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Mengniu promotes high-end selenium containing sheep flavor fermented milk, another meat customer x Pepsi releases the first plant-based dried meat… | hot smell in a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information of the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.
1. Mengniu nourishment brand xiperkin promotes sheep flavor fermented milk. The rare talent lies in selenium
2. Yili Shuhua pushes good night. The dairy cow has lactose free milk. Theanine and sour jujube kernel are added to gently help sleep
3. Yili must enjoy pushing fresh milk ice cream, and enjoy the beauty of Millennium national charm with 3D round fan modeling
4. Meiliyuan 0 sugar bubble drink is newly launched. Juice + Bubble + nutrients strengthen the new image of health and nutrition
5. Nestle coffee launched the gold medal bag to soak ground coffee. Tear it and soak it. Go with the “bag”
6. Yutian Chuanlian promotes three “red” works, “cure” coffee solution + instant American “little red bottle” to unlock the beautiful moment of spring
7. Haidilao joins hands with Suntory to drink fruit juice and tea drinks in the new ten days. The simple illustration presents the Japanese small and fresh style
8. Another meat customer x PepsiCo launched the first plant-based dried meat, which is mainly made of pea and mung bean protein
9. Layout the children’s scene, wonderlab launched two new products of children’s Probiotic instant powder / probiotic chewable tablets
10. A1 snack Research Institute launched a new series of A1 love meat, seizing the track of leisure meat products
11. The old golden mill has a new explosion of black sesame balls and 7 Black Cereal with a good taste
12. Ozak released a vigorous breakfast bowl to drink cereal, a reasonable proportion of a bowl to quickly get the breakfast time
13. Wujiang mustard launched light salt mustard to reduce salt by more than 30%
14. Jane Eyre yogurt completed round C financing, led by Dehong capital
15. The new membership catering convenience store chain brand gudu gets ten million yuan Angel round financing every day
16. Dingdong buys vegetables, launches independent brand fresh fresh food, and sells prefabricated vegetables through multiple channels
17. Heineken entered the meta universe and launched the virtual beer “Heineken silver”
18. Hyaluronic acid food entered the first year of the quantitative standard, and the group standard “determination of sodium hyaluronate content in food” was officially launched


On March 21, Mengniu wechat official announced the launch of a new nourishing brand hipperkin – sheep flavor fermented milk, which was made from 1% rare and luxurious milk source scientifically fed by New Zealand dongfusheng sheep, a rare breed recognized in the world as having the best milk production performance, and then created a silky, clear and refreshing feeling through unique fresh locking and mutton removal technology. The new product contains natural selenium, 6.0g high-quality protein per 100g, and is rich in 9 kinds of amino acids. Small molecules are easier to absorb. Different from other yoghurt products, the new products are pre-sale in the form of single order, on-site production and 7-hour slow fermentation, which are sent directly by the manufacturer to ensure that consumers enjoy fresh and delicious. The price of the new hipperkin official applet is 100 yuan / 3 bottles.
Source: Mengniu niubay


On March 21, world sleep day, Shuhua, a subsidiary of Yili, announced the launch of bedtime milk and good night dairy cows, focusing on people with sleep disorders. On the basis of lactose free milk, the new product adds theanine and wild jujube kernel to help sleep. Each box contains 100mg theanine and 20mg wild jujube kernel, with mild natural ingredients to help sleep. In addition, the addition of new product 0 sucrose does not bring additional burden to the body before going to bed, and the small specification of 200ml is more suitable for drinking before going to bed.
Source: Shuhua


On March 21, Yili xujihuan launched 3D round fan fresh milk ice cream, which was inspired by Kesi flower and bird round fan. The innovative 3D three-dimensional shape shows the elegance of the country. The new product does not add a drop of water, and adds 3.8 times protein thick milk. There are two types: alcohol milk cheese, fresh milk content ≥ 39%, pure milk with salty cheese, mellow and fragrant; The content of mellow hazelnut concentrated Qiaoqiao fresh milk is ≥ 43%. Belgian chocolate is selected to match with Ghana black gold cocoa powder, interspersed with Turkish hazelnut, and the taste is fragrant. In addition, the ice cream stick label also contains a variety of classic poems, and the packaging is also made of recyclable materials to contribute to the protection of the earth. The new tmall flagship store sells for 75g * 8 pieces / 2 boxes / 138 yuan.
Source: Yili ice cream


On March 23, Zhejiang Swire Coca Cola announced the new launch of meizhiyuan bubble drink. The new product claims Zero sugar and zero fat, adds real fruit juice, and contains nutrients such as niacin and zinc. The new combination of fruit juice and bubbles is more refreshing and stimulates the new taste of taste buds. There are two types of peach bubble drink and grape bubble drink, which are now on sale in Zhejiang Province.
Photo source: Zhejiang Swire Coca Cola


