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Besides instant noodles, what other fast food do young people buy?

white elephant is really popular, but the fast-food life of young people is more than instant noodles.

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Source: DT Finance (ID: dtcaijing)

Recently, instant noodles do have some fire.
On the social platform, the white elephant “went out of the circle” because of the brand social responsibility, and the old altar pickled cabbage stepped down from the altar because of the 315 exposure. The combination of the two even has a funny # man posing as a tax officer to pay the white bucket of old altar pickled cabbage noodles #.
In real life, a large number of urban people are forced to live a “slow life” at home because of the epidemic, and instant noodles have become a necessity for many people. Xiao Lei (a pseudonym), who has recently been isolated at home, switches between different apps in turn every day, but he still can’t grab vegetables. He can only fill his stomach with the instant noodles he hoarded before.
At this juncture, we focus on instant noodles and hope to find out from market purchase data and social platform recommendations, which instant noodles are more popular today? What buying trends do consumers show? In addition to instant noodles, what other fast food is widely praised?
Three key words of hot selling instant noodles:
The soup is good, hot and low calorie
In order to find out what instant noodles everyone is eating, we “looked at” tmall’s top 20 hot list of instant noodles.
in this hot list, the white elephant with high popularity recently won the title. Baixiang soup is good to drink, and instant noodles topped the list with an impressive monthly sales of 400000, and has been ranked for a week. Baixiang spicy Korean Turkey noodles followed, with a monthly sales of 100000.
however, white elephant is not the brand with the most items on the list. Traditional instant noodle giant Master Kang and South Korean brand Sanyang both occupy three seats on the list, and another instant noodle giant uni president also appeared twice in the list with tangdaren series instant noodles. In terms of categories, there are many instant noodles with the main theme of “healthy” on the list, and the three words “non fried” appear frequently. Wugu Daochang’s non fried instant noodles ranked third on the list, and those ranking fourth to sixth were also non fried buckwheat cakes. Although the staple food without seasoning bag is monotonous, it gives you space for secondary processing. You can choose whether it is made into spicy hot or mixed noodles. Also on the list are the novel salted egg yolk flavor noodles, and childhood snack noodles. Consumers’ desire to taste new and nostalgic complex are revealed in this list. In terms of price, affordable instant noodles account for the majority. Except for three kinds of Turkey noodles, the unit price of all instant noodles is less than 5 yuan / bag, and nearly half of the products are even less than 3 yuan. Using the price of a subway ticket to buy a bowl of noodles can be called a cheap bowl. There are three major trends in the instant noodles with the most repurchases in
. The hot sales of a product in
may contain the ingredients of flow blessing, but combined with the praise list and repurchase list, we can further understand the real popularity of different instant noodles by looking at your evaluation of the product and your willingness to repurchase. We compared the top 10 products on tmall instant noodles hot selling list, high praise list and repurchase list, and found that in the repurchase and high praise list, some products in the hot selling list fell or even fell.
for example, Baixiang’s delicious soup and instant noodles still topped the praise list, but the spicy Turkey noodles fell to No. 10. Some products are also rising in the high praise list and repurchase list. For example, the three kinds of Turkey noodles sold in shengyuanlai flagship store only ranked seventh in the hot sales list, but ranked third in the high praise list and topped the repurchase list.

according to the evaluation and feedback of these three lists and social platforms, we can sum up three demand trends in the instant noodles consumer industry:
1 1. Taste should be heavy, no spicy is not happy
in the top 10 of tmall instant noodles, Turkey noodles accounted for 1 / 5 of the seats, and even ranked first and second in the repurchase list. It can be seen that hot noodles are deeply loved. There are also many “stimulating” speeches in the comment area, “I tasted each flavor once. The original Turkey noodles are the best to eat, spicy and exciting enough”, “spicy! Sisters who like to eat spicy Chong”.
there are a large number of diners who love spicy instant noodles. Cbndata’s big consumption data shows that in the scene of “eating alone” for young people living alone, “spicy” flavor is very popular, especially “sour and spicy” and “spicy”. If you can eat a bowl of hot noodles with a can of iced coke or beer, it’s more than a cool word.

