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Can “low GI” become the next selling point of healthy food? FBI go! Innovation live broadcast Preview

Zero sugar and low sugar have become an emerging tide in China’s food and beverage industry. “Low calorie and low fat” and “Zero sugar and zero fat” have become the product selection standards that consumers are keen on. In order to control body shape, some people have studied various low calorie foods. Under the gradually expanding trend of health, low GI seems to be one of the labels valued by consumers. Since the release of the measurement standard of food blood glucose in 2019, the attention and exposure rate of the word “GI” have increased year by year. In 2021, the clove doctor Data Research Institute released the first research report on “GI” in China, “investigation on clove users’ cognition of GI”. According to the data of this research, 75% of the public have heard of GI value, but 88% have serious cognitive misunderstanding. From 19:00 to 19:45 on March 29 (next Tuesday), Bian Shuai, DMC sales director of dingxiangyuan, will take you to understand the cognitive understanding of low GI products from the user’s perspective and the business performance of the brand around low GI, and give some positioning and marketing suggestions for low GI products from the perspective of health marketing. Remember to come on time ~
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开讲时间:3月29日(周二) 19:00-19:45
边帅 丁香园旗下 dmc 销售总监
负责 dmc 食品饮料类目营销业务,结合当前食品饮料行业健康风口,凭借 dmc 及母公司丁香园在健康领域的权威性与影响力,与团队共同打造过多个出色的营销案例。
dmc(DXY Marketing Center)丁香园集团旗下品牌营销机构,整合医生 & 大众价值,洞察行业趋势,搭建开放平台,充分发挥母公司丁香园集团品牌在医疗健康领域的影响力,基于循证医学以「专业可信」赋能医药品牌,以「健康心智」赋能大众消费品牌,为医药企业与大众消费品企业提供专业数字化解决方案,助力产业发展。




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