Recently, Nestle coffee launched a new brand of gold bag brewed ground coffee, which selects 100% Arabica coffee beans, finely grinds and retains the original flavor of coffee, and the professional baking curve presents a rich taste, which can be brewed both hot and cold. The form of bag bubble also makes the drinking of coffee more convenient and fast. You can taste a cup of fresh coffee anytime and anywhere. There are three flavors: mellow cocoa, elegant whisky and sweet raspberry. Tmall flagship store sells for 57 yuan / box.
Source: Nestle’s official flagship store

6、隅田川连推3款当“红”之作,“治愈系”咖啡液 + 即饮美式“小红瓶”解锁春日美好时刻

On March 24, yutianchuan coffee made many new “red” works in March, including two new coffee liquid products and one American bottled coffee. The addition of raw coconut in the raw coconut flavor coffee solution adds a sense of tranquility and freshness to the coffee. The ice water can also be dissolved in one second. It can DIY into a variety of net red drinks such as raw coconut latte, raw coconut American style and so on; Collagen coffee is specially added with fish collagen. The content of each capsule is no less than 500mg. It can save staying up muscles. It can be drunk hot and cold. Tmall flagship store sells 6 boxes / 209 yuan for both flavors.
Image source: Yukita kawawa
In addition, Yu Tian Chuan also introduced heavy new American style bottled coffee, choose the coffee beans for the season, choose only the essence coffee liquid from the head road, low temperature lock and fresh instant sterilization, and can be stored for 270 days at room temperature. In addition, the caffeine content of the new product is not less than 200mg per kilogram, the taste is strong and not sour, and the heat of each bottle is 280ml, which is about 0kcal. The new product is now priced at 280ml * 6 bottles / 48 yuan in tmall flagship store.
Image source: Yukita kawawa


Recently, Haidilao joined hands with Suntory to launch its own brand fruit juice tea drink, which is the first time to layout this category. The new product adopts the combination of real tea and real fruit juice. The content of fruit juice is ≥ 10%. The double fruit taste is more refreshing and rich. At present, there are two flavors: peach, jasmine and pineapple. The packaging has also changed the previous style of Haidilao. The overall shape adopts simple illustration style, soft color matching, full of small and fresh Japanese style. In addition to selling new products in Haidilao’s national offline stores, Haidilao Jingdong’s official flagship store has also been launched.
Source: Haidilao official website


On March 23, beyond meat, a plant meat producer, and PepsiCo jointly announced the launch of a “dried meat” product of plant meat, which is also the first product of the joint venture. The new product is based on the protein in peas and mung beans. It has three flavors: original flavor, spicy flavor and braised flavor. It will be on the U.S. market this month.
Source: Snack generation


Recently, wonderlab launched two new products: ready to eat powder for children’s probiotics and chewable tablets for children’s probiotics. Ready to eat probiotics for children contain 4 strains of edible strains for infants and young children. Each bottle is added with 20 billion high viable bacteria. The strain of Lactobacillus fermentans cect5716 from breast milk is specially added, which is more friendly to the baby’s intestine. The formula is pure, and only probiotics, prebiotics and hawthorn fruit powder are recommended for children aged 3-12 (infants aged 1-3 are also edible). There are 5 billion live bacteria per slice of the probiotics chewable tablets and 4 strains can be used to import DuPont strains for infant food. They are all flavors free, no pigment, no preservatives, no sugar, safe and safe, and 3-12 years old children are edible. Tmall flagship store sells children’s Probiotic chewable tablets at 149 yuan per box and children’s Probiotic instant powder at 459 yuan per box.
Source: wonderlab flagship store


On March 18, the new product launch of a12022 was grandly held. At the same time, A1 officially announced the launch of A1 love meat series Hakka marinated poultry products to realize category extension. The new series includes Hakka marinated duck feet, Hakka marinated chicken feet, Hakka marinated duck wings and other core products. In the future, A1 love meat will also realize the layout in many categories such as casing, poultry, vegetarian meat, pork, beef and seafood, and comprehensively seize the track of leisure meat products.
Source: Food Board


Recently, a new type of fried black sesame Pill on laojinmo formula adopts a four-layer structure: the outer layer of black sesame is Jiangxi first-class black sesame, which contains calcium, protein, iron and other nutrients, and the sesame is roasted at constant temperature and in multiple stages, with strong fragrance and crispness; The chocolate coating is made of finely ground dark chocolate, and the natural cocoa butter is silky and mellow; The grain layer strictly selects high-quality grains, and the dynamic temperature control baking is crisp; The explosion pulp sandwich contains seven kinds of black ingredients such as black mulberry, black bean and black rice. It also specially adds black sesame peptide, “pill” explosion black technology to nourish hair. The new tmall flagship store sells for 17g * 2 boxes / 26.9 yuan.
Photo source: laojinmofang flagship store