2. It’s very important not to be fat.
buckwheat flour has achieved good results in the hot sales list, high praise list and repurchase list. “Non fried”, “low fat”, “whole wheat” and “low calorie” buckwheat noodles not only meet the health needs of contemporary people, but also become a “sharp weapon” for young people to keep fit. Search “instant noodles {fat reduction” on the little red book, and there are more than 40000 relevant notes. Part of the notes is that people at Amway regard buckwheat flour as the staple food of “fat reduction”. In Amway, buckwheat flour is generally regarded as a kind of high-quality carbon water. Both fitness people and greedy young people who want to lose weight can have a bold try. Moreover, it can also match its own juice and side dishes, so that it can be full without worrying about getting fat.
(photo source: Shark fit 0 fat buckwheat noodles Taobao page)
3. High end can attract back. The flat price dominates the list in the
hot sales list, but in the repurchase list, there is a high-priced product – Fanye desktop beef noodles with a unit price of nearly 30 yuan, ranking fourth. Although the unit price is high, many people in the Taobao Buyer show have commented on “thick beef soup and large beef pieces”. This shows that as long as value for money, diners will be willing to pay for high-priced instant noodles and become loyal customers for better taste buds.
what fast food do young people like besides instant noodles? There are many new changes in
instant noodles, but it is not the only choice for young people to live a fast-food life. If you compare carefully, you will find that the taste of traditional instant noodles is relatively single, which is basically the arrangement and combination of “pickled cabbage” / “spicy” / “braised pork” and “beef” / “Dolphin bone”. The younger generation pursuing freshness will want to try more interesting and fresh fast food.
we searched the notes containing the keyword “fast food” in Xiaohong book for nearly three months. From the top 15 of the brand category mentioned in the title and content of the notes, we found that the fast food products recommended by young people are far more than instant noodles.

it can be seen that in addition to the traditional quick-frozen food, young people mainly like three types of fast food: 1. Regional cuisine represented by snail powder
among the categories mentioned in the post, snail powder accounts for more than 25%, becoming the hottest “fast food” in xiaohongshu. Many local cuisines have entered the fast food market through packaging and brand promotion, and become home / foreign cuisines that young people can taste at home. Doudou (a pseudonym), who lingers on the food blogger channels of various platforms, is a non Guangxi snail powder fan. “I saw someone on the microblog say that snail powder is delicious, because I haven’t eaten it, so I bought it with curiosity. I found that the taste is really special. Later, I bought some every year, and I can eat it at any time when I want to eat it.”. According to the “2021 insight report on convenient and fast food industry” released by cbndata, in addition to snail powder, which has occupied the bulk of the market, many regional delicacies with rapid growth have emerged in recent years, such as duck blood vermicelli, Jiangxi rice noodles and so on. There are so many delicious foods around. Even if it is inconvenient to travel, you can try some fresh taste at home.

2. Freshly cooked pasta or Ramen is a little more refined than instant noodles.
freshly cooked noodles have also been popular in recent years. There are fresh boiled noodles such as empty cut pasta on the list, which is another choice for young people in addition to instant noodles. Usually, each box of fresh and cooked noodles contains noodles that need to be boiled and rich ingredients. Take Ramen’s signature dolphin bone Ramen as an example. In addition to semi dry ramen, there are six ingredients: barbecued pork, soup bottom, corn, fungus, hemp bamboo shoots and sesame. Although fresh and cooked noodles need to be fired off the stove, you can easily get a bowl of fresh Ramen as long as it takes 3-5 minutes to cook ramen, and then put it into the bottom of the soup and ingredients in turn. This makes many “little white chefs” enjoy the fun of cooking brunch or late night canteen, and then become a choice for young people’s exquisite life.
3. Self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot / rice. On the “one person food”
little red book without going out in line, the heat of self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot is second only to snail powder and instant noodles. Sometimes when a person lives alone and wants to eat more, many brands aim at the life scene of “eating alone” for young people, and self heated hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot or self heated rice came into being.
you can eat a hot meal with meat and vegetables without firing and pouring in more than a dozen bags of materials. You can become a “good heart” of lazy young people.
young people have instant noodles, but they are not satisfied with the traditional instant noodles.
in our opinion, one of the reasons why there are more and more fast food categories is that for many young people, fast food has gradually become a necessity. On the one hand, the fast pace of work and life makes it difficult for young people to have more energy to prepare and cook slowly. Fast food, which is faster and even healthier than takeout, can quickly solve the problem of eating; Fast food brands continue to launch medium and high-end exquisite fast food, which has also become a comfort for young people’s appetite in their tired life.
on the other hand, under the epidemic, consumers gradually develop the habit of hoarding goods. Bain’s 2021 Chinese shopper report, series 2, mentioned that consumers generally hoard goods during the epidemic, and instant noodles is the hot category of hoarding goods. Hoarding some fast food to deal with emergencies such as home isolation and limited takeout has become a preventive operation.
however, as Xiao Lei, who has been isolated at home for seven days, said, “I like instant noodles, but I don’t like to eat instant noodles all the time. Now I have no other wish. I just want to open my stomach and go out for a big meal.”
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