capital fund under CITIC Capital and Yan Zhu, co-founder of minglue technology. Yuanhe capital is an exclusive FA. The funds are mainly used for the commercialization of products.
Founded in 2021, Zeno technology focuses on developing high value-added natural products by using synthetic biology and fermentation engineering technology. At present, the company’s main products include breast milk oligosaccharides (HMO) and new microbial pigments. It has settled in Sunan Research Institute of molecular engineering of Suzhou Peking University, and also has a 1000 square meter R & D center and pilot workshop in Beijing Daxing biomedical base.
Source: small table


On March 15, Hyundai animal husbandry (01117. HK) announced that Hyundai animal husbandry (Group) Co., Ltd., an indirect non wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, plans to acquire 75% equity of Ainiu technology for RMB 288 million, give further play to the group’s industrial chain synergy as a leading enterprise in the dairy industry, and provide digital technology, supply chain finance, breeding technology and other services to the upstream and downstream through the ecological sharing platform.
It is reported that Ainiu technology, a company established in China in 2015, is mainly engaged in the operation of animal husbandry e-commerce platform, animal husbandry service cloud platform, animal husbandry service industry, sales of feed, additives, veterinary drugs and agricultural and livestock products trading consultation in China.

Photo source: love raising cattle


It is reported that PepsiCo Yichang production base is planned to be put into operation on September 30 this year to comprehensively solve the problem of product market supply and demand and promote the high-quality development of PepsiCo Hubei District.
The project is the first beverage production base established by PepsiCo China in non provincial capital cities in the mainland in recent years, with a land area of about 150 mu. After the project is completed and put into operation, it will become one of the production bases with the largest production capacity, the most advanced equipment and the highest production efficiency.
Source: unsplash


It is reported that Cass biological health technology industry, located in Bao’an District, Shenzhen, has started. The project has a land area of 16700 square meters and a total construction area of 58450 square meters. Cass dairy plans to invest 650 million yuan to build functional areas such as dairy products manufacturing center, R & D and testing center and supporting sites. It is expected to be put into operation in 2024. After completion, the annual output value will increase by 2 billion yuan, the output value of CASS dairy will reach 4 billion yuan, and more than 1500 jobs will be directly created.
Source: new dairy
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