Foodaily found that ozack introduced a Kwai breakfast bowl for breakfast, and made a quick fix breakfast, and at the same time, more portable hygiene. The new product uses low-temperature baking technology to retain more grain nutrition. Oatmeal coarse grain is rich in dietary fiber, and is divided into yogurt companion and milk companion according to the brewing scene: the former contains two flavors of large fruit yogurt blocks, almonds and other six kinds of fruit nuts; The latter is rose strawberry flavor, with Vietnamese cashew nuts and two kinds of wheat crispness. It tastes sweet and crisp. The new tmall flagship store sells for 3 bowls / 34.7 yuan.
Source: ozak flagship store


On March 22, Wujiang mustard officially launched a new light salt mustard to meet consumers’ demand for healthy diet products. Relying on the industry’s unique three major processes of shallow salt cellaring, flavoring and pickling, precise salt control and fence technology that can keep fresh without adding preservatives, the new product has achieved more than 30% salt reduction on the basis of retaining the original fresh, crisp and refreshing characteristics of Wujiang mustard. The new version of the package is also extended from the old version of Wujiang pickled mustard facial makeup. Taking the Forbidden City red as the background color, the new version integrates three traditional elements with strong Chinese style, including facial makeup, Forbidden City red and enamel, to deduce the inheritance of Chinese culture.
Source: Food Board


Recently, Jane Eyre yogurt, a low-temperature dairy brand, announced the completion of round C financing, which was led by Dehong capital (DCP), followed by new and old shareholders such as QY capital, Xingzhi capital, Guangzhou financial holding fund and Purui capital, and Gaohu capital served as the financial adviser of this round of financing.
As the first additive free low-temperature yogurt brand in China, Jane Eyre yogurt has successfully created a brand image of no additives, safe raw materials and excellent quality in the hearts of consumers, occupying the head of low-temperature categories in many high-end offline and online channels. In March this year, Jane Eyre also incubated op3n yoghurt mousse, a yoghurt mousse product for young consumer groups through her parent company. The product is inspired by hand whipped cream in dessert baking and adopts the inflation process imported from Switzerland to increase the taste.
Click on the picture to view the details
Source: Jane Eyre official website


It is reported that gudu, the chain brand of the new membership catering convenience store, has completed the ten million yuan Angel round financing every day. The management has not disclosed it, and Baize capital is the exclusive financial consultant. This round of funds will be mainly used for digital system development and store expansion.
The first member store of daily gudu was opened in March 2021. Huang an, founder and CEO, has 14 years of experience in catering and catering supply chain. Different from the traditional convenience store, which emphasizes catering and retail, daily gudu adopts the “reverse” approach, strengthens the part of meal and drink, and uses another scenario operation idea to enhance the daily attributes of the convenience store and highlight the characteristics of differentiation.
Source: daily gudu


Recently, Chaoqi fresh food, an independent brand launched by dingdong shopping, held its first meeting in Shanghai. The brand is led by Shanghai Yusheng Baigu Food Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of dingdong shopping. It will cut into the b-end market and sell frozen prefabricated dishes through multiple channels.
Chaoqi fresh food brand was launched in 2022. Its supply chain has been laid out since July 2020. In the early stage, it mainly focuses on factories and fresh food complexes. All products of vibrant fresh food are divided into: 1. Select dingdong to buy vegetables and sell tens of thousands of good products every month; 2. Rectify the specifications, sizes and even packaging materials of products according to the requirements of different channels; 3. Independent research and development, customer customization, establishing a new research and development mechanism every week, and developing five new products in three stages. At present, prefabricated vegetable products account for 70% of the whole products of Chaoqi fresh food, and good and innovative frozen rice noodles account for about 30%.
Photo source: Ding Dong shopping

17、喜力进军元宇宙,推出虚拟啤酒“Heineken Silver”

It is reported that Heineken launched the virtual beer “Heineken silver” on the meta universe platform decentraland. The virtual beer does not contain malt, hops, yeast and water, and the “nutrient composition table” with zero parameter value is also listed on the official website. A-pixels and binary coded hops planted by NPC (non player character) farmers are used. In addition to the “virtual brewing assistant” of Heineken, the “virtual brewing assistant” replaces this brewing process.
Heineken said that the virtual beer was launched at the product launch of Heineken virtual brewery. Guests can understand how the beer is made in a few seconds, enjoy pixel lobster and caviar, and have “close” contact with Heineken Brand Ambassadors including Thierry Henry.
Source: Beer daily


Recently, the group standard T / snhfa 012-2021 “determination of sodium hyaluronate content in food – high performance liquid chromatography” formulated on the basis of Huaxi biological patent technology has been reviewed and approved by Shandong nutrition and health food industry association. The mission standard was jointly drafted and formulated by Shandong Institute of food and drug inspection, Shandong food and drug evaluation and inspection center, Huaxi biology and other industrial enterprises. Industry insiders said that the landing of the group target for the determination of sodium hyaluronate content in food allows relevant production enterprises to have regulations and standards to follow, so as to effectively promote the positive order and standardization of the functional food market.
Image source: Interface
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